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Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.


MBMBaM 720: Mariana Trench Warfare
Let us re-introduce ourselves and tell you a story about an episode of My Brother, My Brother, and Me. In that episode, we give some extremely funny and helpful advice about graduating Pokemon, Ron Funches hosting Shark Week, and over-decorated offices. But that's a different episode; this episode is about that episode. It's a banger. Suggested talking points: What are the Eighth Notes, Goo-goo-ga-ga Calendar, Munch Jod, Eel Day  Palestine Children's Relief Fund:
54:35 7/15/24
MBMBaM 719: Neon Grimacis Evangelion
Yes, Host! We're busy serving up some sizzling hot plates of wisdom about mystery tin cans, the most special sauce, and big big water bottles. We're gonna earn that podcast Michelin Star! Or maybe Firestone star. Suggested talking points: No Grapes to Spare, Flavings, Firestone Tires and Tirestone Fires, Food is the Gas of Me, Big Bottle Bob, Looking Through Things ForgottenPalestine Children's Relief Fund:
57:05 7/8/24
MBMBaM 718: Shaq-cuse!
Our comedy glands are fired up and ready to juice! We're positively gooshing with bits about very personal underpants, mysterious Dunkin tie-ins, and Shaqsketball. Suggested talking points: Get Me Pictures of the Human Torch, Chris of Choice, Skippos, Shaqsident Palestine Children's Relief Fund:
59:04 7/1/24
MBMBaM 717: Face 2 Face: Spectral Gentleman Caller James Griffin
Tacoma is more haunted than you think, especially live from the thoroughly haunted Pantages Theater. But that didn’t stop us from discussion of important donut etiquette, ghostly gentleman callers, and startling parrots. Suggested talking points: Co-Dependent Ghosts, Factory Reset Justin, Oh Boy Here We Go, It’s Funny Because You Can’t Buy A Dream House, New Game Plus Grandma, Chekov’s Eggs Equality Florida:
92:49 6/24/24
MBMBaM 716: Fresh Cold Not Dogs
You probably thought we'd do an entire episode about a Human Hotdog Vortex and the state of hot dog eating contests. But rest assured, we managed to move on with enough time to sling advice about excelling at 18-hour backflips, almost completing puzzles, and lip-syncing novelty songs. Suggested talking points: Omni-Directional Hot Dog Claws, If You Pay a Man for Hot Dogs, Jackie Acorn, I Also Know a Child, Sad Gets You Third Equality Florida:
59:52 6/17/24
MBMBaM 715: What if it IS Piss Man?
It really is just a coincidence that there's so much foot content in this episode. There's other stuff, too, like scary light-night food haunts, mysterious nicknames, and hot legs. But there's also AI-generated feet pics. Suggested talking points: Pedal-Powered Bidets, White Noise and Wet Air, For a Good Foot, Kids Stay Close, This is the Night CastleEquality Florida:
59:11 6/10/24
MBMBaM 714: Snoopy’s Boy Chuck
Kool, or not? Yes! We’re getting ready to graduate and say hello to summer, and that means its time for blockbuster films that no one has seen, animals in unexpected places, and popcorn pizza. LYLAS! Suggested talking points: The Saga of Me and Zeebro, Porcupine Containers at Best, Tippecanoe and Tanner Too, Freshly Applied Popcorn, Chat Grandpa Dan Equality Florida:
62:52 6/3/24
MBMBaM 713: Speed Force Bear
We’ve got some tall tales and groundbreaking new games this week, so grab a Toaster Strudel from your freezer full of Toaster Strudel, sling your skateboard over your shoulder, and embrace your inner Beta, because we gotta make sure that all the spiders are dead before check-in. Suggested talking points: My Brother, My Bear, and Me, Zoop My Greeble, Catherine Zeta-Males, Bran from Grain of Oats, Amber Beauties of the SkyWorld Central Kitchen:
61:50 5/27/24
MBMBaM 712: Face 2 Face: Pay the Mustard Forward
We’re bringing US Wet to the beautiful Vogue Theater of Vancouver, BC. It turns out we share a lot with our neighbors to the north, like a love of Shrek impressions, knowing the best places for kissing, and for a limited time, the Grimace Shake. Suggested talking points: Secret Fourth Brother Rennis, Goopastank, The Fourth Dimension is Food, Condiment Roulette, Loose Dogs in the ’Pack Additional music in this episode: "Infinite Peace" by Kevin MacLeod: World Central Kitchen:
78:43 5/20/24
MBMBaM 711: Notice Me, Jerry Senpai
Sounds like the woke left is once again out here ruining comedy, and we’re part of the problem! We just don’t care about sitcoms like Ever-Sheldon, or Ur-Sheldon, or even Un-Sheldon. We’re too busy helping our friends reclaim their scent-based cults and getting into surprisingly heated debates about what makes the perfect walking stick. Suggested talking points: Bury Me on the Big Bang Theory Set, Eggs in a Library, Woke Left Took My Knife Away, Wiccan How, Ringo and RangoWorld Central Kitchen:
59:09 5/13/24
MBMBaM 710: Colin from Secret Garden Energy
Today's episode is all about pet care! Whether your pet is a water-happy scorpion or a Sonic the Hedgehog skateboard, we'll teach your animal companion how to jump-rope correctly, get into a fight, and steal from their employer using arcade tickets.Suggested talking points: Chewable Matrix Pill, Plausible Ticket Deniability, Dougie and Stinky Wheel, Eye of the Jumprope, Jonathan Jump-UpWorld Central Kitchen:
54:46 5/6/24
MBMBaM 709: Face 2 Face: Personal Hot Dog Thermos
We've annexed the town of Chicago, our real dad, into TravNation! And we're answering all of the Wind Chime City's most pressing questions about fencing champions, Zamboni safety, and what Toad sounds like.Suggested talking points: Child’s Hat Bag, I Feel So Flammable, Dr Blade the Sword Genius, Giant Ice Tank, Enjoy your Half a VasectomyPalestine Children's Relief Fund:
