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Recorded in Abu Dhabi, G42onAIr, will bring industry expertise from leaders and technologists working in the field of AI and digital transformation. Listeners will hear about the technology, trends, challenges and impact – straight from the people who make it all happen. Produced by G42, a leading UAE-based AI and cloud computing company, each episode will transport you into insightful, market-leading conversations surrounding transformative technology and our digital future – all in less than 30 minutes.


G42onAIr - Episode 4 - AI's role in Financial Services
This time, taking the mic is Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight, G42’s big data analytics and AI solutions company. In the episode, Thomas talks about how to unlock the power of data across sectors such as Finance, Healthcare, Smart City and more. To know more about how AI is revolutionizing the financial services industry, you can meet Thomas and the Presight team at the upcoming Abu Dhabi Finance Week, kicking off next week in Abu Dhabi. Listen to the episode to find out more.
19:40 11/10/2022
G42onAIr - Episode 3 - The future of Smart Cities
In this episode, we bring Martin Yates, Global Chief Technology Officer, Injazat, a G42 company, to talk about smart cities, how they are being transformed and what challenges they face. 
32:39 10/07/2022
G42onAIr - Episode 2 - The future of mobility and the ethical considerations of autonomous vehicles
In this episode, we invite Hasan Al Hosani, CEO of Bayanat, a G42 company, to talk about the future of mobility- drone deliveries, automated buses, cargo solutions etc. as well as the ethical considerations of autonomous vehicles. Hasan discusses legislations, importance of partnerships and the technology behind autonomous vehicles.
30:30 09/26/2022
G42onAIr - Episode 1 - Finding Humanity in Technology
In our first episode, we want to spend some time talking about finding humanity in technology. Here, we’ll set the baseline to really understand the WHO and the WHY. We will discuss why we have dedicated our business to developing AI and who will benefit from this technology as the world moves ahead.  We’ll also talk more about our company, how our teams are contributing to AI, and speak to the role this technology will have in transforming industry and society to drive positive progress that benefits humanity.
25:18 09/06/2022