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Software Engineering Unlocked

In this show, I open you the doors to companies and thought leaders around the world. With my guests, I discuss software engineering best practices and pitfalls, and how they strive to build software people love.


Getting ready for a billion-dollar business 52:45 05/04/2021
From designer to web developer 36:51 04/13/2021
Legacy code and what to do with it - with Michael Feathers 49:44 03/30/2021
Underrepresented, Underpaid & Undervalued – Having to change jobs to advance your career 51:40 03/16/2021
From bootcamp straight into a full-time dev role 46:02 02/16/2021
How Programmers Think and Learn with Prof. Felienne Hermans 50:01 02/02/2021
Vulnerability disclosure with Katie Moussouris 35:33 01/19/2021
Episode 33: From intern to CEO with agile testing expert Alex Schladebeck 50:08 12/22/2020
Episode 32: Serverless is your competitive advantage 53:32 12/08/2020
Episode 31: Combatting tech debt in war rooms 53:32 11/24/2020
Getting into FAANG companies without a CS degree 53:33 11/10/2020
Episode 29: No mocks allowed - A discussion with Kent C. Dodds 53:38 10/27/2020
Episode 28: How design systems help create an inclusive user experience at Github 45:12 10/13/2020
Episode 27: How I got a job at Spotify during a pandemic – Emma Bostian 43:51 09/29/2020
Software success through community building 48:02 09/15/2020
Special Episode 25: From art school to Microsoft Research 28:56 09/01/2020
Why you should double down on intergration testing with Kent C. Dodds 58:00 08/18/2020
Wearing many hats - From Sysadmin to Developer to Solution Architect at Red Hat 52:34 08/04/2020
Becoming a machine learning engineer at Twitter 41:53 07/15/2020
Inside Doist - The Bootstrapped Market Leader 50:12 06/23/2020
Fundamentally changing how we develop software 45:03 06/09/2020
Checking the Disability Box at Apple Changed My Life 58:28 05/26/2020
From Hardship to a Staff Engineering Position at Apple 27:17 05/12/2020
Why we hate to read code with Trisha Gee 48:41 04/28/2020
Running a successful dev shop with Martin Gratzer 56:55 04/14/2020
How to Succeed In Building Developer Tooling with Peter Pezaris 57:47 03/31/2020
What developers should know about security with Troy Hunt 58:14 03/17/2020
Bad Tests Are Worse Than Product Issues with Dan Abramov 64:16 03/03/2020
Starting a profitable business in six weeks with Courtland Allen 48:35 02/18/2020
Making Gatsby easy to understand with Laurie Barth 47:24 02/04/2020