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UNBOUND: Saybrook Insights with President Nathan Long

Saybrook Insights is brought to you by Saybrook University ( Our podcast is designed to bring you key ideas from our faculty, students, alumni, and the broader community that help advance the health and well-being of all of our communities. As a non-profit, regionally accredited institution of higher learning relentlessly pursuing a more socially just and sustainable world, we believe you will find this podcast renewing and full of actionable ideas that can support better living. Be well! Learn more at


NFMLA: Supporting New Filmmakers in the Modern World: UNBOUND Saybrook Insights
New FilmMakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world. Saybrook is proud to be one of the organization's sponsors this year. NFMLA co-founder and CEO Larry Laboe joins Saybrook University President Nathan Long, Ed.D., on the UNBOUND Saybrook Insights podcast for a lively discussion on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the entertainment industry, navigating the social challenges of modern filmmaking, and how filmmakers should uphold responsible storytelling in the 21st century.Guest InformationInterview: Larry LaboeAffiliation: Co-founder and CEO of New FilmMakers Los Angeles Essential Links: New FilmMakers Los Angeles – Saybrook University - #entertainmentindustry #diversity #equity #inclusion #storytelling
55:39 09/26/2022
The Colleges of Law: Impacting the Legal Field and Communities Alike: UNBOUND Saybrook Insights
The Colleges of Law (COL) Dean and Chief Academic Officer Jackie Gardina, J.D., joins Saybrook University President Nathan Long, Ed.D., on the UNBOUND Saybrook Insights podcast to discuss a wide range of legal topics, including COL’s many degree program offerings, the benefits of a J.D. degree, and the looming litigation battles that are sure to stem from the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn federal abortion rights. The Colleges of Law and Saybrook University are partners within TCS Education System. For more about our System, read here. Guest InformationInterviewee: Jackie Gardina, J.D.Affiliation: The Colleges of Law Dean and Chief Academic OfficerEssential Links The Colleges of Law: #legalcareers #abortionrights
60:48 09/19/2022
Supporting Innovation in an Uncertain Business Climate: Saybrook Insights Episode 5
Mary Kay Chess, Ph.D., is a well-respected mentor and leader in the business community, specializing in health care and education. In this episode, Dr. Chess sits down with Nathan Long, Ed.D., to discuss leading with a purpose, enacting sustainable business models, and championing positive change in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Topics include building an economy that works for all, maintaining joy in times of strife, and fostering professional connections when entering the workforce. To learn more about our university, visit to more UNBOUND Saybrook Insights on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Visit to learn more. #highereducation#leadershipandmanagement#sustainablebusiness#businessstudentsInterviewee: Mary Kay Chess, Ph.D.Dr. Chess’s Faculty Profile: What does Dr. Chess discuss during the interview?Maintaining Joy & Commitments During Times of Strife Building an Economy that Works for AllSupporting Business Students During Their Academic CareerFostering Professional Connections for Students
60:48 09/13/2022
UNBOUND Saybrook Insights: Creativity: Rethinking How We Live, Learn, and Work in Today's World
What about creativity unlocks the mind and creates new ways of looking at the world? How does the discipline of psychology intersect with creativity? Our creativity studies specialization coordinator, Robert Cleve, Ph.D., explores these questions. He also describes how creativity can serve as a vehicle for improved mental health, emotional regulation, and enhanced approaches to leadership and innovation. To learn more, go to InformationInterviewee: Robert Cleve, Ph.D.Affiliation: Saybrook University Psychology Creativity Studies Specialization CoordinatorEssential Links/Key InformationDr. Cleve's Faculty Profile: University's Creativity Studies Page: does Dr. Cleve discuss during the interview?The nature of creativityHow creativity positively affects the mind and emotionsThe role of psychology in creativityHow creativity impacts innovation and leadership
48:46 09/05/2022
UNBOUND Saybrook Insights: Mindfulness, Integrative Health, and Healthcare For The 21st Century
