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Revelation Within equips people with life-giving, grace-infused mind renewal tools to deepen their intimacy with Jesus so that counterfeit comforts (like overeating) lose their allure, and the joy and hope of Jesus fills their lives, satisfying their souls.In our podcast we talk about mind renewal, tips and tricks for getting and staying free from counterfeit comforts like overeating (over-scrolling, over-drinking, over-anythinging...)We began as Thin Within in 1975, a pioneer in intuitive, mindful eating back when diets were in their hey day! Thin Within has taught people how to tune in to their body's natural signals of hunger and satisfaction, remaining present with their meals and delighting in tastes and textures--and the Lord! In the 1980s, Thin Within became a Christian ministry, showing people that the emptiness that they have felt and often filled with food that their bodies don't require, was really placed in there to be filled full with God through Jesus. He wants to set us free from all strongholds! We  rebranded our ministry and our podcast in 2023 to Revelation Within. Join us!Visit us in our RevWithin.Team community as well! ( our listing of classes at


The 5 Intentions of Spirit-Led Eating
Have you ever considered that your eating habits could reflect your faith? In this enlightening episode of Revelation Within On the Go, Christina and Heidi explore the intricate relationship between our diets and spiritual beliefs, starting from the Book of Genesis. They highlight the biblical significance of food and God's care for every detail of our lives. Heidi shares her personal journey of overcoming food-related struggles, dispelling the myth that such issues are too trivial for God's attention.The discussion then turns to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in our eating habits. Recognizing the Holy Spirit as a personal companion, the episode offers practical ways to invite His guidance into our dietary choices, addressing hidden issues like overeating and fostering a deeper connection with God. Christina and Heidi provide the 5 Intentions to Spirit-Led Eating, emphasizing gratitude, mindfulness, and intentionality. Tune in to discover how aligning your eating habits with God's will, can lead to true peace and fulfillment in His presence.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
52:05 6/19/24
It's Not About Your Weight, It's About Your Worth
Ever felt like your worth was tied to the numbers on a scale or the size of your jeans? Discover a fresh perspective on self-worth and spiritual well-being in this eye-opening episode of Revelation Within On the Go. We believe you'll gain new insights as we have journeyed from Thin Within to Revelation Within, moving beyond societal and church-imposed standards of physical fitness. Uncover the liberating truth that your true value lies in being "fearfully and wonderfully made," and not in your appearance. Our discussion even challenges the notion of clothing sizes, reinforcing that everyone deserves to feel worthy and loved just as they are, because of the Master Artist who made them.Reflecting on Ephesians 2:10, we explore the profound truth that we are God's masterpieces. Through heartfelt stories and spiritual wisdom, we'll guide you to embrace your intrinsic worth in Christ. With tools like the "Who Am I in Christ" list, we emphasize the importance of renewing your mind with biblical truths about your value. Tune in to learn how God's grace can transform your self-perception and actions, guiding you to a life free from shame and self-condemnation. This episode is a must-listen for anyone searching for deeper fulfillment and a more meaningful relationship with God.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
29:51 6/12/24
Resilient Redemption: Michael Epperson's Story of Faith and Recovery
