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When growing a business there is no one secret to success, but a series of strategies that help business owners scale at will. Hi, I’m Buzz and I’ve spent over 20 years marketing for entrepreneurs just like you. On this podcast we uncover invaluable insights that successful entrepreneurs and industry experts use to profitably scale businesses. Welcome to the Buzzworthy Marketing Show.


Embracing AI in Networking: A Conversation with Dr. Ivan Misner
Picture this: You're at a networking event, shaking hands and exchanging business cards, but what if the very essence of making those connections could be transformed by artificial intelligence? Join me as Dr. Ivan Misner, the visionary behind Business Network International (BNI), reveals how AI is reshaping business networking. We peel back the layers of traditional networking practices and the integration of AI, sharing personal stories of success and the monumental influence BNI has had on professionals across the globe.Are traditional business giants doomed to fall to the wayside, or can they adapt and thrive in an AI-driven marketplace? Our conversation takes a turn toward the bold reality of embracing disruption, where Dr. Misner and I dissect the downfalls of once-mighty companies and celebrate the potential of AI in creating dynamic, effective business teams. We'll navigate through the practical uses of AI tools like ChatGPT, which go beyond information retrieval to foster deeper business relationships and strategize our way to success.As we wrap up our engaging dialogue, we tackle the professional landscape's seismic shifts due to AI. We reflect on the rise of new career paths and the importance of striking a balance between reliance on technology and the irreplaceable value of human creativity and critical thinking. Paying homage to Dr. Misner's legacy through BNI and his extensive authorship, I share how my 11-year journey with BNI fueled my own professional triumphs and offer a nod to the timeless benefits of such networks. Tune in and prepare to be enthralled by the fusion of the human touch with AI's cutting-edge in the networking domain.Follow Dr. Ivan Misner: and bni.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
26:50 4/16/24
From the AI Marketing Maze to Clarity: What Your Business Really Needs
Embark on a journey with me, Michael Buzinski, as we cut through the noise of AI marketing tools and pave a clear path to the ones that will truly revitalize your business strategy. If selecting the perfect AI companion for your marketing endeavors feels like a daunting task, fear not! This episode is your beacon, illuminating the way to align technological prowess with your core marketing objectives. Join us as we dissect the essence of compatibility, ensuring your tools of choice bolster your brand's presence and sales without straining your resources or overshadowing the human touch that makes your business unique.This isn't just about smart tool selection; it's a masterclass in marrying innovation with intention. We tackle the four pillars of a wise investment—usability, scalability, integration, and cost-effectiveness—while sidestepping the allure of the 'latest and greatest' that could lead you astray. Whether you're a marketing maven or a business owner hungry for growth, tune in for insights that promise to be as transformative as they are actionable. And remember, it's not about the shiny new object; it's about finding the AI marketing tools that genuinely serve your business's voyage to success.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
16:09 4/9/24
The AI Advantage: Unlocking Marketing Potential for Service-Based Businesses
Get ready to unlock the secrets of AI in marketing as we celebrate a milestone—our 100th episode and the launch of our seventh season! Thank you for being the driving force behind our journey to the top of the podcast charts. This episode is a treasure trove of insights on how AI has graduated from a futuristic fantasy to a powerhouse in service-based industry marketing. We're unwrapping the incredible ways AI personalizes marketing campaigns and simplifies complex operations while never losing sight of the ethical compass that must guide its use. You'll get an inside look at how AI is reshaping the way we engage with customers through precision-tailored ads and chatbots so responsive, they'll make your head spin. Plus, we're spotlighting revolutionary AI marketing tools that are turning the industry on its head.Strap in as we navigate the delicate balance of blending AI with the irreplaceable human element that keeps customer relations thriving. Discover how AI's data-crunching prowess can be harnessed to refine services down to the finest detail, ensuring that every decision is informed, not dictated, by technology. We understand that the AI landscape is ever-changing, so we're committing to keep you in the loop with our monthly newsletter—think of it as your AI compass in a sea of data. And for those dipping their toes into the AI waters, fear not! We're offering a discovery call to provide that much-needed personalized touch. This episode is your guide to embracing the boundless potential of AI, enhancing your business values, and ensuring that your company's heart and soul remain at the helm of your marketing voyage.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
21:45 4/2/24
Crafting Credibility: The Critical Role of Websites and Customer Reviews for Small Enterprises
Ever wonder if a website can truly transform your small business, even when you're the talk of the town through referrals? Prepare to be convinced as we showcase just how pivotal a sleek digital storefront is for proving your authenticity and earning trust. We're not just talking shop; we're revealing the insider info on why 84% of consumers trust a business more when it has an online presence that radiates credibility. Our conversation delves deep into the art of presenting your service-based business online—think of it as your digital handshake with potential clients, where you share everything from your pricing to your core values.Then, we get real about the game-changing power of testimonials. Imagine turning your satisfied customers' praises into the lifeblood of your digital reputation. We share strategies on how to gather those gold-star reviews and display them in a way that turns heads, confirming that responding to feedback isn't just polite—it's smart business. And if you're wondering how to amplify that word-of-mouth magic you already have, let us guide you on making your website work wonders to convert those warm referrals into dedicated followers of your brand. Join us for this insightful episode where we empower you with the tools to make your small business shine online.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
20:32 3/26/24
Micro testing with Google Ads: Navigating the Marketing Waters for Success
Cast your line and prepare for a tale of strategic conquest, as I bring the wisdom of Alaskan fishing to the realm of Google Ads micro-testing. Hooked on the idea of a plentiful catch, we chart a course through the turbulent waters of digital marketing, where the smallest tweaks to your campaigns can reel in a sea of eager customers. My adventure in the Last Frontier serves as the perfect backdrop to unfold the savvy techniques that will empower you to navigate the currents of consumer behavior, ensuring your message lands in the most fertile waters.Embark with me on this marketing odyssey, where we don't just cast a wide net, but carefully select our 'baits' and 'fishing spots' to optimize engagement and amplify sales. No need to brave this voyage alone; I've got a trove of resources anchored at buzzworthybiz ready to support your journey. And for those hungry for more, remember to anchor your spot on the Buzzworthy Marketing Show, where insights flow as freely as the Alaskan rivers, guiding you to the ultimate digital marketing catch.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
