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POTK is the official podcast for KlimaDAO. KlimaDAO is blockchain protocol backed by carbon credits that gives people a chance to fight climate change as a collective. Tune in the hear the latest news and insight regarding blockchain technology and climate science!


Rex St John - Co-founder of ReFi Summit
Rex St John is a software engineer, technical evangelist and community organizer working on edge computing, IoT and web3 technologies. He joins us in the studio to talk about his motivation behind starting ReFi Summit and how the ReFi community can lay the foundation for a Network State centered around Regenerative Finance.What they touch on:(1:03) Rex Background(2:25) Why ReFi?(5:30) Need for ReFi Conference(7:26) ReFi's Impact(12:08) ReFi Network State(15:18) Lineup for 2nd ReFi Summit(19:23) Importance of human interactions(24:25) ReFi in 2033(29:05) Key TakeawaysLinks:ReFi Summit https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard
31:42 5/20/23
RMIT University - Marta Poblet & Andres Diaz
Professor Marta Poblet and PhD-Candidate Andres Diaz from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology joins us in the studio to talk about their research regarding ReFi and the Voluntary Carbon Markets. They dive into the role governance plays in ReFi and the inspiration behind applying economic theories to a nascent industry.What they touch on:(1:03) Andres Background(2:54) Marta Background(4:43) Why ReFi?(12:35) VCM as a Common Resource(16:42) Characteristics of ReFi Projects(20:11) What are Common Pool Resources?(23:40) Importance of Governance(27:08) Challenges Moving Forward(30:32) Key TakeawaysLinks:ReFi Paper https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard
31:59 5/13/23
Ben Stelter - Silverpine Founder & CEO
Ben is the CEO and Founder of Silverpine - an early stage fintech startup which allows users to invest in high value classic cars. Ben joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to as they connect over their shared passion of cars and explore the opportunity of people being able to make micro investments in luxury products.What they touch on:(0:58) Ben's Background(2:42) Why Cars?(4:15) Fractional Investing(7:00) Finding Collectible Cars(9:18) Silverpine's Collection(10:42) Offsetting Historic Emissions & EV's(15:13) What's Next for Silverpine?(17:26) Unlocking the Asset Class(20:55) Key TakeawaysLinks:Silverpine Twitter https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard
22:35 4/4/23
0xymoron - KlimaDAO Co-Founder
0xymoron is a serial problem solver and one of the early leaders behind KlimaDAO. As one of the pioneers, he joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to talk about his insight into the 'Why' behind KlimaDAO and the benefits of operating as a DAO.What they touch on:(1:03) Reflecting on 2022(3:26) Measuring Decentralization(7:55) DAO Business Model(9:16) Bridging Education Gap with ON SET(14:44) The Tragedy of the Commons(21:53) Digital Carbon Trends(26:29) Key TakeawaysLinks:0xymoron of the Commons https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard
28:53 3/15/23
David Garpenstahl - Play2Learn Foundation
David Garpenstahl is a serial entrepreneur and the current Executive Director of the Play2Learn Foundation. As one of the pioneers in the gaming and e-sports industry, he joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to talk about his experience and what he sees for the future of gaming technology.What they touch on:(1:03) David Background(3:26) What Makes Play2Learn Unique?(7:55) Play2Learn x KlimaDAO: A Sustainable Future(15:07) Beyond Climate Positive(16:20) Integrating Technology Into Our Lives(21:00) What’s Next For P2L?(25:01) Key TakeawaysLinks:Play2Learn https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard
