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Speaking of Psychology

"Speaking of Psychology" is an audio podcast series highlighting some of the latest, most important and relevant psychological research being conducted today. Produced by the American Psychological Association, these podcasts will help listeners apply the science of psychology to their everyday lives.


How science can help you change your behavior for the better with Katy Milkman, PhD 40:58 09/22/2021
The seven sins of memory, with Daniel Schacter, PhD 41:13 09/15/2021
Twenty years after 9/11, what have we learned about collective trauma? With Roxane Cohen Silver, PhD 37:53 09/08/2021
Power: How you get it, how it can change you, with Dacher Keltner, PhD 36:17 09/01/2021
Sport psychology, peak performance and athletes’ mental health, with Jamie Shapiro, PhD 36:19 08/25/2021
Creativity, insight and “eureka moments,” with John Kounios, PhD 43:13 08/18/2021
The psychology of superstition, with Stuart Vyse, PhD 38:14 08/11/2021
Encore: How children’s amazing brains shaped humanity, with Alison Gopnik, PhD 45:32 08/04/2021
Why we’re burned out and what to do about it, with Christina Maslach, PhD 29:28 07/28/2021
Tasty words, colorful sounds: How people with synesthesia experience the world, with Julia Simner, PhD 38:21 07/21/2021
Can a personality test determine if you’re a good fit for a job? With Fred Oswald, PhD 43:17 07/14/2021
How to overcome feeling like an impostor, with Lisa Orbé-Austin, PhD, and Kevin Cokley, PhD 33:52 07/07/2021
Back to the office? The future of remote and hybrid work, with Tsedal Neeley, PhD 34:29 06/30/2021
The history of LGBTQ psychology from Stonewall to now, with Peter Hegarty, PhD 48:04 06/23/2021
How ‘open science’ is changing psychological research, with Brian Nosek, PhD 41:25 06/16/2021
What do we know about preventing gun violence? With Susan Sorenson, PhD 31:36 06/09/2021
COVID 19, Insomnia, and the Importance of Sleep, with Jennifer Martin, PhD 29:29 06/02/2021
The future of policing one year after George Floyd's death, with Cedric Alexander, PsyD 37:10 05/26/2021
Technology is changing how we talk to each other, with Jeff Hancock, PhD 31:59 05/19/2021
Can a “growth mindset” help students achieve their potential? With David Yeager, PhD 31:39 05/12/2021
What is it like to remember every day of your life? With Michael Yassa, PhD, and Markie Pasternak 38:50 05/05/2021
Your Brain Is Not What You Think It Is, with Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD 38:06 04/28/2021
How to cope with climate anxiety, with Thomas Doherty, PsyD, and Ashlee Cunsolo, PhD 35:28 04/21/2021
Why you should talk to strangers, with Gillian Sandstrom, PhD, and Jon Levy 41:13 04/14/2021
Suicide Prevention, with Jill Harkavy-Friedman, PhD 32:27 04/07/2021
What Makes Things Funny? With Peter McGraw, PhD 40:10 03/31/2021
How the threat of disease has shaped human behavior, with Mark Schaller, PhD 29:07 03/24/2021
What COVID-19 is teaching us about the importance of smell, with Pamela Dalton, PhD 33:29 03/17/2021
How We’re Coping One Year into the Pandemic, with Vaile Wright, PhD 24:00 03/10/2021
How meditation can help you live a flourishing life, with Richard Davidson, PhD 30:56 03/03/2021