Episode Overview: In this episode, we are pleased to feature Saybrook University's Luann Fortune, Ph.D., faculty in mind-body medicine and coordinator for the mindful leadership in healthcare specialization. Dr. Fortune has vast experience in systems, mindful leadership in health care settings, and complementary healthcare techniques that support whole health and healing. This episode explores how we can evolve systems and practices to support a more systems-based approach to health care, how to develop mindful approaches to leading and more. InformationInterviewee: Luann Fortune, Ph.D.Affiliation: Saybrook University Mind-Body Medicine and Mindful Leadership in Healthcare Specialization CoordinatorEssential Links/Key InformationDr. Fortune's Faculty Profile: University's Mindful Leadership Specialization Page: does Dr. Fortune discuss during the interview?Mindfulness and mindfulness meditationHow mindfulness can enhance one’s daily life and emotional and physical well-beingThe mind-body connectionThe healthcare system in the U.S.Leadership in healthcare and how we can support our leaders
53:22 08/29/2022
UNBOUND Saybrook Insights: Integrative Nutrition - Nourishing Your Mind, Body, and Soul
If you're considering a career in nutrition or seeking answers to how to live a fuller, healthier life through better nutrition, episode two of Saybrook Insights features an extensive discussion with our Integrative Functional Nutrition program's department chair. You'll also learn what goes into getting the degree and a host of other insights from our guest, Dr. Jessica Weissman. To learn more, go to InformationInterviewee:  Jessica Weissman, Ph.D.Affiliation: Saybrook University Integrative Functional Nutrition ProgramEssential Links/Key InformationDr. Weissman's Faculty Profile: University's Integrative Nutrition Page: does Dr. Weissman discuss during the interview?The nature of integrative healthThe dos and don'ts of good nutritional healthHow nutrition affects the mind, body, and spirit (and some surprising insights about dieting that may change your mind)Admissions criteria and process for achieving a master's or doctoral degree in Integrative and Functional NutritionWhat happens once you graduate with a nutrition degreeMuch more!----Episode OverviewWhether it is the millions of people who are dieting to lose weight or those who desire to eat as healthfully as possible or those that are looking to get as “jacked” as possible how do we support people in their various journies? Moreover, how do individuals in each category determine how to approach in the best, most health-conscious way? Enter Dr. Jessica Weissman, Department Chair for the Saybrook University Integrative and Functional Nutrition programs. In just a few years since the program's beginning, enrollment has grown, and they have added a Ph.D. program to support the faculty pipeline and those students who desire to level up in their profession. As importantly, our IFN graduates are going on to jobs across the United States. Known for its rigor, commitment to humanistic values, and exceptional training, the program continues to see outstanding outcomes in its graduates. There's a lot to learn from Dr. Weissman regarding the "holistic" truths. Indeed, we think you'll find this episode full of interesting insights, helping us decode how we can live healthier, more holistic lives. 
66:02 08/22/2022
UNBOUND Saybrook Insights: Counseling in Action at Saybrook University
Welcome to the inaugural episode of our reboot of Saybrook Insights!If you're considering a career in mental health, this inaugural episode of Saybrook Insights features an expansive discussion with our Counseling program's department chair. You'll learn what goes into getting the degree along with a host of other insights from our guest, Dr. Jennifer Preston. To learn more go to InformationInterviewee:  Jennifer Preston, Ph.D., NCC, LPC (MO) Affiliation: Saybrook University Counseling ProgramEssential Links/Key InformationDr. Preston's Faculty Profile: University's Counseling Page: more about the mental health crisis here: does Dr. Preston discuss during the interview?Scope of the mental health crisisHow we can work together to address mental health needsAdmissions criteria and process for achieving a degree in CounselingThe process for obtaining a Master's in Counseling or Ph.D. in Counselor Education and SupervisionWhat happens once you graduate with a counseling degreeMuch more!----Episode OverviewAmerica is experiencing a mental health crisis of epic proportions. Exacerbating this is the issue of supply and demand: there are many people in need of mental health services and not enough therapists providing services. No matter where one turns, we see the symptoms of unchecked mental health: increasing rates of suicidal ideation and suicide, depression, homelessness, drug abuse, and more. If ever there was a time in which we needed therapists of all types - social workers, psychologists, and counselors - today is that day! Enter Dr. Jennifer Preston, Department Chair for the Saybrook University Counseling program. In just a few years since the program's beginning, enrollment has grown exponentially, they have added a Ph.D. program to support the faculty pipeline, and their graduates are going on to jobs across the United States. Known for its rigor, commitment to humanistic values, and exceptional training, the program continues to see outstanding outcomes in its graduates. No doubt, the Saybrook Counseling program is one essential element in addressing the mental health crisis. 
