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Wednesdays, Will Foley and TPP have open, raw conversations on mental health, mental illness and everything on its spectrum. Stomping the stigma’s one conversation at a time. Two not so ordinary dudes sharing their stories, opinions and tools to get well, be safe and Stay Above.


Reissues:Interpersonal Effectiveness
Welcome to episode two hundred thirty three of AGP. We continue our Reissues series with the second installment of DBT. This week on AGP is our first module of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy(DBT); Will and Tim discuss Interpersonal Effectiveness. This is the second episode of our series on DBT.  We dive into what IE is and share some stories about our use or lack there of. No one is perfect. We are learning also. Get well, be safe, stay Above
42:56 11/29/23
Reissues: Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Hey everyone, it's Thanksgiving week. Time for episode 232. Will & TPP are taking a break and this is the first of some special reissues of older AGP episodes. We did a series highlighting Dialectical Behavior Therapy severeal years ago. We are going to share these episodes with you. Hope you enjoy. This week on Above Ground Podcast Will and Tim start their self care September with an overview of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This form of therapy was developed by Marsha Linehan, to originally help people with Borderline Personality Disorder. It is incredibly useful for people facing overwhelming emotions.  DBT for short is a set of four skills; -Distress Tolerance -Mindfulness -Emotional Regulation -Interpersonal Effectiveness   Like all skills it takes practice and perseverance. You can benefit yourself greatly by learning these skills in managing your emotions. Always talk to a licensed professional. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!! get well, be safe, stay ABOVE
29:28 11/22/23
Unf#ck Your Mindset w/Jo
 This week on episode #231 Will & TPP took a flight across the globe to have a conversation with Jo.  Jo Rodriguez is a CBT specialist and serving London as a psychologist for more than 14 years.  Some of you may know her from the f#ck it Friday videos and her straight forward advice on mental health. If you don’t… I suggest you better get on it!  We had a great conversation with Jo about making changes, trauma, integrity and much more, so don’t miss this one!!!  Don’t forget to grab a copy of “never underestimate the power of you” the new book from TPP.  Thanks for the support, tune in next week and as always … Stay above. 
36:56 11/15/23
Operation at Ease
 This week on episode #230 Will & TPP had  the pleasure of speaking with a very special neighbor. Honoring veterans everywhere and with Veterans Day around the corner we thought this conversation with Joni, owner of Operation at ease, would be a perfect way to honor our veterans.  Joni, a fellow veteran herself started Operation At Ease in 2015. What is Operation At Ease you ask? Operation At Ease takes dogs from shelters, pairs them with deserving veterans and first responders and provides a free guided training program for post traumatic stress and light mobility service dogs. They serve those who have served our country and our community.  Help Joni and crew to help others, visit for more information.  Don’t forget to grab a copy of “never underestimate the power of you” the new book from TPP.  Thanks for the support and as always … Stay above. 
52:28 11/8/23
Save Yourself
Welcome to episode two hundred twenty nine of Above Ground Podcast. As TPP likes to say, choose your pain.  This week you can choose to blame or save yourself. While you’re working on your lists check out all the episodes on Jordan is back as a guest host. Will returns next week. Until then, get well, be safe and stay above. 
33:23 11/1/23
Taking Charge w/ Jacqui Letran
Hey everyone! It’s time for another episode of Above Ground Podcast. TPP & Will are back in the saddle again for this week’s conversation with guest, author, Jacqui Letran on episode two hundred twenty eight of AGP.  Jacqui Letran's life path was chosen for her as at teen mom. Dropping out of high school and living on public assistance. Jacqui believed she was doomed, but the birth of her son led her to find a path forward through love and healing. Jacqui became a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in Adolescent health.  This paved the road of life's journey with the fire to make the world a better place for her son. She has written 10 award-winning books, she has owned two teen health clinics, founded Healing Minds Hypnotherapy, created ReStory EFT and founded and mentored thousands of teens with her Teen Confidence Academy. You can find Jacqui and her work at these links.Until next week, get well, be safe, stay Above. Jackie Letran Jacqui on Amazon Jacqui on Instagram Jacqui on Facebook Jacqui on LinkedIn  
47:53 10/25/23
St. Anger
Welcome to episode two hundred twenty seven of Above Ground Podcast. This week TPP and our guest, Jordan are back to discuss the slings and arrows of the emotions of St. Anger. Will comes back next week, to join TPP for an AGP InnerView with Jacqui Letran. Until then get well, be safe, and stay Above. 
39:02 10/18/23
Closer to the Heart w/Karen Bona
Karen Bona has many callings. She is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, a Yoga Teacher, A Reiki Master. The spiritual connection is what weaves those into a beautiful basket full of energy. They allow her to heal and remain closer to the heart.    Hey! It’s time for episode two hundred twenty six of Above Ground Podcast. This week Will is back on the mic and we have our conversation with friend Karen Bona.    This week we cover Karen’s life in recovery. We talk about her search for self acceptance and the fact of teaching is her true calling. She is a Reiki Master and  teaches yoga at both, Heartspace in Albany and Girl Fight Fitness in Latham.    Just a quick heads up, we are covering some heavy stuff on this one. We hold space for these conversations because they have to happen and someone has to do it. Keep reading TPP’s, Never Underestimate the Power of You, or grab a copy if you haven’t. Tim is hosting a Peer Meet Up Sunday October, 15 at 130pm at the Sages Circle 443 Saratoga Rd, Glenville. Until next we meet again, get well, be safe, stay Above. 
