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Follow Matt Plapp as he travels the U.S. interviewing restaurant and brewery owners and operators about what has brought them success in the business. Dive DEEP into their wins and losses, how they build and retain a strong team, what makes a difference with their brand, and how they keep customers coming back over and over again!


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01:29 4/25/23
The Future Of Marketing: How Deep Work Studios is Using AI to Help Matt Plapp succeed!
In 2016, my business coach said I should hire a cameraman to catch the journey of my biz. Fast forward seven years and now there's an entire media team dedicated to making me look good online! Today on MPTV we have Peter Glenn in-studio – he’s like the puppeteer controlling everything Matt Plapp does across social platforms. Tune into this episode as we explore what Pete has learned so far and how AI is helping him make life easier (and maybe even turn Matt into a genius).
11:44 1/12/23
Keeping Your Restaurant Clean (and Why It Matters)
Are you a restaurant owner? Then pay attention! If we've learned anything from recent visits to local restaurants, it's that an extra set of eyes can make all the difference. Making sure your establishment pays close attention to even its tiniest details is essential for making guests feel comfortable and welcome - after all, no one wants their meal interrupted by someone else’s mess.   Let this MP TV episode serve as motivation; don't let something small go unnoticed in your business – because customers notice everything.   For more restaurant marketing content check out my other channels linked below:   If these problems sound familiar and you think your restaurant would benefit from working with my team of experts, click the link below:   #restaurantcleaning #Businesscleanliness #Restaurantownerpodcast  
06:12 1/3/23
Customer Loyalty | The Solution to Restaurant Sales and Profitability?
As a restaurant marketing expert, I've spoken to hundreds of owners about their greatest frustrations. Did you know that the same 3 obstacles surface over and over? Low sales, low profits, and difficulties finding quality employees - sound familiar?  The truth is these problems all have one potential solution in common: building customer loyalty! Restaurants want more repeat customers but often fail at retaining them for multiple visits. That's why if restaurants can establish loyal patrons as part of their core business model they are likely to see an uptick in both sales AND profitability along with access to high-quality staff members who stick around longer than average. For more restaurant marketing content check out my other channels linked below: If these problems sound familiar and you think your restaurant would benefit from working with my team of experts, click the link below:  
12:27 12/19/22
Going Viral On TikTok | What I Learned & How It Can Help Your Restaurant! OTP - Episode 14
I recently experienced a wave of interest and attention after going viral on TikTok for something unrelated to what I offer. I'm a restaurant marketer, but my viral video had nothing to do with food - it was just me wearing an orange sweater and talking about not receiving a bag at best buy. It didn't take long for the Internet to notice and start talking about my look. The interest generated from my viral TikTok video was incredible and drove a huge amount of conversation and attention to my business. I was able to leverage this newfound attention and use it to attract more customers. In this episode of Own Their Phones Shawn and I talk about today's digital era, and how videos are an extremely effective way to communicate messages. Restaurant owners looking to increase brand recognition can benefit from creating unique and engaging videos for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. It's important to think about what kind of content will be most appealing to potential customers when making these kinds of videos. 
12:46 12/14/22
Restaurant Owners Cannot Afford To Neglect These Marketing Strategies
We rounded off the Florida Restaurant and Lodging show with a great MP TV! I had an amazing conversation with David "Rev" Ciancio, restaurant marketing specialist and independent restaurateur. We delved into strategies that can aid single-unit restaurants to build success comparable to franchises as well as how to spend a modest budget for maximum reach in today's competitive market. Furthermore, Rev shared his wisdom on what elements will help small eateries maximize their potential customer base. Tune in - there was much more revealed exclusively tailored towards helping independent restaurants thrive! For more Matt Plapp and marketing content check out my other channels linked below:  
11:17 12/13/22
MP TV - Downtown Flavortown and Their Amazing Food!