27:25 2/17/23
Mitchell Morrison - Founder of Carbonlink
Mitchell from Carbonlink joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to talk about the personal motivation pushing him to help improve the carbon market and the unique partnership between KlimaDAO and Carbonlink. Tune in to hear them explore how ReFi has matured from inception and what the future looks like for the space.What they touch on:(1:13) Mitchell Background(2:53) Why Carbon?(4:48) What is Carbonlink?(9:16) ReFi Maturing(10:28) Carbonlink x KlimaDAO(13:30) Mitchell’s Motivation for Change(15:32) What’s Next?(17:34) Key TakeawaysLinks:Carbon Calculator https://www.klimadao.financeCarbon Dashboard
20:03 1/24/23
LBA x Swappable - Simon & Howard
Simon from Liechtensteinischer Banks Association and Howard from Swappable joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to talk about the unique partnership between the 3 organizations. The LBA has fulfilled its commitment to be climate neutral using NFTs to retiree its total CO2 footprint. Simon and Howard describe how the partnership came to be and why this is just the beginning of digital carbon.What they touch on:(1:13) Simon Background(2:13) Howard Background(3:33) LBA x Swappable partnership(5:30) What is LBA?(7:28) What is Swappable?(9:44) KlimaDAO x LBA x Swappable(12:48) Roadmap 2025(17:01) Episode RecapLinks:Roadmap2025 NFT https://www.klimadao.financeCarbon Dashboard
20:52 12/14/22
Scoopy Trooples - Co-Founder of Alchemix
In this episode, Phaedrus and Reikuman invited Scoopy into the studio to talk about Alchemix, their recent proposal to partner with KlimaDAO, and the importance of security when choosing to self-custody.What they touch on:(1:14) Scoopy’s Crypto Story(4:09) What is Alchemix?(8:24) Self-Custody & Security(10:34) Klima x Alchemix(12:00) Offsetting Historical Emissions(16:09) What’s Next for Alchemix?(17:34) Closing thoughts(18:07) Episode RecapLinks:Scoopy https://www.klimadao.financeCarbon Dashboard
20:17 12/5/22
KLIMAVERSARY ft Asfi & Archimedes
In this episode, Phaedrus and Reikuman invite two special guests to help them celebrate KlimaDAO's one year anniversary and look back into the achievements of KlimaDAO throughout the year. The 2 guests were POTK's first interviewee and KlimaDAO's core founder:Asfi: Co-founder of WAGMI LABSArchimedes: C0-founder of KlimaDAOWhat they touch on:(1:48) Asfi highlights of the year(2:51) Archimedes highlights of the year(4:10) OlympusDAO and KlimaDAO(7:04) Launching KlimaDAO(13:17) Reflecting on the year(27:57) Klima's First-Mover Advantage(38:55) Verra's Effect on Klima's Future(41:37) KlimaDAO's future(43:37) Closing thoughts(44:14) Episode RecapLinks:Asfi https://www.klimadao.financeCarbon Dashboard
47:23 11/24/22
TOKEN2049 Carbon Panelists
The POTK team was invited to Singapore for TOKEN2049. We had the unique opportunity to interview the 3 panelists on carbon panel and dive deeper into each of their experiences and thoughts surrounding the future of carbon markets. The 3 interviewees were: Alex.klima from KlimaDAOBreAnne Yek from Carb0nfiMax Song from CarbonbaseWhat they touch on:(1:42) Alex's Background(3:04) Vera's Public Consultation(4:33) Demand for Carbon Credits(6:08) Klima's Anniversary(7:44) BreAnne's Background(9:28) Building in Crypto as a Female Founder(10:33) Stigma of NFT's Carbon Footprint(12:28) The Future of ReFi(14:49) Max's Background(16:27) Carbonbase Mission(18:03) Shortcomings of Current Emission Trading(19:55) Sustainable NFTs(22:09) The Future of CarbonbaseLinks:TOKEN2049 https://www.klimadao.financeYouTube
23:57 10/31/22
Takeshi Suzuki - Co-Founder of Senkusha
