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UNBOUND: Saybrook Insights with President Nathan Long

Saybrook Insights is brought to you by Saybrook University ( Our podcast is designed to bring you key ideas from our faculty, students, alumni, and the broader community that help advance the health and well-being of all of our communities. As a non-profit, regionally accredited institution of higher learning relentlessly pursuing a more socially just and sustainable world, we believe you will find this podcast renewing and full of actionable ideas that can support better living. Be well! Learn more at


Saybrook U's MA & PhD Counseling Programs with Dr. Jennifer Preston
Saybrook University Degree Program: MA Counseling and PhD Counselor Education & SupervisionModality: Virtual with In-Person Residential Experiences (Residential Learning Experiences)Department Chair: Dr. Jennifer Preston Dr. Jennifer Preston, our esteemed Department Chair for the Counseling programs at Saybrook University, joined me in this excellent episode in which she describes a bit of her background, delves into the essential aspects of the Counseling profession, and details about our degree programs (both CACREP accredited). An excellent episode, especially for those seeking to make a difference in mental health. Learn more about our Counseling program at Saybrook University by clicking here.
74:27 3/11/24
Saybrook U's Clinical Psychology Program with Dr. Theopia Jackson
Saybrook University Degree Program: Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.Modality: Virtual with In-Person Residential ExperiencesDepartment Chair: Dr. Theopia JacksonStretching all the way back to June 2020, this Saybrook Insights episode features Dr. Theopia Jackson, who offers our most extended and most downloaded interview on Saybrook Insights. She offers incredible insights highlighting her passion, dedication, and commitment to the field and her work at Saybrook and in the community. In addition to covering the Clinical Psychology program, we dive deep into social justice topics, as we were shoulder-deep in the pandemic and just learning about the very traumatic death of George Floyd. Included below are show notes from that episode.Learn more about our Clinical Psychology program at Saybrook University by clicking here. -----Show Notes from June 2020Dr. Jackson (Department Chair, Clinical Psychology at Saybrook University) offers brilliant, powerful observations which serve as key lessons for how we journey together through these extraordinary, challenging times. Our hour-and-a-half covered a range of topics from humanistic psychology, COVID-19, race, and social justice.Listen. Learn. Be part of the solution… Boldly stand up! To learn more about Saybrook University, visit us online at Dr. JacksonTheopia Jackson, Ph.D. received her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Howard University, Washington, D.C. and doctorate from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. She has held several leadership roles in higher education. She is currently the Department Chair for Clinical Psychology in the Department Clinical Psychology at Saybrook University in Pasadena, California. Dr. Jackson is a licensed clinical psychologist with having served at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland; she practiced in the Healthy Hearts program, Department of Psychiatry, and Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center. In addition, she is the President for The Association of Black Psychologists, Inc. (ABPsi) and past president for the Bay Area chapter. Her other professional affiliations include membership in the Association of Family Therapists of Northern California (co-founding member of the Cultural Accountability Committee), American Psychological Association (Division 32 Society for Humanistic Psychology: Member-at-Large), California Psychological Association (Chair: Division VII Diversity and Social Justice; Member: CARE Committee), and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.She has also served on the medical advisory council for Baykids Studios and the Sickle Cell Community Advisory Council (SCCAC). Dr. Jackson has a long history of providing child, adolescent, and family therapy services, specializing in serving populations coping with chronic illness and complex trauma. She is an accomplished scholar-practitioner and educator who provides cultural competency workshops, seminars, and consultations. She has been invited to participate on several national and local California initiatives intended to establish integrative health care that is culturally-attuned and linguistically responsive.Dr. Jackson is a lifelong learner who believes that community wisdom shapes and shapes professional knowledge. She and her husband of 30+ years are the proud parents of three children, her best teachers! Honoring culturally affirming spiritual healing of creativity, social justice, and resilience, Dr
98:28 3/4/24
The Engine of a Humanistic University: Saybrook Faculty Speak
In this episode, Saybrook University faculty offer inspiring ideas, sage wisdom,  and practical advice about the work they and their students do in pursuit of the humanistic mission that guides the institution. We invite you to listen/watch these amazing professionals who have dedicated their lives to advancing the health and well-being of our communities. Learn more at Saybrook.Edu. 
30:29 1/15/24
The Heart of Saybrook U: What does Humanistic Mean to You?
Our numerous guests offer unique insights into what the term 'humanistic' means. You'll hear powerful, witty, and incisive answers from across the spectrum of students, alumni, and faculty. You'll also understand what a humanistic institution such as Saybrook University is all about! Enjoy! Learn more at Saybrook.Edu.