I got to sit down with the owner of Downtown Flavortown and talk about how the concept of delivering an amazing food experience and entertainment can be combined in a tourist destination! Typically arcade-style restaurants don't have amazing food and restaurants don't have games! Downtown Flavortown has tweaked its approach to offer both of these in one great experience, and having Guy Fieri's name attached just gives it a prestige that other restaurants in this market cannot offer!   For more restaurant marketing content check out my channels linked below:
10:18 11/9/22
MP TV - Paint Your Bathrooms
Details matter! Today I'm going to share with you a few quick stories about while you may think your business is tight, a few loose ends can make all the difference. I recently noticed that a restaurant local to me had some issues... in their bathroom. not a major problem but it was a little dirty. I bring this up because you need to have an eye for these things, but sometimes it takes an outside eye to notice little things that you might overlook on a daily basis. For more Matt Plapp content click the links below:  
06:24 11/2/22
Using Video To Talk Directly To Your Customers!
On the road again but this time MP TV is in Las Vegas! This special episode is taking place at a real estate conference but my guest, Sharon McCormick, and I are both from Cincinnati! Not only that but we both worked in radio, and went to the same high school. In this episode, we discuss how companies are still focused on major media outlets for advertising! It's 2022, and radio/tv are not your only options! Social media platforms are searchable and more relevant in today's media landscape, AND you can control the messaging! 
09:45 10/25/22
MP TV with Matt Plapp - The Importance of Telling Your Story
In this episode of MP TV, we take another look at the importance of telling your story! I kick this episode with a saying that Guy Fieri recently told me: "Music sounds different when you know the story of the band, and food tastes better when you know where it came from". That quote has stuck with me for a couple of months now and I think it's time we explain how useful it can be for your restaurant or business! Tell Your Story! 
05:56 10/18/22
MP TV - Using The NFL To Trick The Algorithm?
It's that time of year again... Football Season. The question is: How can you capitalize on the NFL season to get more people in your restaurant? The answer is not yelling at your customers to come eat at your restaurant and watch the game because they already know you have pizza, wings, and beer. The answer is ENGAGEMENT in the comment section! Get your audience talking in the comment section about this Sunday's game, and ask them who they think will win. Building off of this you should be doing something for every segment in your market, and not everyone is interested in the NFL, but luckily for you, there are more opportunities to engage.   For more restaurant marketing content check out my other YouTube Channels linked below:  
10:19 10/4/22
MP TV with Matt Plapp - Attracting The Right Employees!
We took a trip to Kenosha Wisconsin to visit the road crew while they filmed an episode on-site at BBQ'd Productions. While we were there we got to see behind-the-scenes of how BBQ'd Productions makes their incredible food and met with the owner Kris Schoenberger. I also had to take the opportunity to sit down with Kris and film an episode of MP TV in his own restaurant! For even MORE restaurant marketing content subscribe to my channels linked below:  
36:58 9/27/22
Chatting With Tom Mosher - The Automation Magician
In today's episode of MP TV, we're chatting it up with Tom Mosher! Tom is part of the America's Best Restaurants team and his job may surprise you! He's the KING of automation & restaurant technology! From automating customer data collection to reporting results, Tom has an important role here at ABR!   In this episode, we'll dive into: - What Tom does at ABR - Where Tom grew up - How Tom found ABR - What Tom LOVES about his job!
21:11 9/20/22
MP TV - Visiting Neir's Tavern in Queens NY!
I've seen restaurants named after streets, but I've never seen streets named after restaurants! Neir's Tavern in Queens New York is the first restaurant in America to have a street named after it has been around 1829! In this episode of MP TV, you can expect to hear about how Loycent has revamped this historical restaurant. Strategies he has taken to involve the community, and some of the famous movies that have been shot on sight at Neirs Tavern! As always, like comment and subscribe for more MP TV!
10:35 9/13/22
MP TV with Matt Plapp - Who Let the Dogs Out?!
