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We combine the power of prayer, the knowledge of the bible, the equipping of the Holy Spirit and a network of believers to create wealth that changes the world. We believe that money is a resource and a tool that God gives us to show up big in our calling. Cover art: Silvia De Felice


6 Sales Secrets from My 14 yo Son & His 50 Sales in One Week
My 14 yr old son recently had an amazing sales week. He sold over $1,000 in one week. On today's episode I break down why I think he did so well and what we can learn from it as Daring Daughters. If you struggle to show up in your business with sales. Perhaps you loathe talking about yourself, your products or your services in your business or don't know where to talk about them, TODAY'S EPISODE IS FOR YOU. Don't miss the bonus tip at the end. It's the best one. Also on the episode this week I go over our big vision for The Daring Daughters. EEEK! Check out the blog this week: 
48:58 4/3/24
9 Declarations to Speak Over Your Business
In the realm of entrepreneurship, where uncertainty often prevails and challenges abound, finding solace and strength in one's faith can offer a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. As Christian business owners, we navigate the complexities of the marketplace with trust in God's providence and guidance. In this journey, we draw inspiration from the wisdom found within Scripture, anchoring our businesses in its timeless truths. Each verse becomes a guiding light, illuminating our path and infusing our endeavors with purpose. From the assurance of God's refuge and strength to the promise of abundant provision and divine guidance, our faith serves as the cornerstone upon which we build and grow our businesses. Join us as we explore nine powerful declarations rooted in Scripture that shape and define our approach to business, emboldening us to step forward with confidence in God's unfailing promises.   Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters  
21:16 3/27/24
Organizing the Finances and having a plan in your business
If you run a business, it is likely that you stay up at night or at least part of your working day wondering about the household finances and how you business is either going to help or hurt it. In today's episode (and new blog attached!) we are exploring this topic in detail. Get your Bible and your ear buds and let's dive in. Time saving tip for podcasts: Listen while you cook, clean, drive, or walk. These are some of the best times to soak in a short learning that doesn't take you away from your family or life.   Resources mentioned in the episode:   Masterplan: Mastermind: 2024 Planner: Follow us on Instagram:
25:38 3/19/24
Empowerment Over Finance Anxiety: Insights with Susanne Venberg
 Susanne shares invaluable wisdom on navigating financial challenges and reclaiming control over your finances. Don't miss out on these empowering insights! Susanne's LinkedIn: Connect with us! IG: @thedaringdaughters   
36:36 3/13/24
Breaking Free: Transforming Your Language to Propel Your Progress
Join us today as we discuss how there is life and death in the power of the tongue
13:37 3/6/24
Living bold off the grid with @wildsevenoffgrid
Today's podcast guest is @wildsevenoffgrid. She is a homeschooling mom who LIVES OFF THE GRID because God told her to. I'm talking ZERO electricity lines or indoor plumbing. She uses solar power and fresh water. She grows all her own food and has a remarkable story of being BOLD in your calling. Now I am not saying this is what is right for you, but her story is a story of OBEDIENCE to the calling. I know you know how scary it can be to follow a calling that seems uncertain. I sure do.    
