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I'm Ann Marie McQueen, a Canadian-born, Middle East-residing, perimenopausing journalist. I'm also founder of Hotflash Inc, a platform to inform, entertain and encourage the global perimenoposse. I'm here reminding you that while nothing about this peri/menopause transition is easy, it is going somewhere good. My aim is to give you the best information, in the most objective, balanced manner I can muster. I'll give you access to some remarkable people, cutting-edge information and research, new ideas, viewpoints you may not be used to hearing, a global view, some serious talk, and lots of silliness too. I'll always trust that you can use your own open, inquiring mind, unique experience, education, experience and perspective to decide what's right for you. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode, and if you like it, maybe leave a rating and a review. A big thank you to our sponsors: • Become | Visit to receive 20% off all products with the code HOTFLASHINC • Ritual | Visit and use code HOTFLASH to get your first month free. Join the Hotflash Inc global perimenoposse here: Web: TikTok: @hotflashinc Instagram: @hotflashinc Twitter: @hotflashinc


Evernow founder Alicia Jackson is all-in on menopause
Dr Alicia Jackson is an American scientist, health-tech entrepreneur and CEO and founder of Evernow — a next-generation telemedicine startup that is completely focused on menopause and provides FDA-approved treatment from specialists. Evernow also recently announced a very significant round of funding, with some very influential donors. We speak all about how Alicia went from MIT to menopause, how and why Evernow attracted A-list celebrity funding, modern menopause hormone therapy and what she sees as most important moving forward.
47:40 09/16/2022
Professor Martha Hickey: Menopause IS Normal
Ann Marie speaks to Martha Hickey, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Melbourne and co-director of the Gynaecology Research Centre at the Royal Women’s Hospital. Prof Hickey is a leader in developing national guidelines for menopause management in Australia and New Zealand and also in developing a new model of care for managing menopausal symptoms after breast cancer.
32:38 09/09/2022
Hotflash inc podcast – Season 2 trailer
I'm Ann Marie McQueen, a Canadian-born, Middle East-residing, perimenopausing journalist. I'm also founder of Hotflash Inc, a platform to inform, entertain and encourage the global perimenoposse. I'm here reminding you that while nothing about this peri/menopause transition is easy, it is going somewhere good.
00:58 09/06/2022
SOLO episode: How to be in the peri-middle
Ann Marie talks about some of the cool things that are happening – including season 2 of the podcast starting Friday, September 9 2022 – before moving on to why perimenopause is all about figuring out how to exist in the middle. Then a few words about something that is definitely not our friend at this time, and that is A-L-C-O-H-O-L.
17:18 09/03/2022
Debbie Baisden is having a Menopause Party
Debbie Baisden is a popular British menopause campaigner, comedian and Pub Landlady (which, if you are not from the UK, is quite different from a bartender. Ann Marie speaks to Debbie while she is in Scotland, spending a week performing and promoting her one-woman show Menopause Party at the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
32:08 08/26/2022
Revelry is about menopause, not getting high
"The minute you get that good night sleep, everything changes." That's from Lilach Mazor Power. Find out how cannabis leader and co-founder of Phoenix-based menopause-focused Revelry Cannabis is helping women sleep better and longer than they ever could – as well as alleviating a bunch of other symptoms, too.
53:39 08/19/2022
Amy Schmidt lost herself once, too
Get inspired by Ann Marie's conversation with Amy Schmidt, who is all the things a woman can be at this time of our lives and more. She inspired women through more than 100 episodes of her Fearlessly Facing Fifty podcast before pivoting and launching her Better Than Gossip project. Her journals turned into a book, Cannonball: Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond, a Ted Talk, major television appearances and a big new project. But it wasn’t always this way. Amy lost herself in her 40s – as so many of us do – and she describes how she found her confidence again, and you can too.
43:43 08/12/2022
Earning a PhD in the LGBTQ+ experience of menopause
Ann Marie speaks to Rebecca Ann Simmons, a PhD researcher at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds, whose research aims to uncover the multiplicity of experiences among LGBTQ+ people who are or have experienced menopause
23:56 08/05/2022
Irene Ndagire is changing menopause in Uganda
Ann Marie speaks to Irene Ndagire, a physiotherapist based in Kampala, Uganda who runs the Women’s Health Foundation and recently launched Menopause Uganda.
27:17 07/29/2022
What we talk about when we are talking about menopause
Ann Marie is back with another solo episode, talking about all the individual conversations and lovely moments she had with people out of the Menopause Shift Summit.
19:05 07/23/2022
How to ruin your sleep in perimenopause
A short example of why sleep hygiene is important, yet it's the first thing to go when things start to get tough.
14:57 07/16/2022
SOLO episode: How my heart sent me to the ER
That time I called myself an ambulance in the middle of the night and waited for it like you would for a taxi.
22:12 07/09/2022
SOLO episode AMA: "How did DHEA change your life"?
Menopause Talk podcast. She asks: "How did DHEA change your life and are you still taking it?" Ann Marie talks about how, in the early stages of perimenopause she experienced symptoms of adrenal exhaustion that were ultimately successfully treated with a course of DHEA (for several months) and an entire lifestyle overhaul. And she references some of the latest research on the use of DHEA, and the potential of DHEA for treating the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.
30:56 07/02/2022
SOLO episode: What we learned at the Menopause Shift Summit, part 1
Almost 7,000 people signed up for the Menopause Shift Summit, a project nine months in the making. Ann Marie runs down some of what she and partner Andrea Donsky learned from interviewing 40+ expert speakers over three days.