When trauma and addiction weigh us down, finding a path to redemption can seem impossible. In our latest chat with Heidi's husband, Michael Epperson, a functional nutrition coach and leader of the Resilient Redemption ministry, he helps us navigate these challenges. Michael openly shares his own story, blending his experiences with the hope that comes from faith and resilience.We explore how our past traumas affect our present selves, focusing on the importance of our identity in Christ and renewing our minds. Michael's journey shows how being present in our relationships and believing in God's plan can untangle the pain and confusion we often feel. It's a deep dive into the healing process, highlighting how self-awareness can guide us to peace and self-acceptance.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
36:50 6/5/24
Revelation Within June Classes Preview
In this episode, we are so excited to share with you all the classes we have lined up starting in June! We give you a sneak peek into all 6 of them and tell you where to go to get registered.  We hope you are ready. There are over 30 opportunities to get LIVE support in classes! You'll hear about "Spirit-Led Eating Basics", "Mind Renewal Basics", "Fresh Wind, Fresh Desire (Then and Now)", "Challenges with Spirit-Lead Eating", "Thin Within Book (Then and Now)", and our "Mind Renewal Strategy Session".  Whether you're navigating away from diet culture or searching for peace in your eating habits, join us for a soulful exploration in our June series. This episode is more than an infomercial, it is your ticket to a journey into mindful, Holy Spirit-led living! We hope you will join us. Go to: Revelation Within for all the information on each class, including dates and times, and how to register. You do not want to miss this opportunity!Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
29:14 5/29/24
The Love of God Transforms Us: Tim King interviews Heidi and Christina
Join Tim King, Heidi, and Christina in this podcast episode as we explore the intimate experience of God's love transforming our lives. We move beyond mere knowledge to embodying God's love, sharing personal stories of overcoming doubt and guilt with the healing power of grace.Tim, preparing for a new Men's Mind Renewal, Revelation Within class, shares his journey from intellectual understanding to a profound encounter with God's love. Christina and Heidi discuss how these realizations reshape our relationships and empower us to face life's challenges with renewed faith.We use the metaphor of life as a road trip with Jesus as our constant guide, navigating the highs and lows. So, come along for a soul-stirring journey to embrace God's love fully.To find out more about our upcoming Mind Renewal Men's class: the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
56:50 5/22/24
Being Still: Waiting on the Lord
Have you ever caught yourself in a constant state of motion, unable to pause even for a breath? In this podcast, we share a candid conversation about the lost art of stillness, especially in our fast-paced digital age. We explore how our bodies' natural state of rest and digest, the parasympathetic state, has become elusive. Through personal stories, we highlight the prevalence of restlessness and advocate for reclaiming peace through patience and presence. We delve into ways of finding solace in stillness before God, managing stress, and integrating moments of stillness into daily life. Join us as we find a quiet place, take a break, breathe, and wait on the Lord. Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
28:08 5/15/24
Journey Beyond the Scale with Kellie's Story of Faithful Resilience
In this very special episode, Kellie Bradshaw shares her journey of overcoming lifelong struggles with food, body image, and health through Revelation Within. Her story of resilience and transformation highlights the power of faith in navigating challenges with weight, fitness, and menopause.Through daily dialogues with God and practices like breath prayers and truth lists, Kellie reveals how mind renewal revolutionized her approach to life's hurdles. Kellie's narrative offers hope for those on their own journeys, emphasizing growth through perseverance and self-acceptance. Her triumph over binge eating underscores the transformative power of embracing our unique selves and aligning with Godly truths.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
40:35 5/8/24
Encore Presentation of: The "Neuro-Scienterrific" Benefits of Gratitude!