37:20 2/28/24
Widowhood, meaningful work, grief and managing your money as the leading woman in your home with Fractional CFO and CPA Lauren Furtado
Lauren is a Fractional CFO who is labeled as "Not your typical CPA" She spent 18 years in public accounting serving multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 companies, but in the aftermath of loss, rebuilt her life as a widowed single mother of two by starting her own Fractional CFO Services Firm. She is grounded in her faith and family-values and is passionate about creating impact for value aligned business owners.   Connect with Lauren: Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters  
26:42 2/21/24
What Got You Here Won't Get You There
Today, we dive into a topic that's been on my heart lately—embracing change. You see, there's this saying I love: "What got you here won't get you there." It's a reminder that growth requires us to constantly evolve, to shed old habits and mindsets, and to step boldly into the unknown. And you know what? The Bible is full of wisdom on this very topic. In Isaiah 43:18-19, God tells us, "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?" Isn't that beautiful? God is constantly inviting us into new seasons of growth and transformation, if only we're willing to let go of what's familiar and embrace the unknown. But I get it—change can be scary. It means stepping out of our comfort zones, facing uncertainty, and sometimes even letting go of things we hold dear. Yet, as Romans 12:2 reminds us, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Transformation begins with a willingness to break free from old patterns and embrace God's new and exciting plans for our lives. So, how do we navigate this journey of change? First and foremost, we trust in God's faithfulness. As it says in Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." When we surrender our fears and uncertainties to God, He guides us with unwavering love and wisdom. Secondly, we stay open to growth. We remain teachable, humble, and willing to learn from our experiences. In Philippians 3:13-14, the apostle Paul writes, "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Letting go of the past allows us to embrace the future with courage and determination. So, my dear friends, as we journey forward together, let's remember this: change is not something to be feared, but embraced. It's an opportunity for growth, transformation, and stepping into God's incredible plans for our lives. Let's trust in His faithfulness, stay open to His leading, and boldly embrace the adventure that lies ahead.  
13:34 2/14/24
How to Pick a Word for the Year
Today on the podcast, we're diving into a topic close to my heart—choosing a word for the year. You know, I've always been fascinated by the power of our words and how they shape our lives. It's like that verse in Proverbs 18:21 that says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." Crazy, right? So, let's talk about picking a word for the year. I love how the Bible shows us the creative power of words. I mean, God literally spoke creation into existence! That's some serious inspiration for us. When we choose a word for the year, it's like we're tapping into that same creative energy. We're setting an intention, a focus, for the year ahead. But here's the thing—our word needs to be rooted in Scripture. We want it to align with God's truth and purpose for our lives. That's why I love Psalm 19:14, where it says, "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord." It's a reminder to keep our words in line with God's will. So, how do we pick our word for the year? Well, it's a process. We pray, we reflect, we seek guidance. And most importantly, we listen to the Holy Spirit nudging us in the right direction. Maybe our word represents a trait we want to cultivate or a goal we want to pursue. The key is to choose something that resonates deep within us.  
07:58 2/7/24
Be Daring in Faith, Family and Income
Today's episode is about being more BOLD. If you feel like you are shying away from your true God given gifts, this episode is for you.  Connect with us:  
08:03 1/31/24
The #1 habit to do as a Warrior Mother this year with Bethany Kimsey
Bethany Kimsey is a mother to 8 children, she empathizes with the weariness, discouragement, and stress that often accompany motherhood. Her goal is to empower others to triumph over the challenges of worry and fatigue by embracing their identity in Christ and finding solace in the hope of the Gospel. Her desire is for this space to be a welcoming home, a place where individuals can rest, recover, discover encouragement, and delve into the truths of God’s Word. Connecting with others and growing in their identities in Christ is the focus. By anchoring who we are in Christ, the foundation is solidified, enabling us to 'go out with joy and be led forth in peace' (Is. 55:12) and overcome the discouragement that the enemy seeks to impose. Building homes where God is exalted, walking unswayed by fears or lies, and confidently growing through Jesus Christ's empowerment to nurture the next generation for the Gospel are the shared pursuits. Stay connected with us!  IG: 
30:25 1/24/24
What are Your Motives?