47:40 10/11/23
Help Me
 This week Will stepped back for work and his own mental health but fear not, Jordan slipped in and helped us in finding some answers on how we can ask better questions?  How can we, as a whole, start asking better questions. As a society, as leaders, as teachers, as professionals, as friends, and as humans. We continue to deal with mental health issues and at the same time those issues continue to grow. Life was given to us all 1 million years ago, what have we done with it? What are you doing with it? Something is not working… We need a change, but how do we start? And what does it look like?   Don’t forget every week we start the conversation in order to stomp out the stigmas of mental health!  We can’t do it without your help, follow us in the socials, subscribe to the podcast, share the podcast and buy us a coffee @\abovegroundpod.  Check the links for more info and don’t forget to grab a copy of “never underestimate the power of you”, the new book from TPP.  Thanks for the support and as always … Stay above. 
39:55 10/4/23
If Not Now, When
This week on Above Ground Podcast we talk fear.  Facing fear head on.  How to use fear to help you get out of your boxes. It’s time to look fear in the eye and say if not now, when, do we say no to fear.    What’s up everyone, time for episode two hundred twenty four of Above Ground Podcast.  Time to let go of doubt, worry and outcomes.  There is no wisdom without overcoming fear. Hey Ho, let’s go….   We are taking a break from talking about suicide this week, though it is so important. These heavy topics are sometimes even heavy for us. Please dial 9-8-8 if you need to speak to someone or if someone you know is struggling.     Thanks for checking in again and listening to this new episode. Use fear against itself this week and choose you. Until we meet again. get well, be safe, and stay Above. 
32:34 9/27/23
Healing Conversations w/ Dan Egan and Missy Stolfi
This Sunday is the 2023 Out of the Darkness Walk for R.I.T.A. in Saratoga Springs, NY. Rita was a Doctor, a Partner, a beloved Friend. The acronym stands for remembrance, intervention, together, (we can raise) awareness.  Above Ground Podcast will be there as we have been since 2019. This walk is the most unique in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention family, in that a person is attached directly. The ladies who have affectionately become the Ritas, over the years, have allowed so many to share in the memories of their Rita. Healing and connecting is the point.    Whats up everyone? Welcome to episode two hundred twenty three of Above Ground Podcast. This week we are highlighting Sunday’s walk at Saratoga Spa State Park at 9am. We are joined by repeat guest Dan Egan and Missy Stolfi, both of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Capital Region NY Chapter. It was great catching up with our friend Dan and the newest Capital Region NY Area Director Missy.    Please come out and show your support for the cause, even if you do not have a connection. Though, I believe most of us are closer than we think. There will be remembrance quilts, boards for you to write messages for loved ones. Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga will be providing rides again this year. We will have tables from lots of non-profit and agencies across Nippertown. Our friends at Healing Springs will be next to, Above Ground Podcast. Saratoga County Mental Health will be providing free NARCAN training. Speakers and ceremonies will round out this wonderful event.    Thank you for listening to episode two hundred twenty three of Above Ground Podcast. See you Sunday at Saratoga Spa State Park at 9am.We will return next week with another new episode. Until next week get well, be safe, be above. 
37:32 9/20/23
Conversations of Courage w/Erika Barber
You will never be the same following the loss of someone you care about to suicide. Loss is part of your history, but it doesn’t have to tell the whole story. Erika Barber,  first lost her older sister, Andrea. Then later on, Erika lost her dad, John. Through those losses came the ability to start having conversations of courage and Erika’s  courageousness to be comfortable talking about the uncomfortable leads to connection.    Welcome to episode two hundred twenty two of Above Ground Podcast. We continue with our Suicide Prevention and Awareness month episodes, as we have done since 2019, with our guest,  Erika Barber.      Erika Barber,  first lost her older sister, Andrea, when Erika was just fifteen to suicide. When Andrea died, Erika wanted to just be a teenager. She couldn’t address her pain like an adult, she  wanted to hang with her friends. Forget the inevitable changes that were ahead for her family and the grief of losing your older sister. Forget her life would be forever touched by suicide. She’d be the that girl who’s sister died by suicide.    Following the loss of Andrea, Erika’s mother dealt with her pain by drowning it in alcohol, while her dad sought out help. John, went to the groups, took his meds as prescribed, faced the loss of his daughter, Andrea. John lost his battle with depression eight years ago. Once again, Erika was facing a loss by suicide. But, not just any loss. This was the loss of her dad in 2015. The loss of her dad was profound.    Erika lived with mental health challenges herself. Facing a family of mental health challenges, both figuratively and literally.  Erika did the work to find herself working through her loss courageously.    Erika found the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  in 2007, through an Out of the Darkness walk. Her ten year Board of Director’s term  just ended. Erika wanted to be involved as soon as she heard a radio ad that was calling her tribe together. People that would finally get her and understand.    