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Life as P , better known as Phoenix, is new show about how P navigates the world around her. From family, to life, to what you should be doing on social media. So sit back and get ready for some belly laughs. Because you literally feel like your catching up with an old friend while you listen along to Life as P...


The Half Leap
We have all heard someone say they “took a leap of faith” when referring to stepping out of their comfort zone to pursue something that is perceived to be a little riskier. However, more often than not in life, the things that we believe to be safe still come with uncertainty. Our stable jobs? Could be jeopardized in situations such as a pandemic. Our happy relationships? Could be challenged by unforeseen circumstances. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be sharing her experience with taking “half leaps” and explaining why if she is going to lose her sense of security, she is going to do it on her own terms.
26:16 11/16/2022
Wanting As A Process
When you’ve gone through struggles in your life, it becomes clear what you don’t want. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always translate when it comes to deciding what you do want. If you’re not intentional about figuring out what you want in life, it’s easy to fall into survival mode. You feel lost, only focusing on what is directly in front of you, leading to frustration or even disillusionment. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be explaining the process she is currently going through of finding what she wants.
30:36 11/09/2022
Can You Pay My Bills
A healthy relationship requires communication, compromise, and mutual respect. While some people might feel fine with a monetary expression of affection, some might not. In the case of the latter, the person should never insist or feel bad about that. Many people overlook things that would normally be an issue at the beginning of the relationship. So, why power through when you’re not really into it? In this episode, Phoenix is joined by Justice to discuss relationships and all of the wild things that come along with being in the dating scene.
43:25 10/19/2022
Focused On The Distraction
We’ve all been there. Trying to focus on something specific but continuously get distracted by things that don’t really make a difference. Recently, Phoenix discovered something about this common conundrum. When we get in these constant circles of distractions, we are in fact focusing. We’re just focusing on the wrong things. So, in this episode, she will be explaining how she has learned to focus on the right things so she can continue progressing forward in her work, career and love life.
22:48 10/05/2022
Affirm What's On The Way
Most of us are focused on all the things we have yet to achieve in life. However, only focusing on your to-do list or failures can take a serious toll on your emotional well-being. It’s important to appreciate everything that you have accomplished on your journey too. All of the things you’ve worked hard for and all of the blessings you’ve received along the way. In this episode, Phoenix explains her recent battles with anxiety and how she is learning to feel joy without fear.
26:37 09/21/2022
Gotta Make Room
Negative mental habits carry a lot of psychological weight. Talking negatively about yourself, dwelling on the past, and starting frequent fights with loved ones are just a few of the bad habits that will drain your mental strength. So, how can you make room in your life for what you really want and stop allowing these negative patterns to take up so much space? Phoenix will be sharing the answer to this question and more in this episode.For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
24:12 08/31/2022
Afraid of My Time
Life is all about timing. It’s the right time or it’s the wrong time - timing really is everything. When you trust in the timing of your life, it helps you to trust and accept what is happening instead of trying to change it. You trust that what is happening will get you to where you need to be. So, in this episode, Phoenix will share why she is leaning into this mindset now, explaining why she is no longer afraid of her timing.For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
26:26 08/10/2022
Why Are You Available
Why do people always ask single men and women why they’re single? Is it supposed to be a compliment? Are they digging for something deeper? Most of the time, people are single not because there is something wrong with them but because they haven’t found the right situation for them. They haven’t found that person that matches their energy and lifestyle. It’s the same with our careers, friendships, etc. If things don’t align, then it simply isn’t the right time. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be sharing her experience with this and delving deep into why availability does not mean there is something lacking.
25:21 08/03/2022
Okay to be Mistaken
Nobody enjoys making mistakes or being wrong. It can make you question yourself and your decisions, and it can even make you question your value. However, everyone makes mistakes. It’s a natural part of being human and most of the time, it’s not nearly as big of a deal as we make it out to be. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be sharing her experience with being mistaken and explaining why she is no longer fearful of being wrong.
