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Lance Wallnau brings you current events, politics and spiritual insight in a unique and entertaining style. His quick wit, incisive observations and engaging personality have made this one of the most popular programs in America.


Discover the ancient secret to ruling in the midst of your enemies
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29:24 5/27/24
How to Navigate the End Times with Divine Wisdom
Unveil the mysteries of the End Times and arm yourself with divine wisdom in this electrifying episode! Discover prophetic insights, powerful prayer strategies, and the secrets to overcoming spiritual battles—essential knowledge for every believer.
02:27 5/26/24
Decoding Hidden End Times Messages In The Bible
Lance is unveiling hidden truths about spiritual warfare and biblical prophecy, taking you on a journey through Colossians 1:16 and Hebrews 12. Discover the mysterious "firstborn company" and their pivotal role in the end times. Dive into an exploration of the invisible and visible realms and uncover the profound spiritual shifts that are about to unfold.
22:54 5/25/24
This Is Exactly Why The Church Has Failed || Ted Cruz’s Father Exposes Truth
Discover the unspoken truths as Ted Cruz’s father, Rev. Rafael Cruz, takes a deep dive into the reasons behind the church's failures in modern society. Don't miss this electrifying reveal where he exposes how complacency and silence have led to critical oversights in civic engagement and leadership.
55:29 5/24/24
The Religious Spirit is a real thing and it’s fighting the next REVIVAL
God wants the church to understand Jesus' multiple manifestations, incliding His coming as the Lion and the judge of nations. To influence legislation and combat social issues, Lance encourages Christians to get involved in public displays of protest. We need to save the next generation as we prepare for Jesus' return!
24:13 5/23/24
The Courage Tour Live
Today, Lance shares his belief that God wants Christians to run the whole race for their divine assignment regardless of their physical challenges. America needs spiritual awakening and God's intervention in society, especially regarding government. We need election integrity and political awareness going into the 2024 election cycle!
17:52 5/22/24
The Courage Tour Live
Join Lance at the courage tour in Michigan where he talks about trusting in God's healing power and spiritual awakening in society.
17:52 5/21/24
God is releasing something new into your life - explore this revelation!
Prepare to be amazed as you dive into the profound revelation of the Melchizedek Anointing! Discover how God is unleashing unprecedented power and authority into your life, equipping you with kingly and priestly wisdom to conquer every challenge. Watch now and transform your spiritual journey!
28:23 5/20/24
Breakthrough- When God Takes You Where You Do Not Want To Go
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21:37 5/19/24
Trump Trial Backfire
Even Anderson Cooper on CNN knows the trial against Trump in NYC isn’t going against him successfully. Cohen had a bad day today.
18:40 5/18/24
Kevin Sorbo Nearly Died But God Had Other Plans - One Of Them Is Coming to a Theater Near You!
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31:27 5/17/24
Dr. Phil Exposes The Shocking Truth About Hamas
The protests on campuses across America and the increasing persecution of Jews are rising, but there is hope! Leaders like Javier Milei are boldly addressing corruption and promoting Christian values. On today's broadcast, we're exploring the rising tide of anti-semitism and the spiritual roots of the Israel-Hamas conflict.
27:28 5/16/24
End Time Bible Mysteries Are Now Being Revealed!
Discover the mind-blowing truths about the end times that have been hidden in plain sight, as I reveal the shocking parallels between the Gladiator movie and the Bible's prophecies! You'll learn the secrets to unlocking your destiny, harnessing the power of unity, and conquering the giants in your life, so you can thrive in the midst of chaos and come out victorious.
39:19 5/15/24
Can Science Can Turn Back The Clock on Aging? Discover This New Development!
Could we really turn back the clock on aging? Tune in as we explore extraordinary regenerative breakthroughs in this electrifying episode, featuring the return of Pastor Shirley, who shares astonishing testimonies of health restoration that seem straight out of a biblical miracle. Discover how this new development could change your life!
30:43 5/14/24
You Have the Melchizedek Anointing!
Step into a realm of divine influence as we explore the power of the Melchizedek anointing, which merges kingly influence with priestly access! Discover how to wield this ancient blessing in your daily life, expanding your spiritual territory and commanding your sphere with heavenly authority.