October 24, 2023 is the Chicagoland AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk in Chicago, Illinois. Erika will be in attendance and if you’re in the Chicagoland area you should be too.  Especially , since you’re more closer than you think to someone who died by suicide.    Come to Saratoga Spa State Park on Sunday September, 24,2023 at 9am for the Out of the Darkness Walk for R.I.T.A. and remember our loved ones. Stop by the Above Ground Podcast table and not for profits all over Nippertown. As well as a remembrance ceremony and activities to create tributes to celebrate their memory.     Sunday October 1, 2023 is the next Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market at Empire Live Albany. 11am-5pm.  It is also the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Schenectady Walk at Central Park. Make sure when they ask where you heard about these events, tell them, Above Ground Podcast guided you. Thanks for listening to episode two hundred twenty-two and until next time, get well, be safe, stay above.  AFSP Chicago Erika Barber book Conversations of Courage   AFSP Capital Region New York   TPP book Never Underestimate the Power of You   Will Foley single Memoir (Despair & Mayhem)     
50:46 9/13/23
Living on a Prayer
Welcome to episode two hundred twenty one of Above Ground Podcast. This week Will & TPP kick off September and Suicide Prevention and Awareness month with a raw  and frank  discussion on staying alive when you don’t really want to live. This is could be a triggering conversation for some, so just take precautions when listening.    Living on a Prayer was not just Bon Jovi’s biggest hit, it’s sometimes the way we survive life’s tragedies. Throwing up our hands and saying I can’t do it alone, finding our higher power and letting go.  For those of us who live with suicidal ideation or depression sometimes wanting to live is just too hard. Fighting to make it through another day is far too heavy a burden.    During this month we remember the lost. But, let us not forget those that are still amongst us giving their best to just survive another day.   Help us celebrate those that we have lost on Sunday September 24,2023 at Orenda Pavillon in Saratoga Spa State Park for Out of the Darkness Walk for RITA 2023 at 9am.    Also this Saturday, September 9, from 1-4 at the Knox Town Park for the Kiwanis Club of the Helderbergs Art Festival for Mental Health, 2192 Berne-Altamont Road, Altamont NY 12209.  Check out Amy Modesti’s piece spotlighting AGP will be there and is looking forward to seeing everyone.    Thanks for listening and return every Wednesday. Please sign up for RITA to walk, maybe donate and until next time stay Above.
39:16 9/6/23
Lean On Me w/Dr. Rachael
Finding kind humans with a kind heart that just want to help others is rare these days. Lucky for us(and you) we have Dr.Rachael!! She is a relationship coach that empowers women and spreads hope to everyone. Dr. Rachael is a strong advocate for belief work, not only for others but also, herself. Maybe it’s the force behind hope, in order to create strength, we must utter the words “ I am enough”.    Welcome to episode two hundred twenty of Above Ground Podcast. This is the place conversations decrease the stigmas of mental health and this week we  mix in a little attachment theory, as well.    With the help of Dr. Rachael we discuss life after divorce, healing through shame, guilt, grief and the entanglement of attachment styles. Finding our way through the web of relationships in order to continue our journey to becoming our authentic selves. She believes the best way to step out of the shadows is searching within… through  values, standards, affirmations, belief work and maybe most importantly…… consistency.     What are your basic needs? What is your attachment style? Lean on us this week in episode #220 and grow through forgiveness with positive affirmations and with the wisdom of Dr. Rachael Knotts.     Don’t forget every week we start the conversation in order to stomp out the stigmas of mental health!  We can’t do it without your help, so follow us on the socials, subscribe to the podcast, share, rate, review, and buy us a coffee\abovegroundpod.    Thanks for the support and as always … Stay above. 
68:03 8/30/23
Shades of Grey
So many of us think in terms of black and white. We are either rational or emotional. We create laws in black and white. Yet, looking at the world around us, we are all shades of grey.    Hey, what’s up and welcome to episode two hundred nineteen of Above Ground Podcast. This week we get into the reasonable mind vs the emotional mind and where the self is in the scrum. Is the self the joining of the two, known as wise mind, or could it be just another mystery that goes unsolved.    The wise mind brings the band together, and what a power trio it is. Reasonable mind and Emotional mind, round out this triple threat, sure to turn it up to eleven.   First, keeping you cool, task oriented and rational, on drums Reasonable mind. Facts, reason and laying down a wicked in the pocket, four on the floor keeping the band in time. Don’t jam my swing with your emotions.   On guitar we have none other than Emotional mind.  Emotional mind is a shredder and a tearjerker rigged together. Using only feelings, moods, and urges to dance across the fretboard. Our shredder has no time for logic. That would ruin his expression.    Now holding the pocket and our hearts together is our master of the low end and the boss of the bottom, wise mind. Wise mind lays the rhythm under the melody and the beat. Wise mind walks the middle path using right and left to bring the noise and keep reason and emotion from going solo.    Thanks for checking out, Above Ground Podcast.  Check back on Wednesdays for episodes and follow us on socials to see what we are up to. Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.