13:05 3/19/24
Social Media Marketing: Navigating the Digital Terrain for Small Businesses
Prepare to unlock the secrets of social media alchemy for small businesses, where we liken the strategy and excitement to that of mountain biking. We'll guide you through a trek of discovering which social media platforms serve as the best trails for your brand's journey, emphasizing the importance of a distinctive voice and visual presence to make your digital mark. Our expedition includes mapping out content strategies to keep your audience captivated and the irreplaceable value of community that both bikers and brands cherish for success. Just like a well-planned ride through the backcountry, we'll help you plan your route to a thriving online presence.This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs eager to navigate the social media landscape with the finesse of a seasoned mountain biker. Face the uphill battle of time investment and the challenge of crafting standout content with our arsenal of strategies and tools, designed to boost efficiency and outsmart ever-changing algorithms. Be inspired by the tale of a CPA firm that transformed complex tax jargon into engaging, relatable stories, proving that with creativity and tenacity, any brand can find its spot in the online limelight. It's time to put on your digital helmets and join us as we pedal through the exhilarating world of social media marketing.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
18:52 3/12/24
Choosing Your Google Ads Champion for Business Growth
Unlock the secrets to thriving in digital marketing's new landscape, where privacy concerns and dwindling third-party data have rewritten the rulebook. Join me as we chart a course through the seismic shifts brought about by GDPR and CCPA, laying bare the essentials of leveraging first-party data and fostering robust customer relationships. The golden days of effortless targeting via Google Ads have morphed into a strategic battleground, and we're here to arm you with the insights required to not just survive, but to prosper. Discover why the savvy approach to Google Ads is now about informed, strategic engagement, and how this translates to sustainable growth and a standout presence in the marketplace.Ever considered handing over the reins of your Google Ads to a master tactician? This episode is your guide to making a well-informed decision. We dissect the crucial factors in choosing the right Google Ads manager, from aligning with your growth ambitions to guaranteeing transparency and judicious budget management. I draw from my treasure trove of marketing wisdom, accumulated over nearly two decades, to illuminate the path to a strategic partnership that catalyzes your business goals. Subscribe for a trove of knowledge that will empower your hiring choices and create a business presence that not only buzzes but roars.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
22:29 3/5/24
The Power of Google Business Profile
Ever wondered how a seemingly small digital tool could skyrocket your business's online presence? Strap in as we reveal the transformative power of Google Business Profile (GBP), where a local pizzeria owner's digital distress ignites a comprehensive masterclass on claiming your slice of the digital marketplace. Journey with us through the labyrinth of local SEO, as we dissect the critical steps to not only claim but masterfully curate your GBP. You'll discover how to infuse your online profile with the right mix of information and keywords, and why keeping your digital storefront vibrant with regular updates is a game-changer for attracting and retaining customers.Navigating the world of customer reviews and direct messaging can feel like steering a ship through a storm, but fear not! We've got the compass you need to foster trust and engagement with your audience. We'll also introduce you to the unsung hero, Diziobiz, your ally in content scheduling that ensures your GBP is always buzzing with activity. Plus, the secret sauce to any strategy - analytics. Uncover the patterns of client behavior and refine your marketing like a pro, crafting content that resonates and converts. Don't miss this treasure trove of insights that could be the difference between getting lost in the shuffle and being the go-to destination for your potential clients.0:00 - Maximizing Google Business Profile for Success5:38 - Leveraging Google Business Profile for SuccessFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
22:00 2/27/24
Panel of Prowess: Business Insights from Operational Geniuses PART 2
Welcome back to "Buzzworthy Marketing Show" the podcast where we discuss the buzz in the world of marketing. In this  Part 2 Episode, we will continue to demystify key performance indicators (KPIs) and strategies for small business success. In this episode, our expert panelists delve into understanding your business's operational health with a focus on profitability, both per product and in terms of overall financials.00:00 Buzworthy marketing show, part 2 with insights.03:29 Emphasizing profitability and balancing work-life priorities.07:23 Enabling CEO to take vacation improves operations.10:30 Clear goals drive high performing teams' success.13:58 Diverse skills and leadership vital for success.17:21 Leadership hinges on effective communication and decision-making.21:18 Book on workflows emphasizes importance of consistency.22:45 Scalability tied to customer journey and value.28:56 Empowerment through delegation and overcoming financial apprehension.30:45 Visualize success, make decisions from that place.32:55 Promoted website and LinkedIn outreach for business.Follow Cassie: Shawn: Nicco: @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
34:17 2/20/24
Panel of Prowess: Business Insights from Operational Geniuses PART 1
In this episode of the Buzzworthy Marketing Show, we are doing something unprecedented: hosting a panel discussion with three operational geniuses. After realizing the valuable insights these individuals possessed, our host decided to bring them onto the show to share their expertise in running a successful business. Meet Cassie, Shawn, and Nicco as they dive deep into the crucial connection between effective marketing and delivering quality services. Stay tuned for some invaluable insights that will elevate your business game!Primary Topic: Introduction of a Panel- Speaker introduces the concept of having a panel for the first time in the podcast's history- Mentions being in a mastermind group and recognizing three operational geniuses- Expresses excitement about the insights they can provide on running a businessPrimary Topic: Panel Members- Cassie, Shawn, and Nicco are introduced as the members of the panel- The speaker mentions that he won't go into their bios but trusts in their expertisePrimary Topic: Purpose of the Panel- The aim is to provide insights on running a business- Emphasizes the importance of operational excellence alongside marketingI hope this breakdown helps! If you want to explore deeper or have specific questions about this content, feel free to ask.Follow Cassie: Shawn: Nicco: @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