74:27 08/15/2022
IG Live Event: A Conversation on Critical Race Theory with Cassondra Jackson
Podcast Reboot: Season 1, Episode 2As part of the YWCA Glendale-Pasadena "Stand Against Racism Challenge," Saybrook University Ph.D. student and community educator, Cassondra Jackson and I sat down for an Instagram Live event on Friday, April 8, 2022. She offers insights into what CRT is and isn't; thoughts on how we advance a better understanding of race, racism, and justice across our societies; and provides actionable steps to how we can all better educate ourselves to lead to personal and social transformation. A special thanks to our YWCA partners, including the Y's CEO, Tara Peterson, and Dr. Crystal Ishihara, Saybrook Registrar, for making this event possible. To learn more about Saybrook University, go to Go to the registration page to join the YWCA Glendale-Pasadena Stand Against Racism Challenge. 
41:43 04/08/2022
From Theory to the C-Suite: The Impact of a Saybrook Degree with Dr. Rick Gilbert (Alumnus 1977)
Podcast Reboot: Season 1, Episode 1(To learn more about our university, visit us at )Today’s episode is also our inaugural episode for our podcast reboot and was recorded one year ago during the height of our 50th-anniversary proceedings. We feature alumnus Dr. Frederick or Rick Gilbert (1977). Rick and I had the pleasure of meeting early in my presidency, becoming fast friends. He has led a rich and amazing life, much of it informed by his Ph.D. work at Saybrook University. Carmen and I dig into his history, the secret of his many successes, and his overall joi de vivre. This colorful interview in which I am joined by Carmen Bowen is a must-listen: Rick’s inspiring and beautiful articulation of his life’s work was truly a joy to witness. A little bit more about Rick: He is the founder of PowerSpeaking, Inc., a speech communication training company in Redwood City.  With its highly skilled trainers and facilitators, PSI delivers over 300 programs a year nationally and around the world. Before starting his own company, Rick held quality improvement and communications management positions with Hewlett Packard and Amdahl corporations in Silicon Valley.Rick's coaching of over 200 senior-level executives led to the creation of the award-winning training program: Speaking Up: Presenting to Executives.   His best-selling book, “Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations” was published by Berrett-Koehler and can be found on Amazon. We’ve also included a link in the episode notes along with his newest audiobook Sharing Our Stories: Tales of Resilience and Renewal. Rick holds a PhD in humanistic psychology from Saybrook University.Read More About Rick BelowOrder his Book on Executive Presentations: Speaking Up: Surviving Executive PresentationsOrder his Audio Book: Sharing Our Stories: Tales of Resilience and RenewalRick's Website
41:19 04/01/2022
Saybrook Monday Minute - Feb 14, 2021: Dr. Parker, JEDI Survey, Faculty Work-Life, Heather Pate, & a Special Valentine's Day Message
The Saybrook Monday Minute is brought to you each week and launches today, February 7, 2022. Will broadcast here, on YouTube, and Facebook. If you have an item you'd like to feature, send an email to A transcript can be found below. Links for today: Heather Pate: Facebook Posting or LinkedIN PostingGive to Saybrook: is now available.   