23:45 1/8/24
The Power of a Saybrook Degree for Active and Veteran Military Service Members
Kicking off 2024, Drs. Jeremiah Pearcey and Randy Heinrich, military veterans, offer powerful insights on the value of a Saybrook degree for military members considering graduate education. Not to be missed! Happy New Year!
31:01 1/1/24
Managing Holiday Stress with Saybrook U Faculty Member Dr. Eric Willmarth
The holidays are both joyful and can also be a source of stress. Dr. Eric Willmarth, Saybrook University faculty member and Department Chair for Psychophysiology, offers practical tips for managing the holidays. 
20:55 12/25/23
Sport Performance Psychology at Saybrook U
Today, my guest is Dr. Eric Willmarth, department chair of our Applied Psychophysiology program. Our discussion today is focused squarely on our newest program – Sport Performance Psychology – including what it is, why it has value in today’s culture, and the type of students this sort of program could be an excellent fit for. Learn more at our Sport Performance Psychology information page.
23:03 12/18/23
The Power of Transformative Social Change with Lilith (Cheung) Owyoung
Today’s guest is Lilith Cheung, a PhD student in Transformative Social Change here at Saybrook University. Lilith’s background supporting positive social change is inspiring, as is her approach to life in general. We’ll learn more about Lilith’s journey, including her new book, now available at Amazon. You can order here:
30:22 12/11/23
A Call to Action - the National Corps of Depth Healers Initiative with Dr. Kirk Shneider and Tyler Gamlen
Today, I am meeting with a faculty-student duo, Dr. Kirk Schneider and Mr. Tyler Gamlen, Saybrook Ph.D. student. We will dig in on the idea of life-enhancing anxiety, depth healing, and Dr. Schneider’s proposal that we form a national corps of depth healers. What seems like a heady concept on first blush offers many practical applications supporting our communities. This is a crucial leg to our work in advancing the mental health and well-being of the communities we serve. 
48:22 12/4/23
Supporting America's Trans Youth and Adults through Effective Counseling with Katie Horton
Today's guest, doctoral student in the Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision program, Katie Horton, offers insights into her own journey as a trans woman and discusses the important work she and others in the counseling profession are doing to support America's trans population. Katie's background and experiences make for a powerful episode! Learn more at Saybrook.Edu.
34:32 11/27/23
Saybrook U Mindfulness Moments: Meditation For Peace with Dr. Luann Fortune
Description: In honor of personal and world peace, join Dr. Luann Fortune as she uses Metta meditation to guide us in exploring our inner awareness and projecting our loving kindness to the spaciousness of the cosmos.Learn more at Saybrook.Edu
15:42 11/25/23
History as a Vehicle for Social Change and Progress with Historian and Professor, Dr. Eric Jackson
I am over the moon for today’s guest. This incredible human was a member of my doctoral committee back in the day and was a vital mentor to me during graduate school. Dr. Eric Jackson is a Professor of History and Director of the Black World Studies program at Northern Kentucky University; with almost twenty-eight years of academic experience at the university level, he has taught numerous classes in a variety of fields, such as "Introduction to Black Studies," "History of Race Relations in the Americas," "Historical Themes in African American History," "History of the New South," and the "War of Independence and the United States Constitution." Additionally, he’s published a wide array of book reviews and articles in many local, regional, national, and international journals, such as the "Journal of African American History," the "Journal of Negro Education," "Ohio History," the "International Journal of World Peace," and the "Journal of Pan African Studies." Currently, he serves on the editorial board. He has served as the Book Review Editor of the "Journal of Pan African Studies" and the "Northern Kentucky Heritage Magazine editorial board." This guy doesn’t stop and inspires me and so many students and colleagues. Today, we will explore his new book on Black Studies, which I had the privilege to review, along with his thoughts on history, Black history, and the current state of affairs in America. 
41:06 11/20/23
The Power of Storytelling through Psychology, Creativity, and the Arts with Whitney Jenkins
My guest today is Whitney Ann Jenkins, a Ph.D. student in Humanistic Psychology at Saybrook University. Born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia, she expressed interest in performing from an early age – specifically becoming an actor. Now a creative living in California with her successful podcast and slate of work, Whitney is pursuing her education. At the same time, she continues podcasting, singing, and acting, believing in the power of storytelling and its ability to connect globally and universally and that every human on this planet has an exciting story of value.  