28:22 5/13/24
What has to happen BEFORE the AntiChrist can be revealed
You'll discover the jaw-dropping role the Anointed Body of Christ will play in the final days...why the "beast system" is freaking out about THIS move of God...and how YOU can step into your divine assignment in this climactic spiritual showdown.
30:11 5/12/24
Dr. Jordan Rubin Reveals 25 Bible Super Foods That Change Your Life!
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25:45 5/11/24
What you need to know about the New York trial
Today Lance discussed the ongoing legal challenges to President Trump's legitimacy, highlighting inconsistencies and biases in the legal system and the media's role in propaganda and payoffs. He argued that these challenges are not about the facts of the incidents but about undermining Trump's presidency and creating a narrative of moral authority.
18:10 5/10/24
What to learn from great debaters and defenders of truth
Lance and Mercedes explore the importance of communication in countering extremist ideology. This is more crucial than ever with the Democrat Party's increasing radicalization and slide into anti-semitism. We're discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict, the propaganda surrounding it, and the potential solutions!
29:26 5/9/24
Hamas Surrenders: The Real Reason They Agreed to a Ceasefire
Uncover the shocking truth behind Hamas' sudden surrender and the sinister forces at play in the Gaza ceasefire deal. We're also revealing the surprising rise of patriotic college men standing up to the anti-American hate on college campuses, and why this rebellion gives me hope for America's future.  
29:10 5/8/24
Awakening The Sleeping Giant of Faith: Michigan's Battle Cry
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
26:23 5/7/24
Melchizedek Revealed: Step into Your Kingly Authority and Destroy What Holds You Back
Discover the secret to unlocking your God-given authority as I unveil the mysteries of the Melchizedek anointing, empowering you to conquer the high places holding you back from your destiny.
28:43 5/6/24
Why God Will Save America - it’s Bigger Than Politics
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
25:58 5/5/24
Significant Signs and Events You Need To Pay Attention To Right Now
Buckle up for a mind-blowing episode as we expose the globalist elites' sinister plans to hijack the WHO, unleash dangerous AI tech, and put Trump behind bars - but there's still hope! Discover the prophetic perspective on these earth-shaking events and what they mean for America's future in this can't-miss broadcast.
29:42 5/4/24
Will Trump's Legal Battles Hurt His Chances of Winning in 2024?
Join Lance and Mercedes as they discuss Trump's legal woes and how a secret Florida meeting with DeSantis could change everything in 2024. We're exposing the left's sinister plot to paint Trump as a felon, the real reason behind the campus riots, and exploring Lance's hopes for Russell Brand to have an encounter with Christ.
28:39 5/3/24
Latest Lance Rant! Columbia University students are infiltrated by ANTIFA type organizers
Latest Lance Rant! Columbia University students are infiltrated by ANTIFA type organizers and have turned violent and taken over the Deans building. It’s spreading to other campuses. Now is the time to deal with it. 1. Kick the Foreign “I Hate Jews and America” protesters off the campus and out of this country. 2: Expel students who refuse to let classes continue. 3. FIRE participating faculty. 4. Begin investigation and prosecution of organizers and funders. 5. Cancel Soros for dinner.
27:32 5/2/24
Urgent Message: Before you medicate or operate, REGENERATE! - Amazing testimonies of transformed lives
Discover the life-changing power of regenerative medicine as Pastor Shirley and I share jaw-dropping testimonies of people who have experienced miraculous healings and transformations through Level 10 Matrix therapy. If you're facing a health crisis or know someone who is, you won't want to miss these incredible stories that will challenge everything you thought you knew.
29:14 5/1/24
Shocking Truth about Why Elites Push Socialism
In this explosive episode, Floyd Brown, founder of The Western Journal, exposes the shocking reasons why DC elites are pushing socialism in America. Discover how billionaires are exploiting crises and manipulating policies to amass wealth at your expense.
29:14 4/30/24
Discover Your Connection To The End Time Ministry of Melchizedek
Unveil the surprising link between ancient priesthoods and your role in modern leadership. Learn how to activate a powerful transformation in your life and impact your community!
29:26 4/29/24
Amazing End Times Bible Verses Most People Miss
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
24:15 4/28/24

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