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Hear from the people who make and use Tableau, run enterprise deployments and create data art. Emily Kund and Matt Francis discuss everything to do with Tableau and data visualisation.


#Data22 Live - CDO Wendy Turner-Williams
Throwback to #data22 where we spoke to #tableau CDO Wendy Turner-Williams
24:28 6/8/22
#Data22 Live - Francois Ajenstat
Well it wouldn't be TC without the rockstar Francois Ajenstat on stage, so of course, we have to have him on the show. We talked about the conference, Devs on Stage and all the good stuff, including that photo from the keynote. 
34:43 5/28/22
#Data22 Live - Sarah Franklin SF CMO
In this episode, Matt and Emily talked to Salesforce CMO Sarah Frankling about her experience of TC, the Salesforce family and how she feels about the #datafam 
25:24 5/18/22
#Data22 Live - Mark Nelson
Today at #data22 we talked to Tableau CEO Mark Nelson about his thoughts on being back at conference, where Tableau is heading and how it feels to go from backroom coder to company front man. 
26:13 5/18/22
#Data22 Live - Francis Dejonckheere
In the first podcast live from #data22 Matt and Emily talked to Francis Dejonckheere about Tableau Blueprint and how it can be used to transform organisations to be data driven
10:32 5/18/22
EP231 - Accessibility In DataViz with Frank Elevasky
In this episode of the Tableau World Podcast, Emily talks with Frank Elevasky on accessibility in dataviz, the Chartability tool, and his three wishes.     Check out Chartability, a tool to help you determine the accessibility of a viz, by going to:   Follow Frank at:
48:30 5/19/21
Ep230 - A Change to your regular podcast
This week Matt and Emily talk about some changes to the podcast, which is now called The Tableau World Podcast, with a shiny new logo too. 
22:02 4/15/21
EP229 - 2021.1 release & a new blog
This week its all about new things, a New Tableau CEO, a new Tableau 2021.1 release and a new blog at
32:32 4/1/21
EP 228 - New CEO Mark Nelson @data19
At the last in person Tableau conference we sat down with Francois, Andrew and Mark Nelson, little did we know he would become the big boss, or maybe we did. 
25:07 3/26/21
EP 227 - Setting Goals for 2021
What happens when someone who doesn't set goals chats to someone that likes to set them? This podcast! Today Matt and Emily talk about how to set goals both in personal and professional situations. The importance of rewarding yourself and ensuring that your goals are achievable. 
30:20 1/20/21
EP226 - Francois on the shelf and 2020.4 Review
In the final episode of 2020 we review the latest release of Tableau with Craig Bloodworth and discuss all the new features. We also come up with the amazing idea of Francois on the Shelf, available in 2021.   
56:14 12/24/20
EP225 - Building Communities with Eva Murray
This week we are joined by Eva Murray who talks about her new book, Empowered by Data: How to Build Inspired Analytics Communities and the new Womens Writers Club    
42:44 11/12/20
EP223 - TC20 Lookback and TFF Look Forward
We take a look back at TC20 and discuss some of the things we really loved about Tableaus first attempt at a virtual conference and we look forward to the original Tableau Virtual conference, TFF20
22:31 11/4/20
EP222 - TC20is Previewis
This week Matt and Emily preview Tableau #data20ish. The 2nd online tableau conference, after #TFF. 
35:06 10/1/20
EP221 - 2020 Vizzies Preview
In this episode Matt and Emily launch the voting for the 2020 Tableau Podcast Community awards, the Vizzies. With special thanks to Kevin Flerlage. Think of the SAG awards, but for the Tableau datafam. You can find the voting form here
26:25 8/29/20
EP220 - Relationship Noodles
This week Matt and Emily talk relationship noodles and what they mean for your data. Is this the end of joins? Of course, It depends. 