Welcome to Season 8. The Revolution! This is our theme for the year. We will be uncovering all the ways we can revolutionize our business and life using a Biblical, God centered approach. This first episode is a check in your spirit about your motives. What are your motives? It's a good thing to evaluate instead of your goals at the beginning of the year.    Stay connected with us at:  Instagram: 
13:39 1/17/24
Prophetic 101 & a conversation with out Mastermind Resident Pastor, Leah Moore
In this episode:   What is the prophetic and how it landed for me as a girl who grew up Lutheran   A little about our year long mastermind we run together Some encouragement on hearing God’s voice   Guest Bio/links: Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
35:35 11/8/23
The Dwelling Place: When the Calling Feels Like Quicksand
In this episode:  What to do when you are feeling super defeated in your business and life   Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
12:17 10/18/23
Christian Based Functional Medicine with Kristi Swartzentruber
In this episode:   When an ailment is spiritual or physical or both and how to tell  Why incorporating faith into your health is so important What is functional medicine and how it can benefit you What to do when a functional medicine doctor has given you a plan you can’t seem to follow   Kristi’s IG: Kristi’s quiz: Kristi’s website:  Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
37:25 10/11/23
Lessons in Faith and Adventure: Moe Mountains Founder Lauren Hostetler
In this episode:   How Lauren created a Daring Daughter calling of taking women on backpacking trips  Her inspiring story of losing her mom as a teenager and how her mom’s legacy is woven in her business How she navigated all there was to learn in growing her calling and handle unexpected hiccups.    Guest Bio/links: IG: @moemountains Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
40:26 9/27/23
Creating Digital Courses with a Multiplier Mindset with Cynthia Anderson
In this episode:   How Cynthia sold 3,000 of her courses on discipleship  What is discipleship and why it’s important for us as Christians How to handle the weary moments of entrepreneurship   Connect with our guest:  Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
39:03 9/20/23
The Cost of Control with Sharon Hodde Miller
In this episode:  The devastating effects of control  How to overcome when you have become a control freak How to repair relationships that your control has hurt   Guest Bio/links: Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
30:41 9/13/23
Daring Daughter Finances with Dawnette Palmore
In this episode:   How to rethink and reframe finances for your life and business  Why Dawnette thinks women struggle with looking at their money How to supernaturally break off generational poverty on your lineage   Guest Bio/links: @yourmoneyonpurpose   Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
46:17 9/8/23
The Anna Anointing: What to do when it feels hard
I recorded this episode in the middle of the night after a restless sleep when my calling felt heavy. May it bless you like God blessed me in the night. During a difficult season recently, God woke me up in the middle of the night and directed me to a little book called The Anna Anointing that my massage therapist shoved in my purse after one session. God’s timing is always good and it was on this night that I re-read it. I had skimmed it prior to this as I do most books. Who can relate to that???   But that night, I soaked in it like a bath.    "The Anna Anointing" will touch your hearts and souls just as profoundly as it did mine.   Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
56:54 8/30/23
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Breaking Barriers to Learning Technology
In this episode:  How women can enter the tech space and why they should How God is infused in technology  Tips on overcoming obstacles that feel heavy    Connect with Ryan:   Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
32:23 8/16/23
Stop Partnering with Lack
In this episode:   How to recognize if you are the cause of your misfortune  Strategies you can implement to change your mindset around your circumstances Biblical truths around lack mindset   Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
26:35 8/9/23
The Survivor Center with Vickie Lynn
In this episode:  Vickie’s story of a 20 year battle with a domestic abuser  Her redemption to a protective order   How Vickie’s organization, The Survivor Center, helps victims What to do if you are being abused Examples of how people showed up for Vickie to support her and how you can do that for others Domestic Abuse Hotline: National Domestic Violence Hotline Hours: 24/7. Languages: English, Spanish and 200+ through interpretation service  800-799-7233    Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
36:15 8/2/23
Warrior Wisdom: Unlocking Divine Wealth for Kingdom Business
