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Welcome to the All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. Join the guys as they discuss everyday annoyances and topics we can all relate to, but in their own twisted way. With hilarious comedy segments that take us to some pretty strange places.  The All Seeing Guys, taking an already upside down world and turning it sideways.   


Ep 189: Smokey and Bacon
Welcome to episode 189 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe, in this episode, the guys catch up, talk being offered blow jobs from crack heads, odd interactions with people at bus stops, drinking in Wetherspoons, then it's on to our eavesdropping segment, Geezedropping, with lots sent in by you. Then Greg and Joe talk a cannibal who murdered and ate a man called Kevin Bacon, and a separate story where the Bacon family name their child 'Smokey'. All this and much more in between. 
66:11 10/04/2022
Ep 188: Bike & Jizz Adventures
Welcome to episode 188 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe, this episode we talk about the passing of the Queen, the best crisp selection spots, Joe goes on an electric bike adventure that doesn't go as planned, then it's on to our eavesdropping segment, Geezedropping.  The guys discover jizz jewelry made from seman, or any other 'materials' you may wish to wear, Kayne West is opening a 'school', then revisit popular baby names as a Disney Villian joins the ranks, and look at UK-based stats from Horn Hub.  All this and more.  
77:43 09/20/2022
Ep 187: Covid Catches Joe
Welcome to episode 187 of The All Seeing Guys With Greg and Joe In this episode the guys catch up, covid finally catches up with Joe, and Greg finds someone in need in public toilets (not dirty) and goes to a crazy cocktail bar. Then it’s onto the eavesdropping segment Geezedropping, all sent in by the listeners. The guys ask the big question, would you rather have wings or hands? Then talk about a couple who were caught bare bummed and penis exposed on a Ferris wheel, and right near the end, we hear from a blast from our Dicerollers past who sends over an old forgotten track from ten years ago. All this and much more
65:34 09/06/2022
Ep 186: Descent into Beasti*ltiy
Welcome to episode 186 of The All Seeing Guys With Greg and Joe In this episode the guys catch up, Greg has been on holiday with a few stories to share (of course), then as always in the eavesdropping segment, Geezedropping.  The guys talk about the man who recently stood trial for having relations with a pony using baby oil and carrots, Seagulls off their heads on flying ants, and the lady who welcomed her new ragdoll baby with her ragdoll husband (sewed by her mum).  All this and much more 
65:54 08/23/2022
Ep 185: It’s Not Even About The W*nk
Welcome to episode 185 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. In this episode the guys fall into many random topics such as school rumours, using a Chihuahua to ice a cake, holiday driving before Sat Navs, Greg releases a book, the cat game Stray, the last ever episode of Neighbour’s, favourite bridges with so much more, and of course, our eavesdropping segment Geezedropping. The guys also discuss the recent suspected flasher shot dead by an elderly naked man for masturbating at a nudist beach, and the chess-playing robot arm that broke the finger of the seven-year-old boy during a match at the Moscow Open. The episode wraps up looking at a rather bizarre situation shared in a local Facebook group. All this and more
62:49 08/09/2022
Ep 184: Henrys Date Night
Welcome to episode 184 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. The guys go in on Wayne World 1 & 2 straight out the gate for some reason, catch up, talk sunny days, Greg saw another play and Joe talks avoiding small talk on the bus, before moving onto our eavesdropping segment Geezedropping. Greg and Joe discuss the vicar who was caught by churchgoers in stockings 'thrusting' himself into Henry Hoover's iconic nozzle and the recent allegations of incest made against Ricky Martin, of course, the guys get sidetracked along the way talking about complimenting another man's penis while standing at the urinal and ponder the question 'what would arse sleeves be?' All this and more  
72:54 07/26/2022
Ep 183: Is This Pegging?
Welcome to episode 183 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. The guys are back, the sun is shining, Greg is pretty buzzed from day beers and ready to chat with Joe about recent events, seeing Pearl Jam live at BTS Hydepark, seeing a UFO, kids in suits going to watch the Minions movie at the cinema, and what ‘pegging’ means other than the obvious, it’s definitely not what Greg is saying it is, to be honest, most of what Greg is saying is wrong. This week we wrap up with our eavesdropping segment Geezedropsping. All this and much more
61:31 07/12/2022
Ep 182: Spread Marmite, Not Covid
Welcome to episode 182 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. The guys return as always, catch up, share thoughts on phallic foods, and how Covid finally caught up with Greg, so he surrendered himself to Marmite.  Greg and Joe have lots to unpack in their eavesdropping segment, Geezedropping, talk explosive penis action in The Boys, the conviction of a self-published romance novelist who wrote an essay titled How to Murder Your Husband of murdering her husband, the man who baffled doctors after finding 233 coins, batteries, and screws in his stomach, and so much more. 