Tune in to this special encore presentation of our podcast that was first aired September 13, 2023, for a deep dive into gratitude and its incredible effects on the brain. Learn how this simple practice can unleash dopamine without the sugar crash, improve sleep, boost empathy, and enhance social connections. This information is so important, it is worth a rerun! Don't miss out on the transformative power of gratitude!  Visit us at to learn more about our online community! Included in the $9.99 membership is our exclusive Overcome Cravings course! Get a 49-page PDF workbook, 4 recorded class sessions with 2 coaches, a dynamic community. Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
31:44 5/1/24
Mind Renewal In Our Lives: Part 2
In part 2 of our Mind Renewal discussion, we share our journeys of resilience amidst health challenges, navigating the complexities of mind renewal and faith. Discover how shifting our mindsets became our beacon of hope in reclaiming health and peace. Our conversation explores the transformative power of aligning thoughts with divine truth, even in life's storms.Experience heartfelt reflections and wisdom as we navigate identity crises, chronic illness, and life's challenges. Hear personal stories, and how such events shape our understanding of fear and comfort. Through scriptural truths and authentic peace, we invite you to view your struggles with grace and fortitude, grounded in God's presence.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
34:18 4/17/24
Mind Renewal in Our Lives: Part 1
Part one of our Mind Renewal discussion, brings several vignettes taken from both of our lives.  Delve into our intimate journey of transformation, exploring the surprising link between forgiveness and eating habits.  Experience the peace of aligning our reflections with God's truth, discovered through our own stories of struggle and triumph.This episode offers hope for those facing grief, life transitions, and self-acceptance struggles. Discover how mind renewal became a lifeline for us, as we share personal experiences, practical tools like truth lists and cards, and insights from Barb Raveling's resources. Join us in embracing 1 Corinthians 2:16 as we navigate life's challenges with God's perspective. This isn't just a conversation—it's an invitation to a journey of renewal.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
38:49 4/17/24
Hurdles to Spirit-Led Eating
This week we continue to explore the Five Intentions of Spirit-Led Eating and discuss some of the challenges we face when trying to live it out daily. Come along as we uncover the deeper reasons for resistance and embrace intentional dining. We share personal struggles, from emotional turmoil to societal pressures, and offer insights on reclaiming identity in Christ. Join us in disconnecting from the social media noise and consider connecting with our Mighty Networks community or another group of like-minded, supportive individuals. Don't let any barriers get in the way of living a balanced, liberated, Holy Spirit-Led lifestyle.  Visit us at to learn more about April in our online community! Included in the $9.99 membership is our exclusive Overcome Cravings course! Get a 49-page PDF workbook, 4 LIVE (or recorded) class sessions with 2 coaches, a dynamic community...Join us for April! We are Building Strength to Overcome Obstacles.Support the showLearn more about our Revelation Within Community: https://www.revelationwithin.orgHoly Spirit-Led lifestyle. Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
35:36 4/10/24
From Scripture to Soul: Tim King's Path to a Renewed Mind
Embarking on a Holy Spirit-led odyssey can be a transformative experience, one that Tim King knows all too well. His story, a fusion of unwavering faith and the pursuit of spiritual rejuvenation, offers an intimate glimpse into a life altered by the power of scripture and self-reflection. As our conversation unfolded, Tim opened up about his background in a deeply religious home, his commitment to Bible study and prayer, and how his leadership within the church has evolved. This episode promises a journey not just of the mind, but of the soul, as Tim's testimony exemplifies the enduring quest for personal and spiritual growth.We then navigate the ripples of change as Tim's personal renewal starts to touch those around him. The emotional resonance of his experiences with personalizing scripture and the ensuing transformation of his thoughts and actions is palpable. Reflections on the challenges of letting go of his business, building deeper connections, and his aspirations to guide other men through their own struggles with insecurity and control, cast a wider net of inspiration. By the end, he reveals his plans to launch a men's ministry rooted in the principles of mind renewal through the Revelation Within ministry. Prepare to be inspired by an episode that not only shares the profound personal revolution of our guest but also serves as a beacon for those yearning to navigate their own transformation through faith and fellowship.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
43:06 4/3/24
Joy in Overcoming: Finding Value Beyond the Scale
