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Interactive Body Balance with Mike Daciuk

Interactive Body Balance focuses on providing the latest Health and Wellness information that deviates from conventional methods. In combining fitness, strength conditioning, nutrition planning, lab testing and functional medicine, our team looks at healing as a holistic approach that encompasses mind, body and spirit. Inspired by his mentors and teachers like Paul Chek, Tony Robbins, Dr. Mark Hyman, Sean Croxton, Reed Davis, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Joel Osteen, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Oz, Dr Sara Gottfried, Dr. Jack Kruze and Dr. Tom O' Bryan. This show will bridge the gap between conventional medicine and traditional health.


How To Improve Your Gut And Weight 11:52 07/12/2022
Key Supplement For Muscle Growth 09:09 07/05/2022
The Mental Part Of Health 15:07 06/27/2022
What I Teach Our Top Performers 14:38 06/15/2022
Tricks To Help With Fat Loss 15:06 05/18/2022
Tips To Relieve Symptoms of C19 14:47 04/09/2022
Top Three Tips To Get Lean For The Summer 12:29 03/26/2022
Why I Am Excited About The Future Of Health 13:23 03/02/2022
How To Find And Heal Those Unwanted Gut Bugs 11:21 02/21/2022
Are You At Risk For A Stroke? 13:12 02/13/2022
My Top Tips For People Struggling With Their Health and Life 15:33 01/22/2022
Bringing Certainty In This Time Of Fear 16:21 12/30/2021
Natural Protocol To Mitigate Infections 14:35 12/24/2021
Top Tips To Balance Blood Sugar And Improve Weight 10:36 12/21/2021
Tips To Improve Your Life 13:26 12/14/2021
The Truth About Coffee 11:57 12/02/2021
Gut Issues, Low Energy Or Hormone Concerns? 12:11 11/27/2021
Your Time Is Coming 12:04 11/19/2021
Motivation For Those Who Are Struggling Today 11:57 11/16/2021
Tips To Help With Chronic Disease 09:10 11/09/2021
A Little Known Bacteria That Can Save Your Life 11:56 11/03/2021
How To Heal Your Gut On The Inside And Out 11:15 10/18/2021
Tips To Alleviate Menopause Symptoms 10:36 10/13/2021
How To Optimize Your Health In The Future 12:40 10/08/2021
What Is Needed In Health And Business 14:18 09/30/2021
How To Control Autoimmune Flare-ups 12:18 09/27/2021
Top Health Tips To Start Your Day 11:23 09/21/2021
The Difference Between Success And Failure 11:40 09/18/2021
Two Anti-aging Supplements 09:21 09/05/2021
Top Tips For Health, Fitness and Business 11:14 08/30/2021