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A Million Other Straws - the Podcast

A Million Other Straws is a podcast series that tries to make sense of a world that does not always seem to do so. It will attempt to show that we are all the same and have more alike with one another than we have different. This show will cover topics that relate to every human, such as, love, relationships, news, entertainment, etc. Nothing is off-limits.


What Now...Pt.2 68:11 01/29/2021
What Now... The Votes Are In 64:41 01/11/2021
Vote Baby Vote 99:34 10/23/2020
Sex, Truth, and Exploration... Part 3 86:31 09/18/2020
The Roof Is On Fire, Police Are Still At It, America Is Ripe... But Black Men Are Still Dying 61:01 06/26/2020
Covid-19: How Are We Faring, What Can We Learn... Use the Opportunity 62:18 06/25/2020
Healthcare: Poor Treatment, Mistrust, and Prejudging... We Need to Get Well 76:24 03/13/2020
Diversity In the Workplace Should Benefit Us All... Sure 63:21 02/03/2020
Sad Day for UPS, Label Me Missing, Drug Wrld, and To Impeach or Not To Impeach... We Shall See 64:36 12/13/2019
Sex, Truth, and Exploration... Part 2 63:41 11/29/2019
As the Impeachment Turns, Kapernick Calls an Audible, and Somebody Needs to Help Kanye... and Fast 64:54 11/22/2019
Sex, Truth, and Exploration... Part 1 62:18 11/08/2019
Good News, RIP Spoon, NYPD Abusing Kids, DT and the GOP Smearing an Actual US Patriot... Yeah They Tried 63:46 11/03/2019
Black Cinema, Gucci Tripping, College Scandals and the Burning Down of DT... Yeah its Burning 61:55 10/25/2019
Fort Worth, Tightening Noose and Nazi Ball 60:41 10/18/2019
Impeachment Fever, Latinos Embrace What, E-Cig Madness... and We Guess That's Justice 72:40 10/04/2019
Surviving, Bargaining, and Fighting... and Streams of Consciousness 63:59 09/19/2019
Chicken Sandwiches and Hurricanes...Get a Damn Grip America 62:48 08/30/2019
Guns and Mental Health... they are separate, EQUALLY IMPORTANT, issues 65:01 08/18/2019
What Is Black Enough... #boycottHarriett Our Ass 53:53 08/10/2019
What Will It Take... I Mean, COME ON PEOPLE 68:19 07/24/2019
Eliminating the word "Crazy" is just that... CRAZY 12:41 07/15/2019