27:13 07/13/2022
That Last Doggone Mile
Have you ever been on a run and those last few minutes feel as though they drag on for hours? It feels even harder than the majority of the run you’ve already completed. Why is it that when we’ve made it so far the final touches of a task are usually the most difficult? In this episode, Phoenix will be sharing her own experience with that last doggone mile and explaining why perseverance to the end is critical.
22:00 06/22/2022
Up With The Building
What are you building? Are you proud of it? Are you shouting about it from the rooftops? In this episode, Phoenix will be sharing why she is no longer keeping quiet about what she is building. Instead, she is sharing the excitement with her friends so that everyone can be involved in the creation process. Get excited because big things are coming!For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
28:09 06/08/2022
Stop Showing Up
There are people and places that are available around you that won’t leave you feeling strange, unwanted, or uncertain. So, why are you still showing up in the places that make you uncomfortable? In this episode, Phoenix explains why she no longer feels the need to justify herself when she doesn’t want to be somewhere or around someone anymore. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
22:53 05/18/2022
Want What You Want
What are you willing to do to get what you want? Are you willing to compromise your integrity and who you are to get the things you desire? Phoenix doesn’t believe that you should have to. In this episode, she will be sharing why you should listen to the signs or the red flags telling you “no,” even if it is for something you truly want so that you don’t end up having to deal with the consequences later on.
29:35 05/04/2022
Ain't Ever Been My Virtue
When entering the dating world, it’s important to be picky. You want to be certain that your new romantic partner is going to fit into your life and in turn, you will fit into theirs. Compromises are necessary and of course, you will never find your 100% perfect match. In this episode, Phoenix reflects on her dating life and shares why she is putting in the work to be more patient in her life and how that may end up helping her find a partner in the future.
27:48 04/27/2022
Available To The Craft
When you are a creative or you’re passionate about your work, it can be easy to get stuck into your craft and work during all hours of the day. You might feel as though you need to spend more time sleeping, relaxing or hanging out with friends. You might feel as though you shouldn’t be okay with spending so much time on the thing that you love to do. In this episode, Phoenix addresses this topic and shares this piece of advice: You don’t have to apologize for being available to your craft.
21:37 04/13/2022
What I Know Is
We have all heard the saying “knowledge is power.” There are many ways to leverage your information and the more you have the better off you may be. Unfortunately, we often get caught up in all of the information that we have the amount of power that I may yield, saying things that we probably should not have said. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be sharing the importance of thinking before you speak and having a plan for how you’re going to use your knowledge moving forward.For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
27:04 03/23/2022
Driven By Desire
What drives you? Are you driven by your wants or are you driven by your needs? Contrary to popular belief, neither of these answers are incorrect. It’s simply about what works for you. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be sharing what works for her and explaining how she plans on accomplishing her goals this year.For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
28:13 03/16/2022
Stop Giving Up
When you’re pursuing a worthwhile goal or dream it’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll think about giving up. We all do it. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re doing it. So, how do we stop ourselves from giving up the dream and actually continue forward instead? In this episode, Phoenix will be sharing her advice for staying on track and achieving the things you need to do. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
20:37 03/02/2022
No As A Road to Yes
It can sometimes feel as though the ability to say “no” is absent in some people. People might look at you differently, you might upset your friend or you may even disappoint someone if you decline to do what they are asking of you. However, saying “yes” to everything isn’t beneficial to anyone, including yourself. In this episode, Phoenix will be sharing why it is okay to say “no” to the things you don’t have time to do or you simply don’t want to do. That power is in the hands of no one but yourself. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
21:10 02/23/2022
Wanna See U Win
These days, it feels as though everyone is looking for a reason to tear you down. We focus so much on the negativity and the people who are saying these negative things without giving thought to the people who are really supporting us. So, in this episode, Phoenix is sharing why she is now putting the emphasis on the people who want to see her win and no longer paying attention to those who want to see her fail. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
20:55 02/16/2022
Not Your Audience
With resistance comes struggle. You can either continue to fight if you feel as though the reward will be beneficial enough to struggle through the resistance, or you can decide to stop the fight and move on. Phoenix believes the same is true for knowing your people, knowing your truth, or knowing your audience. If you have to struggle to be with someone, is it worth it to be with them? It’s time to start understanding your audience and acknowledging when you’re not the right audience for someone else.