05:30 02/14/2022
Saybrook Monday Minute - Feb 7, 2021: JEDI Community Survey & Re-Launch of Saybrook Insights
The Saybrook Monday Minute is brought to you each week and launches today, February 7, 2022. Will broadcast here, on YouTube, and Facebook. If you have an item you'd like to feature, send an email to 
04:37 02/07/2022
Boldly Standing Up with Dr. Theopia Jackson
Season 5, Ep 6 (Rebroadcast): Dr. Jackson (Department Chair, Clinical Psychology at Saybrook University) offers brilliant, powerful observations which serve as key lessons for how we journey together through these extraordinary, challenging times. Our hour-and-a-half covered a range of topics from humanistic psychology, COVID-19, race, and social justice.Listen. Learn. Be part of the solution… Boldly stand up!  To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at Dr. JacksonTheopia Jackson, Ph.D. received her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Howard University, Washington, D.C. and doctorate from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. She has held several leadership roles in higher education and is currently the Department Chair for Clinical Psychology in the Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology at Saybrook University in Pasadena, California.Dr. Jackson is a licensed clinical psychologist with having served at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland; she practiced in the Healthy Hearts program, Department of Psychiatry, and Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center. In addition, she is the President for The Association of Black Psychologists, Inc. (ABPsi) and past president for the Bay Area chapter. Her other professional affiliations include membership in the Association of Family Therapists of Northern California (co-founding member of the Cultural Accountability Committee), American Psychological Association (Division 32 Society for Humanistic Psychology: Member-at-Large), California Psychological Association (Chair: Division VII Diversity and Social Justice; Member: CARE Committee), and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.Additionally, she has served on the medical advisory council for Baykids Studios and for the Sickle Cell Community Advisory Council (SCCAC). Dr. Jackson has a long history of providing child, adolescent, and family therapy services, specializing in serving populations coping with chronic illness and complex trauma. She is an accomplished scholar-practitioner and educator who provides cultural competency workshops, seminars, and consultation. She has been invited to participate on several national and local California initiatives intended to establish integrative health care that is culturally-attuned and linguistically responsive.Dr. Jackson is a life-learner who believes that professional knowledge both shapes and is shaped by community wisdom. She and her husband of 30+ years are the proud parents of three children, her best teachers! Honoring culturally-affirming spiritual healing of creativity, social justice, and resilience, Dr. Jackson espouses: “What you help a child to love can be more important than what you help him [or her] to learn.” ~African proverb
99:17 06/25/2021
Nutrition for Life with Integrative Nutrition Dept. Chair, Lori Taylor
In this episode, I connected with Lori Taylor, our new department chair for Integrative and Functional Nutrition. We covered an incredible range of topics related to nutrition, mind-body health, and social justice. Her level of expertise, her ability to break complex ideas into manageable parts, and her wide-ranging knowledge of the field led to an truly inspiring discussion. It’s important to note that while this recording took place a few months back, the topics – especially those relevant to COVID 19 – remain timely. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.  To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at And now, Ms. Lori Taylor...
60:27 06/21/2021
Yoga and Integrative Health for All with Chinmay Surpur
Season 5, Ep. 4: Mr. Surpur, an incoming PhD Clinical Psychology student at Saybrook University, currently works for a yoga non-profit called Yoga Bharati as the Head of Research and Academic Development. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Biopsychology, B.S. with several honors. He is also an ERYT-200 certified yoga instructor, teaching yoga as well as training individuals to become yoga teachers themselves.Key Links & ResourcesYoga Bharati: University: www.saybrook.eduSaybrook's Clinical Psychology Program: 
29:40 06/18/2021
The Powerful Saybrook Experience
Season 5, Ep. 3 (Rebroadcast): Today’s episode is part of a new feature entitled “The Saybrook Experience” in which I connect with students, faculty, staff, and alumni about what it’s like to be part of our unique, powerful institution. I met several students and alumni each of whom brought unique insights from their time at Saybrook. I think you’ll find each of their stories extremely inspiring, highlighting the power of a Saybrook educational experience. To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at Students and Alumni Participating in this EpisodeMerraf Abel ( Means ( Oelberger ( Pate ( Sisk ( &
71:41 06/14/2021
The Integrative Social Work PhD at Saybrook University with Dr. Trent Nguyen
Season 5, Ep. 2 (Rebroadcast): In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Trent Nguyen. Trent is currently a department chair for our new Integrative Social Work department at Saybrook University, in which enrolled students can earn a PhD in Integrative Social Work. Ideal for currently MSWs and other licensed practitioners, the degree is also suitable for individuals seeking to deepen their research and practice in human services, social systems, and holistic approaches all with the goal of supporting better health outcomes.To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at For more information on the new PhD in Integrative Social Work, go to: About Dr. Trent NguyenDr. Nguyen holds a PhD from the University of Texas, an MA from Dallas Baptist University, an MA from Catholic Theological Union, and a BS from the University of Texas. Trent has experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of social work, psychology, and counseling. He is the editor of Domestic violence in Asian American communities and Many paths, one purpose: Career paths for social work and human services majors. Trent has published 30 research articles focusing on intimate partner abuse, Asian American youth identity development, and depression among the elderly population. He has served on 50 thesis and dissertation committees, with topics ranging from PTSD among war veterans to children in the foster care system. Trent has utilized quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research methodologies in his own research, as well as guiding learners employing the same methodologies in their own dissertation and thesis studies. Trent has also co-published with learners over the years on topics ranging from depression among the elderly population to conducting groups with juvenile sex offenders. He is the founding editor of the journal titled, Family Violence & Ethnic Populations. Additionally, he is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Emotional Abuse and the Qualitative Report; he also serves as an editorial reviewer for the Journal of Asian Psychology, the Journal of Violence Against Women, and the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma. Prior to his present academic profession, Trent was in private practice working with court-ordered populations struggling with substance abuse, domestic violence, and other mental health issues. 