In this episode of MP TV I got to hear the backstory behind an incredible local business, Allie's Walkabout! Who better to tell the story than Allie's dad, David Clegg? Allie's Walkabout is a local northern Kentucky business that is any dog owner's one-stop shop for doggy daycare, boarding, grooming, and training!   In this episode, David Clegg tells us about: - How Allie got her first dog sitting gig. - Where the name "Allie's Walkabout" came from. - The early days of the business. - Turning the small side hustle into a full-blown business. - Some of the differentiating features of Allie's Walkabout. - How the Cleggs kept their business in the family. - Entrepreneurship advice. - Opportunities for young hustlers!   Like, subscribe, and drop a comment if you have a northern Kentucky business owner I should have on the podcast next!
22:37 9/6/22
MP TV with Matt Plapp - My FIRST Employee!
This week on MP TV were throwing it back... WAY BACK! I had my first employee EVER in the studio. Ashley Mullins has been with me for 11 years now and I thought it was about time we had her on the podcast considering she is the H.B.I.C. If you don't know what that stands for you're going to want to check out this episode!   You can expect to hear about: How we met. What Ashley does for America's Best Restaurants. The growth she has had throughout her career. What it means to be the H.B.I.C. Things she loves most about her job. Much more!   For more Restaurant marketing content check out my YouTube channel linked below:
31:13 8/30/22
MP TV with Matt Plapp - The New Host of America's Best Restaurants!
In episode 122 of MP TV, I got to have our new host, Greg Hutson in for a great conversation! Some of you may recognize him because he's coming to us from the world of WWE! Greg spent the better part of a decade traveling with the WWE around the world to do their ring announcing!   In this episode, you can expect to hear about:   Greg's history with the WWE. How he got into ring announcing. The story behind finding America's Best Restaurants. Samples of his incredible announcing ability. Much more!   For even more MP TV click the link below to subscribe to my YouTube channel!  
25:45 8/19/22
MP TV with Matt Plapp - Creating Effective Direct Mailers with Kevin Slaughter!
In Episode 121 of MP TV I had Kevin Slaughter from Mailwise solutions in the studio. Kevin works at Mailwise Solutions and understands the importance of creating an effective mailing campaign!   We touch on: What Mailwise does for their clients. How Kevin got into the direct mailing business. The process of taking on new clients. How direct mailing ties into a larger marketing strategy.   For more MP TV, click the link below!
37:08 8/9/22
MP TV with Matt Plapp - New Product Developments with Kristian Cotta
In episode 120 of MP TV, I had the opportunity to have Kristian Cotta in town from Arizona! He owns Local 480 Media, and has been working with America's Best Restaurants for some time! While in town he got to hang out with the team, immerse in our company culture, and explore new product developments. His visit wouldn't have been complete if I didn't have him in the studio for an episode of MP TV!   In this podcast you can expect to hear about:   Who Christian is. His backstory and how he has made a career in social media marketing. What Local 480 Media does. How America's Best Restaurant works with Local 480 media.   For more awesome restaurant marketing content, click the link below!
38:17 8/2/22
MP TV with Matt Plapp - Creating Engaging Conversation!
MPTV What Are you missing EVERY Month?! In episode 119 of MPTV were talking about July! I'm going to give you a deep dive into how my brain works and different opportunities for successful restaurant marketing throughout the month. Sure you're probably saying "the month is almost over" and you're right, but if I told you what to do next month it would be too easy! In this podcast you can expect to hear about: How to outsmart your completion. The correct way to use social media to promote a holiday. Ways to create a conversation with your fanbase. What's to come for our social media guide. And much more! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts so you never miss an episode of MPTV! Check out my YouTube channel for even more restaurant marketing content:
07:19 7/26/22
Own Their Phones - Episode 4 - Outsmarting your competition!
