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Mindset Manifesting as Money, Health, and Relationships by Sovereign Storytellers

Sovereign Storytellers is where we learn to create our own reality by taking responsibility for the stories we tell ourselves and learning how to work with our Shadow and our Light to write new ones. We're talking about all the ways we stay stuck or grow through inner stories that create our identity and all the ways of transforming it. I’m your host Michelle Wolff, the creator of Forest Reiki®, Copywriting for Hippies, Quantum Human Design Specialist, psychic-medium, periodically hilarious author, Francophile, and expert napper.


Ep.151 Why Are You Giving That Thing Your Power?
We hand out permission slips to external people, places, and things and let them tell us how to feel. Let's explore what true power looks like and how to live from a fully empowered human.
58:30 5/26/24
Ep.150 I Don't Trust Your Photoshopped Face
In this podcast episode, the host discusses her distrust of photoshopped faces and the underlying reasons why people feel the need to heavily edit their photos. She shares her own experiences of being called fat and lazy and explains that she is comfortable with these labels and does not need reassurance from others. The host believes that heavily edited photos indicate fear and insecurity, and she prefers to see the natural, unedited versions of people. She also discusses the importance of embracing our natural human abilities, such as psychic and mediumship skills, which she believes have been suppressed by societal systems. The host encourages listeners to reflect on why they feel the need to present a packaged image and to embrace their natural selves.
28:02 5/21/24
Ep.149 Your Power Is In the Pause
Choosing the path of power sets off a sequence of events that is entirely predictable and simple, not always easy, to overcome and evolve through.
52:21 5/18/24
Ep. 148 Letting Go of Linear Learning
How we've learned to learn traps us in duality. This holds us back from growing our intuition and sovereignty. 
42:50 3/2/24
Ep.147 It's Not You It's Them
It's not that you shouldn't be a healer, a helper, or a fixer of broken things, but WHO you're trying to help and HOW/WHY you're trying to help can really cause tangles in your energy if it's wonky. If you're struggling to build your business or stuck in a recurring pattern with clients - this is for you.
28:58 2/15/24
Ep.146 Denied vs Denying Power
The power we deny or the power we are denied. The topic of power is inextricably related to money and wealth, and it's really both. We were denied, and now it's our responsibility to stop denying it to ourselves. Prefer to read? I posted the transcript here:  
42:33 2/4/24
Ep.145 How to Keep Your Balance In Chaotic Times
As empaths, psychics, and sensitive people, it's our work to stay awake, and we have to know yourself enough to notice when we are off-balance or out of alignment. When you know where you are - you can choose where you'd rather be. This is NOT spiritual bypassing, this is staying sovereign and in the world but not of it. 
37:16 10/28/23
Ep. 144 Why Sensitive People Struggle with Scarcity and Money
I’ve been wondering why my money program works so well when many courses I took were taught by good people and had good content but didn’t work. This line of contemplation led me to the question I and others have: How come it's the spiritual people?  How come it's the sensitive people?  Why are the empaths, the healers, and the people just trying to save animals and the planet and help others are almost always broke?  Why is it that segment of the population struggling so hard but can't figure out money, can't bring it in, can't hold it when it does come in, actively doesn't like it, and actively pushes against money? Some even hate it, and start labeling everything to do with money, marketing, and sales is horrifically evil.  What is it about this population that makes that happen? I hypothesize it's the inability to tolerate the physicality of being here. 
22:36 9/13/23
Ep.143 Do Not Sign Up for A Money Course Until You Do This
If we're unwilling to be with the discomfort change requires it is pointless for us to sign up for more courses until we are - otherwise it's wasting money and time. Not understanding just how uncomfortable long-lasting change can be is why we sign up/quit/sign up/quit/sign up... When things gets real, we decide it's the material, it's the teacher, it's the timing, blah blah woof woof, all the made up reasons that let us stay in our Familiar Bad Feeling Place and none of them are true.   Change feels wretched. Change requires us to do things we do NOT want to do. Change requires us to STOP doing things that we really WANT to do.   If we want change then we have to love ourselves and our potential future gains enough to STOP RUNNING AWAY.
42:43 8/1/23
Ep. 142 This Money Lie Makes Me So Mad
You've been taught that the way to money is to excise and exile parts of yourself. It's one of the most devastating lies out there about money and it makes me so mad. The truth is so much kinder but more importantly, actually leads to more money.
37:43 7/20/23
Ep.141 The Clairs Are Restricting Your Psychic Development
Getting hung up on categories and labels while developing and refining your psychic and mediumship skills is delaying your development. It's like drinking from a tiny paper cup when there's a whole ocean of information available when you can let go of Mind's desire for discrete boxes! Clairs are an invention created directly from Mind and our love of ranking to produce comparisonitis. Time to let go.
31:58 5/14/23
Ep.140 The Paradox of Stuckness
Until you go into the stuck places any actions you take will not be sustainable. Action is NOT the answer. What is? Listen and find out.
31:48 4/29/23
Ep.139 Imposter Syndrome is a Sign
Are you frozen by Imposter Syndrome? Congratulations! You're moving into something big! Let's talk about it!
46:28 3/19/23
Ep.138 Let the Word Witch Die
Why do we need a title for normal human abilities? Especially a word with hundreds of years of energetic barned wire and fire embedded in it. Why are we still separating magic from everyday life? It may be time to simply listen and allow a merging and greater awakening to occur. 
