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The Authentic Wellness Podcast is a show for women who want to create a full and balanced life on their own terms. Your host, Sophia Antoine, is a fierce supporter of mental 💛 wellness and wants to make it clear that it's not beyond your reach. New episodes drop weekly on Wednesday. Be sure to subscribe and share❣️


From Off the Grid to Back on Track
In the return episode of 'Authentic Wellness Podcast' after a lengthy hiatus, the host shares her introspective journey during her break. She candidly talks about the trials and triumphs of her personal life, her emotional exploration of a new relationship, and the professional challenges of starting a new business as a doula. The episode is a raw and revealing account of the host's experiences of overcoming fear, acting in opposition to her own best interests, and learning from her actions. Despite the turbulence, the host shares the silver linings and life lessons learned, from reclaiming fun to expanding her understanding of compassion and mindfulness. She discusses the books that guided her and her commitment to making amends and growing from her experiences. The host also announces a change in the podcast's release schedule to a monthly format, allowing for a deeper exploration of topics and greater engagement with listeners. The forthcoming episode will discuss individuality and societal expectations.
17:04 6/19/23
Lean In with Carmen King
Carmen shares the importance of rebuilding after a setback and leaning into a foundation of faith when everything else is shaky.
39:36 11/17/22
Are You SAD?
When the seasons change, our moods can change too. Find out what's happening and what you can do about it.
13:18 11/10/22
The Necessity of End-of-Life Doulas
Have you considered what you'd like to happen in your last days? Listen to this episode to find out how an end-of-life doula can help.
24:17 11/7/22
Balancing Family, Finances, + Faith
Do you know what it's like to worry about money and the welfare of your family? Jeanne shares the importance of balance within her family.
33:25 11/2/22
Birth Plan Basics
What's a birth plan and why would you need one? Find out those answers and more in this bonus episode of the Authentic Wellness Podcast.
19:34 10/30/22
Healing Hands Healing Hearts
Mara's talented and healing hands help her make a difference in the lives of others. Her goal is to compassionately serve others while extending the same love to herself.
42:23 10/26/22
Making Work Meaningful
What does it mean to make your work meaningful? Dionne Thomas has certainly found a way. Long before remote working was a thing, she built a business no one knew they needed. Not to mention, she is making an impact on the social justice scene
65:32 10/20/22
The Other Side of Addiction
It's not easy to have an addiction. Neither is it easy to be in love with someone with an addiction. Listen as Essie Christensen shares her journey of letting go of her relationship with her husband and how she got back to herself again.
30:20 8/24/22
There is More to My Doula Story
Did you know that there is more than one type of doula? Listen as Sophia discusses the next phase of her doula journey.
24:07 8/19/22
My Doula Story
Why does a person decide to become a birth doula? In this episode of the Authentic Wellness Podcast, Coach Sophia shares what inspired her to become a birth doula and how she plans to help the community of women that she works with.
26:44 8/10/22
The Right Side of Rejection
Welcome to Season 2. In this episode, Coach Sophia explores rejection. Today we will talk about how rejection affects your self-esteem, your relationship with others, and your belief systems. Worksheets:
22:08 5/5/22
Mental Wellbeing with Katrina Kincade
Katrina leads the conversation about the importance of mental health, self-care, and having positive representation in every area of your life.
61:06 2/2/22
Sexual Wellness with Mikayla Rickard
Listen as Mikayla, a future sexologist shares her views on the importance of self-love, a patient partner, and giving as much as you want to get in a relationship.
27:13 12/8/21
Authentic Check-In: Recap and Rest
We made it through the first major holiday of the season. It's time to talk about what I learned and what's to come.
17:43 11/30/21
Meet the Wellness Encourager
Sheniqua, an RN by profession, decided she was tired of seeing women overworked, overwhelmed, and burned out so she decided to do something about it. She started an online training and coaching community called A Better U Academy.
42:02 11/22/21
From Broken to Broker
Listen as Melissa shares how the pushing of an overbearing boss signaled it was time to strike out on her own and be the person she knew she was destined to become.
49:36 11/14/21
Authentic Check-In: People-Pleasers
Listen as Coach Sophia discusses her earliest memory of people-pleasing behavior. She also touches on how lovingly bring yourself out of that destructive behavior. Visit to book a discovery call.
