The podcast for entrepreneurs who put LIFESTYLE FIRST via passive online income, real estate investing, and increasing productivity. Join your host Flavia Berys as she interviews successful lifestyle solopreneurs and shares ideas to help you find the perfect balance between lifestyle, business, and self. Flavia Berys, the host of the LIFESTYLE SOLOPRENEUR podcast, is an attorney, marketing expert, and founder of several online academies. She's been featured in major media including BBC World News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, ESPN television, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fox News, and more. On her podcast, she features solopreneur business owners and entrepreneurs who make a full time income from part-time work, and successfully avoid becoming "miserable millionaires" by learning what to do to stay happy and balanced. Her guests teach us how they earn smarter by working less, leaving time open for family, friends, travel and hobbies. Because remember: "Money doesn't buy happiness, but money in the hands of a happy person? There's no greater tool!"


Interview with Victoria Johnson, whose counseling expertise helps her spot hidden addictions in her clients that can sabotage their happiness and life balance 19:19 06/09/2022
Interview with Kari DePhillips, who teaches us how to get major media coverage for your business (no matter what industry you're in) and shows us how to rank #1 - Owner of Silver Spur... in Google v 32:20 06/02/2022
Interview with Ali Boone, pilot turned aerospace engineer turned real estate investor turned real estate mentor who is on a mission to challenge Tim Ferriss to a lifestyle design face-off 30:12 05/26/2022
Interview with Lorna Greyling, who was able to not only survive the trauma of her husband being kidnapped, but was able to transcend her circumstances and build a powerful practice of intentional hope 24:16 05/18/2022
Interview with Mark Yegge, who teaches everyday folks how to invest in the stock market like a pro 26:06 05/12/2022
Interview with Jane Ferré, a career transition expert who helps companies and executives navigate the difficult process of job transition with ease 24:12 05/04/2022
Interview with Lindsay, who went from $500 to 7-figures, yet learned that it's life balance that is truly priceless 23:14 04/21/2022
Interview with Jerremy Newsome, who shows us how to create cashflow to fuel your dreams and purpose through daytrading 26:34 04/08/2022
Interview with Mariusz Skonieczny, a millionaire who does not like competition, so he goes where there is none. 17:39 03/30/2022
Interview with John DeMato, who has created a successful business photographing the world's greatest speakers, authors and creatives 26:32 03/24/2022
Interview with Aimee Greczmiel, a former Fortune 500 VP turned Corporate Mom Coach, who helps working mothers experience more balance, presence, and ease in their personal and professional lives. 22:25 03/17/2022
Interview with Noah Scott who reveals how to travel the world and network with high achievers and claim the business you've always dreamed of 18:26 03/09/2022
Interview with Tristan Wright, who sold a successful sportswear company and found a new passion helping entrepreneurs evolve and grow their businesses 14:55 03/02/2022
Interview with Kim Cullen, who left a corporate job when the company made it clear they didn't respect their employees' mental health 27:59 03/01/2022
Interview with Zack Boothe, who shows us how to earn 40k in 40 day challenge. Finding massively discounted properties 24:43 02/23/2022
Interview with Jude Charles, who shows clients how to adapt, learn and grow a business using a niche expertise 18:11 02/17/2022
Interview with Will Russell, who shows us how to validate and launch your business idea in five simple steps 29:48 02/11/2022
Interview with Barry Lynch, who shows us how to take control over our thoughts and feelings to create the life we really want. 22:11 02/03/2022
Interview with Scott Harris, who shows us how to embrace challenge to perform at your highest level with joy and satisfaction. 26:46 01/27/2022
Interview with Max Traylor, who is in love with helping sales and marketing consultants discover what their knowledge is really worth 26:05 01/06/2022
Interview with Jeannie Stith who show us how to look great while keeping balance with lifestyle, money, time and family. 30:11 12/22/2021
Interview with Steven Padernacht, who plans to retire by age 45 by harnessing the power of habits 30:36 12/15/2021
Interview with Nick Perry, founder of the 7 Figure Cartel real estate mastermind 20:16 12/07/2021
Interview with Phil Portman about having a balanced life, habit hacks, confidence, and achieving goals 22:46 11/24/2021
Interview with Nick Loper, on growing a hit podcast and thriving community for side hustlers. 22:04 11/17/2021
Interview with Laney Houser who shows us how to create massive joy out of overwhelm. 26:45 11/10/2021
Interview with Mads Misiak Friis, who teaches easy habit-building to help entrepreneurs succeed 19:59 11/03/2021
Interview with Melissa R Williams, the Millennial Millionaire Mommy of 6 21:14 10/27/2021
Interview with Aryeh Sheinbein, a serial entrepreneur who teaches wealth-building strategies that work 47:25 10/21/2021
Interview with Henry Washington, who went from $1000 in his bank account to over 65 rental units using the power of leverage 29:39 10/14/2021