Takeshi is the co-founder and COO at Senkusha. He created a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that helps early-stage artists reach new heights and allows investors to rise up with them. He joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to talk about Senkusha and how they are revolutionizing how fans connect and support new artists and professionals.What they touch on:(1:34) Takeshi background(3:45) Senkusha’s roadmap(6:35) What makes Senkusha unique?(9:17) Unlocking NFT potential(13:10) Senkusha’s Klima Journey(15:36) What’s next for Senkusha?(16:52) How is Senkusha profitable?(19:28) Key takeawaysLinks:Senkusha https://www.klimadao.financeYouTube
22:44 10/13/22
Marco van den Heuvel - Founder of Merit Circle
Marco van den Heuvel is the founder and CEO at Merit Circle. He created a DAO around Web3 gaming and is focused on developing the play-to-earn economy. He joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to talk about Merit Circle DAO and how they are revolutionizing the gaming industry by creating a new economy.What they touch on:(1:34) Marco’s background(3:27) Web3 Gaming & Scholarship DAO(5:36) What makes Merit Circle unique?(9:05) Play-to-Earn Games(13:12) Web2 vs Web3 Games(15:57) KlimaDAO x Merit Circle DAO(19:15) Building during a Bear Market(22:45) The Future of Blockchain & Web3 Games(25:41) What’s next for Merit Circle DAO(29:24) Key takeawaysLinks:Merit Circle https://meritcircle.ioPOTK:Twitter https://www.klimadao.financeYouTube
31:56 9/18/22
Rufus Wright & Jacob Van Der Stam - Crypto Caverns
Rufus and Jacob, CEO & CTO of Crypto Caverns, join Phaedrus in the studio to talk about Crypto Caverns. We get a chance to explore their deeply aligned values and their partnership with Klima Infinity. Listen for a chance to hear the issues surrounding crypto energy's consumption, how mining could be the missing piece to help transition towards 'greener' energy sources and the future of Proof of Work.What they touch on:(1:38) Rufus’ background(4:56) Jacob’ background(6:15) What is Crypto Caverns?(9:05) KlimaDAO x Crypto Caverns(10:00) Funding Green Energy Projects(11:19) Crypto’s energy usage(18:10) KlimaDAO x Crypto Caverns(21:17) The MERGE(25:22) The Future of PoW(27:00) What’s next for Crypto Caverns(30:01) Key takeawaysLinks:Crypto Caverns
31:32 8/26/22
Santos & Anthony - Co-founders of As You Are
Santos and Anthony, co-founders of As You Are, an innovative record label, join us in the studio to talk about how Klima Infinity is allowing them to take the music industry to a new level. They dive into the problems artists currently face in the music industry and how AYA aims to provide a solution to a broken system using blockchain as the solution.What they touch on:(1:34) Anthony’s background(3:40) Santos’s background(5:57) As You Are Recordings(10:21) The Modern Artist(14:02) Using Blockchain as a Record Label(17:05) As You Are x Klima Infinity(21:12) Giving What We Can Pledge(23:49) Closing thoughts(25:54) [AYA001] Monoverse - Learning to Love(27:28) Key takeawaysLinks:As You Are What We Can Pledge - Learning to Love
29:17 7/21/22
Daniel Hwang - Head of Protocols @ Stakefish / Special Projects @ F2Pool
Daniel is an original thinker who has been an early advocate for the tokenization of carbon offsets. He joins us in the studio to talk about his background with the carbon markets, his experience with Stakefish / F2Pool and how ReFi projects need to come together to fight our existential crisis.What they touch on:(1:41) Daniel’s background(11:04) Offsetting Bitcoin mining(12:32) Off-chain vs on-chain carbon markets(14:35) Verra halting tokenization(20:49) F2Pool & Stakefish joining Klima Infinity(24:50) The future of F2Pool & Stakefish(27:58) Blockchain Infrastructure Carbon Offset Working Group(32:17) Closing thoughts(33:45) Key takeawaysLinks:Twitter
35:11 7/10/22
Andy Szybalski - Co-Founder of Degen Blues