38:01 8/23/23
Ketamine Diaries w/Rob Leathan
We first talked with Rob in episode ninety four where he felt uncomfortably numb. A hose of truth was used to put out the fires of mental health stigma. Now Rob is back, wanting more, doing more, and ultimately doing whatever is necessary to achieve it!!! Rob is a member of the peer ranks in spreading awareness and believes silence does nothing but strengthen stigma. His  work with Boots On The Ground can attest to that. Rob’s ketamine diaries help us understand what it’s like to bear witness to trauma and death and find life again.    What’s up everyone and welcome to episode two hundred eighteen of Above Ground Podcast. We welcome back guest, Rob Leathen  to talk about his “trips” to Field Trip, where he underwent Ketamine treatment for his PTSD from a long career as a first responder in Canada. We also hit the peer-spective by discussing his work as warm line peer for Boots on the Ground, a 24 hour a day peer service for first responders.    Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, but as we are finding out in recent studies, there is a positive benefit to people living with depression and ptsd. With 30 years of experience being a first responder he is no stranger to traumatic events. Rob shared his diaries and experience through the process. He shares how he connected and realized in order to bloom, we must let go and allow the mind to bloom.    With so many types of therapy available and Rob being open to them, ketamine was a very effective therapy treatment for him. As he states, he no longer approaches situations with his brain, instead he approaches them with his heart.     Join us today and every Wednesday as we stomp out the stigmas of mental health. Follow us on your social media of choice and hit that subscribe button so you will stay up to date on all our new episodes!!!   Check the links below for Field Trip and Boots on the Ground below to find out more. Until next Wednesday get well, be safe, stay Above.
51:03 8/16/23
A simple definition of neuroscience is the study of the nervous system. What’s not so simple is how the brain and nervous system work together. This week we are geeking out in the hemispheres of our mind.    Hey, welcome to episode two hundred seventeen of Above Ground Podcast. This week Will & TPP look at neuroscience and the brain with our,  I’m not a scientist, but I pretend to be one on a podcast for an hour selves.    Click the link below  to check out Psychology Today’s neuroscience center and get some knowledge of your hard drive. Tune in next week when we have Rob Leathen back on to talk about his ketamine diaries and psychedelic assisted therapy for PTSD. As always get well, be safe, stay above.
47:59 8/9/23
Operation: Gunny Claus
Twenty two service men and women die by suicide everyday. Those are just the ones that can be counted. Countless others suffer alone. You can only embrace the suck so long, before you need to change your operation.    What is up and welcome to episode two hundred sixteen of Above Ground Podcast. This week we are joined by Gunny Claus. Gunny, is a retired Marine Drill Sergeant, who adopted his persona of Gunny Claus, to make some meaning and give back to the community.    Upon returning home Gunny wanted to make a difference and found his way to helping Toys for Tots. When asked to appear as a living example, Gunny was forced out of his box. Gunny opened himself up to allow parts of himself to be touched that as a Marine would not have been otherwise.    Gunny provides us a chance to witness in real time that how we affect someone has ripple effects throughout our world. And you never know when you might run into one of those particular individuals. Be careful, you meet the same people on the way up as you do on the way down. They just look differently from your back, so remain on your toes and treat people kindly.    Irreverent Warriors is a national organization that helps vets heal through shared experience,  humor,  and providing understanding, connection and camaraderie to help mental health and prevent suicide. Gunny will be in NYC on August 26, 2023 for the Silkie’s Hike NYC. A non athletic hike kicking off at W 67th Street at 7:00am.    Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Above Ground Podcast. Thank you to everyone who came out to NipperFest last week and spoke with us. We were grateful to be part of the connection and the community. Please continue to rate, review, subscribe and share. Until next Wednesday, get well, be safe, stay Above.
43:55 8/2/23
Never Underestimate The Power of You
Are you curious about what healing can bring into your life? Are you fed up with your past experiences hindering your present and blocking your future? If you answered yes to either, we've got an episode for you!! We all have mental health. We all have hurdles. And we all have the ability to improve in some small way so never underestimate the power of you.   Welcome to episode two hundred fifteen of Above Ground Podcast. This week we celebrate the book, Never Underestimate the Power of You, by none other than AGP's Timothy "TPP" Parent. Because well, we all have the power inside…sometimes we just need a light, a nudge, or even a smack right upside the head. With Tim's mantra of, Educate.Inspire.Support, Tim created a book that can help accomplish those things for you. This book can be your guide to tap your power and become the person you want to be. When you’re ready, the book is waiting. What are you waiting for?   Arey ou down with TPP?? Start here with this episode and get a brief glimpse into the book and the author. Pick up this help yourself book today and stop underestimating yourself and start your healing journey. You're worth it.    You can find, Never Underestimate the Power of You here on Amazon. If you’re in the 518, you can go pick up a copy at The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany NY or stop in to our favorite boutique in Glenville- The Sages Circle, Glenville NY.    Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and click the notifications, that way you know when it's live.If you enjoyed this episode please share it with someone you think may also enjoy it and get back here next Wednesday for episode two hundred sixteen. Until next week get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.    
