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Take Control of Your Pet's Health with Dr. Becker

Welcome, pet parents and pet lovers! If your goal is to create vibrant health for your animals I invite you to tune in to Dr. Becker's podcast. She covers dozens of topics that will equip you to make the best health and wellness choices for your companions. Subscribe now!


Discovering the Wonders of Integrative Modalities - Discussion Between Dr. Christine Woodford & Dr. Becker
In this Game Changer interview, Dr. Becker speaks with Dr. Christine Woodford, an integrative veterinarian and founder of Veterinary Integrative Performance Services in Robins, Iowa. 
25:42 10/25/23
Groundbreaking Laser Procedure Improves Breathing in Flat-Faced Dogs - Discussion Between Dr. Boaz Man & Dr. Becker
Today I’m interviewing a veterinarian in Boca Raton, FL, Dr. Boaz Man, who is using a groundbreaking CO2 laser procedure to dramatically improve the health and quality of life of French Bulldogs and other “extreme” flat-faced breeds.
31:21 10/18/23
Every Bit of Time You Give Can Make a Difference - Discussion Between Mary Jo Rulffes & Dr. Becker
Mary Jo Rulffes, president of the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association (ACDRA), was nominated for a Game Changer Award by Nancy V. A serendipitous meeting during a 2013 shopping trip in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, brought Mary Jo Rulffes together with ACDRA, after she worked with them to rescue a cattle dog in need. Not only were they able to rescue the dog, but Rulffes ended up adopting her — and soon became president of ACDRA.
12:58 10/11/23
Movement Is Medicine - Discussion Between Sarah MacKeigan & Dr. Becker
Today is the final day of bark & whiskers Creating Heathy, Happy Pets Week 2023, and to close things out, our guest today is licensed physiotherapist and canine rehab therapist Sarah MacKeigan.
69:50 9/11/23
Views on Animal Nutrition - Discussion Between Dr. Richard Patton & Dr. Becker
Dr. Richard Patton, a favorite nutritionist of the fresh feeding community, believes that “nutrition is never a crisis” — but it can lead to one over time
48:59 9/10/23
Dr. Becker Answers Your Tops Question
This week, bark & whiskers is celebrating its anniversary! To honor this exciting milestone, an exclusive Q&A with Dr. Karen Becker.
65:08 9/9/23
The Importance of Exercise for Your Pet’s Longevity - Discussion Between Dr. Laurie McCauley & Dr. Becker
Today is day four of bark & whiskers Creating Heathy, Happy Pets Week 2023, and our guest is veterinarian Dr. Laurie McCauley, a pioneer in the field of veterinary rehabilitation.
49:15 9/8/23
Combining Mental and Physical Stimulation to Prevent Behavior Problems in Pets - Discussion Between Jo Woodward & Dr. Becker
Today is day three of bark & whiskers Creating Heathy, Happy Pets Week 2023, and our guest is Jo Woodward, a positive reward-based dog trainer and canine enrichment specialist in North Yorkshire in the U.K.
41:00 9/7/23
The 3 Causes of Behavior Problems in Pets - Discussion Between Dr. Lisa Radosta & Dr. Becker
Today is day two of bark & whiskers Creating Heathy, Happy Pets Week 2023, and my guest is Dr. Lisa Radosta, a leader and expert in companion animal behavior for over 20 years discusses how behavior issues are on the rise and often lead to dogs and cats losing their forever homes. 
42:06 9/6/23
AGEs: A Toxin Lurking in Ultraprocessed Pet Food - Discussion Between Dr. David Turner & Dr. Becker
Welcome to day one of bark & whiskers' Creating Healthy, Happy Pets Week 2023! Today's expert introduces us to a threat that your pet may be exposed to on a daily basis that can promote diseases like diabetes, heart disease, brain and nerve disorders, as well as the growth of tumors.
34:02 9/5/23
Best of Series - Overcoming Roadblocks and Expanding Your Veterinary Toolbox
Dr. Peggy LaCombe of At Your Bark & Call Veterinary House Calls, a mobile veterinary practice based in Phoenix, Arizona. She was nominated for a Healthy Pets Game Changer Award by Fern M.
13:36 8/27/23
Best of Series - Taking the Plunge and Rescuing Animals Full-Time
In this best of series Pet Game Changer, Becca Edwards, who turned her volunteer work in animal rescue into a full-time career as dog kennel manager at the Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County.
07:37 8/23/23
Best of Series - Creating a Better Culture for Animals
Dr. Alicja Izydorczyk, or Dr. Ala as she’s known, was nominated for a Healthy Pets Game Changer Award for the incredible work she’s doing with Soi Dog Foundation.
18:04 8/20/23
The Importance of Hydration and Understanding Emotional Balance for Better Pet Health - Discussion Between Dr. Buchoff & Dr. Becker
According to Dr. Buchoff, if every pet owner did this one thing that costs little or nothing to do, there would be a lot fewer vets, simply because their services wouldn't be needed like they are now. It is so crucial to your pet's health, it's a travesty every pet owner isn't already doing it.
12:40 8/16/23
Best of Series - The Challenges of Moving to a Different Country and Starting a Rescue
Tamara Johnston committed herself to starting an animal rescue in Malaysia after saving a puppy there. Listen to her inspiring story in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
15:35 8/13/23
Useful Tools to Help Deal the Grief - Discussion Between Erica Messer & Dr. Becker