76:09 06/28/2022
Ep 181: Gatekeeping Up That Hill
Welcome to episode 181 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe.  The guys catch up, Gregs tooth pain has subsided, even went to a party, Joe talks about sunny days out, the Queen's Jubilee and Benson For Beds are still a no show so Greg shares he's the review he's been posting, before moving on to Stranger Things Season Four, a guy who farted on a girl for turning him down for a third date and how we feel about nipple play.  The episode wraps up with the eavesdropping segment, Geezedropping, as always you guys have sent us loads to go through.  All this and much more  
69:27 06/14/2022
Ep 180: Pigeon Pervs
Welcome to episode ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTYYYYY of the All-Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe.  This was almost the first episode that didn't happen, that wouldn't have been recorded in time for the release, not through laziness but through Greg having just had a wisdom tooth out and toothache with another tooth, it's a painful combo. Medicated the show goes on.  The guys catch up, and talk about watching pigeons bang while enjoying a sunny BBQ, spending over £12,000 on a lifelike border collie costume for.... reasons? and have a packed edition of our eavesdropping segment, Geezedropping, thanks to all those who sent them in.  All this and much more! 
64:35 05/31/2022
Welcome to episode 179 of The All Seeing Podcast with Greg and Joe. It’s a fun episode that goes in a few different directions. The guys tip their hats to Dennis Waterman, Greg shares an update on the Bensons For Bed saga, and It was Joe's birthday. Then they talk dIcks in custard, full-on incest, an aggressive badger and this episode wraps up with Geezedropping. All this and a lot more
84:10 05/17/2022
Ep 178: Casual Wallaby
Welcome to episode 178 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe Once again the guys are back together recording in person, catching up, Greg visits a farm, and Joe gets cursed. Then it's onto a bumper edition of Geezedropping with lots to unpack. In a conversation that leans more and more into the ridiculous the guys talk bum cults, Marmite, tourists cr*ping in paper cups on mountain hikes, and Good Will Hunting gets the W*nkerty Wank treatment. All this and more
62:56 05/03/2022
Ep 177: Situational Shots
Welcome to episode 177 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast With Greg and Joe. We catch up on life which brings us sharts, Star Wars conventions, parody chavs, covid gets through the front door, then it's on to our eavesdropping segment which gets out of hand quickly as we talk jizz dust, shots, and situations?  We talk the return of knockdown ginger, Bruce Willis, faking a pregnancy to get time off work, Britains 'wokest' pub, & what that even means, pizza dish ideas, and our Reddit question of the week 'If you opened an inconvenience store what would you sell? along with an update in Greg's ongoing Benson For Beds Saga.   It's a fun classic hour and a half episode! Enjoy
86:33 04/19/2022
Ep 176: Prince Posting
Welcome to episode 176 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe The guys are both sat in the same room this episode and ready to talk sh*te. They catch up on current events, the Will Smith Oscar slap (which had just hit the news the morning we recorded), the sad passing of Taylor Hawkins and Willam Hurt, and how knock-down ginger has evolved into posting frogs. Then it's onto our eavesdropping segment, geezedropping. Greg and Joe discuss what movie could be improved by adding a sex scene, the art gallery security guard who made an impression on his first day by drawing a smiley face in biro on a £750,000 painting, and the bizarre story of the 'arranged' amputation of a leg between two consenting adults in an Australian park and so much more.  The episode wraps with a long-overdue return to our personal favorite W*nkerty W*nk to date with American Physco getting the treatment this time.    