26:37 2/13/24
Mastering Marketing in 2024: Approaches and Pitfalls with David Meltzer
In this episode of Buzzworthy Marketing Show, we sit down with the renowned David Meltzer to discuss the latest trends and challenges in marketing, along with insights on utilizing AI. David shares his unique perspective on building authentic communities and the value of honing people skills amidst the digital era. He delivers invaluable advice for marketers and entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of the industry in 2024. Join us as we delve into David's wisdom and experience to uncover the keys to success in the ever-evolving world of marketing.00:00 Marketing experts discuss trends, challenges, and AI.03:09 Overuse of spiritual seven marketing trend.08:47 Beware of digital marketing, full of lies.10:01 Dealing with difficult agencies and marketers.13:59 AI serves, replaceable tasks, saves money, increases revenue.17:58 Build community, not just focus on outcomes.19:22 Middle-aged mutant turtle invests in digital brand.23:53 Excited for his return, subscribe for more.Primary Topic: Introduction of David Meltzer- Speaker introduces David Meltzer, highlighting his status as a thought leader in marketing and digital marketing.Primary Topic: Trends and Challenges in Marketing- Speaker asks David about positive trends from 2023 and predictions for 2024.- David discusses the trend of the "spiritual seven" in branding and its overuse. He explains a shift towards standing out as an individual rather than being part of a group.- David mentions the potential inclusion of more women and two-person conversations in marketing trends.- They discuss the trend of smaller, more intimate settings for events and the increase in in-person interactions.Primary Topic: Challenges for Marketers and Small Businesses- David addresses the issue of dishonesty and overselling in digital marketing and life coaching.- They discuss how individuals and agencies take advantage of small businesses and the impact of false promises in marketing and PR.Primary Topic: The Role of AI in Marketing- David shares his viewpoint on AI as a tool to optimize time and resources, emphasizing its ability to enhance human capabilities and not replace them entirely.Primary Topic: Advice for Small Business Owners and Marketers in 2024- David advises to focus on building a community rather than just making money, emphasizing the value of genuine engagement over specific outcomes.- He discusses the significance of honing people skills and differentiating between real and fake content, while emphasizing the importance of reading for mental exercise and discernment.Primary Topic: Conclusion- David offers to send his book to listeners for free and provides his contact information.- The speaker expresses gratitude for the conversation and plans for future collaboration with David.- The episode closes with the speaker encouraging listeners to subscribe and give feedback for the podcast.This sequence covers the main topics and the detailed points discussed in the episode with David Meltzer.Follow David Meltzer:https://dmeltzer.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
24:31 2/6/24
All In: The Key to Recruiting, Retaining, and Raising the Bar for Your Organization
In this episode of Buzzworthy Marketing Show, we dive into the world of entrepreneurship and the challenges of finding and retaining great people to help grow a business. We sit down with Mike Michalowicz, author of the book "All In," as he reveals the key insights and strategies from his extensive research on attracting, retaining, rewarding, and growing with a great team. Mike shares practical tips on matching talent to tasks, identifying potential in employees, providing a sense of safety and security, and fostering psychological ownership within the organization. If you're a business leader looking to recruit the best talent, retain top performers, and elevate your company to the next level, then this episode is a must-listen. Get ready to be inspired and transform the way you approach building and nurturing your team.00:00 Entrepreneur struggles with finding and keeping talent.04:47 Major research led to groundbreaking business concept.06:51 Guide for business leaders on recruiting and retention.09:48 Supporting colleagues' dreams enhances organization's performance.15:15 Remote workers need tactile experiences for trust-building.17:04 Gifted husband whiskey for supporting wife's job.22:30 Legal and psychological ownership intersect in work.24:21 Read book for business success, contact author.Primary Topic: Introduction to Finding and Retaining Great Employees- Challenges of finding and retaining awesome people in entrepreneurship- Introduction to the book "All In" by Michael McCallowitz- Importance of attracting, retaining, rewarding, and growing with a great teamPrimary Topic: Writing and Researching the Book "All In"- Time and effort invested in writing a book- Research process and testing of concepts- Collaboration with research partners and the value of their contribution- The journey of writing and revising the bookFollow Mike Michalowic:https://mikemichalowicz.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
25:00 1/30/24
Expanding Horizons: How Joint Ventures Can Propel Small Businesses to New Heights
In this episode, we dive into the world of joint ventures and how small business owners can leverage this powerful strategy to grow their businesses. Our guest, Charles Bird, a human lead magnet and super connector with expertise in joint ventures and frictionless systems, shares insights and wisdom from his seven years of experience in this niche. Charles breaks down the different types of joint ventures, including referral partnerships, social joint ventures, embedded partnerships, and presenting to other people's audiences. He emphasizes the importance of building trust and providing value in these partnerships and explains how joint ventures offer risk-free traffic and valuable marketing research. Whether you're new to joint ventures or looking to enhance your existing strategies, Charles offers practical advice on how to approach, structure, and develop successful joint venture relationships. Tune in to discover the potential of joint ventures and how they can amplify your business growth.00:00 Leveraging trust for products and services promotion.05:03 Transitioned from Silicon Valley to entrepreneurial success.09:31 Creating value through systematic and proactive connections.12:35 Systematize referrals for consistent high-value opportunities.16:37 Guests and I help each other succeed.19:05 Diversify traffic sources, synthesize conversations, free marketing.23:17 Ensure product complements partner, understand deal structure.24:45 Leveraging warm network for trust and authority.Follow Charles Bryd:www.CharlesBryd.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
26:16 1/16/24
Search Marketing Demystified: Exploring the Layers and Their Significance for Business Growth
