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Can I Offer You Some Feedback?

Can I Offer You Some Feedback? is a production of Evergreen Podcasts hosted by Sara Ismail-Beigi Bartlett. Each guest shares their ideas, perspectives, and best practices on feedback. For some, this process can be alarming but it is essential and a key basis for improvement. Sara also shares with you “Business Bites” for busy professionals that want quick hits on business terminology, historical context, and strategies for integration.


Business Bites: RACI Matrix
The RACI Matrix provides structure and clarity when we think about projects and everyone's role involved. Oftentimes the success of our project isn’t measured by looking at milestones. The RACI Matrix provides an immediate overview with clear deliverables for an individual coming into the operation. Subscribe to this podcast today and so you never miss an episode!
03:10 11/23/2022
Business Bites: Appreciative Inquiry
Appreciative Inquiry encourages us to think about the positive and what is working right. This approach, better known as AI, was first founded in the 80’s. This begins with us starting from a positive core and understanding the best outcome for a situation. The 4 different parts that make up this ideal around appreciative inquiry are discovery, dream, design and destiny. When we tie these together it helps us do more and is a key to success. Subscribe to this podcast today and so you never miss an episode!
03:55 11/16/2022
Business Bites: Managing Up
Managing Up is a tool you can use when working with leadership. This strategy can be used to better understand your boss and bring out the best in an organization. It's important to consider many factors when doing this with your boss. To better understand a leader, learn them and their roles. Consider how they like to communicate, their work styles, priorities and have an open mind for change. When we are better able to do this and connect our goals with theirs we can proactively manage up. Subscribe to this podcast today and so you never miss an episode!
04:05 11/09/2022
Create an Environment for Consistent Feedback
Usually feedback is given to someone during a performance review and is likely to occur after something goes wrong. When only disciplinary feedback is given, people tend to operate in fear. How can we create an environment that welcomes consistent feedback for the good and the bad? It's important to make people feel comfortable enough to provide you with feedback and receive it from you. Acknowledge that feedback may be hard to hear, but it is necessary to grow. So provide feedback in the moment! Subscribe to this podcast today and so you never miss an episode!
13:55 11/02/2022
Business Bites: Delegation
This week we are talking about one of the hardest things to do as a manager, Delegation. When taking on too many tasks, utilizing this tool will benefit not only  managers but the employees and organization as a whole. This allows everyone to learn new skills, build confidence and have increased motivation in the workplace. Benefits will  be seen in increased teamwork, productivity and efficiency.  Start by picking the tasks needed and identifying the individuals to complete the assignment. Ensure that everyone understands the responsibilities delegated and most importantly be patient in the process. There may be mistakes along the way, but give this tool another try and reassess for great benefits in the long run. Subscribe to this podcast today and so you never miss an episode! 
04:47 10/26/2022
Business Bites: Grow Model
This week we are talking about the GROW Model which is a tool used for goal setting and problem solving. The acronym GROW, representing each different component, stands for Goal, Reality, Options and Will. This four-step model is one way that leaders can be able to address situations in their personal or professional lives.  A tip when thinking about using this model  is to use questions that integrate active listening or appreciative inquiry. Using these skills may help identify the issue at hand and how you may be able to move forward from it. Subscribe to this podcast today and so you never miss an episode!
03:30 10/19/2022
Business Bites: After Action Review
This week we are talking about After Action Review. We can use this as a tool to analyze situations when they have already occurred and conduct a structured review or a debrief of that situation. In facilitating this method, there are a series of 6 types of questions that should be asked during an After Action Review.  It is important to not only understand the components of what went right and what went wrong. This tool can be effective for organizations or when  launching a new product or service. Rather than just being used either professionally or personally, this will help you discover ways that you can be more effective the next time you do a similar task. Subscribe today so you never miss an episode!
02:16 10/12/2022
Remaining Open to Challenging Feedback
In this episode we bring on Electrical Engineer Doug to ask the question “Can I Offer You Some Feedback?” Doug talks with us about meaningful feedback and his openness to receiving it. How can these conversations not only be delivered progressively but received in the best light? We talk through critical factors like trust and seeking progression in a similar goal. As well as the importance of changing approaches toward being optimistic about feedback given. Doug speaks from his own experience in handling feedback rooted in negativity, giving people the benefit of the doubt and not being resentful overtime for the greater good. Subscribe today so you never miss an episode!
07:02 10/05/2022
Business Bites: Active Listening
This week we'll be talking about Active Listening. Build your strong and vibrant communication skills by properly concentrating on the thing the other person has said. This can be done by using a participatory style of listening. The goal is to avoid being just a passive hearer of the situation. Share this podcast with a friend and subscribe today so you never miss an episode!
03:13 09/28/2022
Business Bites: Project Pre-Mortem
On this episode of Business Bites I will be diving into the concept “Project Pre-Mortem”. Ideally, this combats the process of thinking of things after the fact. It allows us to think ahead rather than discussing the achievements, failures and opportunities of those involved after a project has occurred. Through applying prospective hindsight, we can shift our perspective to imagine an event as if it already happened. Subscribe today so you never miss an episode! 
03:03 09/21/2022
Business Bites: Emotional Intelligence
Welcome to Business Bites! This week I will be discussing the term Emotional Intelligence. Think about your ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions. Daniel Goleman's familiar model categorizes this into four different quadrants. The model then breaks down further, all of which can be learned and developed. In this episode I'll tell you just how to do that! Listen now and share this podcast with a friend!
03:04 09/14/2022
Creating Trusting Relationships for Meaningful Feedback
Welcome to the podcast! The first guest we have is product developer and director of engineering, Alison. In this episode we talk with her about meaningful feedback and approaching relationships constructively. Feedback provides effective criticism that offers actionable recommendations for success.  What's your initial reaction when I say the phrase, “Can I Offer You Some Feedback"? People tend to have a negative first reaction when hearing this. Think about how you approach feedback in your everyday life. We must create a space for feedback, not only at the professional level but also in personal settings.  When approaching this conversation it is key to put yourself in another person's shoes to come from an authentic place. This can create a two way dialogue that is rooted in the actual event. Alison shares her approach to feedback and how she is able to connect with people in order for them to be themselves. Click here to view a transcript of this podcast episode. Subscribe today so you never miss an episode!
10:25 09/07/2022
Coming Soon: A Podcast For Those Who Have A Complicated Relationship With Feedback
What’s your relationship with feedback? For some of us, it can get very… complicated. Whether giving, receiving, avoiding, or seeking, feedback is essential for our development. In each episode, you’ll hear best practices on feedback from real people. Host, Sara Ismail-Beigi Bartlett, will also be serving up “Business Bites” right here in this feed – a simple explanation of management tools, techniques, and philosophies.  Subscribe to Can I Offer You Some Feedback? now on your favorite podcast app, and you’ll receive the first episode as soon as it drops!
00:55 08/30/2022