21:22 11/7/21
Injecting Wellness into Your Finances by Building Credit
You need credit to do just about anything these days. Listen as Jennifer Rickard shares the experience that caused her to take a look at her finances and helped her start her business, Credit Botox.
37:16 10/25/21
Authentic Wellness Check-In: Boundaries
Like good girlfriends do, Sophia is checking in and reminding you to get your boundaries in order. Boundaries are important and necessary. Do you have good boundaries in place?
18:12 10/18/21
Finding Financial Wellness with Joy Voltaire
Money 💵. Racks 💳️. Moolah💲. The Bag 💰️. Whatever you call it, we are talking about it. My guest, Joy Voltaire, is a Savings Strategist and she is sharing her money story. She also encourages listeners to start where they are and to grow from there.
52:09 10/13/21
Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself
Have you ever felt like a failure? In this episode, your host, Sophia Antoine, introduces herself and her show. She also shares how the events of the last few years helped to birth the Authentic Wellness Podcast. We quickly move on to the features of the show and the exciting things the future holds. Listen, Subscribe, + Share with your family and friends.
12:41 10/4/21
Mental Health May
We are starting the month off right. We are setting our intentions and making sure we exit May better than we entered. In this episode, we discuss monthly, weekly, and daily observances that are important to our audience. There is something for everyone. Listen, share, and participate.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
22:36 5/1/19
Where Have You Been?
Welcome Back!! I am terribly sorry it seems like I left you high and dry, but as you'll hear in this episode, my life kind of fell apart. I am committed to being more consistent as my life gets back to normal. Glad to have you on this journey again.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
12:59 4/22/19
40 Days to 40 - Day 3: You Are What You Eat
I'm sure you've heard, "you are what you eat" before, but did you know that eating can be categorized as ANYTHING you put into your body? Are you aware that you are affected by negativity much like foods that are deemed unhealthy? Listen in as I share another lesson in the 40 Days to 40 series. When you're done with the episode, connect with me on my other platforms so we can chat about the episode. Go to to choose what works best for you. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
14:04 10/18/18
40 Days to 40: Day 2 - Bonus Parents
I didn't truly appreciate what bonus (step) parents brought to the table until I started putting this series together. All of the memories started flooding back. My social media timelines seemed to be filled with blended families. What a sight to behold. Listen as I recount my experiences, good and bad, of having a step parent and how it shaped my entire life. I am looking forward to your feedback as well as connecting with you on other platforms. Head over to to find out more. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
14:26 10/17/18
40 Days to 40: Day 1 - Birthdays are for Celebrating
This is the first episode in a series leading up to my fortieth birthday. I am sharing lessons I've learned throughout the years, in no particular order, in hopes that I can shed light on what you're feeling. At the very least, let you know that you're not alone. Day One is all about the importance of birthdays. No matter what age you are, you are to be celebrated. You are important and your presence is necessary. Listen as I share a few things I learned about birthdays and how I feel different with each milestone. Connect with me everywhere by going to   --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
14:39 10/17/18
A New Level Mindset with Jessaca Rowe
Jessaca Rowe is an author and transformational speaker. She started with a passion for at-risk youth then when she wasn't able to find a job in her field of Criminal Justice she decided to blaze her own trail. Jessica inspires women in person and online with her posts and live stream content. Be sure to connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter after listening to the show. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
33:22 10/11/18
Lies About Self Care
This episode was inspired by a billboard that said Abortion is Self Care. It depicted so called African American women and and it seemed to insinuate that deciding to terminate a pregnancy is the best way to practice self care. It also seemed to say the men in their lives or at least one men who got them pregnant don't play a role in caring for the family. I am thankful to Dionne Thomas, Elle Chanel, and Necie Black for joining me for this courageous conversation. I have a deep respect for them and their stories had me in awe. They share their personal experiences and deepest feelings about the billboard and why it's wrong! While this episode is longer than normal, it is worth the listen. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
126:25 9/19/18
The Transition to Sophia Speaks
This episode explains how the show went from Courageous Coaching to Sophia Speaks. It's not very long and a bit on the fly, but you'll get the idea. If you'd like to contribute to future episodes, you can do so by going to You can add your name to the list and each time a survey is available, you'll be sent an email. Answering anonymously is an option. See you in the next episode. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
17:07 9/17/18