63:26 04/05/2022
Ep 175: Greg & Joe Action Figures Now With Accessories (Greg & Joe Sold Separately)
Welcome to episode 175 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe The guys are feeling under the weather but drink in hand catch up on current events, share an update on the ongoing bed situation, The Batman (no spoilers) then it’s onto our eavesdropping segment ‘ Geezedropping’. The guys talk about the ‘quantumly generated Create Your Own Adventure app, Randonautica’, what accessories our action figures would come with, and after a long break we finish with our agony aunt segment ‘You didn’t ask for it but here’s our advice anyway’. All this and more
73:50 03/22/2022
Ep 174: Man Without a Bed
Welcome to episode 174 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe In this episode we catch up as a lot as happened, yes there were storms and now war but we have drunken escapades, sober gate incidents, Covid restriction-free visits to London, and a missing mattress to catch up on. Our extreme lives know no bounds.  We wrap up with Geezedropping, a quick 'what we're watching', and some light reflection on our de-evolving podcast format😂 All this and more.  
79:30 03/08/2022
Ep 173: To The Left
Welcome to episode 173 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. In this episode, the guys catch up on Greg's birthday, the sad passing of Ivan Reitman, before going into Geezedropping, which sparks a conversation about bent d*cks and which side you 'dress' to.  Greg and Joe talk about the Razzie awards in which Bruce Willis has his own category for 'Worst Bruce Willis film', family snooping on your Only Fans, a rather large, and we bid a fond farewell to the oldest pub in Britain, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks.  All this and much more.   
76:58 02/22/2022
Ep 172: Now I Don't Have Nipples
Welcome to episode 172 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. This episode Greg is 'danger podcasting' with some dodgy wiring and Joe is crippled by neck pain. Perfect relaxing setup.  The guys talk, recent trips to the dentist, stopping the car at a crossing to let a drug deal happen, and a few lunch beers turning into a day we barely remember but it starts coming back. We jump into a great bunch of Geezedrops mostly sent in by you guys and wrap up talking about the school boy who burnt his nipples off with a can of Lynx. 
53:05 02/08/2022
Ep 171: "Get Me the Lilt Man!"
Welcome to episode 171 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. In this episode the guys shoot the sh*t, talk getting on with life in these turbulent times, ask the dreaded question "Do I drink too much?", Greg is outraged by the new font design for the classic tropical soft drink Lilt, and much more. We wrap up with Geezedroping this week after a fun episode, the description may sound serious but you know we won't be. 
74:36 01/25/2022
Ep 170: Don't Call Us
Welcome to episode 170 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe and a Happy New Year to you all. Greg and Joe are back over the Skype waves to catch up on Christmas, New Year, cinema trips, ice skating, and much more before moving into Geezedropping where we have loads from you awesome listeners.  Later in the episode, we talk about Ghostbusters Afterlife which will contain SPOILERS, but we don't lay out the whole film. Greg talks Spider-Man No Way Home and Matrix Resurrections with no spoilers, well, some light spoilers but nothing already out there. Of course, the guys get sidetracked throughout and have fun as always. 
76:32 01/11/2022
Ep 169: Falling On Public Transport
Welcome to episode 169 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. For the first time in months, Greg and Joe are recording in the same room! Start with a catch-up, talk about their first cinema trip since covid (which is due straight after recording this episode), everyday situations stoned, and then it's onto our eavesdropping segment, Geezedropping. Despite having things planned to talk about this episode, the guys end up talking about falling over on public transport. Falls, they witness, were involved in, embarrassing and hilarious times they have fallen or made a fool out of themselves on a bus or train. And there is plenty of sidetracked conversation between all that. Enjoy   
58:14 12/28/2021
Ep 168: The Bum Squad
Welcome to episode 168 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe In this episode, we talk Lightopia and Christmas horror before a bumper edition of Geezedropping. The guys discuss a military collector's visit to A&E after he ‘tripped and fell” into a large projectile… guess where it landed? Following the discussion of the last episode about spam messages inviting you to join sexy WhatsApp groups, Joe reads out an email Greg came across from 9 years ago offering love and…. responsibility? There’s plenty of sidetracked conversations between all that. Enjoy
83:28 12/14/2021
Ep 167: Noped Outta That Kink
Welcome to episode 167 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. The guys catch up, Greg shares a tale of an innocent trip to Kingston with his family which ended with them being face to face with a stranger's filthy open arseh*le. It's into Geezedropping then the guys look over a bizarre Facebook account they came across, go old school with a good ol' list, this was a fun one with women sharing the worst fetish requests they have turned down. There are a lot of twists and turns, and random paths of conversation. It's another really fun episode. Enjoy 
79:45 11/30/2021
Ep 166: Abandoned Arseh*le
Welcome to episode 166 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast With Greg and Joe! We catch up on recent events, talk weird videos that creeped us out on YouTube. Greg went to see a play of the ‘Diary of Anne Frank’, and in a separate story had another colonoscopy which was very different from the last one. We end with Geezedropping this episode of which we have a few, mostly sent in by you awesome listeners and some heard ourselves. This and so much more. Despite this description, it's a really fun episode!