31:47 11/13/23
Integrative Nutrition for All: Serving the Visually- and Hearing-Impaired Community with Ms. Traci Meadows
Today’s guest is Ms. Traci Meadows, a Ph.D. student in Saybrook’s Integrative and Functional Nutrition program. Traci is a life-long learner who came to Saybrook University with a big, multifaceted goal. Now in the dissertation phase of her program, Traci has found that her pursuit of a Ph.D. did not stop at just earning the degree. As a legally blind and deaf adult, Traci has had to overcome much adversity. Throughout her journey of overcoming adversity, Traci recognized that many others have similar stories. We’re going to learn more from Traci in this interview – one that you do not want to miss! 
36:35 11/6/23
Kindness, Connection Can Cultivate Community with Dr. Dominique Avery
Welcome to another episode of Saybrook Insights. Dominique started at Saybrook in 2017 and is currently the MA Counseling Program Coordinator, recently promoted to associate department chair. She received her Masters of Counseling and PhD in Counselor Education at Idaho State University in Meridian, Idaho. Dominique, along with her colleagues, has built a powerful counseling program that I would contend is one of the top in the nation in terms of quality and approach. Moreover, Dr. Avery’s passion for social justice has helped move Saybrook forward in the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion space. I think you will enjoy this interview as much as I did.  Learn more at Saybrook.Edu
34:20 10/30/23
Neurofeedback: How Brain Activity Can Improve Mental Health with Rebekah Walker
Today, I am interviewing Ms. Rebekah Walker, a graduate of Saybrook University’s Psychophysiology program. Since her undergrad, Rebekah has been connected to the mental health field. In 2014, she and her husband implemented a neurofeedback program for an agency. Then in 2016 they started their private practice, Walker Therapy Services, that married psychotherapy and neurofeedback together. As a result of wanting to know more about the brain she obtained a Master's in Applied Psychophysiology. Rebekah is now working with IMediSync which is revolutionizing mental health care. We’re going to learn more about her work in this space, especially how one merges mental health care with neurofeedback – the linkages are interesting, especially when we peel back the layers – and her work at iMediSync. Check out iMediSync here: more about our programs at Saybrook.Edu
38:12 10/24/23
Yoga (and Integrative Health) for All with Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Student, Chinmay Surpur
I cannot tell you how excited I am to reconnect with today’s guest. Nearly three years ago, Chinmay was one of my first guests on this podcast – really at the pandemic's peak. I was inspired at the time by his passion and his focus. Today, we will check in with Chinmay as he heads into the final stages of his doctoral degree. A brief bio on Chinmay: Chinmay Surpur (ERYT, BS Neuroscience, M.A. Clinical Psychology) is the Director of Research at Yoga Bharati. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology at Saybrook University. He has worked on initiating, completing, and publishing research studies at his Alma mater, UC Santa Barbara, and Yoga Bharati. Links: Yoga Bharati
35:28 10/16/23
The Wide-Ranging Impact of Functional Nutrition with Saybrook Alumna, Dr. Amylee Amos
Amylee Amos founded the Amos Institute to specialize in the implementation of the Bredesen Protocol, which we’ll learn more about shortly. She graduated with a Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity from the University of Southern California's Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and her Ph.D. in Integrative and Functional Nutrition from Saybrook University. I think like me, you’ll find this a fascinating interview on how Dr. Amos’ work in integrative nutrition has a wide-ranging impact. Learn more about Dr. Amos at 
31:25 10/9/23
Saybrook U Mindfulness Moments: Reflections On Hispanic Heritage Month with Dr. Valerie Worthington
Description: In today's meditative practice, join Dr. Valerie Worthington as she creates space for us to honor Hispanic Heritage Month through reflective quotes and poetry from notable Hispanic figures.Learn more at Saybrook.Edu
15:18 10/2/23
The Mental Health App that's Fun to Use with Nate Thomas, Shmoody Co-Founder & CEO
Today I have the privilege of interviewing the CEO of Shmoody, Nate Thomas. Shmoody is a new app designed to support individuals’ mental health and well-being with the tagline that it’s a mental health app that’s fun to use. Nate is former VP at Goldman Sachs & attorney. He received his philosophy BA from Duke and JD from Wash University. I think one of the things that drew me to Nate is his authenticity and the fact that he brings real-life experience as he is in active recovery from addiction (8 years). This should be a great interview and if you’re interested in the app, go to 
44:35 10/2/23
Addressing the Value of Existential Psychology with Saybrook Student Olivia Peers
Welcome to another episode of Saybrook Insights. Olivia is a master's student in the Existential-Humanistic Psychology (EHP) specialization at Saybrook University. Her academic and research interests revolve around a passion for elucidating the therapeutic potential that living with an awareness of the existential facticity of death and impermanence have for deepening intimacy in relationships and fostering value-based lifestyle designs. So what does all of that mean? We’re going to find out shortly.  
