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Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development & Minimalism

I read you the best content on personal development, minimalism, productivity, and more, with author permission. Think of Optimal Living Daily as an audioblog or blogcast where the best blogs are narrated for you for free.


2229: Resigning from a Culture of Busy by Julianna Poplin with No Sidebar on How to Simplify Your Life 11:06 01/17/2022
2228: [Part 2] Stop Making Headway, Start Making Heart-Way by Guy Ferdman of Mind Bender on Personal Growth 11:52 01/16/2022
2227: [Part 1] Stop Making Headway, Start Making Heart-Way by Guy Ferdman of Mind Bender on Personal Growth 11:57 01/15/2022
2226: All The Feels by Kacie Main on Embracing Each Moment & Mindfulness 08:47 01/14/2022
2225: Need Motivation - BE the Motivation by Joel of 5AMJoel on How to Become A Self-Starter & Inspiration 10:06 01/13/2022
2224: Do You Know How to Set Goals and Achieve Them by The Neuro Gym Team of MyNeuroGym on Neuroscience 09:24 01/12/2022
2223: Self-Care vs Self-Work And Why Knowing the Difference Is So Important by Kate Hesse of Nourish Nest Breathe 12:57 01/11/2022
2222: How to Enjoy the Winter AND The Best Self-Care Tip of All Time by Randi Kay of Naturally Randi Kay 08:16 01/10/2022
2221: Shut Up and Be Grateful by Mark Manson on Gratitude & Emotional Freedom 10:44 01/09/2022
2220: 4 Ideas for Unlocking the Pure Gratitude of Being by Mary Odgers with Live Happy on Gratefulness & Mindfulness 09:42 01/08/2022
2219: The Magic Key to Happiness by Rachel Shanken of MindBodyWise on How to Be Happier 09:36 01/07/2022
2218: How To Instantly Calm A Restless Mind by Richard Paterson of Think Less And Grow Rich on Mindfulness 12:32 01/06/2022
2217: Get These Fundamentals Right and You Can Achieve Anything by Carl Pullein on Discipline & Motivation 12:33 01/05/2022
2216: 5 Ways to Get Motivated at Work If You Feel Stuck by Bret Gornik and Jason Loebig of LiveBetterCo 10:41 01/04/2022
2215: Four Truths About Decluttering by Karen Liszewski on Minimalism & A Minimalist Journey 09:49 01/03/2022
2214: [Part 2] 10 Reasons Why We Don’t Stick to Things by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits on New Year's Resolutions 10:43 01/02/2022
2213: [Part 1] 10 Reasons Why We Don’t Stick to Things by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits on New Year's Resolutions 11:22 01/01/2022
2212: Say Farewell to Sunk Costs by Jay Harrington of Life And Whim on Personal Growth & Development 10:33 12/31/2021
2211: How To Overcome The Fears That Keep You Playing Small by Daneika Glenn of Learning 2 Fly on Courage & Habits 09:55 12/30/2021
2210: Numbing vs Relaxing: Are You Disconnecting from Life AND Sleep Your Way To Greater Connection by Kristine Klussman 10:38 12/29/2021
2209: Did You Know That Action Precedes Motivation by Kacey Rae on Simple Steps to Achieve Big Goals 10:42 12/28/2021
2208: 5 Things I've Given Up During My Quest for Minimalism by Jen Hayes on Minimalist Lifestyle & Simplicity 10:22 12/27/2021
2207: Down Time by Andrew James on How To Overcome Laziness & Appreciate Life & Gratefulness 08:34 12/26/2021
2206: Understanding The Roots of Time Clutter by Julie Morgenstern on Simplifying Your Life & Simplicity 08:51 12/25/2021
2205: What We Can Learn from Christmas Eve by Jeff Goins of Goins Writer on Holidays & Appreciation 12:26 12/24/2021
2204: Your 200 Year Plan: Your Legacy by Joel of 5AM Joel on Leaving A Positive Impact on the World 11:36 12/23/2021
2203: My Morning Routine Isn’t Guru Approved - And That’s What Makes it Perfect for Me by Ramit Sethi of IWT 10:05 12/22/2021
2202: The Dangers of Self-Improvement: Why Most New Year's Resolutions Don't Work by Vironika Tugaleva 10:09 12/21/2021
2201: Six Ways To Use Minimalism To Support a Zero Waste Lifestyle by Jenny Lee of HelloBrio on A Minimalist Lifestyle 12:30 12/20/2021
2200: Why Is It So Hard to Exit a Bad Situation by Isaac Morehouse of Office Hours on Personal Growth 10:36 12/19/2021