41:36 11/8/22
Ep.137 Letting The Old You Die
Things die - identities, cultures, belief systems, roles, physical states, and labels. We help ourselves most when we consciously say goodbye. 
41:25 10/21/22
Ep.136 Healing Division with Radical Acceptance
Letting go of money brings more. Dropping the search for love awakens you to "real" love. Not grasping for clients brings them to your door. Fighting anything keeps you stuck in the energy of division, but how do you let go? Listen in, and I'll tell you exactly how to do it. 
34:49 9/24/22
Ep. 135 Comparison is Mental Masturbation
We can play Compare and Despair or Compare and Delight, but both are destructive and a real block to your brilliance. These games are thieves in your Mind. We can do better. Magic and joy are available to you every moment you breathe, but you'll miss them if you're busy looking outward. If you're evaluating those around you for if they have anything to give you, or are better/worse, higher/lower, and playing the chain of command hierarchy game you rob yourself of what's available and you rob your clients of the fullness of YOU.  So basically, knock it off.
33:25 8/10/22
Ep. 134 The End of Healing Through Action
What if you could offer healing to everyone you encounter? What if your energy and Presence were so cohesive and strong that anyone could just stand next to you and be helped/healed?  We can stop healing and helping through action and start automatically offering healing through BEING cohesive in our energy and leveraging our Human Design. We stop codependent fixing energy and we start living as sources of Source.
55:37 7/1/22
Ep. 133 Being Successful Means Being Responsible
Expecting others to fix issues is no longer a workable expectation. Current times require the kind of self-responsibility that most people aren't used to demonstrating. Politicians can't, our favorite Foundations can't, only us - heart to heart - can change anything. 
35:28 6/25/22
Ep.132 End Passivity for More Love and Income
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
49:27 6/21/22
Ep. 131 Manifest This One Thing and You Will Thrive
You can stop buying manifesting classes, let go of the Law of Attraction, and focus on this ONE thing - not just because it feels good, not as a means to an end, but as a tool to THRIVE in turbulent times now and in the fast-flowing energy of the future. You have one job - now get going!
44:31 5/22/22
Ep. 130 How Your Heart Shows You the Money
You want more money? Go to your Heart. You want healing? Go to your Heart. You want a lover? Go to your Heart. You get the picture? Your Heart has all the answers, so how do you go to your Heart? Listen in and find out, honey bunnies. BE 'N The Gang are speaking for the first time on this episode which may be my best one yet.
51:47 5/1/22
Ep. 129 How Do I Manifest More Love, Wealth, and Health?
Want to manifest more in your life? More ease and joy, less struggle and strain? Then it's time to step off the praying to something outside of you carousel and understand how to be a truly co-creative part of the process. Time to step up and find your command voice, your non-negotiable energy, and declare from deep down what it is you want and what you're willing to do to receive it.
51:45 4/24/22
Ep.128 Build Your Business By Being Normal
If you want to follow your Human Design to create a thriving business, then you have to learn to be yourself. Your unique you, your own presence, your own version of normal is hands-down your most potent marketing tool.
33:25 4/24/22
Ep. 127 Be Grateful You Are Wired for Survival
Be grateful that you did whatever it took to survive to adulthood. Whatever it took to get you through deserves your gratitude not recrimination and certainly not shame. Im glad you're alive today!
40:42 3/22/22
Ep.126 The Physicality of Powerful Prayer
Want to pray for Ukraine? You need to hear this episode. "A prayer for peace cannot come from a Mind at War. The Body is the transmitter. To pray Peace, the Body must BE in a state of Peace. Prayer lives in your bones and blood, not your worrisome thoughts." BE 'N The Gang opened the day with this information. Powerful prayer that moves mountains must be engaged through the body. The Body is the radiating BE-ing. This kind of prayer changes everything but takes practice to understand and implement. 
42:26 3/14/22
Ep.125 Stop Using These Tools for Manifestation
If we were raised in a religion we were often warned against oracle cards, crystals, tools of magick, and those used to try to manifest our desires even vision boards. Why? Those warnings are right but not for the reasons we were told. Listen in and see how your tools might be working against your success.
28:02 3/9/22
Ep.124 You Can Stop Asking Questions Now
We can explore sitting in stillness without an agenda to get information and answers. Let's go on a Divination Diet and see what happens when we listen more than demand answers.
29:51 2/23/22
Ep.123 Why Bad People Get Good Things Using Law of Attraction
Having a thriving dynamic life is about resonance not being a good or bad person. You're a match to what you want or you aren't it's that simple. Want mon$ey? Want health? Want love? Ask your so-called negative feelings what they're asking for and hold space for yourself. Learn what's driving your behaviors and choices, train your nervous system, check your mindset, learn, and use your Human Design and you naturally come into resonance. You can't force it and you can't fake it. Have a listen and get inspired. #humandesign #lawofattraction
35:06 1/20/22
Ep. 122 Don't Ask to Be Saved Ask To Be Shown
We often approach the Universe as though we're children seeking rescue. We want the cookie and we want it bad. We want the pain to go away but that way keeps patterns on repeat and we stay stuck in our Familiar Bad Feeling Place. When we ask to be shown over being saved we awaken to what we're doing. We stop lying to ourselves and we begin to grow our capacity for profound sustainable change. This changes your business, money, health, love, and entire life. #humandesign #vagusnerve
27:10 12/18/21

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