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HoA085 - It has a shocking secret
Bootts, HaashTag, and Allona recap the BIG NEWS about the fourth GW2 expansion, Secrets of the Obscure! And yet they forget to talk about that 4-armed dude in a bunch of the artwork. How? I have no idea.Support the show
70:14 6/29/23
HoA084 - 10 Years of Memories... from Invisible Karka to Plunder Confines
Bootts, HaashTag, and Allona (mostly) forego regular show topics. Please enjoy their retrospective chat of the past 10 years of GW2!Support the show
109:50 8/25/22
HoA083 - Carnival Ride
Bootts and Allona have a fun chit chat about GW2 in general, Dragon Bash and Dungeon changes in particular, and go all in on Carnival weapons... because reasons.Support the show
66:53 6/9/22
HoA082 - Heart of the Turkey!
HaashTag, Bootts, and Allona discuss the conclusion of End of Dragons (spoilers if'n you haven't finished) and recap the exciting news from Guild Wars 2 Headquarters!Support the show
82:00 4/7/22
HoA081 - Anyway... Rama is Great
HaashTag, Bootts, and Allona go over the release of End of Dragons and give their non-spoilery thoughts on what they've experienced thus far. Also... Raaaaammmmaaaaaa.Support the show
100:26 3/3/22
HaashTag, Bootts, and Allona jump into 2022 with predictions, tips, and nonsense!Support the show
83:01 1/13/22
HoA079 - Failure apparently *IS* an option...
... for Allona, who thought this was posted a week ago but missed hitting 'publish'. Bootts and Allona talk about the last Beta event and the medium armour specs.Support the show
80:09 11/6/21
HoA078 - Let the 'festivies' begin!
HaashTag, Bootts, and Allona jibber jabber about new elite specs, Halloween, green screens of death, and – you know – stuff.Support the show
86:50 10/11/21
HoA077 - 3 Hosts, 2 Hours, 1 Good Time
Allona and Bootts welcome the return of HaashTag! There was lots to talk about... let's get down to it.Support the show
117:58 9/12/21
HoA076 - Livin' for the Livestream
Bootts and Allona recap and opionionize on this week's End of Dragons: First Look livestream... and the new official website (that's maybe just Allona).Support the show
104:09 7/29/21
HoA075 - The One with the Marionette
Bootts and Allona power through without the delightful HaashTag. There was so much news to discuss that Allona forgot half of the things she had planned to bring up... classic. Bootts, as always, is a font of knowledge.Support the show
97:45 7/18/21
HoA074 - Brash the Bragon
HaashTag, Bootts, and Allona have a lovely chat about what they've been up to in game and recap the most recent GW2 news. And, of course, they bash some dragons... but not Aurene. Never Aurene.Support the show
67:04 6/29/21
HoA073 - Fireside Chat with Bootts
HaashTag, Bootts, and Allona go over the recent balance patch and the Living World Return Season 2! No  manatee singing occurs during this podcast.Support the show
101:24 5/29/21
HoA072 - The power of friendship!
Bootts and Allona welcome the triumphant return of HaashTag! There was plenty of GW2 news to talk about... the Icebrood Saga conclusion, the summer roadmap, and more! Check it out!Support the show
97:35 5/6/21
HoA071 - It's all slightly cheesy
Bootts once again joins Allona! They go over Super Adventure Box and, you know, contests... and stuff.Support the show
46:20 4/20/21
HoA070 - Hotty or Haughty
Bootts once again joins Allona! They go over GW2 news including the most recent story release, Balance. There are spoilers. There are rambling segues. It was a good time.Support the show
86:27 3/21/21
HoA069 - The episode that shall not be named
There has been a series of unfortunate events and this episode is being posted unforgivingly late. Even so, please accept Allona's sincerest apologies. The news that Bootts and Allona cover may be out of date but the banter... the banter is timeless.Support the show
59:17 2/24/21
HoA068 - Guest host and predictions and story, oh my!
Allona is joined by guest host, Bootts for the first official show of 2021! What did they talk about? Every. Dang. Thing.Support the show
105:11 1/31/21
HoA067 - Everybody Loves Ryland
HaashTag and Allona go into all sorts of spoilery thoughts about Guild Wars 2: Icebrood Saga – Champions: Chapter 1 – Truce!Support the show
88:11 11/22/20
HoA066 - Flotsam and Jetsam
HaashTag and Allona celebrate Halloween in GW2 as well as 'spotliking' the GW2 Art Collective! That's pretty much it... a good time was had by all and absolutely no mistakes were made!Support the show
67:10 10/25/20
HoA065 - Flirty Skirt
HaashTag and Allona may have had some last minute technical recording issues, but that didn't stop them from discussing the new fractal, Sunqua Peak and the trials and tribulations of their first funthrough)! In other news, HaashTag is finally persuaded to buy a second outfit.Support the show
62:16 9/27/20
HoA064 - I'm famous, you know
HaashTag and Allona delayed the show a week on the hopes and dreams of a big announcement. AND... #CanthaConfirmed! The good times don't end there... the 8th anniversary, massive update to skimmers, quality of life updates, and more!Support the show
82:25 8/30/20
HoA063 - Throw Down the Drama Sticks
HaashTag and Allona go full in on spoilers for Jormag Rising, have MANY opinions, and share a fantastic fan theory.Support the show
86:02 8/2/20
HoA062 - Egregiously Aggressive
HaashTag and Allona briefly discuss Dragon Bash, recap the recent balance patch, have opinions on wording, right the shame of missed listener emails (bad Allona), and launch a Patreon... yup.Support the show
81:39 7/12/20
HoA061 - The Full Meta
HaashTag and Allona chit chat about what they've been up to in GW2 (hint: not doing metas) and talk about FASHION and the upcoming Dragon Bash.Support the show
45:07 6/22/20
HoA060 - Point and Click and Choose
Haashtag and Allona have spoilerific discussions about the new Living World episode, No Quarter! (Spoiler talk is called out before we start in on it... so yer safe to dive in.)Support the show
70:48 5/29/20
HoA059 - Hot Act Three Cheevos
HaashTag and Allona are back, back, back again! There's SAB news, there's anniversary news, there's... more other news. And most importantly, there's laughter.Support the show
58:18 5/2/20
HoA058 - Excitenous!
HaashTag and Allona are enjoying all the great GW2 news... like Visions of the Past which include Season 1 missions! SEASON 1, PEOPLE!Support the show
65:09 3/14/20
HoA057 - Incessant Chatter
HaashTag and Allona had literally a billion* GW2 news updates to go over. (*Note: It's way less than a billion.)Support the show
92:05 2/15/20
HoA056 - Predicted Perfect Plaid
HaashTag and Allona jump right in to the new year with GW2 news, their sorta pathetisad 2020 predictions (thank goodness listener predictions were on point), and laughs... always laughs.Support the show
96:22 1/18/20

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