Ever found yourself squirming in the doctor's office chair, feeling like every inch of you is under a microscope? That's where Christina found herself recently, and let me tell you, it sparked a cascade of self-reflection and a quest for deeper understanding. Our latest episode is a candid heart-to-heart about the intersection of health, self-worth, and our walk with Christ. We unravel the tangle of emotions that doctor's visits can provoke, confronting the discomfort head-on and embracing the transformative power of mind renewal. Join us as we navigate the choppy waters of body image and self-worth, all stirred up by the seemingly mundane act of stepping onto (sitting in? 😜) a scale. Christina shares her personal story, touching on everything from the emotional fallout of weight gain to the resilience required to realign with God's truth. We delve into the importance of not letting these moments define us and finding our value beyond the physical.Wrapping up, we look back with a light-hearted touch at the lessons learned from these poignant experiences. Our tales aim to be a beacon of hope and guidance, affirming your worth and the joy of overcoming life's little trials. So, settle in and join us for a journey that promises laughter, revelation, and a dose of Godly wisdom. And remember, you are far more than a number on a scale.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
36:01 3/27/24
Embracing Grace: Heather Creekmore's Healing Journey
Have you ever found yourself in the mirror's reflection, wrestling with thoughts about your body that just don't align with your spiritual beliefs? Heather Creekmore, author and host of the "Compared to Who" podcast, joined us on "Revelation Within on the Go" to share her raw and real journey through body image battles, disordered eating, and the quest for cultural beauty standards that often veer away from our true selves and Christian principles.Throughout our conversation, Heather peels back the layers of her personal struggles, offering an intimate look at the mental tug-of-war she experienced in her pursuit of being the "best self" for God. As we trace her path from a young girl to a woman of faith, we uncover the transformative power of surrender. Heather's story, rife with the complexities of aligning diet culture with health and self-acceptance, reminds us that renewing our minds and engaging with intuitive eating can lead to a place where fear and control around food finally release their grip.In the end, Heather's insights shine a light on the societal pressures of body image and the idols of control and approval that can distort our self-perception. Her experiences form a beacon of hope, guiding us toward finding peace with our bodies and eating habits. As we bid farewell to Heather, we're left with a sense of gratitude for her wisdom and a renewed sense of encouragement to continue on our own paths to a more authentic and grace-filled life. Join us on this episode for a heartfelt exploration of these deep-seated challenges and the healing journey that lies ahead.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
50:07 3/20/24
Spirit-Led Eating: Nourishing Body and Soul for God's Calling
Embark on a soul-enriching journey with us as we transition from focusing solely on physical transformation to embracing a spiritual path with Revelation Within. This episode takes a heart-to-heart look at the powerful evolution our ministry has undergone, moving from the Thin Within approach to a more holistic, God-centric mindset about our bodies and the way we eat. With personal stories from our own battles and victories over body image and food, we uncover the emotional and spiritual dimensions that are often neglected in traditional dieting narratives.We have an honest conversation about the importance of renewing your mind for transformation, as we share strategies to overcome the challenges of food obsession and self-criticism. We discuss how the renewing of one's mind, as described in Romans 12:2, can pave the way to a more peaceful and free existence. The role of community and coaching in our journey is also highlighted, revealing how support and guidance can be the lifeline when navigating the path away from guilt-ridden diets towards a life graced with self-acceptance and divine love.Lastly, we delve into the 5 Intentions of spirit-led eating and how it prepares us for God's calling, exploring the deep connection between the food we choose and the lives we lead. Join us as we explore the delicate balance of personal responsibility and spiritual reliance to maintain a healthy relationship with food, and how self-care plays a crucial role in being ready to embrace God's plans for us. Whether you're struggling with dietary challenges or seeking a more meaningful approach to living, this episode promises to offer insights that can reshape not just eating habits, but your entire outlook on life's calling.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
33:31 3/13/24
God's Love: Reshaping Lives and Renewing Minds