29:42 06/11/2021
Season 5 Inaugural Episode: The Business of Burnout & Innovations in Hybrid Work with Kelly Soifer
S5, E1: Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the first episode of Season 5 of the Saybrook Insights Podcast, a proud production of Saybrook University. We’re an online, non-profit, regionally accredited university located in beautiful Pasadena, California. We’re celebrating our 50th anniversary this year and we’ve got much in store on this podcast over the coming months – stay tuned for some terrific guests who will lend their own insights on everything from business to higher education to major initiatives in the communities they serve. Big ideas, amazing people, tremendous insights. In today’s episode from late April, organizational and leadership consultant Kelly Soifer stopped back in to speak with Carmen and me about her incredible work helping leaders and organizations achieve their best potential. Today, she reflects on the business of burnout, the reasons behind it, ways to address it, and other observations as to how to maximize organizational potential. She also talks about the challenges as we head out of the pandemic and back into the office. As with our first interview, Kelly brings clarity and practical approaches to issues that continue to vex all organizations. Despite the time of recording, so much of what Kelly discusses remains spot-on in the current national and local ethos.To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at  
52:04 06/07/2021
Season 5 Intro
Join us June through December for Season 5 on Saybrook Insights. We have a number of incredible guests from faculty, alumni, students, staff, and community members on our upcoming episodes! We hope you'll join us each Monday and Friday.  To learn more about Saybrook University, go to 
00:52 06/01/2021
Smikle Speaks: Saybrook Board of Trustees Spotlight - Dr. Joanne Smikle
Today’s episode of Saybrook Insights features the second of several university trustee spotlights in which we dig in with Board members about their backgrounds, their work in the community, and a little exploration as to why they joined the Saybrook Board of Trustees. Carmen and I covered a great deal of ground with newly elected trustee Dr. Joanne Smikle who joined us in the Fall of 2020. Dr. Smikle has distinguished herself in the field of leadership and organizational excellence by developing mastery of both the theory and the practice of organizational development. She is a nationally recognized expert on leadership and is frequently called upon to share her knowledge at conferences and conventions. She is the author of numerous articles, books and recorded programs. Her tools are utilized by associations, government agencies, corporations and academia. Her clear style, her informative approach, and passion for learning comes out in ways that are truly inspiring! Dr. Smikle's Website: Smikle's Podcast Channel: Click Here! Dr. Smikle's YouTube Channel: Click Here! 
38:54 04/26/2021
Mind-Body Wellness Fair Begins May 5 - Learn More and Register Today (See Links Below)
Carmen Bowen fills us in on the Saybrook-sponsored Mind-Body Wellness Fair occurring May 5-7, 2021.  To sign up as a participant or a sponsor, go to: To reach out for more information, email us at 
03:47 04/23/2021
Rural Healthcare is Everyone's Business: Saybrook Trustee Spotlight - CEO Angelina Salazar
Today’s episode of Saybrook Insights features the beginning of several university trustee spotlights in which we dig in with Board members about their backgrounds, their work in the community, and a little exploration as to why they joined the Saybrook Board of Trustees. Carmen and I had a wonderful discussion with Angelina Salazar, a newly elected trustee who joined us in the Fall of 2020. She is the CEO of the Western Healthcare Alliance and is passionate about rural healthcare, healthcare access, and ensuring that as many people who need healthcare can get it. She’s a visionary leader with strong ties to Southern California and to her current home state of Colorado. As she notes, we have much work to do nationwide where healthcare is concerned generally; and specifically, our rural communities are just as in need of excellent healthcare delivery as are our urban and suburban centers. Angelina and her team of dedicated hospital executives and practitioners are in fact doing the work to expand and enhance rural healthcare across America today as evidenced by the WHA. Great ideas around innovation and opportunity abound in this episode! Enjoy! 