33:16 06/25/2022
SOLO episode: Turkey, hiking, fear and introducing Menopause Shift Summit
Ann Marie talks about the parallel effort involved in tackling two very different things: her first hiking trip in Turkey and the Menopause Shift Summit (June 21-23), and all the growth and euphoria that comes with making things new things happen, even if you have to go through the same fear, anger and inner resistance every time.
18:58 06/11/2022
I Support The Girls founder Dana Marlowe talks bras, Flash Kits, comfort & poverty
Ann Marie speaks to I Support the Girls founder Dana Marlowe about menopause, Flash Kits, being homeless and in poverty and devoting all your time to doing something you love.
42:13 06/03/2022
The truth about UK HRT shortages
Season Two is coming July 1! But first... Emma Hartley is a British journalist and co-founder of 24hourlondon who conducted an investigation into the UK’s HRT shortages for a publication called Tortoise… in 2018. Emma’s story touched on everything from Donald Trump’s trade war with China to manufacturing facilities in India, but in the end, the problem then and the problem now is much, much closer to home.
25:27 05/20/2022
SOLO episode: This is going somewhere good
As we ramp up to the launch of Hotflash Inc, the podcast Season Two, Ann Marie talks about why she choose "this is going somewhere good" as one of the tag lines for Hotflash Inc; why she's not having the deficiency narrative, weighing menopause hormone therapy for current (and future) health, magic bullets and some vagina stuff.
24:21 05/13/2022
Rachel Lankester thinks you are magnificent
Today Ann Marie is speaking to Rachel Lankester, author of the book Magnificent Midlife and the blog The Mutton Club, host of the Magnificent Midlife podcast and Facebook page The Flock. Rachel has done some deep work deconstructing some of the negative narratives and stereotypes in the UK, which exist all over the rest of the world, too.
44:08 05/06/2022
SOLO episode: Menopause brain drain
Ann Marie talks about the upcoming Channel 4 Davina McCall documentary, The Menopause Brain Drain; her own personal – and very expensive – brain drain, and why watching a 5-hour free seminar on TikTok changed everything this week for her (and maybe for you too).
27:52 04/30/2022
SOLO episode: Me + HRT (part 1 of a never-ending series)
Today on the podcast Ann Marie talks about why she’s happy she didn’t go on HRT – yet – and is still deeply considering it. She talks about being diagnosed with SIBO, which for the better part of a year was causing three very common perimenopause symptoms. Plus a story about a very nice women and some words about the three experts on social media who have earned their followings with wisdom, experience, forward-thinking and humility.
24:55 04/23/2022
INTERVIEW episode: Cindy Barshop wants to fix your vagina
Ann Marie gives an update on the British "hormone deficiency" situation, complete with mansplaining, talks about Sweden's new HRT recommendations and new British women and dementia study, and explains why American actress and businesswoman Tracee Ellis Ross is a member of the perimenoposse. And she has a surprise interview with Cindy Barshop, former Real Housewife of New York and founder of VSPOT Medi-Spa Medi Spa in NYC, where they have a top medical team and every non-surgical measure you need to boost sexual pleasure and wellness no matter what's going on with your hormones.
37:32 04/15/2022
This week Ann Marie talks all about the biggest news to hit menopause since... since... there hasn't been news this big, ever; how a simple memory test ruined my day, and an HRT story you don't hear every day.
25:37 04/08/2022
SOLO episode: NOT a p**** hamster
This week Ann Marie talks all about her own Perimenopause symptoms before veering into the thorny topic of vaginas and vulvas, and what can be done to help them. (Hint: lots)
22:30 04/01/2022
SOLO episode: Death of the party girl
Ann Marie talks about the horrible week that resulted from her bad decision to celebrate seeing old friends with new drinks.... and much more.
28:27 03/25/2022
BONUS SOLO episode: This is not a effing syndrome
Ann Marie talks about perimenopause depression, "female hormone deficiency syndrome with health risks"; taking Hotflash Inc to the streets and a weird dream where her cat Ninja Jr changed colour.
26:38 03/18/2022
BONUS SOLO EPISODE: Hang in there and follow Will Smith
TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide and suicide ideation. If you are feeling suicidal, please tell someone, reach out to your local suicide hotline or contact a licensed therapist. This podcast talks about a story I came across in a Norwich, England paper called the Eastern Daily Press Victoria Metcalf-Smith, a solicitor and mother of three who took her own life in April 2021.
28:49 03/12/2022
I'm journalist and Hotflash Inc founder Ann Marie McQueen and this is my first solo episode. Think of it like MTV Unplugged (GenX, I see you)... stripped down, bell-and-whistle-less. Just me in a hotel room in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, overstaying my late checkout and wondering about the world and our perimenoposse place in it.
27:06 03/06/2022
Amy Schmidt thinks its better to be real
Amy Schmidt lost herself in her 40s – as so many of us do – and if she can find her confidence again, you can too.
43:43 02/25/2022
MK Czerwiec wants you to draw it out
MK Czerwiec is a nurse and graphic artist (hence her handle, Comic Nurse) who edited 2020’s Menopause: A Comic Treatment. The book went on to be named on the New York Times’ year-end list of the best graphic novels and won two Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, including one for best anthology. MK talks all about Graphic Medicine, an emerging field that uses comics to enhance medical education and patient care and help people process trauma and painful experiences. MK is also going through menopause, and she's very interested in finding ways to deal with hot flashes and some of the other symptoms we experience. And stay tuned, because near the end of the podcast she offers one of the best tips I’ve heard for creatively making a plan that we can turn to in our hardest, darkest times.
44:09 02/18/2022