Feeling adrift in a sea of uncertainty, have you grappled with the hefty questions of identity and belonging? Join us, Heidi and Christina, as we guide you through a heartfelt journey of discovery in our latest podcast episode exploring the Revelation Within. We share personal stories and insights into how God's love can reshape our decision-making and renew our minds, fostering a deeper connection with the Almighty, even through life's tumultuous storms.Our conversation takes us through the powerful shifts in perspective when we choose to lean on God's love rather than seeking fleeting solace in temporary comforts. We delve into the intricate dance of drawing nearer to God, shedding light on how this sacred relationship impacts our sense of self-worth and belonging. We ponder the unique transformation that occurs when we start to see ourselves as God's cherished masterpieces, and how this realization can move us to walk hand-in-hand with Him in the face of life's myriad challenges.In the spirit of renewal and transformation, we also reflect on the profound influence that faith can have on our approach to body image and self-care. Together, we discuss how our motivations can evolve from vanity-driven to service-oriented, aligning our health and wellness practices with a readiness to heed God's calling. As we wrap up our discussion, we extend an invitation to you, our listeners, to continue this enriching journey with us, embracing God's truth to witness a life-altering personal metamorphosis.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
38:22 3/6/24
A Deep Dive into Ephesians 1: Lavish Blessings and Spiritual Inheritance
Imagine uncovering secrets from the Bible that redefines your entire being. Join us we as venture through the deep spiritual truths nestled within Ephesians chapter one. We're not just reading between the lines; we're discovering the heart of what it means to be chosen, adopted, and lavishly blessed with every spiritual blessing. As we unpack the apostle Paul's rich greeting, you'll feel a sense of awe at the identity and holiness we're granted in Christ—no strings attached.This episode isn't just an intellectual journey; it's a celebration of the victory and hope we have in Christ, not dependent on our own works but securely resting in God's unchanging plan. We revel in the eternal inheritance promised to us, uncovering how this profound truth brings security and purpose to our daily walk.With the landscape of our souls richly illuminated, we turn our gaze outward, contemplating the power of prayer and the call to seek wisdom and revelation. Paul's prayers for the Ephesian church inspire us to pray the same way for those around us. We close our exploration inspired by the immense power that resurrected Jesus, residing within us, empowering us to not just face adversity but to thrive amidst it. This conversation isn't just an exploration; it's an invitation to step into the fullness of life with Christ, finding peace, joy, and satisfaction that completes us.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
30:11 2/28/24
God's Artistry: Finding Identity in The Creator's Hands
Have you ever considered that your identity might be intricately woven by the Creator? Join us, as we delve into the profound realization of our identities as defined by God. We tackle the liberating journey from self-pity to praise, examining how recognizing God's character can free us from the shackles of counterfeit comforts like overeating. Christina opens up about her transformative experience, moving from skepticism to a deepened faith through the practice of the God List and Praise Fest.Stumbling upon a dusty old painting in a garage could lead to a story for the ages, especially when it might just be a lost Van Gogh! This episode isn't just a stroll down memory lane—it's a treasure hunt in the attic of our past. I share a heartwarming tale of uncovering my grandfather's legacy through artifacts in his old garage, bringing to life the precious memories and untold stories that family heirlooms hold. It's a journey of discovery that connects the dots between the history we inherit and the emotional value we attach to the most unexpected finds.The final brushstroke of our conversation paints a vivid picture of self-worth and the artistry of our existence. Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 2:10, we contemplate the parallels between the value of art and our own inherent worth as individuals.  Whether you're a young person just beginning your journey or you've been down the road a while, this message is timeless, and we're eager to nurture this seed of positivity in the hearts of our listeners. Join us for this inspiring dialogue and let the ripple of God-affirmation reach the shores of your own life.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
32:52 2/21/24
Transformative Faith: Leslie's Revelation Within Journey