38:42 04/19/2021
Stigma, Challenges and Solutions in Mental Health: Women in Mental Health Panel Discussion
Today’s episode of Saybrook Insights is a rebroadcast of our Women in Mental Health panel presentation hosted by the Divisions of Student Affairs and University Relations. We were pleased to have a candid discussion surrounding the challenges, stigmas, and potential solutions with these leaders who serve in different capacities across the mental healthcare landscape. Our facilitator is Saybrook faculty member, Dr. Walker Ladd and our panelists included Shayla Betts (LCSW), Dr. Kelly Serafini, Dr. Elizabeth Miller, and Saybrook’s new Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Dr. Charlotte Hamilton. Enjoy this robust discussion! Learn more about Saybrook University by going to 
84:03 04/16/2021
The Art, Practice, and Business of Counseling with Erin Moran Wiley, Willow Center CEO
Today, Carmen and I met with Erin Moran Wiley, CEO of the Willow Center located in Northwest Ohio. After a career in the fine arts, Erin transitioned mid-life to pursue a degree in clinical mental health counseling, eventually building up one of the largest private practices in the area. She talks about the importance of therapy, access, being entrepreneurial and how to build a business, and offers other terrific insights about how therapists can be part of the change in the communities they serve. Powerful perspectives from this inspiring therapist and business leader. To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at  About the Willow Center: Erin: Erin Wiley, MA, LPCC, is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and the founder of The Willow Center, a group family counseling practice in Toledo, Ohio. She leads a team of twenty five other therapists in their goal of meeting the counseling needs of the people and families of Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan. The clinical focus of her therapy work is marriage, family, parenting, and relationships. Her most recent areas of research include the management and regulation of big emotions, and the ways in which we all carry the pain of childhood trauma physically and emotionally.Erin has served as a speaker for a variety of groups and organizations, and has taught undergraduate classes at Michigan State University, Davis College, and The University of Toledo, and graduate level courses in marriage & family counseling at Bowling Green State University. She serves as an on-air consultant for journalists that are seeking the point of view of a mental health professional for their stories at both WTVG 13, and WTOL 11 in Toledo, Ohio. Her thoughts on mental and emotional health have been published in Newsweek, Counseling Today, and on various sites online like BuzzFeed, Marketwatch and Elite Daily. She was a featured therapist on TLC’s reality show “Lost In Transition”.In the “Best of Toledo” contests sponsored by Toledo City Paper, Erin was named “Best Therapist in Toledo” in the 2017, 2018, and in 2019 her practice was nominated and won “Best Counseling Practice” in Toledo. She hosted a podcast about improving mental & emotional health called The Erin Wiley Therapy Show, and has recently started a new podcast called “Manage Your SHIfT”. Personally, Erin has a passion for musical theatre, comedy, gardening, and aquariums. She has been happily married to her husband Michael for 24 years. They reside in Maumee, Ohio with their 2 teenage sons, and two Bichon dogs.
45:50 04/12/2021
Reimagining Healthcare with Siemens Healthineer & Saybrook Alumna, Isabel Nieto Alvarez
Today, Saybrook Mind-Body Medicine alumnus Isabel Nieto Alvarez joins me to discuss her work at Siemens as a Senior Key Expert Healthineer, her time at Saybrook University, and thoughts she has as to how we can innovate healthcare to make it more accessible and effective. She brings a unique international perspective given her work and upbringing with interesting ideas as to how we can begin reimagining integrative care for the 21st century. To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at   Isabel's LinkedIN Profile Page:
32:15 04/09/2021
Doing the Work: Women in Leadership Panel at Saybrook University
Today’s episode of Saybrook Insights is a rebroadcast of our Women in Leadership panel presentation hosted by the Division of Student Affairs and University Relations. We were pleased to have a candid discussion with these outstanding women leaders who serve across multiple industries. Our panelists included Dr. Rhondra Willis, Dr. Karla Sapp, Dr. April Taylor, Sara Kanig, Amy Evans, and Sally Bell. Enjoy this robust discussion! 