Andy is a creator working in diverse mediums including painting, cartography, Solidity, and Javascript. As a product designer, he co-founded Google Street View and Uber Eats. As an artist, he created Zoom Backgrounds for Biden. He joins us to discuss how a data-driven musical NFT collection can spark the next wave of art! They went on to discuss the unique challenges associated with building a data-led collection and how dynamic art is the future of NFTs.What they touch on:(1:45) Andy’s background(3:14) Degen Blues(4:52) Making each tune unique(6:44) Dynamic NFT’s(9:43) Owning ETH price history(13:29) Andy’s musical background(15:18) Creating data-led art(18:14) Degen Blues x Klima Infinity(21:10) Andy and Degen Blues in 2033(24:53) Closing thoughts(28:11) Key takeawaysLinks:Degen Blues
30:41 6/27/22
Michael & Akshay - Etherspot & LI.FI
Akshay and Michael from LI.FI and Etherspot respectively join Phaedrues and Diamondhands to discuss about the next big update for KlimaDAO: cross-chain staking! They went on to also discuss what the multi-chain future looks like and how KlimaDAO can play a larger role in building ReFi.What they touch on:(1:41) Akshay intro(3:42) Michael intro(5:58) LI.FI(7:51) Etherspot(11:34) Coming across KlimaDAO(12:58) Cross-chain staking / carbon offsetting(17:05) Growing Web3(18:51) Multi-chain future(23:32) The future of KlimaDAO x Etherspot x LI.FI(28:57) Key takeawaysLinks:Etherspot
31:43 6/15/22
Wassim Sahibi - Carbon Trader at SCB Group
Wassim Sahibi is an experienced carbon and EAC's trader. He's a long time evangelist of blockchain technology and its capabilities to help propel the voluntary carbon market forward. He joins Phaedrus and DiamondHands to discuss the large impact carbon projects have on communities and the importance of tackling the climate crisis from many angles.What they touch on:(1:39) Wassim’s background(4:42) SCB Group(6:02) Carbon projects(10:37) Impact of carbon credits(14:25) High vs low quality credits(18:58) Using blockchain to fight the climate crisis(22:49) Shifting VCM on-chain(23:59) SCB Group x KlimaDAO(26:52) Using Klima Infinity(28:00) Climate market education(29:49) ReFi in 2033(31:33) Closing thoughts(33:11) Key takeawaysLinks:SCB Group x Klima Infinity Group
36:18 5/29/22
Evin Cheikosman - Policy Analyst for the World Economic Forum
Evin Cheikosman works for the World Economic Forum's Crypto Impact and Sustainability Accelerator (CISA). She dives into the debate about crypto's energy consumption that surrounds the climate impact of blockchain technology.What they touch on:(1:56) Evin’s Background(4:17) Center for Fourth Industrial Revolution(8:12) Crypto Utility(11:33) Challenges World Economic Forum faces(15:05) Crypto x Climate Change(18:26) Biden’s Executive Order(21:48) Getting started in ReFi(24:36) Pseudo-anonymous(27:28) Crypto in 2033(31:14) Closing thoughts(39:30) Key takeawaysLinks:Consumption Article Cheikosman
43:17 5/18/22
0xymoron - Co-founder of KlimaDAO
0xymoron joins your favorite klimates in the studio and talks about his unique background and how it led him to help found Klima with the rest of the team. Tune in to hear him break down the carbon markets for us and paint the future of KlimaDAO.What they touch on:(2:07) Name Origin(4:59) Oxymoron’s Story(10:13) Climate Solutions(13:44) Klima’s Development(16:11) 0xymoron’s Role(19:41) Carbon Markets(26:22) Emissions Analysis(39:04) Bloomberg Article(44:33) Bringing Carbon Credits On-Chain(55:32) Klima in 2033(1:02:56) Key TakeawaysLinks:0xymoron
65:26 4/17/22
Linwood Pendleton - Environmental Economist
Linwood joins Phaedrus and DiamondHands in the studio to talk about his impressive background, the basis of environmental economics, and how blockchain can help democratize research.What they touch on:(1:58) Linwood Intro(4:50) Environmental Economists(13:12) Climate Positive(20:08) 4th Industrial Revolution(24:24) Science DAOs(36:04) Democratizing carbon projects w/ Klima(39:27) Decentralizing Science(43:23) Research in 2033(47:22) Key TakeawaysLinks:Ocean Knowledge Action Network Pendleton