Have you ever felt like your personal battles were insurmountable walls keeping you from true peace? Leslie Greene joins us and brings her remarkable story of how God changed her perspective through Revelation Within. Leslie's candid sharing about her weight and body image struggles, and the incredible transformation that unfolded when she chose to weave her faith into the very fabric of her journey, will move and inspire you. Her experiences underscore the profound shift from self-accusation to personal growth and the peace that comes from walking hand in hand with God through life's trials.Throughout our conversation, Leslie illuminates how personalized scriptures and breath prayers have become her compass in navigating the complex landscape of cravings and emotions. Her story is a testament to how renewing your mind in Christ leads to restored relationships, self-perception, and the cultivation of a grace-filled mindset. Leslie's brave admission of how she turned setbacks into steppingstones for learning, reveals a resilience that resonates deeply, reminding us that our greatest triumphs often lie in the journey, not just the destination.As we wrap up this heartening discourse, Leslie's gift of vulnerability shines through, highlighting the transformative influence authenticity can have within personal ministry. Her story confirms the need for us all to embrace our identity in Christ and the unique paths God has in store. Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
27:44 2/14/24
Mind Renewal Recipes: Nourishing Your Spirit
Have you ever felt like your mind needed a refresh button after a grueling week? That's where Heidi and Christina  of Revelation Within step in, offering up their own twist with "mind renewal recipes." In a candid and soul-stirring conversation, we navigate the ebbs and flows of spiritual rejuvenation, sharing personal anecdotes that highlight the transformative power of creating a sacred, distraction-free zone to commune with God. It's not just about structured practices; it's about infusing your daily walk with spontaneous moments of praise, worship, and thanksgiving, tailored to fit the unpredictable rhythms of life.As we unpack the layered concepts of truth, identity, and faith, we find solace in the pages of God's Word. We delve into the comforting embrace of prayer and the resilience we're granted as God's creation. It's a heartfelt reminder that despite the hurdles life throws our way, we can rise up with hope and courage, anchored in Christ. So join us,  as we share not only our journey but also invite you to renew your mind with us.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
19:51 2/7/24
Sweet Confessions: Our Relationships with Sugar
As a child, the clandestine consumption of sugary treats felt like a thrilling act of defiance, a feeling many of us can fondly or ruefully relate to. Christina and I revisit those formative years, peeling back layers of our relationship with sugar, from hidden stashes of candy to the baked goods that spelled love in our grandmother's kitchens. Our candid conversation takes you through a tapestry of emotions, unearthing how these early associations have subtly shaped our interactions with food and the traditions we pass on to our children, often without realizing their origins or impact.The taste of sugar can evoke powerful memories, like the bittersweet nostalgia triggered by a piece of German Marzipan. In this episode, we confront the emotional baggage tied to our diets, discussing how family patterns and 'Spirit-Led Eating' have influenced our journey towards a peaceful relationship with food. Through shared stories of personal trials and triumphs, we uncover the importance of renewing our mindset to view food as neither a villain nor a savior but simply as a part of life's blessings that comes without judgment or magical powers.Embracing moderation and wisdom, we offer insights into transforming the way we think about traditionally vilified foods, such as sugar. By teasing apart the truths from the misconceptions that have long governed our eating habits, we learn the art of savoring without giving food control. This isn't just a guide to navigating dietary choices; it's a heartfelt invitation to tackle the emotional and spiritual challenges that are ingrained in our daily lives. Join us for these revelations and more, as we serve up a generous helping of encouragement.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
37:07 1/31/24
Savoring the Divine: A Journey Through Humor & Mindful Eating
They say laughter is the best medicine, and our latest episode is brimming with chuckles that also pack a thoughtful punch. From the mischievous antics of our late yellow lab, Sevey, and her chocolate chip bundt cake caper to the comedy of errors in the kitchen, we've got stories that will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart. But, as we reminisce, we also unravel the 'ideal meal experience' philosophy from our Revelation Within ministry, offering a nourishing serving of gratitude and mindfulness that's sure to feed your soul.Pull up a chair as we serve you a slice of life, complete with tales of safeguarding Auntie Faye cookies from countertop bandits, and Christina's educational encounter with Heidi, the heralded "queen of thin within," that offered a fresh perspective on portion control. Heidi's sister's visit throws a spotlight on the simple pleasure of enjoying food without the buzz of the TV, reminding us of the serene joy found in truly savoring each bite. Get ready to find the sweet spot between savoring delicious flavors and eating consciously, because this conversation is a feast for the senses and the spirit.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
31:20 1/24/24
A Deep Dive into the Comforting Embrace of Psalm 139