50:41 7/26/23
Rebuilding the Mountain w/Marc Salvi
Yoga is challenging, but it forces you to be in the moment. The more times we put ourselves in the moment we push ourselves.  The postures provide you a physical map to lead you into the moment. This week we are talking yoga and rebuilding the mountain that is self. Through the trauma fires, fisticuffs and rage, Marc Salvi rebuilt his mountain and its construction of yoga, metal and connection.    Welcome to episode two hundred fourteen of Above Ground Podcast. Another week, another real conversation about mental health and wellness from the peer-spective. Summer is dashing like a thoroughbred and before we know it the race will be run. Prioritizing self care and exercise is important. Yoga may be the perfect addition to your physical, mental and spiritual health.    Our guest this week is Marc Salvi. Marc is a Nippertown based yoga teacher. Marc’s classes are designed to bring non yoga people to the practice. Marc came to yoga for help recovering from his aches and pains of the gym rat life. In 2021 Marc completed his RYT200 with Michelle Pollard, owner of Studio 4 Hot Yoga and Pilates of Schenectady, NY. Marc aims to help students cultivate greater body awareness by becoming mindful of every part of the body. With breath work, building strength, gaining mobility, and stability, you will move through your life smoother and more confident.    Marc can be found on the schedules of Studio 4 Hot Yoga & Pilates, 151 Lafayette Street, Schenectady, NY. Marc also teaches in Slingerlands at JAI Yoga School, 5 Vista Blvd, Slingerlands, NY.    When Marc is not teaching yoga, he takes part in his other passions. He is a dad of twins(boy/girl). Marc trains Tae Kwon Do with them and is a huge fan of the martial arts. His day job is a  construction project manager with more than twenty years and counting in the industry.  Not to mention he loves metal and hardcore music.    Thanks for listening to this week’s Above Ground Podcast. Please stop by our table at NipperFest this Saturday and say hey!!! NipperFest will be rocking from 11a-10pm, Saturday at Central Park Music Haven, Schenectady, NY.  Get there and support local music. Until we meet again next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE. 
58:14 7/19/23
Gimme Three Steps
Self love is huge. Our deficit of self love is huge too. Accepting the real is a true test of mindfulness. People with abandonment issues often have difficulty staying in the real, for fear of being let down by the real. This week we are throwing down and singing gimme three steps, gimme three steps mista, gimme three steps to self love. Or, at least help us narrow it down.   Welcome to episode two hundred thirteen of Above Ground Podcast. We are speeding through the summer of 2023 and continue to bring real, raw conversations about mental health from what we deemed the peer-spective. This week is no different. We hope you enjoyed last week's show with our guest, John 'Bloodclot' Joseph. Next week we are joined by Yogi Marc Salvi. Check it out every Wednesday.   Mindfulness is the amusement park of the self. Within these walls resides emotion. Our connection. Our pain and the path to our healing. Our forgiveness. And our letting go. In the bigtop is the circus of life. All it's balancing acts, high flying acrobatics and sometimes a clown falls off their bike or their horn is stuffed. Either way, the clown who is an extra, might lose faith in themselves. When their bucket is empty. The clown blames himself. Our friend might not love himself after. With blame comes shame and Pagliacci may never regain his smile again.    Have no fear, sad clown, Above Ground Podcast has some steps to learning how to love yourself again. Remember mindfulness is a process, a concept. Yes, it's acceptible that a clown, is a clown. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. It's accepting that as a clown, you're expected to entertain people all the time. No matter how you feel. But, if you're causing yourself suffering by holding onto dreams of being one of the flying trapeze performers, please take the step of letting go. Forgive yourself and accept that you are the greatest clown ever, toot your horn like no one else can. And shout that I am Pagliacci, the horn tootinist', insightful and forgiving mo fo to ever paint a sad face.    Thanks for checking in this week. Please come by Empire Live Albany, this Sunday from 11am-5pm for the next installation of Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market. Come to 93 North Pearl St. Albany, NY, and get your hands and eyes on some of the darkest, coolest, unique items anywhere. It's macabre. Lots of your parents wouldn't approve. Get outta the swamp of 'Toga tierras and come get ya some devil horns, animal remains and beard oil.    Don't forget to come to Central Park Music Haven in Schenectady, NY for NipperFest 2023. Saturday July 22, from 11am-10pm. Come to Central Park and listen to some great 518 music and grab yourself a fistful of mental health resources to share with your neighbors. Be there or wish you were. Thanks for listening to episode two hundred thirteen of Above Ground Podcast. Please subscribe and turn on notifications in order to hear a new episode every Wednesday, four years and growing.  Until next week when we are joined by Marc Salvi, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.  
42:21 7/12/23
Never Give Up w/ John Joseph
John Joseph is the definition of never giving up. John grew up in some of the most abusive environments a human can withstand. John nearly lost his human form on more than one occasion. John slung dope and shot dope. He was an addict and a criminal. Then finding himself begging for a way to stay above. John found service to be his path.    Welcome to episode two hundred twelve of Above Ground Podcast. This week we are joined by John Joseph. John is a vegan triathlete, author, and  singer in his namesake band,  Bloodclot (Upstate Records). John wrote the help yourself classic, The PMA Effect; how a positive mental attitude can make you the badass you were born to be. This week we discuss substance abuse, real life on the streets and just who you need to become for a life of survival of the fittest. This is dedicated to the memories of Kevin McQuaid and Frank McGowan.    From John’s earliest days the deck was stacked against him. Having gone from an abusive home where his prize fighter dad would use his mom for a punching bag. Then through the horrendous foster system where  his childhood was nearly erased from existence. Rather taking his chances, John, eventually ran away and claimed Alphabet City as his playground and training ground.     John found a spiritual path out of the pain and torment he was in. Finding the teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.  John learned that freedom comes in the form of service.  Begging for help on the steps of the Krishna Temple, was the opening of the light.    John Joseph says knowledge without application is useless. Don’t just read his books. Use them. Use them to find your own path. Knowledge can take us from hell to heaven in a minute.  Get a camp together and don’t be surprised by the ones who leave. Be surprised by the ones who stay. Stay humble and more tolerant than a tree and don’t let your ego get in the way of your life.    John is currently the singer for Upstate Records recording artist Bloodclot. Thank you to Mario Cangemi for connecting us with John.  Check out John at these links:  
72:50 7/5/23
I Can See Clearly
Without the cloudy days we wouldn’t know the sun. We wouldn’t use those days to create new grooves. Self-care, gratitude and celebration will lead you to say I can see clearly that the rain is gone and growth is on the way.    Welcome to episode two hundred eleven of Above Ground Podcast. This week we are discussing the recognition of growth and our ability to see it in others, steward our own and connect the dots between insight and integration.    Next week we have the former lead singer of the Cro-Mags, author, and vegan IronMan,  John ‘Bloodclot’ Joseph as our guest. We had a great conversation about Positive Mental Attitude and how a hardcore will is forged in someone. John’s journey was dangerous, traumatic, and could have ended his life on more than one occasion. Tune in and check it out.    In July come see AGP at Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market, Sunday July, 16, from 11a-5p at Empire Live 93 North Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12207. Then stop by our table at NipperFest 2023, Saturday July 22 at the Central Park Music Haven Stage, 500 Iroquois Lane, Schenectady, NY, 12309.  11a-10pm rain or shine, family friendly. Until next week get well, be safe, stay Above. 