Welcome to " Buzzworthy Marketing Show," where we dive into all things marketing to help you stay ahead of the game. In today's episode, we're exploring the world of search marketing. Our host breaks down the layers of search marketing, including organic search, local SEO, paid search, and more. He offers a three-step process to help you make informed decisions about your search marketing strategy, focusing on the balance between paid and organic approaches. Plus, he provides resources for both DIY and professional assistance, ensuring that you have the support you need. Stick around as we uncover the purpose of different types of search marketing and how to effectively incorporate them into your marketing mix.00:00 Various ways to define and utilize search marketing.03:04 Position zero, voice search, paid search explained.08:05 Choose paid or organic marketing based on time.12:57 Tracking is crucial in determining campaign success.16:06 Complimentary calls to explore search marketing options.17:43 Free SEO resources available at Dizio Biz.Primary Topic: Understanding Search Marketing- Speaker's passion for search marketing- Different types of search marketing, including organic search, video search, local SEO, paid search, and voice search- Explanation of each layer of search marketingPrimary Topic: Different Types of Search Marketing- Overview of organic search and its purpose- Local SEO and its purpose for local businesses- Explanation of position zero and its significance- Introduction to voice search and its relevance- Detailed breakdown of different types of paid search ads- Emphasis on the complexity and variety of paid search optionsPrimary Topic: Making Informed Decisions in Search Marketing- Importance of weighing paid search against organic search- Explanation of the time and budget considerations for choosing search marketing tactics- Comparison of immediate results from paid search vs. delayed gratification from organic search- Encouragement for potentially pursuing both optionsPrimary Topic: Implementation of Search Marketing Tactics- The importance of specificity in selecting search tactics- Recommendations for conducting research and keyword analysis- Emphasis on setting up proper tracking for evaluating search marketing performance- Advice for seeking professional help if overwhelmed or lacking timePrimary Topic: Getting Started with Search Marketing- Offer of free SEO audit for those inclined towards organic search- Introduction to a DIY SEO platform for getting started with organic search- Invitation for a consultation with a professional regarding SEO strategy- Guidance for those interested in pursuing paid search and recommendation for seeking professional assistance- Assurance that complimentary consultation calls are comprehensive and not sales-orientedPrimary Topic: Summary and Call to Action- Reiteration of the purpose and distinction between paid and organic search marketing- Summary of next steps, including getting SEO audits, seeking professional help, and incorporating search marketing into the marketing mix- Offer to address any lingering questions and provide direct contact information- Closing statement and encouragement to stay buzzworthyFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
18:48 1/9/24
Staying Nimble: Profitable Adaptation for Entrepreneurial Success and Increased Profits
Welcome to " Buzzworthy Marketing Show." In today's episode, we'll explore the concept of profitable adaptation and how entrepreneurs can approach innovation in the small business world. We'll delve into what it means to be profitably adaptable, the importance of embracing change, and practical steps for entrepreneurs to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. Join us as we uncover the keys to navigating change, increasing profitability, and chasing entrepreneurial dreams in a dynamic and ever-evolving world.00:00 Entrepreneurial podcast explores achieving full potential and innovation.05:01 Creative agency transformed from recording studio, profitable.08:31 Embrace innovation, adapt, and foster creativity.10:40 Test, monitor, adapt: keys to business success.Primary Topic: Profitable Adaptation and Innovation in Small Business- Definition of profitable adaptation- Importance of adaptability in a rapidly changing business environment- Example of companies like Uber and Airbnb disrupting traditional industries- Embracing change in technological advancements, market shifts, and consumer preferencesPrimary Topic: Personal Experience and Lessons Learned in Business Innovation- Speaker's personal journey of adapting and innovating in his business- Transformation from a recording studio to a production studio to a multimillion-dollar creative agency- Realization of complacency and the need for a significant shift in business direction- Decision to shut down and start over in a different directionPrimary Topic: Steps to Profitably Embrace Innovation and Adaptation1. Embracing Innovation   - Staying informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and changes in consumer preferences   - Foster a culture of innovation within oneself and the business   - Encouraging employees to suggest and implement creative solutions2. Continuous Learning and Skill Development   - Investment in personal education and skill development to remain relevant in the industry   - Identifying areas for new skills and knowledge that align with market demands   - Encouraging team members to engage in ongoing training and professional development3. Experimentation and Flexibility   - Testing new strategies, products, and markets on a small scale before full commitment   - Monitoring the results of experiments closely and being willing to pivot if necessary   - Maintaining flexibility in the business plan and being prepared to adapt to changing circumstances swiftlyPrimary Topic: Encouraging Entrepreneurial Mindset in Adapting and Thriving- The power of entrepreneurs to profitably adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-changing world- Working smarter and replicating what works- Advising listeners to stay adaptable, profitable, and keep pursuing entrepreneurial dreamsFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
12:19 1/2/24
Season Five Highlights: A Recap and Season Six Sneak Peek for Buzzworthy Listeners
In this episode of You Are Buzzworthy's season five, the host recaps the highlights of the past twelve weeks and provides a sneak peek of what's in store for season six. The season featured monologue episodes, as well as insightful interviews with notable guests including Mike Michalowicz and Gino Wickman. Listeners can also look forward to future episodes featuring Mike Michalowicz discussing his new book and a panel of operations experts exploring company optimization. The podcast's name will be changing to The Buzzworthy Marketing Show in season six, reflecting an expansion in focus beyond just marketing. With over 45,000 downloads this season, the host expresses gratitude to the loyal listeners and looks forward to returning with new content in the future.00:00 2023: tumultuous, condolences, hope for better future04:00 Excited for book release, secret guest planned.Primary topic: Recap of Season Five- Monologue style episodes exclusively- Guest appearances by Mike McCallowitz and Gino Wickman- Theme of walking through the three KPIs of the rule of 26- Announcement of upcoming book "All In" by Mike McCallowitz- One other secret guest planned for Season Six- Name change of the show to "The Buzzworthy Marketing Show"- Podcast's download success, surpassing 45,000 downloads in the seasonPrimary topic: Condolences and Reflection on 2023- Acknowledgement of global turmoil and violence- Recognition of those who have experienced suffering or lossPrimary topic: Preview of Season Six- Return of Mike McCallowitz to discuss his new book "All In"- Panel of three operations experts to discuss optimizing company operations- Name change from "You Are Buzzworthy" to "The Buzzworthy Marketing Show"Primary topic: Wishes for the New Year- Wishing listeners a happy holiday season- Hope for a better year aheadPrimary topic: Call to Action for Listeners- Encouragement to subscribe to the show- Announcement of show availability on YouTube and podcast directoriesFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
