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LatinxAmerica's podcast

LatinxAmerica is focused on highlighting catalysts that are using, leveraging, creating or investing in technology that can positively impact the Latinx community. Experts cover topics ranging from education, health, diversity, and civic engagement to financial stability/wealth creation.


Pabel Martinez Talks About Diversity in Tech, Podcasting and More 33:12 12/31/2021
Henry Quintana Talks About Startup Life 31:40 12/22/2021
Cuco Vega Talks How to Start Seed Funding 32:20 12/16/2021
Jennifer Garcia Talks About Personal and Professional Growth 23:19 12/02/2021
Jennifer Garcia Discusses How to Become a Powerful Communicator and Leader 32:27 11/26/2021
Cristina Trujillo Talks About Launching a Mediatech and Entertainment Company 25:58 11/18/2021
Miguel Gomez Talks About Eliminating the Latinx Wealth Gap 30:13 11/10/2021
Cheryl Campos Talks About VCFamilia and Building a Community of Latinx Investors 18:49 10/15/2021
Af Hernandez Talks About Cleantech and the Climate Venture Space 35:59 10/14/2021
Rebecca Danta Talks About Angel Investing and Miami’s Venture Ecosystem 26:38 10/13/2021
Marco Casas Talks About Closing Gaps of Access To Capital, Opportunity & Outcomes 33:01 10/12/2021
Samantha Batista Talks About Connect Early-stage Founders to Investors 34:37 10/11/2021
Carlos Antequera Talks About Revenue-Based Financing To Raise Growth Capital 28:47 10/07/2021
Taj Ahmad Eldridge Talks About Diverse Capital and Increasing Underrepresented Voices in Cleantech 35:25 10/06/2021
Jesús Salas Talks About Investing to Drive Economic Inclusion 28:11 10/05/2021
Adriana Embus-Figueroa Talks About Incubators and Resources for Startups 35:04 10/04/2021
Mars Garza Talks About Her Passion for Entrepreneurship, Investment , Tech and Cultura 38:30 10/01/2021
Leandro Bedolla Talks About Accelerators, Midwest Startups, and Breaking into VC 35:26 09/30/2021
Daisy Garcia Talks About Her Journey into Investing in Travel and Hospitality Startups 20:44 09/29/2021
Ashley Aydin Talks About Investing in Health & Wellness, Fintech, and the Future of Work 30:15 09/28/2021
Yesenia Avila Gallardo Talks About Impact Investment, Family Offices and Mezcal 31:25 09/27/2021
Amelia Gandara Talks About Opportunities in Insurtech and Corporate VCs 27:46 09/24/2021
Bianca Caban Talks About Connecting High Growth Tech Startups with Opportunities in Overlooked Places 34:43 09/23/2021
Monique Villa Talks About Building and Investing Beyond Silicon Valley 39:54 09/22/2021
Alejandro Guerrero Talks About Creating Opportunities for Founders and Investors 42:42 09/21/2021
Marcos Gonzalez Talks About Investing in Diverse Teams 35:38 09/20/2021
Adrian Mendoza on Launching the First Latinx VC Fund on the East Coast 46:03 09/17/2021
Julieta Moradei Talks About Her Non-Traditional Journey into VC and Innovating in Construction Tech 32:29 09/16/2021
Pilar Johnson Talks About Investing in the Future 31:27 09/15/2021
Dr. Tamra Chavez Talks About How To Destigmatize Addiction 40:36 07/24/2021