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Want to sharpen your leadership skills and discover fresh passion for equipping future generations of church leaders? Join us as we interview authors, pastors, ministry leaders and others who are training church leaders worldwide. Entrust equips men and women to serve God in the local church, communities, families and the world. Let us be your training and equipping resource.


How can I contextualize myself to a new culture?
How can I adapt myself to a new culture? How can I learn what I may not even be aware of about myself and my perspectives? How might I know when to adapt and when to simply celebrate the differences? And how can I be sure I'm serving as a bridge and not a wall to people in that new place?
34:22 3/17/23
How can I contextualize myself to a new culture?
Is self-contextualization a thing? If so, how can I do that ... change myself so as to serve well in a new culture? Dr. Ott of TEDs shares practical ideas and Scriptural background.
29:42 3/3/23
How can a European tour have spiritual implications?
Fall 2019. Trish Barrett and Agi Szekely embark on a 6-week, 8-country, Paul-and-Timothy, pass-the-baton journey around Europe. Listen to hear highlights and hiccups, lessons and learnings, and oh yes, favorite foods.
63:17 2/17/23
What might we learn from Serbian believers about prayer?
How might the when, where, why, what and how of our prayers be influenced by young Serbs?
26:06 2/3/23
What's wrong with having prayer on your to-do list?
Guest Anne Graham Lotz encourages us to make prayer more than a checklist item.
50:08 1/20/23
What are some best practices for online training?
Corrie and her team at Entrust Equipping Women were ahead of the game when it came to online training. Find out what they learned about platforms, best practices, pitfalls and joys of ministry training online.
47:36 1/6/23
How can we best use online platforms to train pastors and church leaders?
Dr. Timothy Westbrook of Harding University in Arkansas provides detailed and thoughtful insights about the pros and cons, ups and downs of providing Christian leadership training online.
38:37 12/23/22
Why train women? Hebrew words, Entrust modules and how not to ask good questions
Joycelyn Seybold, executive director of Entrust Equipping Women, describes key Hebrew words related to God's creation of and plan for men and women.
19:55 12/9/22
Why train women? How might calling and giftedness factor into the question?
Joycelyn Seybold, executive director of Entrust Equipping Women, describes her calling into ministry and discusses some of the reasons to invest in training women in ministry.
15:35 11/25/22
Equipping women in Russia and in North America
Dr. Joye Baker saw Entrust's women's ministry training grow from three to 21 to several hundred in Russia.
23:26 11/11/22
Why train women? Because it's mandated in the Bible!
Dr. Joye Baker: To the question, "Why focus on equipping women in ministry?" Dr. Baker asks, "Why not?"
20:34 10/28/22
How can a busy pastor equip people to lead in the church?
Pastor Jeff Simpson with ideas on training leaders in your church, discipleship and your witness to the community.
23:54 10/14/22
How can we avoid the sin of hurry sickness?
Pastor Jeff Simpson knows busyness. How might taking time to train others in your church to lead, free you from the "worldiness of busyness," or the disease so common to pastors called "hurry sickness?"
21:21 9/30/22
How do we determine who needs ministry training and how do we best train them?
Dr. Scott Klingsmith: how do we determine who to train and what methods are best for each person and situation?
13:29 9/16/22
Equipping a leader's head AND heart using formal or non-formal methods
Dr. Scott Klingsmith: how can we provide excellent equipping of both the mind and the heart in our training contexts?
13:52 9/2/22
Formal and non-formal training during the Cold War and today
Dr. Scott Klingsmith on plusses and minuses of non-formal ministry training behind the Iron Curtain
15:01 8/19/22
Formal vs. non-formal training: importance of community
Amber Simpson on formal and non-formal training and our need for community
13:36 7/27/22
Formal vs. non-formal training: role of the Holy Spirit
Amber Simpson on formal and non-formal ministry training and how our triune God works in it all
13:36 7/27/22
Formal, informal, non-formal training: what's the difference?
Amber Simpson on formal, informal and non-formal ministry training: definitions, pros and cons
13:37 7/27/22
In our hurting world, why focus on leadership training?
Why focus on training Christian leaders?
23:56 7/27/22