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1745: Is Bigger Always Better in Advertising?
Does Size Matter? According to Rich and your marketing…well… you’ll have to listen and find out for yourself.
12:22 6/18/24
1744: 5 Ways To Improve The Way You Manage Your Business (Part 1)
Rich gives you 5 things to help you Manage Your Company.
17:00 6/17/24
1743: Sunday Podcast: The Parable of the Wealthy Father
What is the purpose of life? Rich has some thoughts for you today on Fathers Day!
31:21 6/16/24
1742: Podcast Highlight Show: 2024, Volume 12
It's the 12th volume of the Level 10 Contractor Podcast Highlight Show in 2024!
79:34 6/15/24
1741: Supercharge Your Reviews, Referrals, & Repeat Business (G4 Marketing)
Contact Pete Dabbelt, VP of Sales & Marketing at G4 Marketing:,, or 614-558-2350.
52:02 6/14/24
1740: Allowable Marketing Cost Per Sale
Rich helps you understand and calculate exactly how much money you can and should spend on marketing in your business.
50:18 6/13/24
1739: The Amazing, Compounding Returns of SEO
What if a company was able to do SEO right - what would be the ROI? Much better than you could imagine. Rich has all the details today.
20:08 6/12/24
1738: Cashing In On New Movers
Today’s episode focuses on a hidden marketing opportunity - waiting for you to discover it!
13:08 6/11/24
1737: 5 Ways To Make Customers Pay Higher Prices With Smiles on Their Faces
Rich is going to give you 5 ways to get customers pay higher prices… with a smile on their face!
17:25 6/10/24
1736: Sunday Podcast: Why I'm (Still) Flying The Pride Flag (2024 Update)
Want to know why Rich is flying the Pride flag at his house? Here’s why!
57:15 6/9/24
1735: Topic Showcase: Leveraging Mistakes
Today on the Topic Showcase we turn your 'bad day' into a brilliant marketing piece.
25:25 6/8/24
1734: Everything You Need To Know About CRM (ImproveIt 360)
Rich Talks with Brandon Thoms from Improveit360 about some amazing CRM solutions for your business - Marketsharp - and Improveit360.
32:50 6/7/24
1733: Platitudes Revisited
Rich talks about what platitudes are, why they’re so pervasive, when they’re appropriate to use...and then Rich will walk you through a methodology that he uses to write marketing with power, precision, and passion.
35:34 6/6/24
1732: 10 Identity-Based Radio Ads In 10 Minutes (Vol. 3)
10 Kick Butt Ads that are killing it… from 5 Level 10 Clients! Enjoy these great commercials - and consider using Level 10 To write and produce your own TV and Radio Messaging!
11:31 6/5/24
1731: Webinar Replay: The $10MM Marketing & Lead Gen Plan for Remodelers
A Replay of “ The $10MM Marketing & Lead Gen Plan for Remodelers” Webinar! Watch on Youtube here.
53:44 6/4/24
1730: 5 Ways To Wall Drug Your Prospective Customers
What is Wall Drugging? Rich says its: “Hitting your potential client over the head with your marketing message over and over (and over) in a short timeframe, to enhance the likelihood of your message being seen and absorbed.”  Listen how YOU can do it with your marketing!
24:58 6/3/24
1729: Sunday Podcast: Tapping Into The Mastermind
Rich shares about tapping into the power of thought with a principle introduced by Napoleon Hill called: ‘The Mastermind’
60:50 6/2/24
1728: Podcast Highlight Show: 2024, Volume 11
Another Level 10 Podcast Highlight show - the best of the past couple weeks!
76:25 6/1/24
1727: Using AI to Identify High-Value Prospects & Customers (Think Unlimited)
Rich interviews Brock Crabtree from Think Unlimited about using AI to qualify and rank your prospects and customers
36:57 5/31/24
1726: Sales According To Rich
Today - Rich is usually a marketing guy, but today he is talking Sales!
45:59 5/30/24
1725: The Vital Shift From Sales Training To Influence Training (Kyle Sellers)
Rich Talks with Kyle Sellers about influence coaching. Reach kyle at: and (920) 639-5953
40:23 5/29/24
1724: Chat GPT vs. Expert Copywriters
we put Chat GPT to the test against one of our expert copywriters!
19:49 5/28/24
1723: Memorial Day: My 97-Year Old Grandfather Still Won't Talk About The War
Happy Memorial Day from Level 10 Contractor!
07:33 5/27/24
1722: Sunday Podcast: Love Lessons From Dave
Rich gets inspired to make his marriage better - and learns how Agape love can make your family stronger.
23:29 5/26/24
1721: Topic Showcase: Marketing Budgets
On Today's Topic Showcase, we focus on your Marketing Budget
26:59 5/25/24
1720: Using Safety As A Sneaky Competitive Advantage (Heathcraft Products)
Rich talks with Jason Saint Amant from Healthcraft Products… and talks about how bathroom remodelers can use upscale safety products as a competitive advantage!
31:48 5/24/24
1719: Power, Precision, Passion
Rich Talks about making your marketing all about Power Precision and Passion
39:08 5/23/24
1718: Keynote Replay: Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes (Numbers 3, 4, & 5)
The 5 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Remodelers Make - Part Two from the FAST Remodeler Conference 2024
40:37 5/22/24
1717: Keynote Replay: Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes (Numbers 1 & 2)
The 5 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Remodelers Make - Rich’s Recording from FAST Remodeler Live 2024
33:52 5/21/24
1716: 5 Ways To Use Confirmation Bias In Your Favor
Today Rich Defines and explains Confirmation Bias and how to use it to the MAX in your business and marketing
27:40 5/20/24

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