81:10 11/16/2021
Welcome to episode 165 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast With Greg and Joe! We kick off discussing an advert for an erectile dysfunction treatment… DONG DONG DONG (this becomes a theme), and the town of Gary, Indiana for some reason. Then it’s onto Geezedropping. Greg brings a series of odd recent ‘news’ stories, such as the nurse who sued NHS for secretly hypnotising her to fart against her will, a strange fan crowdfunding campaign to change a scene in the movie ‘The Departed’, the worst packed lunches for schools, which ends up being quite sad rather than funny, the man waits two years to seek help after bum and penis started doing each other’s jobs and more. We finish the episode with a new track from Greg’s new music project STARS NOT BIRDS, Flashlights featuring Joe
65:21 11/02/2021
Ep 164: Squid Playing Games With My Heart
Welcome to episode 164 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast With Greg and Joe! We were due to record in the same room again this episode, but fate and a four-year-old with a nasty cough and cold ruined that plan, but we still have fun... We catch up on what has been going on, got a nice bunch of Geezedrops from you lovely listeners again. We talk Joe popping up in work Instagram ads, car parking politics and the ongoing petrol madness. Then we dive into Squid Games(SPOLIERS) and what games we'd expect to see in a UK edition, how far we think we'd get, along with other shows we have been enjoying such as Midnight Mass, Ted Lasso, and much more! We get sidetracked a fair few times (obviously) so the conversation goes in many directions. 
94:00 10/19/2021
Ep 163: Do We Talk About Piss Too Much?
Welcome to episode 163 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast With Greg and Joe! This week we are in the same room, sat around the same table and it makes all the difference. We catch up on recent events, petrol panic buying, we have a nice batch of Geezedrops which spark a few random conversations. We end up mentioning pissing quite a bit (again), gentlemen's urinal etiquette, times we (well Greg) got caught short, and much more. We had stuff actually planned for this episode but ended up just doing what we do best, chatting our random b*llocks. It's a lot of fun. We end with a 'Wankerty Wank' and it's the opening Star Wars crawl to The Last Jedi getting the treatment this time. Greg plays a track from his new upcoming music project, STARS NOT BIRDS. All this and more!
73:10 10/05/2021
Ep 162: You Have To Get Up Pretty Early In The Morning to Catfish Me
Welcome to episode 162 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. The guys recently went to a party, an actual party, in a hall, with balloons, cake, food, and a bar, it was like the good ol' days! Although the hangovers weren't. The guys talk Catfishing, our mate joining Sham 69, live music, Greg talks about a d*ckhead he encountered at Chessington World Of Adventures in Geezedropping, Dominic Cummings joining OnlyFans? All this and much more! Greg plays a track from his new upcoming music project, STARS NOT BIRDS. We encounter a few technical issues in this episode but nothing that should affect your listening pleasure. 
56:27 09/21/2021
Ep 161: Pro Farters
Welcome to episode 161 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. The guys catch up, Greg discusses a change routine he has fallen into with an old Japanese lady before going into a bumper edition of Geezedrop which are all from you the listeners!  We cover some interesting stories such as pro farters and how they turned their guffs into cash, the guy who died after using glue as an alternative to a condom in the heat of the moment, how 'Bloody' is no longer the UKs most popular swear word, former TV Gladiator Shadow goes to prison for torture/blackmail and much more. We end the episode with a brand new track from Dicerollers!       
65:27 09/07/2021
Ep 160: We're All Going On a Vigilante Summer Holiday
Welcome to episode 160 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. The guys catch up on recent events, Greg has returned from his family caravan/camping holiday with stories and geezedrops galore!  We also discuss human ashes being scattered at Disneyland, a ninja vigilante from Plymouth, a TikTok trainspotter, and much more!
68:09 08/24/2021