27:01 02/09/2022
Priorities on Burners
Everyone has experienced overwhelm or a time in their life where they had too many things happening at once. It is in these times of chaos that it becomes difficult to let go. It becomes difficult to recognize what needs to get done and what can simply be put on the back-burner. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be sharing how she has learned to navigate pandemonium without panicking. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
25:54 02/02/2022
Joy & Fiyah
It’s hard not to get caught up in all of the new year's resolutions and the “new year, new me.” However, if we break down our goals into bite-sized achievable pieces, there is no reason we can’t get to where we are hoping to get. So, in this episode, Phoenix shares her approach to a fresher, happier life as we enter the new year.For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
20:35 01/12/2022
Live From The Other Side
We have all dealt with setbacks. Relationships, finances, careers. Everyone has had a moment in their life when the going gets tough and it feels like it is taking forever to get through it. Phoenix has experienced this all before. In this episode, she shares her advice for anyone going through a rough patch: you will get to the other side. Stay strong and keep your head held high. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
25:40 12/08/2021
Calm The Eff Down
We all worry or get upset from time to time. It’s simply a normal part of life. Sometimes these emotions take over and you can’t calm down. Being able to calm yourself in the moment of panic is often easier said than done - as we probably all know by now. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be sharing how she has learned to take a breath when she is feeling worked up. Instead of stressing out and getting carried away, she recognizes the blessing that may be on its way. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
26:29 11/10/2021
Which Storm
When it rains, it pours. We’ve all heard that saying before. However, that phrase has a negative connotation attached to it, when in actuality it shouldn’t. In this episode, Phoenix will be sharing why she is no longer paying attention to the storm of negativity, instead choosing to focus on the good things that happen all at once - a lucky streak. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
20:45 10/20/2021
Give In To The Pace
Life tends to move at its own pace. Sometimes it feels like things are going too fast and sometimes it feels as though we are at a standstill, waiting for things to catch up. Regardless of the pace at which life is happening for you, it is important to be intentional with your movements and continue to work towards your goals. In this episode, Phoenix will be sharing how she is giving in to the pace and continuing on the bumpy ride that is life. For show notes, resources, and more, visit:
22:12 09/29/2021
Consistent Persistence
Consistency is the one quality that can almost always guarantee success. Success, whether big accomplishments or small, is something we all want right? But to be successful takes persistence, and that can be hard when you are a mother, an author, and a podcaster among other titles. So, in this episode, Phoenix will be sharing how she has learned to stop letting the daily tasks overwhelm her a detract from the things that truly matter to her.For show notes, resources and more, visit:
21:48 09/22/2021
Peace and It's Protection
A big part of self-care entails making sure you protect your peace. But what exactly does that mean? It means getting real about things that are negatively affecting you and taking action to reduce those effects. No one knows this better than Phoenix. So, in this episode, she will be sharing the steps she is taking to ensure her peace is protected, not only from others but from herself as well. For show notes, resources and more, visit:
22:10 09/08/2021
Say It & Go Get It
It’s not always easy to speak your mind and say exactly what it is you would like but working on your assertiveness can help you both in your workplace and in other areas of your life. One of the main benefits of being assertive is that it can increase your self-confidence as you gain a better understanding of who you are and the value that you offer. In this episode, Phoenix will be sharing her experience with this and how she plans to improve upon her assertiveness in the future. For show notes, resources and more, visit:
22:22 09/01/2021