Have you ever felt the profound peace of being known and loved, imperfections and all? Join us, as we continue into the new year with hearts wide open, embracing the sublime truths nestled within Psalm 139. Our conversation traverses through the valleys and peaks of being fully understood by God, echoed in the children's book called "The Run Away Bunny," and the life-changing realization that our deepest fears of unworthiness are quelled by divine acceptance.With a fresh start upon us, we gather around the spiritual campfire to share a unique praise fest grounded in Psalm 139's opening verses. This practice guides us towards a more intimate relationship with the Lord, who knows our thoughts before they even take shape. Our personal anecdotes and metaphors serve to illustrate the transformative impact of recognizing God's omnipresence, infusing our everyday walk with a sense of security and purpose.The episode then leads us down a path of self-discovery and gratitude, even amidst the thorns of suffering. You'll hear about Christina's wrestling match with chronic Lyme disease, a testament to the intricate tapestry of life's pain and beauty. We then venture into the New Testament, seeking solace and strength, and learn how our trials can carve a deeper space for intimacy with the Lord. This heartfelt exchange is an invitation to join us in celebrating our design, confronting our struggles, and pursuing an unobstructed relationship with our ever-present God.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
37:18 1/17/24
Shifting Perspectives on Food from Fear to Faith
Shed the "weight" of food-related fears as Heidi and Christina share a feast of wisdom on tackling the anxiety of weight gain from a single meal. We peel back the layers of dieting's illusion of control, revealing thinking with the "mind of Christ" (1 Corinthians 2:16) can cultivate a serene relationship with food and eating. Feeling guilty after an indulgent meal is all too common, but we're here to flip that script. We discuss the transformative 'look and learn' method, a guilt-free way to learn from our lapses in eating discipline. By challenging the stronghold of overeating with a hearty portion of Mind Renewal and God's unwavering truth, we present an alternative narrative where being 'triggered' doesn't mean defeat. Discover the liberating concept of 'Spirit-Led Eating' and how keeping in rhythm with the Spirit of God can lead to a balanced and joyful approach to mealtime.We invite you to join us in celebrating food freedom, where portion awareness and understanding the deeper motivations behind our choices take precedence over fear. Through our conversation, we hope to inspire you to confidently say "no thank you" to judgment and "yes" to a lifestyle of well-being that honors your body and spirit. So, let's break bread together and feast without fear..Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
23:11 1/10/24
Unmasking Modern Idolatry: A Heartfelt Quest for Spirit-Led Living and Eating
Is your heart, like John Calvin said, an 'idol factory'? This pressing question drives our latest episode, where we cast a revealing light on the modern face of idolatry. As we navigate through our daily lives, we often overlook the subtleties of what we prioritize, dedicating time and thought to things that may not always align with our walk with Jesus. Encountering our idols— the intensity of a high-stress career or an obsession with fitness—propels us to seek a balance that honors godly priorities over societal commendation. Let's peel back the layers of fear and admiration that often cloud our true value, unraveling how these can contort into idols that taint our self-perception. There is liberation found in grounding ourselves in faith, a process that fosters peace and self-worth, independent of the world's ever-changing standards.In a world where overconsumption is often mistaken for fulfillment, we introduce a revolutionary concept: Spirit-led eating. It's here that we find solace, especially amidst Christina's personal struggle with chronic Lyme disease, which reframed her understanding of productivity and worth. We provide you with five guiding intentions to navigate your culinary journey, advocating for a mode of consumption that is as nourishing for the soul as it is for the body. Join us at our table of intention and grace, where each bite is an act of thanksgiving and appreciation for the body's divine design.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
38:42 1/3/24
Release the Guilt: A Spiritual Journey beyond New Year's Resolutions
Are New Year's resolutions just setting us up for failure and guilt? Could these well-intentioned goals be misaligned with God's will for us? Join us as we journey into the heart of this annual tradition. We question the effectiveness of these resolutions and delve into the cold, hard statistics. But don't despair - we also offer an alternative approach centered on mind renewal and alignment with God's plan, encouraging a shift from date-specific resolutions to a continuous journey of spiritual growth.We don't stop there. We address the elephant in the room - the guilt, the shame, and the failure associated with broken resolutions. We encourage you to stay present and lean on God's unwavering love and promises. Plus, we tackle a listener's question about overindulgence in eating, scrolling, and thinking, offering practical tips for transformative change. We invite you to join our conversation, to reflect on your motivations, and to see your resolutions as tools for spiritual growth. Let's leave the guilt behind and move forward with resolutions that honor God and renew our minds.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