40:32 9/25/23
It's an Inside Job with Saybrook U Student Jeannel King
My guest today is Ms. Jeannel King, current Ph.D. student in the Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership specialization in Psychology. Jeannel has a terrific backstory, including her long-time professional work and interest in organizational change and transitions. She is author of several publications including her upcoming title: “Inside Job: Exploring Meaningful Work through Creative and Spiritual Agency.” 
39:55 9/18/23
Building the KORE: Dr. Summer Watson on Empowering Women and Supporting Military Veterans
 My guest today is Saybrook alumna, Dr. Summer Watson. Dr. of Psychology with a Clinical Emphasis, Podcaster, Event Producer, Live Show Host, Author, and Military Spouse of over 21 years. Dr. Summer Watson is the Founder of KORE Women, LLC. KORE Women. She has a wealth of experience which she pulls from her work as a high-performance coach and creator/producer for the Life, Love, and Money show (see I am particularly interested in her work as the founder of KORE Women and her research and efforts supporting military veterans – she brings a unique lens to this as a military spouse, so I have no doubt we’ll learn a great deal. 
43:01 9/11/23
From Former CNN Anchor to Renowned Psychologist with Dr. Donna Rockwell
My guest today is Saybrook faculty member, Dr. Donna Rockwell. Dr. Rockwell is an adjunct faculty member at Saybrook University, College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Mind-Body Medicine, and serves as Adjunct Faculty Representative of Saybrook Faculty Senate.  Donna Rockwell, PsyD, is the founder and CEO of Already Famous with Dr. Donna, a movement and online community inspiring women and girls to live their best, most authentic lives through developing self-confidence, inner worth, and purpose or meaning in life. She is a licensed clinical psychologist with private practices in both New York and Michigan. Dr. Donna is a leading mindfulness meditation teacher, researcher, and faculty member, specialist in celebrity mental health, and activist in contemporary humanistic psychology.  With 20 years of experience, Dr. Donna is a mental health expert featured on TV, radio, and social media. Her research on the psychology of fame & celebrity has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek, The Atlantic, The BBC, The CBC, among other media outlets. 
54:02 9/4/23
Leading the Way on Women's Whole Health & Well-Being with Prema Rao, CEO Akhila Health
My guest today is Saybrook alumna and integrative health practitioner, Prema Rao. As the founder and CEO of Akhila Health in Northern California, Prema is bringing integrative health to a wider audience and I can’t wait to learn more about her work, its impact, and how we can look at ways to replicate her approach! Let's get to it with…Prema Rao. 
43:59 8/28/23
Mind-Body Medicine in Action!
We continue this week highlighting our key programs and today we feature our outstanding Mind-Body Medicine program faculty discussing a range of topics from hypnosis, nutrition, healthcare access, and much more! You’re not going to want to miss this collective set of excellent insights, wisdom and more from these fabulous faculty members who walk the talk providing important observations about how we can achieve greater holistic health across all walks of life.  
44:20 8/21/23
Psychology in Action!
We continue this week highlighting our key programs and today we feature our amazing Psychology program faculty including the likes of Drs. Martinez, Palmisano, Sakuma among several others. You’re not going to want to miss this collective set of excellent insights, wisdom and more from these fabulous faculty members who walk the talk and offer a blend of psychology, philosophical musings, and important observations about the importance of mental health in today’s America. 
44:19 8/14/23
Counseling in Action!
Today, we’re featuring some incredible highlights from the past year featuring our illustrious Counseling program faculty. Whether Dr. Preston, Dr. Ramaswamy, Dr. Ferguson, you’re in for a concentrated treat of excellent insights, wisdom and more from these fabulous faculty members who walk the talk. 
28:06 8/7/23
From Politics to Transforming Health Care for the Elderly with Eileen Lang
My guest today is Saybrook alumna and current student, Ms. Eileen Lang. She is doing amazing things both in and outside of school including work in her home country of Grenada. Eileen is such a fascinating human being…so, let's get to it with…Eileen Lang. 
40:34 8/1/23
From Formerly Incarcerated to Candidate for Public Office & Saybrook Grad Student
Welcome to another episode of Saybrook Insights. My guest today is Claire Osborne, a graduate student in our Integrative Social Work Ph.D. program and a licensed clinical social worker. Claire comes to our program with an incredibly inspiring story – one of trauma, trial, and a powerful 2nd act, especially with her foray into politics. You won’t want to miss this episode. 
41:25 7/24/23

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