05:50 12/26/23
How To Budget Marketing Into Your Financial Plan
Welcome back to another episode of You Are Buzzworthy! In this episode, we'll be diving into the crucial topic of how to budget marketing into your financial plan. Our host, Michael Buzinski, shares insights and expertise on the importance of budgeting for marketing, setting clear goals, determining budget allocation, and managing your marketing budget effectively. He provides valuable tips and even offers a free marketing budget calculator to help you navigate this essential aspect of your business. Stay tuned for valuable insights and expert guidance on budgeting for marketing.00:00 Entrepreneur with 25+ years offers marketing budgeting advice.03:45 Guerrilla marketing can work but invest in marketing.07:07 Service businesses use cost plus pricing strategy.11:10 Increase billing rate by 10% for marketing.14:26 Flexibility in budgeting for marketing is critical.Primary Topic: Importance of Budgeting for Marketing- Marketing is essential for business success- Risks of overspending or under-investing in marketing- Setting clear, measurable goals for marketing efforts- Determining marketing budget based on business size, industry, and goals- Allocating a percentage of projected revenue to marketing budgetPrimary Topic: Budgeting Strategies and Examples- The importance of investing in marketing at a level where you want to be, not where you are- Recommended percentages of projected revenue to invest in marketing, based on business goals and industry- Examples of budgeting for micro and established businesses- Options for businesses with insufficient budget for marketing- Strategies for optimizing revenue and reallocating savings for marketing budget- Adjusting pricing strategy to allocate more funds to marketing budget, with examples and considerationsPrimary Topic: Tips for Managing and Optimizing Marketing Budget- Testing and measuring marketing efforts to optimize budget- Utilizing analytic tools to track campaign performance and adjust strategy- Keeping a portion of the budget flexible for unforeseen opportunities or challengesPrimary Topic: Conclusion and Resources- Marketing as an investment in the business's future- Encouragement to reach out with questions or thoughts on the topic- Promotion of the YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile, and book for more marketing insightsFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
15:27 12/19/23
The Power of Pricing: Optimizing Revenue for Business Success
Welcome to You Are Buzzworthy! In this episode, we explore the crucial topic of pricing strategy in business. Host Michael Buzinski dives into the key factors to consider when setting prices, including costs, pricing objectives, and customer perceptions. He delves into three pricing models: cost plus pricing, value based pricing, and dynamic pricing, providing insights into their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, practical tips are shared, such as tiered pricing and strategic promotions. This episode will equip you with actionable strategies to optimize your revenue and position your business for long-term success. Join us as we uncover the dynamic world of pricing strategy.00:00 Optimize revenue through strategic pricing decisions.06:55 Value and dynamic pricing affect profitability and demand.09:06 Regulatory, ethical concerns in dynamic pricing strategies. Balancing profit and compliance is crucial.12:14 Use limited-time offers to incentivize purchases.Primary topic: Importance of Pricing Strategy- Impact on revenue, customer perception, and market positioning- Strategic decision for business successPrimary topic: Key Factors in Setting Prices- Understanding costs - direct and indirect- Pricing objectives - maximizing profit, gaining market share, covering costs- Avoiding unsustainable pricing modelsPrimary topic: Pricing Models- Cost Plus Pricing   - Advantages - transparency, stability   - Disadvantages - profit limitations, market disconnect- Value Based Pricing   - Advantages - maximizing profits, competitive advantage   - Disadvantages - complexity, resistance- Dynamic Pricing   - Advantages - capturing maximum revenue, quick response to market conditions   - Disadvantages - client perceptions, regulatory concerns, ethical considerationsPrimary topic: Choosing the Right Pricing Model- Depends on business, industry, and specific product/service- Some businesses blend models for success- Regular assessment and adjustment of pricing strategyPrimary topic: Competitive Analysis- Importance of knowing competitors' pricing- Reflecting competitive positioning in pricing strategyPrimary topic: Understanding Target Audience- Conducting market research and gathering client feedback- Aligning prices with client expectationsPrimary topic: Practical Pricing Tips- Tiered Pricing   - Catering to a broader range of customers- Strategic Use of Promotions   - Incentivizing purchases without devaluing the service- Regular Monitoring and Adjustment   - Analyzing pricing data, gathering feedback, considering inflationOverall, the episode delves into the importance of pricing strategy, key factors in setting prices, different pricing models, choosing the right model, competitive analysis, understanding target audience, and practical pricing tips.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
14:06 12/12/23
Prepare Your Business for a Profitable New Year: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success
Welcome to the latest episode of You Are Buzzworthy! In this episode, host Michael Buzinski dives into the crucial topic of preparing your business for a profitable new year. He reflects on the past year and discusses the vital role of analyzing key performance indicators such as revenue, client satisfaction, and employee productivity. Michael also emphasizes the importance of setting clear smart goals and delves into financial planning, marketing, and optimizing operations. With actionable insights and practical advice, this episode equips entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools they need to kickstart a successful year ahead. Tune in to discover how to navigate the changing business landscape, stay informed, and adapt to new opportunities for long-term growth and profitability.00:00 Stay informed, anticipate changes, capitalize on opportunities. Welcome.04:02 Employee productivity critical for business success & profits.09:07 Budgeting as a tool for financial health.11:18 Regular expense reviews maintain profitability, avoid surprises.13:43 Financial planning and marketing are vital. Check book.18:48 Stay informed, pivot when needed, be adaptable.20:37 Stay relevant and attention-grabbing until next time.Primary Topic: Reflecting on the Past Year- Evaluating business performance- Analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs)  - Revenue trends  - Client satisfaction  - Employee productivityPrimary Topic: Setting Clear, SMART Goals- Understanding SMART criteria  - Specificity  - Measurability  - Achievability  - Relevance  - Time-bound- Creating annual goals and breaking them into objectives  - Quarterly timelines for objectivesPrimary Topic: Financial Planning- Creating a budget- Monitoring expenses  - Identifying overspending  - Identifying cost-cutting opportunities- Managing cash flow  - Utilizing the Profit First method  - Checking cash flow regularlyPrimary Topic: Strategic Marketing- Importance of marketing for service-based businesses- Planning and executing marketing efforts- Recommended book: "The Rule of 26"  - Offered for free at Ruleof26.comPrimary Topic: Optimizing Operations- Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies- Saving time and money- Staying agile and adaptable- Enhancing customer experience- Continuous improvement mindset- Encouraging feedback from team membersPrimary Topic: Adaptability- Staying informed about industry trends- Pivoting when necessary- Fostering a culture of adaptability- Navigating change effectively- Key factor in long-term successFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
