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TCAST is an education, business, and technology video podcast that informs listeners and viewers on best practices, theory, technical functions of the TARTLE data marketplace system and how it is designed to serve society with the highest and best intentions. TCAST is brought to you by TARTLE. A global personal data marketplace that allows users to sell their personal information anonymously when they want to, while allowing buyers to access clean ready to analyze data sets on digital identities from all across the globe. The show is hosted by Co-Founder and Source Data Pioneer Alexander McCaig and Head of Conscious Marketing Jason Rigby. What's your data worth? Find out at ( Watch the podcast on YouTube ( Like our Facebook Page ( Follow us on Instagram ( Follow us on Twitter ( Spread the word!


TARTLE's Secret Campaign to Stop Poverty Today is Out NOW 06:23 06/23/2022
We Are Capable: It's Time to Empower Women and the Elderly With Susan Douglas 30:58 06/13/2022
Are We Safe in the Metaverse? Why Only TARTLE Can Help 16:30 06/12/2022
Beware of the Avatar: TARTLE's Mission to Make the Metaverse Humane 20:39 06/11/2022
How TARTLE is a Symbol of Hope and Change 23:38 06/08/2022
Expectations vs Reality on Human Progress, Experience, & Our Existence 21:17 06/05/2022
Empower Yourself and Benefit! Sign Up for TARTLE Now 19:57 06/03/2022
How We Benefit from TARTLE in Community, Memory, and the Future 20:07 06/01/2022
How to Succeed at Saving the Climate and Our Future With Mark Jaccard 48:43 05/29/2022
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Here's the Secret Behind Why TARTLE Grew Super Popular, Super Fast 24:00 05/21/2022
How YOU Fit in the Future of Data Networks and Technology 09:51 05/18/2022
More Work, Less Money: How Life Changed After the American Dream 15:13 05/15/2022
TARTLE's Big Role in Stopping Us From Repeating History's Failures 15:59 05/13/2022
Are We Really In Control Of Tech Development and Innovation? With Bernd Stahl 38:05 05/11/2022
How to See Beyond the Shared Fiction in Modern Economies 11:39 05/07/2022
What Big Tech is Doing With Your Data and Why You Should Be Afraid 18:12 05/05/2022
Why Buyers Should Commit to Ethically Sourced Data Through TARTLE Now 06:56 05/01/2022
Why Should Buyers Trust TARTLE with Data? 08:36 04/29/2022
How You Can Benefit from Universal Basic Income 07:32 04/27/2022
The First Step to Helping Science and Human Progress with Dr. Avi Loeb 42:19 04/15/2022
Money, Society, and Choice: What’s Trust Got to Do With It? 11:53 04/11/2022
Does Tested Neuroscience Have Anything Useful to Say On Performance? With Steven Kotler 58:10 04/08/2022
Why Do We Need to Control the Value of Money? Let's Find Out 14:52 04/07/2022
It's Time: Stop Big Tech from Abusing You Today! 13:28 04/05/2022
How TARTLE Can Help the Automotive Industry Grow 16:13 04/01/2022
How Does TARTLE Help You Control Your Data? 13:17 04/01/2022
How TARTLE May, One Day, Save Your Life 21:13 03/28/2022
Data, Money, and You: How to Win With TARTLE 14:28 03/27/2022
How Does Technology and the Metaverse Affect Human Progress? 09:41 03/27/2022