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The Harbour

A podcast series by Queen’s Health Sciences (QHS) that engages in conversations on issues related to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity, and Accessibility (EDIIA) and its application to health sciences, education, health sciences research, and the clinical setting. The conversations between QHS learners, staff, and faculty prompt listeners to reflect on their own personal biases and provides them with way to practice critical allyship.


Episode 6 – Labels
We have a need to categorize and group people into specific labels based on self-identified and imposed identities.  Caesar-Chavannes, Medical student Ryan Truong (QHS Outreach and Summer Program coordinator) and accessibility researcher Mahadeo Sukhai (Department of Ophthalmology), unpack the labelling of individuals and groups and how we navigate through power structures with these identities. (Recorded December 2nd, 2022)
35:54 3/14/23
Episode 5 – Cancel Culture
What is deemed an (un)acceptable act?  Who gets to decide what is an (un)acceptable act?  How do we respond to cancel culture and social accountability?  Caesar-Chavannes, Public Health Sciences student Ishana Maini, and Terry Soleas, Director of Continuing Professional Development (Office of Professional Development & Educational Scholarship), have a vulnerable conversation on the ties between accountability and cancel culture as well as the consequences of cancel culture. (Recorded December 2nd, 2022)
36:58 3/14/23
Episode 4 – Food Security
Food Security has become a heightened issue with the rise of food prices and climate change as well as the need to acknowledge Indigenous food sovereignty and relationship to land.  Caesar-Chavannes, Sarah Funnell (Director of Indigenous Health, Department of Family Medicine), Ayla Fenton (Loving Spoonful), and Colleen Davison (Associate Dean, Equity and Social Accountability) share their thoughts on the landscape of food (in)security issues and the changes required to address food (in)security. (Recorded December 2nd, 2022)
38:31 3/14/23
Episode 3 – Empathy/Compassion
There has been a shift in health sciences to lead with empathy and compassion amongst health professionals and leadership.  Caesar-Chavannes, Stephanie Nixon (Vice Dean and Director of the School of Rehabilitation Therapy), and EDIIA student researcher Ben Carroll (Nursing) engage in an insightful dialogue on how to engage in the practice of empathy and compassion.    (Recorded November 11th, 2022)  
46:17 3/3/23
Episode 2 – Generational Gap
Generation Z is holding us accountable for an equitable and inclusive cultural transformation.  Caesar-Chavannes sits down with Medicine students’ Samriddhi Mishra and Candice Martin to converse about the generational gap and how a new generation of students are pushing for change in the health sciences. (Recorded November 11th, 2022)
36:22 3/3/23
Episode 1 – Holidays
Certain statutory holidays in Canada align Christian religious days of observation.  Christmas. Good Friday. Caesar-Chavannes, Medical student Suffia Malik, and Dean Jane Philpott discuss how our growingly diverse community at Queen’s can be better supported to observe religious and cultural dates that are often overlooked. (Recorded June 9th, 2022)  
47:48 3/3/23