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Trump's biggest nightmare: Switch to Kamala Harris leaves Team Trump with regrets about Vance
Plus, Rachel Maddow interviews Pete Buttigieg as Kamala Harris' presidential campaign kicks off
94:36 7/23/24
Bonus breaking coverage: Biden steps aside, Harris ascends
Maddow on Democratic ticket switch: 'The old era is over and the new era is here.'
162:14 7/22/24
Special coverage of night 4 of the RNC
Plus, Maddow: Trump's record of disgrace makes for awkward Republican convention
98:04 7/19/24
Special coverage of night 3 of the Republican National Convention
Plus, Rachel Maddow exposes the real reason J.D. Vance was chosen to be Trump's running mate
248:44 7/18/24
Special team coverage of the second night of the Republican National Convention
Plus, Forfeiting their souls: Haley performs Republican ritual of personal debasement for Trump
81:54 7/17/24
Special coverage of the first night of the RNC
Plus, Lester Holt's interview with President Joe Biden
139:29 7/16/24
Biden counters post-debate onslaught by building coalition of support
Plus, NATO anniversary highlights perils of a second Trump presidency
42:02 7/9/24
Exclusive: Stormy Daniels talks about the harsh reality of being the star witness against Trump
Plus, the real reason Stormy Daniels agreed to meet with Donald Trump
86:42 7/3/24
Supreme Court demolishes foundation of U.S. law to aid Trump in criminal prosecutions
Plus, Trump immediately puts Supreme Court immunity ruling to use in trying to delay sentencing on his New York felonies
46:35 7/2/24
Live Coverage: First Presidential Debate of 2024
It’s been four years since President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump have gone head-to-head. And on Thursday night, the incumbent and the former president faced off in the first presidential debate of 2024. The debate was held in Atlanta and hosted by CNN. Listen to the full debate here and visit for more coverage in the lead up to the election.
92:06 6/28/24
Full team analysis of the first 2024 presidential debate
Featuring interviews with Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom
118:01 6/28/24
Rachel Maddow blows up myth of big business support for Trump
Plus, Julian Assange agrees to guilty plea in exchange for release, ending years-long standoff
43:01 6/25/24
'The end of politics': How to make sense of the new Trump campaign
Plus, Maddow: Dr. Fauci exemplifies the Trump Republican war on expertise
44:19 6/18/24
How Republicans are using one state as a testing ground for hijacking an election for Trump
Plus, Elections in Europe eyed for clues about American voter attitudes ahead of 2024 U.S. elections
42:33 6/11/24
Trump's threats and bluster fail to intimidate Americans who see guilty verdict as reasonable
Plus, More unpleasant legal surprises for Trump possible, newly revealed investigations suggest
41:08 6/4/24
Special coverage: Donald Trump found guilty of all charges in New York hush money trial
Includes the full, exclusive interview with the prosecution's star witness, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.
110:25 5/31/24
Special recap: Both sides make summations in Donald Trump's New York criminal trial
'He will never leave': Robert De Niro uses platform to caution against Trump
90:59 5/29/24
Fani Willis blasts 'clown' Jim Jordan and MAGA followers for trying to interfere in Trump case
Plus, Republican efforts to sabotage Georgia prosecution of Trump hit brick wall in Fani Willis
44:09 5/21/24
Recap special: Michael Cohen testimony in Trump's criminal trial, Day 2
Plus, 'Utterly humiliating': Trump sycophants in matching suits audition for Trump outside trial
84:05 5/15/24
Recap special: Michael Cohen testifies for the prosecution in Trump's New York criminal trial
Plus, 'The most important piece of paper of all': Smoking gun document presented at Trump trial 
88:51 5/14/24
Maddow: Trump, GOP attacks on courts, prosecutors is actively damaging U.S. rule of law
Plus, Why the fight to preserve democracy in the U.S. is part of a global struggle against authoritarian forces
45:46 5/7/24
Bonus: Joy Reid & Rachel Maddow Live at the Apollo
MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow teamed up for a live event at the historic Apollo Theater in NYC. They discussed Joy’s New York Times best-selling book, Medgar & Myrlie: Medgar Evers and the Love Story That Awakened America, and how the mission of these civil rights pioneers is now more urgent than ever.
80:26 5/5/24
Republicans assemble oddly insulting set of 2024 candidates with Senate control on the line
Plus, Trump fails to attract courthouse protest despite all-caps pleas for support
43:24 4/30/24
Prime time recap: MSNBC panel reviews Supreme Court arguments on 'presidential immunity'
'Genuinely shocking': Pro-Trump justices give presidential immunity case bad faith treatment
94:39 4/26/24
Special coverage of opening statements in Donald Trump's New York criminal trial
Plus, 'Like a child, give him a time out': Weissmann urges 'firm hand' as Trump flouts gag order
98:45 4/23/24
The real DOJ corruption scandal at the heart of Trump's criminal trial in New York
Plus, More than mere media bias: How New York prosecutors see Trump's scheme with the National Enquirer 
44:24 4/16/24
BONUS: The Stakes of Immigration with Aaron Reichlin-Melnick
As a bonus for listeners, we’re sharing the first episode of a special series from “Why Is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast,” called “WITHpod 2024: The Stakes.” For the first time since 1892, we have an election in which both candidates have presidential records. It’s a unique chance to take a hard look at what both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have actually done as president. Chris Hayes talks to experts about both candidates’ records on specific policy areas. This week, Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy director at the American Immigration Council, joins to unpack immigration policies under Trump vs. Biden, the state of the asylum system, and more. Follow and listen to the whole series:
65:52 4/9/24
Media whiffs on the news in Trump's abortion statement as Dobbs becomes weaponized on global scale
Plus, Why Republicans are hiding behind the politics of personality
42:32 4/9/24
Judge has enough of Trump's attacks on family members; extends gag order on 'defendant's vitriol'
Plus, China follows Russian model of fake online Trump supporters; U.S. more vulnerable than ever
43:49 4/2/24
Maddow joins colleagues in objecting to McDaniel for legitimizing Trump, attacking democracy
Plus, Combat training for election workers? Arizona braces for Trump-addled election deniers 
44:17 3/26/24

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