50:57 4/7/22
Leontari & Rittaaka - KlimaDAO Love Letter Team
Leontari and Rittaaka joins your favorite Klimates in the studio to talk about their experience working for the DAO and why they are choosing to help tackle the problem of climate change. Tune in to hear them discuss the newest Love Letter campaign and what the retirement function means for the future of DeFi and ReFi.What they touch on:(1:56) Leontari Background(4:43) Rittaaka Background(7:37) Working in the DAO(12:54) Wen Marketing?(18:09) Campaigns & Content(23:00) Website Growth(25:40) Love Letter Campaign(30:27) Burning Carbon(35:57) Klima’s Love Letter(41:23) Klima in 2033(46:09) Closing thoughts(49:40) Key takeawaysLinks:Love Letter
54:26 3/25/22
Chad Frischmann - Senior Director of Project Drawdown
Chad Frischmann joins your favorite Klimates in the studio to talk about Project Drawdown and how they are choosing to help tackle the problem of climate change. Tune in to hear them discuss the many solutions available that would allow us to change the future we are headed towards.What they touch on:(1:59) Chad's background(5:00) What does Drawdown mean?(6:22) Greenhouse gases & global warming(8:55) Reversing climate change(13:46) Carbon sources vs Carbon sinks(18:18) Framework for climate solutions(27:00) How do we get everyone onboard?(35:25) DAOs becoming solutions to climate change(41:26) Tackling climate change as a collective(44:22) New climate solutions(49:45) Future of Project Drawdown(51:52) Closing thoughts(53:40) Key takeawaysLinks:Chad Frischmann Drawdown
57:25 3/18/22
Irfon Watkins - CEO/Founder of DOVU
Irfon Watkins from DOVU joins your favorite Klimates in the studio to talk about the partnership between DOVU and Klima Infinity. Tune in to hear how DOVU and KlimaDAO are uniquely qualified to help fight climate change.What they touch on:(1:12) Introduction(1:59) Irfon’s background(7:36) High-quality carbon credits(12:04) Using smaller units of account(15:28) DOVU’s Marketplace(18:12) Mission & Vision(21:21) DOVU x KlimaDAO(23:59) Solving climate change collectively(28:47) DOVU alpha(31:10) $DOVE tokenomics(35:10) DOVU in 2033(37:30) Key takeawaysLinks:DOVU Twitter Website Blog
40:33 3/11/22
Grace & Josh - Co-founders of Digital Charity Art
Art Designer, Grace, and Project Manager, Josh, from Digital Charity Art joins your favorite Klimates in the studio to talk about the partnership between Digital Charity Art and Klima Infinity. Tune in to hear how they're flipping the narrative for what NFT's can do for the environment and philanthropy.What they touch on:(1:12) Introduction(1:46) Josh’s background(2:58) Grace’s background(4:51) Josh flips the script(7:56) What is Digital Charity Art (DCA)?(13:38) DCA x Crypto Trunks(16:18) Introduction to Klima(18:22) DCA x Klima Infinity(21:14) Building offsets inside NFT’s(23:41) Building DCA’s network(28:52) DCA NFTs: V1 & V2(33:52) Eco Tourism Trips(38:19) REFI + NFTS + Philanthropy = DCA(39:30) DCA in 2033(42:49) Backing NFTS with Klima(44:30) DCA Alpha :shh:(46:38) Closing thoughts(48:50) Key takeawaysLinks:DCA Discord Twitter Website
52:00 3/2/22
Anik & Wojtek - CCO & CEO of Mobilum
Wojtek and Anik join your favorite Klimates in the studio to talk about the latest news surrounding the partnership between Mobilum and KlimaDAO. Tune in to hear how they are bridging the gap between the traditional finance world and digital assets.What they touch on:(1:59) Wojtek background(3:42) Anik background(4:40) Origin of Mobilum(6:50) Why Mobilum?(10:43) User security(11:54) Using Mobilum internationally(18:58) Commitment to climate change(20:00) DeFi solves climate change(21:55) Mobilum x KlimaDAO(23:09) Bridging old finance to crypto(27:51) Advice for Klima?(30:12) What’s next for Mobilum?(32:50) Expanding to developing nations(36:19) Wojtek drops some alpha(40:40) Closing thoughts(42:37) Key takeawaysLinks:Mobilum