20:52 12/5/23
Why Discounts are Bad for Service-Based Businesses
Welcome back to another episode of You Are Buzzworthy! In today's episode, we're diving into the world of discounts and pricing strategies in service-based businesses. Have you ever wondered if offering discounts is truly beneficial or if it actually harms your business in the long run? Well, today's your lucky day because we have all the answers for you. Our host, Buzz, shares his decades of marketing experience and explains why discounting your services may do more harm than good. Through real-life examples and personal anecdotes, Buzz uncovers the illusions of attracting customers through discounts and the negative impact it can have on your brand image. So if you're a service-based business owner or simply interested in effective pricing strategies, this episode is a must-listen. Get ready to discover why it's time to stop underpricing your services and start billing what you're truly worth. Stay tuned and stay buzworthy!00:00 The illusion of discounts in service businesses.04:21 Costs remain even at discounted rates. Stickiness matters. Opportunity costs impact short-lived customers. Ideal trial periods are 7-14 days.08:40 Don't discount; premium service maintains brand image.11:43 Discount cascade led to reputation damage, brand change.15:58 Enhancing client experience, value, and results.17:40 Stay buzzworthy, as per usual.Primary Topic: The Illusions of Attracting More Customers through Discounts- Discounts are used to attract customers- Discounts in the service industry may not make sense for businesses doing well- Examples: gyms and fitness centers offering discounted memberships, subscription-based services with frequent promotions- Drawbacks of discounting memberships: lack of long-term growth, more wear and tear on equipment, upset loyal customers, less respect for the facility, reduced revenue per memberPrimary Topic: The Negative Impact of Discounting on Service-Based Businesses- Consulting firms offering discounted rates to win clients- Reasons to avoid discounting: cutting into profits, providing less value, price-sensitive clients expecting more, dealing with high-maintenance bargain hunters- Difficulty in raising prices after discounting- Speaker's personal experience with discounting leading to reputation damage and the need for a strategic shiftPrimary Topic: The Perceived Value and Brand Image- Discounting degrades the value of a brand- Discounting creates three issues: loss of respect, constant demands for more discounts, difficulty in raising prices- Speaker's experience with discounting leading to a negative brand image and the need for a strategic shiftPrimary Topic: Strategies to Avoid Discounting- Building authority and credibility by speaking more and showcasing expertise- Adding value through value-added services and bonuses- Enhancing the client experience to justify premium prices- Other strategies to bill what you're worth: bundling products and creating exclusivity- Encouragement to bill what you're worth and avoid discounting- Promotion of the speaker's book, "The Rule of 26"Primary Topic: Conclusion and Call to Action- Reiterating the negative impact of discounting and the need to bill what you're worth- Encouragement to subscribe to the podcast and stay "buzzworthy"Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
17:55 11/28/23
The Power of LinkedIn: Leveraging Social Media for B2B
Join us as we explore the top reasons why businesses shy away from LinkedIn, from high advertising costs to content saturation and constant solicitation. But fear not, because Speaker A reveals the hidden gems that make LinkedIn a game changer for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies alike.Discover the unparalleled targeting capabilities of LinkedIn's Premium Sales Navigator feature and how it can revolutionize your organic outreach. Hear about the upcoming algorithm changes that level the playing field for small businesses and enhance your chances of getting noticed.00:01:35 LinkedIn ads: expensive but highly targeted & effective. Premium Sales Navigator for organic outreach. Content saturation challenge, but algorithm changes may help. Less need for daily posting on LinkedIn.00:06:45 Be genuine, connect with people, optimize profile.00:10:40 Tell your story, prove your expertise, continuously refine.00:12:07 LinkedIn: worth investment, optimize profile, engage, happy.Primary Topic: The Power of LinkedIn- LinkedIn as a means to an end, not the center of conversation- Addressing the naysaying of LinkedIn- High costs of advertising on LinkedIn compared to other platforms- Saturation and content overwhelm on LinkedIn- Constant bombardment of solicitors on LinkedIn- Access to LinkedIn's user database through Sales Navigator- LinkedIn's focus on professional networking and industry news- Quality of posts on LinkedIn- LinkedIn as a platform for thought leadership and networking- How to win on LinkedInFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
14:53 11/21/23
Beyond Blogging: Diversifying Your Content Strategy for Maximum Traffic and Engagement
Welcome to another exciting episode of You Are Buzzworthy! Today, we are diving into the world of marketing tactics and exploring the power of inbound traffic. We all know that engaging with our audience is essential, but how can we generate valuable inbound traffic that drives results? In this episode, we'll break down the Rule 26 KPI of traffic and explore the diverse range of content strategies that can boost your online presence. From blogging and social media to podcasts and videos, we'll uncover the secrets to capturing your audience's attention and delivering the right content at the right time. Get ready to discover the key to effective inbound traffic and learn how to tailor your content to different client personas. So grab your headphones and get ready for another buzzworthy episode of You Are Buzzworthy!00:01:29 Diverse content: blogs, social media, publications.00:06:06 Multi-platform content creator drives engagement and credibility.00:08:01 Select valuable topics for webinars or workshops and market with enticing value proposition to save attendees' time.00:10:53 Podcast, reels, webinars, workshops, video possibilities00:16:13 Being a bestselling author opens doors, gains attention.00:18:26 Create ROI by enticing and engaging audience. Track downloads and purchases for effective segmentation.00:20:37 Diving into video, workshops, Rule 26. Sharing knowledge, engage and be successful.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