38:01 6/28/23
BFF Therapy w/Dr. Jaimee Arnoff
Insight, humor and a good dose of reality sounds like a great way to approach a conversation about therapy, the secret lives of teenagers  or anything, when you think about it. That’s just it, maybe you haven’t thought about the benefits of therapy. You should, and maybe a bit of BFF therapy is just what the doctor ordered.    Hey everyone, time for episode two hundred ten of Above Ground Podcast. We attempt to live out the tenants of what  Dr.Jaimee Arnoff Ph.D. offers her clients and kiddos. Dr.Jaimee is a Clinical Psychologist based in Beacon, NY.  No topic is off limits, including trashy young adult novels and tap dancing. We talk therapy and how we can help parents struggling  with talking about mental health to their kiddos.    If someone is having a hard time starting the conversation with their child about mental health, you can help. Start by asking why this is difficult or what barriers they face to just having a conversation? Let them know sometimes it is as easy as saying, I’m here for you if you ever want to talk, and I will listen". Let the parent make the choice about how to act, but guide them along the way by sharing your own tips and this podcast.    We don’t always have the answers. It’s ok to not know how to proceed.  That vulnerability can be a benefit, not a barrier. At least for your child. For you, your ego may revolt and force you into unmindful tact or energy. You only get one chance to make a first impression on anyone, but especially our children. We do not want to leave them with a sense that speaking to us is not safe. Trust me, you can have hard conversations. You might be surprised at just how much it helps your kiddo and you.  When you can't, call Dr. Jaimee. That's what she is there for.    You can find Dr. Jaimee Arnoff Ph.D down in Dutchess County at BFF Therapy. Located at 33 Henry Street, Beacon, NY 12508. Dr. Jaimee has a very active  BFF Therapy Instagram page and is also part of the team for James's Warrior's. You can find all of Dr. Jaime's appearances at her Linktree.  Until next week get well, be safe, stay Above.
59:33 6/21/23
Flipping the Script w/The Misfit Therapist
  In 2020 the life expectancy in the US was 77 years old and a month or two. With that alarming number it’s no wonder we don’t talk about death. We don’t like to plan our death and we definitely do not want to acknowledge it. We have our second ever repeat guest this week. Time to get flipping the script with Dr. A the Misfit Therapist.    It’s time for episode two hundred nine of Above Ground Podcast, and we are rocking into year four with only our second ever repeat guest, The Misfit Therapist, herself, Dr. A. We were stoked to have her back on and catch up. We jumped right in with some heavy facts. That’s your trigger warning.    Dr. A expresses that, ”you’re allowed to go backwards a little bit, to go forward.”. As you see up top the topic of death is very prevalent this week. Death of parent, death of relationship, and death of identity. As people that are very comfortable in uncomfortable conversations this was just a natural order and the tape rolled for it.    Dr. A appeared back on episode 152 Island of Misfits w/Dr.A the Misfit Therapist.  A lot has changed in her world since that appearance in May of 2022, she shares. Dr. A is a busy psychotherapist in California. Dr. A is a mom , an MBA and a former professor. Her specialty is trauma focused CBT and she is a LCSW and LPCC.    Dr. A clearly needed to get some stuff off her chest and the  vulnerable conversation led us through her father’s death, the uncoupling of her first marriage, her upcoming second one. Yes, she knows the odds. We got to talk divorce and how difficult it is to have a not so normal parting of the ways.    The common theme of death led us to a good resting place and we are so grateful to have had our second repeat guest. As we celebrate year four and march toward five, we will have some other respect guests from the years past. We also have some killer guests. We hope you will check in every Wednesday.    Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Above Ground Podcast. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you. Please follow our socials for updates daily. Come see us at an AGP pop up event. Check Facebook and Instagram to find us wherever you might be. Until next week get well,  be safe, stay above.