46:15 2/22/22
Mark11 & Dropkickdarren - Co-founders of Olympus Agora
We have a special Agora x POTK episode for you! Mark11 and Dropkickdarren are the originators of Olympus media arm, Agora. They join Phaedrus, REG, and Diamondhands in the studio to talk about the origins of Agora, how they've evolved over the years and what the future looks like for the media arm of Olympus.Here's what they touch on:(1:58) Dropkickdarren crypto origin(3:08) Mark11 crypto origin(5:41) Agora origins(9:38) What is “3, 3” ?(14:00) Building a long-term oriented community(20:15) Media and community building(28:31) Documenting progression(31:03) Agora in 2033(33:56) Podcast advice(38:40) Closing thoughts(41:41) Key takeawaysLinks:Mark
45:23 2/12/22
POTK News Update
Did you miss out on the latest updates and news surrounding Klima?No worries!Your favorite apes > Phaedrus, REG, and DiamondHands guide you through all of the latest updates and juicy alpha that has been dropped the past few weeks.Here's what they touch on:(0:43) Episode recap: Luis Adaime(2:59) POTK #1 on Goodpods(4:39) YOUR Klima story(5:20) Market research update: Klimate Survey(6:47) Community update: Klimapalooza(7:44) Klima Community(9:00) Klima in the News(11:41) Roots of Resilience(15:40) KIP 8: KLIMA-USDC LP bonds(16:41) New segment: MyKlimaStory(17:16) MyKlimaStory: @Jamesco(18:22) MyKlimaStory: @Trace(20:34) MyKlimaStory: @SmallB4lls(21:28) MyKlimaStory: @ethpancake(23:57) Closing thoughtsLinks:Submit YOUR Klima story of Resilience
24:57 1/30/22
Luis Adaime - Founder & CEO of MOSS.Earth
Luis Adaime is an evangelist when it comes to climate change and he's on a mission to prevent the deforestation of the Amazon Basin. He joins Phaedrus, REG, and Diamondhands in the studio to tell the story of how he got into carbon markets, the birth of MOSS.Earth, and the vision he sees for MOSS' partnership with Klima.Here's what they touch on:(0:44) Pre-show notes(2:27) Luis Adaime introduction(3:18) Professional background(7:32) 3 pitfalls of past carbon tokenization projects(11:21) Carbon market belongs on the blockchain(16:14) RED+ and carbon standards(21:39) How does MOSS scale up?(28:44) Selling carbon credits(30:14) Different MOSS project partners(33:54) MOSS x Gol Airlines(35:18) The Amazon Basin(40:16) Green Swan Events(44:58) Klima x MOSS(48:45) MOSS alpha 🤫(51:38) MOSS and Klima in 2033(57:36) Key TakeawaysLinks:-Luis Adaime https://moss.earthPOTK:-Twitter
63:12 1/20/22
Archimedes - Co-founder of KlimaDAO
Archimedes is part of the small team of climate technologists that met regularly in order to change the course of our planet. He joins Phaedrus, REG, and Diamondhands to tell the story of how Klima was born out of those meetings. He also touches on the underlying mechanisms of the protocol, expanding the Klima ecosystem, and most importantly, gives us a sneak peak of what's coming up for Klima (alpha alert!)Here's what they touch on:(0:01) Intro(0:58) Pre-Show Notes(2:28) Archimedes introduction(3:20) Professional background(4:11) Crypto and carbon markets origins(9:35) Olympus mechanism 101(11:26) How was Klima born?(20:04) Will the core team stay anonymous?(23:16) Klima forks and the ‘win win win’ scenario(29:28) Diversifying the Klima ecosystem(37:37) Klima Infinity(41:46) Should we burn BCT?(45:48) Klima’s resiliency(49:49) Does DeFi regulation pose a threat?(53:58) Archimedes shares some alpha 🤫 (58:35) Klima in 2033(1:02:25) Key takeaways Links:Archimedes
65:37 1/9/22