32:32 12/27/23
Scripture, Service, & Connection: Ingredients for a Christ-Centered Christmas
This week's discussion is rooted in scripture, providing a strong foundation to plant seeds of gratitude and personal prayer during this holiday season. Listen in as we unwrap the power of scripture and how to use it as a tool for personal prayer, hold onto God's promises even amid the festive rush, and center your celebrations around Christ.This episode doesn't merely stop at discussing the significance of Jesus during the holiday season, it also explores key ingredients to infuse your Christmas with all the ingredients you need to be wonderfully mindful of the true reason we celebrate.We include personal anecdotes and practical tips on how to balance these elements during the holiday season. By being intentional with your time and creating some margin in your schedules, you can nurture a deep, fulfilling, and Christ-centered Christmas. Together, let's stir up a recipe for the most meaningful Christmas ever!Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
22:29 12/20/23
Testimony: Anxiety, Depression, and the Path to Peace
Do you ever feel like your mind is your own worst enemy? Are you constantly battling negative thoughts, anxiety, or depression? What if there was a way to not only manage, but actually renew your mind for a healthier, happier life? In our latest episode, we talk with Tambrey Meisel and Heidi Harner, two special guests who have experienced this transformation firsthand through our Mind Renewal 101 class.Tambrey and Heidi both share their initial hesitations and the spiritual warfare they encountered when they first joined the class. They reveal how this psychological struggle gradually turned into a life-changing experience that brought them closer to their God-given purpose. The class, they reveal, equipped them with the tools to capture negative thoughts and hand them over to Jesus. This connection with Jesus brought about peace and tranquillity in their lives that they had never experienced before.The conversation doesn’t end there. Tambrey and Heidi delve into the importance of safety and gratitude throughout their journey. They share their victories and their failures. They remind us that God loves and convicts us, rather than condemns us. Listen in to this powerful discussion and discover key takeaways from two participants' experience with our Mind Renewal 101 class that can be applied in everyday life to enhance your spiritual connection. So, are you ready to renew your mind and change your life?Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
33:55 12/13/23
Overcome Overeating by Renewing Your Mind
There is a deep-seated connection between mind renewal and becoming victorious over overeating. We begin by exploring the often overlooked significance of food in God's word, highlighting its role in bringing families and friends together and expressing gratitude. We challenge the conventional understanding of food, underscoring that it's not a comforter or a problem solver. Instead, we encourage you to find solace and refuge in God, letting His presence permeate your thoughts and actions. We unmask misconceptions about food and embrace God's wisdom.We conclude by exploring the immense power of mind renewal in overcoming overeating. Harnessing God's word, we challenge the false beliefs about food, emphasizing the need to apply these truths practically in our day-to-day lives. It's not just about more Bible study but living by these truths every moment of every day. Join us and discover the transformative power of God's word in developing healthier eating habits and breaking free from the chains of overeating.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
33:29 12/6/23
Walking with God: A Body Scan Meditation for Spiritual Reflection
Today, we have something very special for you - a peaceful Body Scan Meditation episode. Join us to renew your mind and build a nurturing relationship with your body. Together, we'll pay heed to every part of our body, acknowledging sensations, tension, and relaxation. It's your chance to truly appreciate your body - a beautiful gift from God. As we continue, we'll deepen our conversation with moments dedicated to reflection and prayer. We genuinely hope that this journey of self-discovery leads to personal breakthroughs and fosters a renewed perspective about your body. Whether you're here for a spiritual upliftment or a shift in your body image, we're here to guide you. So, let's walk this path together, connect with the Lord, and emerge invigorated, uplifted, and renewed. Join us for this extraordinary "body scan" experience and let's grow together in spirit, mind, and body.Support the Show.Learn more about our Revelation Within Community:
21:04 11/29/23