58:35 6/14/23
Arms Wide Open
This week is all about relationships, attachment styles and celebrating year number four of having real, raw conversations.  Many of us have had  our hearts  thrown on the ground or maybe something traumatic has happened. This week we get to bring Jordan back in for a conversation about how difficult relationships really are.  Don’t go in with eyes closed, and arms wide open.    Welcome to episode two hundred eight and the official fourth birthday of Above Ground Podcast. What better conversation to have, than to speak of relationships on this episode. We are  heading into year number four and continuing what we do best; stomping  the stigmas of mental illness every Wednesday.    When you seek love where it’s unavailable, love can become transactional.  When you have a hard time setting boundaries, it can make us seek transactional relations to fill needs. Opening us up for yet another relationship swing. Often in short order. We can all agree relationships are hard. We do not need to make them harder by carrying the baggage of old outdated software. Plug in, get updated.    Jordan Caslin  has been a very familiar voice around the show. He is often the male voicing the disclaimer at the beginning and has appeared on episodes over the years. Jordan is a great friend of the show and we appreciate his time, talent and root beer.    Shout out to Nippertown. We appreciate being part of the family. We thank Jim & Laura for their support. We are stoked to be a part of NipperFest 2023 and cannot wait to see everyone again this year. It was a hot one last year. Make sure you drop by and say hey on Saturday July 22,2023. We will be at Central Park Music Haven  at Noon to rock all day and talk mental health.   Sunday July 16,2023 will be the next gathering of Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market. Come by Albany's premier venue, Empire Live, 93 No Pearl Street, 11a-5p. Horns up to Mike Langone for putting this all together.  This is a great event and we have been a part of them all.  Mike was a guest on episode one seventy eight, Odds, Sweet Things & Dead Ends. We thank Mike for his candor, dedication and friendship. Come get your cool on.    Until next week get well, be safe, stay above.  
50:20 6/7/23
In Through the Out Door w/Brian Kavanaugh
Getting paid to help people can be one of the most rewarding career choices you can make. The exchange of energy that occurs during massage is at another level. Brian Kavanaugh helps people heal themselves. Brian is a conduit to allowing people to come in through the out door and our guest on this week’s Above Ground  Podcast.  What’s up everyone? Time for episode two hundred seven of Above Ground Podcast. This Sunday, Above Ground Podcast is taking part in an open house and health fair starting at 10:00am at the Center of Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, 14 Computer Drive West, Albany, NY 12205. This awesome opportunity led us to our InnerView this week.  Brian Kavanaugh is the Director of Admissions for the Center of Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy (CNWSMT) in Albany, NY.  He has been a licensed massage therapist since graduating from CNWSMT in 2005.  Brian started his education after realizing you could make a good living and have a ton of flexibility compared to other vocations. What he didn’t expect was the growth of self that he developed, the sense of purpose gained and the intuition to guide.  Filling your own well is a personal mantra for Brian and he teaches his students to take better care of themselves, in order to serve their clients better. Brian had such a profound experience at CNWSMT that  he says, “ if I didn’t do another massage ever again. I would still go through the education again.” For him being part of the community and personal growth were great benefits on top of receiving his LMT and following his soul path.  If we do not release our traumas, pains, stressors and depressants, we store them in our bodies somewhere.  The physical will bemoan the emotional. Our bodies do tell the score and if you do not release these items we will become symptomatic. Whatever that means to you. Brian evangelizes the benefits of massage for everyone. He, especially touts it for those with depression. Massage being a healing touch, Brian has touched so many folks. Cue comedic drum fill.  Please come out this Sunday to the Center of Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy at 14 Computer Drive West, Albany, NY 12205 from 10a-2pm for their open house and health fair. This event will have a little bit of everything, from body work, energy work, sound therapy and Above Ground Podcast. Come out and help us spread self love via self care. Set an intention to come and open yourself to something new.  Speaking of intentions. When we fired up  the engine on this pod, I set the intention of having seven episodes in the can and that it would be a weekly episode drop. I had no idea it would go two hundred plus weeks and counting. Next week we celebrate four years of stomping stigma and having real, raw conversations about mental health from the, peer-spective. Remember hope won’t spread itself! Thank you! Also summer is fast approaching and AGP will be out and about. We will definitely see you at the one and only, Nipperfest 2023. Nippertown’s summer party in the Electric City.on Saturday July 22, 2023. Music Haven at Central Park in Schenectady will be rocking from noon on. Come join the entire Nippertown family, stop by our table and let’s talk about what happened to you.  I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who listens. If you are feeling emotionally distressed please seek help. #URL0V3D . If you are in a crisis please call or text 988 or go to your nearest emergency room immediately. Until next week get well,  be safe, stay ABOVE!
49:22 5/31/23
Coloring Outside the Lines w/Keli Kane
Our lives can change in the blink of an eye. We have a life that we are living and then… something happens. Accident, death, divorce, loss, trauma. Our lives unfold just as they should , but our acceptance of that is very uncomfortable to accept, acknowledge and live with. Healing from these events, roadblocks or setbacks forces us to seek help from others to help us on a path of healing. Many will say you need to adhere to strict guidelines and will never seek an alternative. They will limit themselves. Keli Kane has unfolded to color outside the lines and forced to relinquish control to the universe.  What’s up everyone? Time for episode two hundred six of Above Ground Podcast. Our guest this week is Hudson Valley Author and Educator, Keli Kane. Her book, Angel in the Mirror, is available now. Keli shares with us her story of overcoming her traumatic brain injury, her healing journey and finding her way out of the darkness that she touched. Keli left no healing modality untouched and used many to help her learn how to walk and talk all over again. It takes a village and Keli is surrounded.  Letting go creates the greatest power for our spirit and giving our bodies to the water helps us float. Keli gave herself over to the universe and it has been gifting her since she made that sacrifice of the life she thought she was meant to lead. Keli was the victim of a drunk driving accident and suffered a TBI. Keli was forced into growth mode and she grew into a the angel in the mirror. Happy birthday also to Keli, because she celebrates the following day. So let's make this a birthday to remember.  This Saturday, May 27, 2023 at Barnes and Noble, Kingston, NY from 1-3pm. Keli is discussing and signing her book, Angel in the Mirror. Keli has dedicated her life to helping others. Keli's work as a Reading Specialist and Teacher and her Reiki work deliver direct support to people and meets them where they are. Things that are therapeutic don't have to look like it.  Thanks for listening to another episode of Above Ground Podcast. As we roll out of another month and Mental Health Awareness Month ends, remember, everyone has mental health. Until next time we run the beautiful bean footage, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.