In this episode:   Stella Payton emphasizes the importance of infusing God's intentions into business and personal life. Stella elaborates on how God wishes to use individuals the same way He used people in the Bible. Emphasis is laid on understanding the difference between knowledge, wisdom, discernment, and accessing supernatural support in one's calling. Stella emphasizes the importance of applying God's principles in every dimension of our lives and businesses. Information about our annual retreat in Arizona, that focuses on personal spiritual growth and business development, offering a balance of natural beauty and nurturing spiritual capacity.   Guest Bio/links:   Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
28:22 7/26/23
Unlocking Supernatural Dimensions for Kingdom Business
In this episode:  Second part of the three-part series with Stella Payton Exploring strategic partnerships, spiritual discernment, and tapping into the supernatural realm for your business growth while embracing the supernatural aspects of Christianity. Chayil Retreats - designed to deepen one's relationship with God and explore diving calling. Stella encourages listeners to explore the supernatural aspects of their faith and witness the transformative power it brings to their businesses and personal lives.   Guest Bio/links: Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
17:26 7/19/23
Warrior Wisdom: Unlocking Divine Wealth for Kingdom Business with Stella Payton
In this episode:   The podcast explores expanding spiritual, mental, and physical capacities while embracing the supernatural aspects of Chrisitanity.  It offers a transformative retreat experience to deepen one’s relationship with God and explore the full dimensions of their calling.  The focus is on building a strong foundation rooted in Biblical principles for well-rounded growth and success in business and personal life Guest Bio: Author, Stella Payton has been honored to serve in multiple 7 mountain arenas including entertainment, media, education, religion, corporate and government. She is CEO of Making People Priority Consulting Group. She has hosted the weekly broadcast Better Life with Stella for more than 20 years. Stella graduated from the Patricia King Women in Ministry Internship Program. She is creator of the Online community the Chayil Circle. She has authored 9 books including, A Word in Season, Accessing the Windows of Heaven, Life Style Evangelism, Finding Vision for Life, She Lives by the River, and Customers Are People Too! New releases include Wicked Wealth, The Chayil Woman, and Becoming Chayil. “Inspiring a Spirit of Excellence” Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen 
30:47 7/12/23
Inspiring Possible with Christy Pennison (A story of resiliency)
In this episode:   Christy’s story of having a baby as a single, college student while leading in a Conservative Baptist Church  Her brave journey to leave her 9-5  Her tips on handling situations that require bravery and resilience   Guest Bio/links:    Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
44:27 7/5/23
Christian Hypnotherapy with Beth Ann Davenport
In this episode:   What is Christian hypnotherapy?  How the different brain waves work How you can stop self destructive behaviors for good Is it Biblical?   Guest Bio/links: Beth Ann is the founder of Prescription Wellness, which provides integrative wellness solutions to fit any schedule and budget. If you're short on time, PW's self-paced digital courses teach you to enhance your well-being on your own timeline. For those looking for a more custom experience, THRIVE functional medicine wellness coaching packages are comprehensive and completely tailored to you. You can now choose to add hypnotherapy, to any offering or as a standalone option. Hypnotherapy is a powerful neuroscientific tool to remove limiting subconscious beliefs allowing you to reach and exceed your goals easily and sustainably.    Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters  
52:04 6/28/23
10 Ways to Crush Business in the Summer as a Mom
In this episode you will learn about: How to handle summer schedules Mindset for motherhood and the summer Time management    Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters IG: @gretchen_heinen  
15:27 6/21/23
Surviving Church Hurt with Natalie Runion
In this episode:   What to do when you are turned off by the church or have been hurt by it  How to support people who have been abused or harmed in a church setting Where is the line between church hurt and being offended by a different opinion Natalie’s journey to starting @raisedtostay       Guest Bio/links: Natalie is a  Pastor’s Kid turned Pastor.  She live in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband Tony and their sweet daughters where she is on staff at New Life Church as Pastor of Women and Creative Pastor of Family Ministry.  Her very first book will release in June of 2023 with David C. Cook where she will share more of my story of the brutal beauty of being raised in the church and 42 years later still being there, holding on to Jesus. She is a worship leader, songwriter, teacher, mentor and lover of all things family, friends and Jesus. Raised To Stay Book:  Connect with Natalie on IG: @raisedtostay     Connect with us IG: @thedaringdaughters   
30:53 6/14/23

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