69:10 7/31/20
EP219 - IronViz 2020, Tableau Ambassadors and Racial Justice
Big News! COVID-19 shifted the way we work and live and Iron Viz. In this episode, Matt & Emily share about big news in the Tableau world; • Racial Justice Initiative and commentary about what Tableau as a company is doing to be more diverse in their leadership Introspection and Action: An open letter from Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky | Tableau Software • Iron Viz competition Ready to take your data skills to the next level? Iron Viz is back for 2020 with our biggest prizes yet | Tableau Software • Tableau Ambassador nominations Nominations and Applications are now open for 2020 Tableau Ambassadors, Introducing DataDev Ambassadors! | Tableau Software
43:36 7/8/20
EP218 - Covid Chat
We are back for our usual banter and chat. This week Em and Matt talked Lockdown, Covid, Data and virtual meetups
37:17 4/29/20
EP217 - Animations with Paul Isaacs
This week we talked to Paul Isaacs, one of the people beind the exciting new animations in Tableau 2020
50:02 3/4/20
EP216 - Tableau 2020.1 Tech chat
A new release of Tableau means a new tech chat with Jmac and Craig. We talked animations, dynamic parameters and all the other gifts that Ajenstat has given unto us.
51:17 2/25/20
EP215 - BBC News Christine Jeavans
In the first podcast of 2020, Matt and Emily talked to @BBCNews Senior data journalist Christine Jeavans (@chrisjeavans). Christine works for the News Graphics team and creates data visualizations for the BBC News Website. We discussed the recent general elections results and the challenge of making accessible visualizations for the masses. Some of the work we talked about in the episode : BMI Tracker How Much Warmer is your City? Whats Your Diets Foot print ? 2019 General Election Results 2019 General Election Analysis NHS Tracker  
52:37 1/22/20
EP214 - 2019 Review
We sat down to look back at 2019, we talked about the releases throughout the year, some of our favourite features, Salesforce, TC, Elections and some future plans for 2020
43:15 12/20/19
EP213 - #Data19 Live - Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic
We concluded our #data19 live podcasts by sitting down with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic (@storywithdata) about how to make better stories with our data and #tableau
30:54 12/13/19
EP212 - #Data19 Live - Mike Hetrick - Blueprint
Continuing our #data19 podcasts we talked to Mike Hetrick, Senior Product Marketing Manager for @tableau Blueprint about how Blueprint came to be and what it can do for your #tableau adoption. 
19:36 12/11/19
EP211 - #Data19 Live - Mark Jewet
We chatted to Mark Jewett, VP Product Marketing about his #data19 experience
26:08 12/9/19
EP210 - #Data19 Live - Lindsey Poulter & Mark Bradbourne
We talked to the Queen of set actions and Iron Viz Finalist Lindsey Poulter, and her Sous Chef former Tableau fan boy now employee Mark Bradbourne. 
25:25 12/4/19
EP209 - #Data19 Live - Adam Selipsky, CEO
We had our regular #TC chat with @tableau CEO Adam Selipsky (@aselipsky) who talked about his #data19 keynote and the whole #tableau #datafam
20:18 12/2/19
EP208 - #Data19 Live - The Tableau Product Dream Team
We reassembled the dynamic #tableau product dream team, C3PO Francois Ajenstat, CTO Andrew Beers & EVP Product Development Mark Nelson to talk about whatever it is they do @tableau  and how they enjoyed #data19
25:07 11/29/19
EP207 - #Data19 Live - Jackie Yeaney, EVP Marketing
We talked to new girl, Jackie Yeaney @tableau's new EVP Marketing. She told us about her journey to #tableau and her experience of the madness of #data19. Will she swear? Well what do you think?
27:32 11/27/19
EP206 - #Data19 Live - Victoria Wagner & Mr Noodles
We talked to Victoria Wagner and Tyler (Mr Noodles) about their Devs on Stage experience at #data19, animations and the amazing new data modeling. 
28:44 11/25/19

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