59:14 5/24/23
When we hear the word peer we often think of others with similar backgrounds, cultures, likes. When  Above Ground Podcast refers to our peers, we are speaking to our brothers and sisters out here who share a similar, anxiety, depression or a more severe type of mental illness or disorder of some type. May is closing fast and that means Mental Health Awareness Month will be off the calendar once again, but as we dawn on our fourth year of stomping stigma and staying above, let’s  suit up and dive into the peerspective .  Hey it’s once again time for another episode because hope won’t spread itself. This week is two hundred five and Will and Tim are talking about what the ideas of peer work and being a peer are when it’s in relation to mental health and the journey of healing. Connection being an essential need might hold the first key to why to the best therapy don’t look like therapy at all.  Join us for a peer meet up at the Sages Circle 443 Saratoga Rd Glenville NY on Sunday May 21st, at 1pm. Sign up at and let us know if you’re planning to attend. We’d love to see you. Plus the store is Nippertown’s premier metaphysical gift shop and spiritual center.   Huge shout outs to everyone Will met at Tulip Fest last Sunday.  Including a special meet-up to say hey to Nipper!!  Special thanks to Laura DePolito  for grabbing this pic.  Also wanted to say thanks Tatiana and all at Noteworthy Resources!! We were fortunate to be at her brand new Community Center and Indoor Skate Park at 930 Broadway Commercial Suite 1, Albany, NY 12207. Our table was very busy having conversations with many individuals. Providing  resources and receiving well wishes  for being there and allowing space for others to express their feelings.  It was a special day topped off by a  raffle win for Will,  when he won this deck and and wheels donated by https:/  of Scotia NY. Go see Kyle for a gnarly setup. Special thanks to Jake from In This Together. And it was great meeting Scott who has deep old school roots to the pod. Always awesome making new friends. Please come back every Wednesday for a new episode. Next week , Hudson Valley Author, Kelli Kane. Until we meet again get well, be safe ,stay Above.     
44:45 5/17/23
Go Your Own Way w/Lisa Davi
 Massapequa ,Long Island makes sure its high school students know that mindfulness is important. High School English teacher, Lisa Davi proves in all she does that mindfulness matters. Lisa has developed and implemented a high school English elective course, to help students learn to love themselves and go your own way.  What’s up everyone? Welcome to episode two hundred four of Above Ground Podcast. This week we talk mindfulness, Don Miquel Ruiz and The Four Agreements, High School English and how we can learn to connect and stay connected to ourselves.  Lisa’s inspired idea sprouted when she started to notice a shift in students levels of anxiety, overwhelm and loneliness. Inspired by Tim O’Brien’s, The Things They Carried, Lisa proposed the question to her tenth grade pre -AP class of what do you carry everyday? Then the second day she asked what do you carry mentally and emotionally?  This assignment was issued for three years and Lisa was noticing a difficult trend to ignore, our teens were hurting. It was being exacerbated every year by culture, social media  and our unwillingness to change the way educate our adolescents. In a world that is on hyper speed and it’s harder to compete on every level, we as parents have an important role to play. We have to acknowledge and fix our shit. We owe it to our children and the world.  The foundation of Lisa’s Mindfulness Matters class is The Four Agreements by Don Miquel Ruiz. The district even goes as far as providing the students who enroll in this class their own copy. In turn, they take it out and spread it to parent, grand-parent, caregiver and society.  Into the Magic Shop written by Dr. James R. Doty,  Rhonda Byrnes book The Secret, which is about the Law of Attraction, and Ruiz’s sequel, The Fifth Agreement round out the reading list for her English elective. An elective that not only is making the school district notice. CBS 2 Long Island News recently spotlighted the class on a broadcast and is bringing attention to this young but hopeful and needed program to be picked up District wide.  Lisa Davi is a true change agent exemplifying Gandhi’s words of, be the change you wish to see. Above Ground Podcast is grateful to be able to bring you these important InnerViews with mental health agents of change all over the globe. Please support and Buy AGP a Coffee. One or ten coffees, whatever you can do, we appreciate it.  Another way to show love is to share our episodes, posts and content with your peeps. Just tag us as you take us with you. You could also come see us in person at the Sage’s Circle, 443 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY on Sunday May 21st for our May Mental Health Peer Meet-Up. Click the link to rsvp.  Thank you for listening to episode two hundred four of Above Ground Podcast. Thank you for supporting Nippertown and all our guests. Without them we’d be way less dynamic and cool. Until next week get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.
53:35 5/10/23

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