85:48 04/06/2021
The Essential Social Worker: A Powerful Panel of Social Work Professionals Doing the Work
Today’s episode of Saybrook Insights is a rebroadcast of the Celebrate the Essential Social Worker panel presentation brought to our community hosted by Dr. Trent Nguyen who interviewed three amazing guests including Dr. Stephen Brown, adjunct faculty in the ISW program at Saybrook; Dr. Elaine Parker-Gills, Chair of the Ladera Education Institute; and MSW Fatima Velasquez, from Alliance Human Services, Inc. Enjoy this robust discussion! Thanks to Carmen Bowen for her work in pulling this panel together and bringing attention to the field of social work! Enjoy!  Learn more about the Integrative Social Work department at
52:16 04/02/2021
Doing the Work: Saybrook U's Film, Book, and Poetry Festival July 19-24 with Carmen Bowen
Carmen tells us all about Saybrook U's first annual Film, Book, and Poetry Festival beginning July 19 through the 24, 2021, as part of our 50th Anniversary celebration. To register or sign up to submit an entry, go to To reach out with questions, email at
03:46 03/29/2021
The Saybrook U Mind-Body Wellness Fair May 5-7, 2021 with Carmen Bowen
Carmen Bowen fills us in on the Saybrook-sponsored Mind-Body Wellness Fair occurring May 5-7, 2021.  To sign up as a participant or a sponsor, go to: To reach out for more information, email us at 
03:47 03/26/2021
Setting the Thermostat: Leadership and Organizational Excellence with Kelly Soifer
Ep. 10, Season 4: Today, organizational and leadership consultant Kelly Soifer stopped by to speak with Carmen and I about her incredible work helping leaders and organizations achieve their best potential. She offers several really important insights about what it takes to lead, how organizations need to think about leadership, and the importance of identifying one’s strengths to maximize effectiveness at home, at work and beyond. She’s down to earth, clear-headed, and offers insights that make you go “now if I would have only thought of that 10 years ago!” I think you’ll enjoy listening to Kelly as much as we enjoyed recording the episode.To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at  Kelly Soifer's Bio (Visit Kelly's website at Hi, I'm Kelly Soifer (pronounce it like "Surfer" with a Brooklyn accent!) I come to you with with 35 years of experience in leadership and management development. I have ongoing expertise with college students & Millennials, churches, non-profits, academic institutions, business & intercultural contexts. I'm an active practitioner and coach in Strengths Finder (Activator, Strategic, Maximizer, Individualization, Input are my top five) & Covey's 7 Habits. I also enjoy fostering team building & collaboration and setting up staff training & mentoring. As for a quick biography, I graduated from UCSB in 1979 with a degree in English literature. I am also conversationally bilingual. After working for a year in research and development in the private sector, I came on staff with Young Life, a nonprofit that works with teenagers. I became the regional director and supervised staff and programs from San Luis Obispo down to Ventura. (1984-1994). After that, I worked with a church from 1994 through 2009. I started several community outreach programs during that time, especially working with underserved populations (homeless, Latino children, Central American families). Since 2009, I have worked in a variety of contexts, especially in higher education. My main focus has been on internships and leadership development of young adults. I have had over 70 interns and have forged new programs in Southern California, Washington state, and Southern Illinois. I have also been an adjunct faculty member at Westmont College during that entire time. I'm also now currently actively advising TCS Ed System in their leadership development around the country. Bottom line, I love helping organizations, whether they are start-ups, academic institutions, family businesses, non-profits or larger companies, figure out how to develop and maintain pervasive culture that lives among their employees. I like the messy "people" stuff that exists in every entity, large and small. I have always worked with people, and enjoy partnering with leadership and managers to strengthen the soft skills needed to get stuff done, collaborate well, manage interpersonal dynamics, and connect with clients, boards, and investors. Other than that: I've lived in Santa Barbara for 40 years (yessss!!), I drive a scooter or ride a bike instead of a car, and I blog a bit a I look forward to meeting you soon.
48:01 03/22/2021
The Promise of Humanistic Psychology in Treating Addictions with Dr. Kelly Serafini
Ep. 9: Today, Carmen and I had an amazing discussion with Saybrook Clinical Psychology faculty member, Dr. Kelly Serafini. Our discussion covered a lot ground including Dr. Serafini’s views on what humanistic psychology entails to a really interesting overview of the current work she and others are doing in addiction counseling and therapy. Dr. Serafini will no doubt be back to cover these important topics as they remain front of mind in the American healthcare landscape. She taught us a lot and what I came away with is that there is much to be hopeful about in the work being done from both a therapeutic and research perspective.  
38:45 03/19/2021