24:01 11/14/23
AI and Small Business Marketing: Unlocking New Possibilities for Growth and Success
Welcome to another exciting episode of You Are Buzzworthy! In today's episode, we dive deep into the world of marketing for small businesses and demystify AI, the new hero of the digital marketing arena. With AI being touted as the secret sauce that can revolutionize your marketing efforts, we'll separate fact from fiction and debunk some common AI myths. But don't worry, we won't leave you hanging. We'll also explore the ways you can leverage AI to supercharge your marketing strategies. From data analysis and personalization to chatbots and predictive analytics, we'll cover the most common applications of AI in marketing. So join us on this informative journey as we reveal how AI can be a game changer for your business's marketing. Get ready to be buzzed!00:01:26 AI: Small business marketing's secret weapon.00:04:58 AI can transform marketing: analysis, personalization, content, chatbots, ads, email.00:07:13 Salesforce Einstein Analytics, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Adobe Analytics, and DiZio are AI-powered platforms that help businesses analyze customer data, improve marketing strategies, and optimize user experiences.00:11:03 AI enables A/B testing and experimentation for businesses.00:15:47 Integrating AI tools is complex, requires resources. (7 words)00:16:59 AI empowers efficient, effective marketing for businesses.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
19:46 11/7/23
The Ten Disciplines: Unleashing Your True Potential and Making a Lasting Impact
Coming up on You Are Buzzworthy, we have a special guest, Gino Wickman, the author of the highly impactful book "Traction." Gino shares his insights on running a business in an efficient and progressive way, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from the discipline of doing business. We also get a sneak peek into Gino's upcoming book on ten disciplines for entrepreneurs, which promises to be a must-read for anyone wanting to maximize their impact and find more peace in their lives. Join us as we dive into the world of entrepreneurship with the incredible Gino Wickman on this episode of You Are Buzzworthy.00:02:24 Order and summary of books for entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurial Leap, Rocket Fuel, Traction, EOS life, Ten Disciplines.00:03:37 Ten disciplines shared at EOS conference.00:08:54 Importance of self-discovery and staying true to oneself; Making decisions based on long-term vision.00:11:52 Understanding time allows for faster, better results.00:13:48 Patience leads to faster success in entrepreneurship.00:18:15 Knowing thyself: from superficial to shedding blocks.00:22:26 Be still, trauma surfaces in stillness.00:24:12 Humility: Cherish unknown moments, overcome self-perception.Primary Topic: Introduction- Guest introduction: Gino Wickman, author of "Traction"- Excitement about upcoming book on ten disciplines for entrepreneursPrimary Topic: The Motivation Behind Writing the Book- Gino's previous books in order: "Entrepreneurial Leap," "Rocket Fuel," "Traction," "EOS life"- Ten Disciplines as the next step in helping entrepreneurs maximize their impact and energy- Origin of the ten disciplines from a talk at an EOS conferencePrimary Topic: Overview of the Ten Disciplines- Discipline 1: Ten Year Thinking- Discipline 2: Take Time Off- Discipline 3: Know Thyself- Discipline 4: Be still- Discipline 5: Know Your 100%- Discipline 6: Say No Often- Discipline 7: Don't Do $25 an Hour Work- Discipline 8: Prepare Every Night- Discipline 9: Put Everything in One Place- Discipline 10: Be HumblePrimary Topic: The Endless Depth of the Disciplines- Comparison to the limitless nature of emotional intelligence- The potential for personal growth and self-discovery through practicing the disciplinesPrimary Topic: The Importance of Saying No- Setting boundaries- The connection between the first five disciplines and the ease of saying no- Saying no to things that don't align with personal goals and purposeFollow Gino:https://ginowickman.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
26:15 10/31/23
Unlock Your Earnings Potential: Proven Techniques for Raising ARPC and Adding Value to Clients
Do you want to take your service-based business to new levels of profitability? Are you looking for ways to maximize your average revenue per client and add more value to your offerings? In this discussion, I will be sharing effective strategies that can help you achieve increased profitability and enhance the overall value you provide to your clients. By implementing these solutions, you can unlock untapped potential and elevate your business to new heights of success.In this episode, you will be able to:Increase your average revenue per client (ARPC) by implementing effective strategies.Bundle complementary services to provide added value and increase your revenue.Use upselling and cross-selling strategies to maximize revenue from each client.Create exclusivity and scarcity around premium experiences to attract high-paying clients.Attend the R 26 Intensive workshop to learn practical tactics for improving profitability in your service-based business.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:57 - Importance of ARPC 00:05:07 - Billing What You're Worth 00:07:37 - Increasing Rates and Value 00:10:20 - Conclusion 00:14:56 - Introduction 00:15:15 - Bundling with Water Delivery 00:16:46 - The Benefits of Bundling 00:19:42 - Upselling and Cross Selling 00:23:16 - Exclusivity and Scarcity 00:29:58 - R. Two Six Intensive Workshop 00:30:25 - R. Two Six Intensive Details 00:30:48 - Closing Remarks Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
31:31 10/24/23
Boost Your Website ROI: The Power of Iterative CRO Strategies
If you're feeling frustrated by the lack of success in improving your conrates and website ROI, despite implementing various strategies and tactics, then you are not alone! You may have tried A/B testing different elements on your website, optimizing your landing pages, or even investing in paid advertising campaigns, but still not seeing the desired results. Instead of experiencing increased con and a boost in your website's return on investment, you may be facing dwindling sales, wasted resources, and a growing sense of helplessness.In this episode, you will be able to:Increase Your Website ROI: Learn how conversion rate optimization can boost your website's return on investment and help you generate more revenue.Improve User Experience: Discover the importance of user experience in conversion rate optimization and how it can positively impact your website's performance.Effective Methods and Tools: Explore various methods and tools used in conversion rate optimization that can help you optimize your website for better conversion rates.Overcome Challenges, Reap Benefits: Understand the challenges and benefits of conversion rate optimization, and learn how to overcome obstacles and maximize the results.Iterative Process for Success: Learn about the iterative nature of conversion rate optimization and how continuously testing and refining your website can lead to long-term success.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:00 - Introduction to Rule 26 00:01:20 - Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 00:03:30 - The Impact of Small Improvements in Conversion Rates 00:06:18 - Understanding Conversion Rate and Calculating it 00:09:49 - Conversion Rate Optimization Process 00:16:11 - Importance of Website Loading Time 00:16:48 - Designing a Professional and User-Friendly Website 00:18:13 - Tailoring Content to Target Audience 00:21:04 - Methods and Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 00:23:22 - Challenges and Benefits of CRO Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
