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The HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast is a podcast for residential HVAC contractors, where you’ll hear from successful contractors and industry experts on how you can start, grow, scale, and market an HVAC business. Follow us for tips, and strategies to generate more business for all your heating and cooling repair, installation, and replacement services! Hosted by John Victoria Sponsored by


Making The Mindset Transition From Employee To Business Owner with Russell Furr of Culpeper Home Services
Welcoming Russell Furr of Culpeper Home Services to the HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast! In this episode, you’ll learn… 0:18 Introducing the Guest 0:57 About Russell Furr (Culpeper Home Services) 2:39 The Journey of Starting Culpeper Home Services 6:43 Making The Transition From Employee To Business Owner 10:27 Team Is Key To Building Sustainability Into Your Business 12:17 Private Equity Investment Creates Opportunities 14:33 Culpeper Home Services' Standout Team of Professionals 16:21 The Advantage of Joining Nexstar Network and Getting a Mentor 20:01 Empowering Your People Helps You Become Successful 23:12 Success Leaves Breadcrumbs 26:47 Proven Marketing Strategies That Helped Culpeper Home Services Grow 28:46 Are Lead Generation Sites Worth It? 29:55 How Facebook Ads Ignited Culpeper Home Services' Marketing Strategy 33:08 The Great Impact of Rebranding Your Business and Getting Your Trucks Wrapped 36:01 Traditional Advertising for Culpeper Home Services 37:46 Top Marketing Strategies That Boost Sales 38:28 Marketing to Existing Customers: Tactics and Insights 39:02 Importance of Online Reviews and Asking For Them from Customers 41:14 The Focus on Reputation Marketing 42:13 How Company's Reputation Matter in Recruiting 46:06 "Culpeper Home Services is about taking care of people." 47:57 Wrapping Up 49:09 Connect with Russell 49:51 Final Takeaways Tune in to learn more :) Join our FB Group: Presented By Polianna (
52:13 09/08/2022
The Do's and Don'ts of Effective HVAC Truck Wraps with Brad Rapone (TradeWraps)
Welcoming Brad Rapone of TradeWraps to the HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast! In this episode, we’ll be doing a deep dive on effectively wrapping your HVAC trucks, and you’ll learn… 0:18 Introducing Brad Rapone 01:43 Recent TradeWraps Customer Testimonial 02:57 The Amazing Team, Culture, and Customer Service of TradeWraps 05:54 Falling In Love with Your Customer's Wants and Needs More Than Your Art 07:08 Why Vehicle Wrap is a Smart Investment 08:41 The Do's and Don'ts of a Great Vehicle Wrap Design 10:39 Secrets to an Effective Commercial Vehicle Wrapping 14:25 Vehicle Wraps Drive Sales and Build Strong Brand 16:54 Why Choose Trusted Professional Vehicle Wrap Experts at TradeWraps 18:56 How TradeWraps Help Customers Protect Their Vehicle Wraps 20:58 TradeWraps' Dedication to Bring Top Quality Work & Customer Service Nationwide 23:53 A Transformed Life 27:09 Front Loading VS. Freeloading 30:59 Past Experience of Living With Chronic Back Pain 33:38 Adapting to a Vegan Diet 36:59 The Identity Shift: Who You Need to Be to Succeed 41:17 About Investing, Building Wealth, and Financial Freedom 43:38 Final Takeaways 44:10 Connect with Brad Tune in to learn more :) Join our FB Group: Presented By Polianna (
44:44 09/01/2022
Using the R&D Tax Credit to Recover Tens of Thousands in Overpaid Taxes with Robert Curtiss
The R&D Tax Credit is a valuable tool for HVAC business owners. In this podcast, you'll learn how to take advantage of the R&D tax credit and recover tens of thousands in overpaid taxes. Robert is National Account Manager for Business Group Resources, a specialty accounting firm. He brings to his work a long and successful career as a small business owner, trainer and speaker, and consultant to small and mid-size businesses in the areas of marketing, operations, and organization. Email: Website: Linkedin: We'll be discussing: - What is the R&D Tax Credit? - What kinds of businesses are eligible for the tax credit? - I thought it was only for companies who invent something new...Why haven’t I heard about this before? Why didn’t my CPA tell me about it? - Aren’t R&D Tax Credits too complicated and expensive to get? ...and more! Tune in to learn more :) Join our FB Group: Presented By Polianna (
38:28 08/25/2022
Setting Your HVAC Techs Up for Sales Success with Scott Sylvan Bell
Welcoming Scott Sylvan Bell to the HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast! In this episode, we’ll be doing a deep dive on Scott’s sales philosophy, and you’ll learn… Winning strategies and insights to set your techs up for selling successHow to build a bulletproof sales development plan for your technicians to lock down and upsell more dealsRefining your sales machine to fill your schedule ...and more! Tune in to learn more :) Join our FB Group: Presented By Polianna (
52:40 08/18/2022
Making HVAC Outbound Sales Easy & Landing More 5 Star Google Reviews with Dave Tester
If you have aspirations to build or currently have an inbound and/or outbound sales team for your HVAC company, you'll wanna listen in to today's HVAC Financial Freedom live interview. We had a candid conversation with Sales Coach and Mentor Dave Tester on strategies HVAC owners can implement in their business to generate more business during the slow season and land more five-star reviews. For Dave’s free book, go to  Join us as we discuss... How Dave used his training in broadcast radio as a talk show host to being a leading sales trainerThe story of Dave’s first cold call Key strategies to implement during HVAC shoulder season to generate businessDave’s scripts for doing outbound calls to past HVAC customers Why Dave uses the title “Director of First Impressions” versus “Customer Service Representative” A role-play on how to ask for 5 Star Reviews from past customers A key mindset shift to make when it comes to outbound sales Dave’s “Zero Technique” on addressing price objections How an investment in Applebee’s gift cards can change the game for your customer service ...and more! Tune in to learn more :) Join our FB Group: Presented By Polianna (
40:18 08/11/2022
Using Grassroots Marketing to Grow Your HVAC Company to $4M with Jeremy Goff
Welcoming Jeremy Goff to the show! We had an incredible conversation with Jeremy Goff of Top Rank on his journey from being laid off in 2010 to building a $4M/year residential HVAC company. Join us as we discuss... Jeremy's story of how he started his company during the 2010 economyThe surprising reason why Jeremy switched from doing commercial work to residential work (even though it meant he was turning down $100K+ jobs!)The "Giver's Gain" mentality & how Jeremy used grassroots marketing to get to his first $500K in businessHow Jeremy turned a 75-cent investment into a new AC install in less than two weeksWhat Jeremy is doing to address rising costs across the industry and in his home state of CaliforniaHow Jeremy has been addressing staffing issues & the specific benefit packages he's created to retain employeesThe importance of building an abundance mindset and not being afraid of your employees end up being contractors as wellJeremy's growth projections & plans to go from $4M to $10M over the next few yearsWhy it's so important for starting HVAC businesses to get a well-designed logo & wrapped trucks ... and how you can seem to be "everywhere" in your market!The importance of mentorship while growing your HVAC companyJeremy's rule of thumb of how many people you need for every million dollars of revenueThe steps you need to take before making the leap to start your own HVAC business ...and more! Tune in to learn more :) Join our FB Group: Presented By Polianna (
42:07 08/04/2022