In this interview Dr. Becker talks with Erica Messer, a pet parent who lost her beloved cat Wolfgang in a very traumatic way and was thrown headfirst into a sea of grief she had no idea how to navigate.
43:19 8/9/23
Best of Series - The Challenges of Rescuing and Fostering Captive-Born Foxes
Mikayla Raines is the founder of the SaveAFox Rescue, dedicated to improving the lives of surrendered, abandoned, and abused domestic foxes bred in captivity either as pets or at fur farms.
20:00 8/6/23
How a Single Dog Inspired This Veterinarian to Start an Animal Rescue - Discussion Between Dr. Turkan Ertugrul & Dr. Becker
Dr. Turkan Ertugrul founded Saver of Souls Pet Rescue, located in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Saver of Souls Pet Rescue initially focused on saving California Chihuahuas, but now does a lot of local rescues as well, with Chihuahuas and other breeds.
14:45 8/2/23
Optimizing Your Pet's Health - Discussion Between Dr. Becker & Dr. Mercola
In this week's episode the roles are reversed, and I am interviewed by Dr. Mercola. I get the opportunity to share my deep philosophical views on how pets enrich our lives — from teaching us how to grieve to offering unconditional love in ways that even humans typically cannot. 
80:03 7/30/23
How Austy Went From Falling Down to Short Jogs Again - Discussion Between Dr. Katie Kangas & Dr. Becker
Today’s Pet Game Changer is Dr. Katie Kangas, who runs Integrative Veterinary Care in San Diego, CA, a practice focused on prevention and natural healing and wellness. She talks about a 14-year-old Austy girl started falling and having trouble pooping and getting back up, as what can happen with older pets. But when Austy's owner-veterinarian made these three changes to her care, she not only lived almost two more years, but, miraculously, started going for jogs again.
21:49 7/26/23
Best of Series - Overcoming Boredom to Provide Better Pet Care
Dr. Judy Morgan originally started out as a conventional veterinarian, but eventually hit a wall. She overcame it by seeking out new tools to help her provide the best care for her patients.
26:21 7/24/23
Promoting a Plant-Based Platform for Healing - Discussion Between Dr. Zach Scheurich & Dr. Becker
Dr. Zach Scheurich, an integrative veterinarian, provides holistic veterinary care for Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. He was nominated for a Game Changer award due to his unique ability to help pet guardians expand their relationships with their animals — and view them in different lights.
23:22 7/19/23
The Healing Powers of Keto Diet for Dogs - Discussion Between Mike Battaglia & Dr. Becker
In this interview, Mike Battaglia, founder of, discusses his website that provides a wealth of information on raw ketogenic diets for dogs with cancer, as well as a Facebook page where anxious, hopeful pet parents have formed a community.
28:47 7/11/23
Best of Series - Maximizing Mainstream and Alternative Modalities for the Best Pet Care
Today’s Pet Game Changer is Dr. Ryn Marlowe, owner of the Carolina Integrative Veterinary Hospital in Fort Mill, SC.
10:27 7/9/23
Best of Series - Creating a Positive Environment for Rescued Animals
This week's best of series interview Pet Game Changer is Molly Goldston, founder of Saving Grace, a non-profit organization in North Carolina that rescues dogs on euthanasia lists across the state and pulls out all the stops to get them ready for adoption.
11:35 7/5/23
Best of Series - Fostering Teamwork Between Clients and Veterinarians
Dr. Deirdre Farr has spent decades improving animals’ lives using alternative and complementary care. After experiencing burnout and frustration at the tool given to her by conventional veterinary care, Dr. Farr was about to change career paths, until she discovered acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and chiropractic care.
13:45 7/2/23
The Incredible Technique That Helps Racehorses Heal - Discussion Between Dr. Lillian Bonner & Dr. Becker
Dr. Lillian Bonner, an integrative veterinarian in Christchurch, New Zealand, is doing incredible work to help horses heal emotionally, physically and energetically.
14:13 6/28/23
Best of Series - Leaving Conventional Veterinary Medicine Behind
Dr. Jordan Kocen, was nominated for a Healthy Pets Game Changer Award. He offers natural veterinary services, including acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, massage and even animal communication — that are lacking in many areas of the U.S. What makes the facility unique, aside from its integrative focus, is that it’s a home for all types of practitioners to practice and work together to build the best plan of care for each animal.
17:37 6/25/23
Building Bridges From Home to Home - Discussion Between Mandy Evans & Dr. Becker
Mandy Evans saw a problem in the traditional way rescue animals were treated and sought to change that. With Home to Home, she came up with a way to honor the bond between animal and human.
21:48 6/21/23
Our Wild Horses Are Fighting Their Last Stand - Discussion Between Erin Anna Phillips & Dr. Becker
Erin Anna Phillips is a passionate rescuer of wild horses, and works to raise awareness regarding the many issues they face. Learn more about this topic in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
14:31 6/18/23

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