29:53 10/19/23
Demystifying Traffic Myths: It's Not Just About Numbers
Unveiling the Myth: Small business owners discover the secret to attracting high-quality website traffic, as Michel Buzinski challenges the notion that more is always better, igniting a battle between quantity and quality.In this episode, you will be able to:Learn why driving targeted traffic is crucial for the success of your small business website, and how it can significantly impact your bottom line.Discover the truth behind the common misconception that high website traffic automatically translates to success, and uncover the real factors that contribute to achieving your business goals.Understand the different intents behind search queries, and find out how aligning your content with these intents can lead to higher conversion rates and more qualified leads.Explore the value of quality over quantity when it comes to website traffic, and learn how focusing on attracting the right audience can result in tangible business growth.Discover the opportunity cost of dealing with irrelevant leads and wasted resources, and find out how optimizing your website traffic can save you time, effort, and money.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:00 - The Importance of Targeted Traffic 00:02:01 - The Fallacy of High Traffic 00:04:07 - Understanding Buyer Intent 00:06:08 - Quality Over Quantity Case Study00:10:33 - The Cost of Talking to the Wrong People00:15:40 - Introduction to Paid Advertising 00:17:14 - Diversifying Traffic Sources 00:18:34 - Leveraging Different Advertising Strategies 00:19:39 - Case Study: Improving Traffic with Keywords00:22:39 - Importance of Quality Traffic #YouAreBuzzworthyPodcast #BuzzworthyMarketing #MichaelBuzinskiFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
24:51 10/10/23
The Essential KPIs for Doubling Your Business Revenue
Unleash the revenue-generating power within your business as I, Michel Buzinski, guide you through the dynamic world of KPIs, revealing the shocking truth behind vanity metrics and presenting the Rule of 26 as the ultimate weapon for doubling your revenue growth.In this episode, you will be able to:Maximize revenue growth with effective digital marketing strategies.Track the right metrics to achieve marketing success and drive revenue growth.Learn and implement the Rule of 26 to maximize revenue using a structured framework.Adapt your marketing strategies to changes in the market and user experience.Understand the importance of targeting high-profit clients and increasing average revenue per client.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:00 - Understanding the Importance of Revenue-Driving Metrics 00:01:57 - Introducing a New Format for the Podcast00:06:17 - The Three Key Revenue-Driving KPIs, 00:10:47 - The Rule of 2600:12:38 - Discovering Leverage and the Rule of 26's Potential00:17:05 - The Importance of Adapting to Changing User Experience (UX)00:18:35 - Evolving Trends in Website Marketing00:19:39 - Targeting High Profit, Low Bandwidth Clients00:19:41 Get the Rule of 26 book for FREE at - Actionable Steps: Rule of 26 and Book Offer00:21:40 The R26 Intensive Live Event00:22:25 Exclusive Discount for Listeners: Early bird special, 20% off00:23:14 - Future Episodes and Closing Remarks#YouAreBuzzworthyPodcast #BuzzworthyMarketing #MichaelBuzinskiFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
24:14 10/3/23
Attracting the Right Customers: How the StoryBrand Framework Can Revolutionize Your Marketing
Discover the marketing secret that transformed April Hawkins' world, giving her a lifeline to navigate the overwhelming maze of sales jargon and strategies. Uncover the unexpected twist that left her feeling a newfound confidence in her work, knowing she was effectively reaching her audience in a meaningful and impactful way. Prepare to be amazed as April shares how this framework not only simplified marketing, but made it fun and engaging, leaving her hungry for more. Stay tuned to find out how StoryBrand's powerful approach revolutionizes the way you connect with customers and transform your business.In this episode, you will be able to:Harness the potential of the StoryBrand framework to transform your marketing efforts.Realize the significant role of acknowledging your customer's problems within your marketing strategy.Carry out the switch from 'we' and 'us' language to 'you' and 'your' language to increase customer engagement.Define your ideal customer profile and gain insight into their specific challenges.Explore the Rule of 26, a proven method to double your website revenue via tailored messaging. List 2:My special guest is April HawkinsIn the world of marketing education, April Hawkins is something of a revelation. Leveraging her expertise as a StoryBrand teacher and facilitator, she's transformed countless marketing messages for businesses eager to connect more powerfully with their audience. April’s approach is rooted in authenticity and strategy, enabling entrepreneurs to define and articulate their narrative in a way that's both engaging and impactful. Her vibrant personality also shines through on the Buzzworthy Marketing podcast, which she co-hosts with enthusiastic acclaim, offering valuable insights in an enlightening and easily digestible format.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:00 - Introducing StoryBrand, 00:02:35 - The Power of StoryBrand, 00:04:01 - The Rule of 26, 00:08:22 - Filtering Out Unqualified Clients, 00:11:43 - Reverse Engineering the Process, 00:15:28 - The Importance of Painting the Picture of Success, 00:16:23 - Using Quests to Frame the Customer Journey, 00:17:33 - The Key Role of Problem Identification, 00:18:43 - The Power of Client Research, 00:19:27 - Resources for Success, Follow April Hawkins:https://storybrand.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
20:29 9/26/23
Podcast Interview Marketing: A Strategic Approach to Reaching Ideal Customers with Tom Schwab
In a crowded market, how can businesses break through the noise and reach their ideal customers? Join podcast guest marketing expert Tom Schwab as he reveals the power of podcast interview marketing and the secrets to reaching a targeted audience. But what happens when your marketing strategy relies on one platform, and that platform suddenly disappears? Find out next time on YABP Season 2.My special guest isMeet Tom Schwab, a passionate advocate for the transformative power of podcast interview marketing. His laser-focused approach has helped over 700 brands attract their ideal audience and drive meaningful engagement. As the Chief Evangelist Officer at Interview Valet, his goal is to help businesses cut through the noise and step into conversations that people are already tuned into. Tom isn't just an expert; he's a thought leader who continually tests and refines his strategies, pioneering inventive ways to leverage podcast interviews as a powerful marketing tool.Follow Tom Schwab:https://interviewvalet.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
25:14 9/19/23