If you can't outspend your competition how can you outsmart them?   In this episode of Own Their Phones, Shawn and I dig into outsmarting the completion by driving engagement on social media while simultaneously creating brand loyalty that will last a lifetime!   Learn more about: - Building a VIP list - Outspending or Outsmarting - Customer Impressions - Brand Loyalty   Check out more episodes of Own Their Phones @    
20:45 7/21/22
MP TV With Ryan Yauger AKA The KING of Donuts
In this episode of MP TV, I have a great AMAZING conversation with The KING of Donuts, Ryan Yauger!  Ryan creates BADASS donuts at Peace Love & Little Donuts, and in this episode, you can expect to hear about: - How he got into the donut business. - What it's like creating some of the best donuts in the city. - How he staffs his stores and what he's looking for in an employee. - Telling stories through his donut creations! For more restaurant marketing content follow me on YouTube:  
26:13 7/19/22
MP TV With David Schlotter and How He Got His Start!
Episode 117 of MP TV features our very own Marketing Director, David Schlotter! In this episode you can expect to hear about: - How David came onboard the ABR Team. - The career risks he took at an early age. - Stories from early success. - Where he's steering the ship! As always, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more awesome content like this! 
18:24 7/12/22
Doug Smith's Take On The Sales Rep's Intel
Today, I sit down with a long-time friend, Doug Smith! He's the director of sales for America's Best Restaurants and today, we dive DEEP into some of our favorite stories and valuable lessons we've learned over the years. Tune in as we talk about: - Intel - Fake Names - Wrong-Sized Chests - Frequency - Pure Laziness
18:06 7/5/22
How Did Delta Blues BBQ GROW During The Pandemic?!
Travis GREW his business during the pandemic. He didn’t run. He didn’t hide. He took the opportunity to run harder and faster because he knew the success of his business was in his hands. In this episode of MP TV, I chat it up with Travis to learn more about his story and the steps he took to building a successful BBQ Restaurant.   In this episode, you’ll learn: What the future holds for Delta Blues How Travis grew during the pandemic What Travis has learned over the years Why location matters What he learned at BBQ competitions   All this AND MORE on this episode of MP TV   Find Travis here:
17:37 6/29/22
Own Their Phones - Episode 1 - Shawn Neglected 25,000 People?!
The day is here! The premiere of my new podcast series with Shawn Walchef, CEO Of Cali BBQ Media! Tune into this FIRE episode jam packed actionable items to own your customers’ phones! The Own Their Phones Podcast is focused on the journey of a new partnership I have formed with Shawn. We have started this podcast for one main reason - Helping you own your customers' phones. By practicing the tactics we preach it will play a huge role in your success as a business owner and this podcast will show you that first hand as we dive into Shawn’s BBQ restaurant. In this episode we cover: The concept of Own Their Phones Shawn’s biggest curse, Getting laughed at for telling your story, 25,000 people Shawn has neglected, FREE marketing, The ABR Acronym, Why your customers don’t come back AND MORE! Follow the journey of our new series at
35:01 6/22/22
MPTV 115- Fathers Day Retention
On this episode of MPTV I cover a very important topic, Fathers Day! Holidays like this are a great time for businesses to reach out to their customers. The problem is most businesses use the same tactics for these holidays. It is time you start swimming in the blue ocean and take a different approach to contacting your customers during the holidays.
17:03 6/22/22
MPTV - Podcast Seminar Part 1 - ft Shawn Walchef
In this special episode of MPTV, I am with my friend Shawn Walchef, CEO of Cali BBQ! Shawn and I hosted a podcast seminar at America's Best Restaurants headquarters. During this seminar, we took a deep dive into the importance of creating content while being a business owner. Shawn and I have found great success with our practices and would love to share them with you! Check out this podcast to learn about the formulas we use to make killer content that markets our businesses effectively.
118:15 6/8/22
MPTV 112
On this episode of MPTV I discuss the importance of retention! Mastering the skill of retaining your customers will help your business grow. I also discuss the importance of capitalizing on holiday marketing correctly.
11:27 5/31/22
MPTV-110- the importance of having a local banker for your business
On today's episode I have my banker Lytel Thomas. Lytel is the president of First National Bank! In this episode we talk about the importance of local relationships for small business owners. 
19:18 5/17/22