78:40 4/29/24
MBMBaM 708: Make those Bills Rainable
It’s that time of year again! April the Twentieth has become so mainstream that the stores are crowded because of all the crime sales so instead lets talk about some other important things, like how to be respected for your soup, raw broccoli, and how helicopters work. Suggested talking points: The Implied existence of Drug Heavy Zones, Soup is Earned, Can't Make It Rain Plasma, Stank Green the Helicopter Expert, Wet Box of Non-Soup Food Palestine Children's Relief Fund:
65:24 4/22/24
MBMBaM 707: Beef Me Down to Beefy Town
So glad you could make this hot tub meeting! It's so important to our boss, Abraham LinkedIn, to sit in a tub to discuss the Eclipse AU, how we can get people to eat more Arbys, and the poetry of Pitbull lyrics. Suggested talking points: Twogger Nostalgia, He Got Bradbury'd, In the Bull-Pit, Don't Drink Hunks in the Hot Tub, Arby's Skeptics, Tap Water is MidPalestine Children's Relief Fund:
56:32 4/15/24
MBMBaM 706: Climax, Denouement, Spider-Man Test
No one needs to spend eleven years digging for treasure when there's a trove of great content right here! We've got films with plot points that revolve around CPR, the best fishing lures you've ever seen, and the death of a brand new but beloved character. Suggested talking points: Hey I'm Compressing Here, Freezus Take the Wheel, Slamming Can, The Curse of the Curse of Oak Island, Zestfully Dead Palestine Children's Relief Fund:
57:36 4/8/24
MBMBaM 705: Crispy Cuppy Puppies
Just in time for April, we've got a bevy of questions and bits that can't possibly be anything but pranks: Hangers that are so sticky they're like jelly sandwiches, songs that have no metaphors, and a very very dirty description of pickles on pizza. Turtle power.Suggested talking points: Toilet Casablanca, Stack of Crimes, Infatuation Saturation, Part Human, Part Cop, All HumanCop, Dickle, Dommy MommiesPalestine Children's Relief Fund:
62:09 4/1/24
MBMBaM 704: Cheques Mix
Thank you for coming to this important spy meeting, we have an assignment for you. Honestly, we didn't expect this many of you to show up, we only have brand deals for two of you. The rest of you can debate what a Minion tastes like, go mountain biking, or practice your cursive. Suggested talking points: Good Cop/ Pitiful Desperate Cop, He is Heavy, He's a Minion, Tore a Big Hole in My Pants, Crowded Locked Tree, Mission Too Dog Murder, The Versatility of StairsFoundation for Black Women’s Wellness:
62:01 3/25/24
MaxFunDrive 2024: BoCo Highlights!
Happy MaxFunDrive everyone! We've been on the network approximately forever, and because of that our back catalog of bonus content can be pretty overwhelming. To help you out, here's some clips from three of our favorite pieces of bonus content from years past: The recreation of the Episode 400 Margaritaville Blue Carpet, where we were joined by special guest Matt Doyle; Prankee Doodle Dandy, where we forced our way through social anxiety to prank call people; and the long-lost Detroit Star Wars Spectacular, which we released as a bonus goal during 2019's drive, because only members are allowed to experience that catastrophe.If you want to hear more, you can become a member at to get access to the full episodes, plus so, so much more.
15:10 3/22/24
MBMBaM 703: GDP: Good Darn Podcasts
Curl up at the foot of our rocking chair, the big brothers have got some Good Darn advice about making friends, getting free donuts, and collecting all the jewels. The one caveat is that we can only tell you about it when your mouth is full of dental tools. Suggested talking points: And Bump it With You, You Can't Raise an Alpha Scorpion, Clean Grift for Boomer Jewels, Love Root Canal, Stake-Happy Adventure Jockeys Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness:
63:41 3/18/24
MBMBaM 702: Accountability For Crazy Puffs
In anticipation of the Oscars, we’ve created a cool bot to predict the results, measure tall-people energy, and help bake cookies without burning them. Only the bot might be fixated on the clothed state of one wrestler in particular. Suggested talking points: None Shorts on John Cena, WDZENTD (what does Zac Efron need to do), 450 Degree Rock in the Oven, I'm Not a Stabby Person, Toasty Cubes of Bread, Louisiana is the Boot of the Elf Man Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness:
67:53 3/11/24
MBMBaM 701: Party Panda
Welcome to a world of puur imagninatinon, with all sorts of teets! Experience the magic with cool ice-skating tricks, a transcendent song about sandwiches, and of course, Chizza. Suggested talking points: Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper, The Taste of Acting Degree Ink, Wet the Ice, Love that Low Rhythm Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness:
59:16 3/4/24
MBMBaM 700: Good Choices Today, Business Man
We've all got that dog in us today, so we're saying 'Ello 'Ello to some good advice about real British television shows, office lunch espionage, and faking your way through football. No real football learning required – we would never make you learn! Suggested talking points: Telly Title Tellers, Little Chips Justin, Floral Purchases at the Liquor Store, Quarterback Pod, Bad Beef on Thursdays  The Marsha P. Johnson Institute
58:34 2/26/24
MBMBaM 699: The Platonic Dad
Don't worry if you missed out on the pop culture zeitgeist in the big sport event! We've got the rundown on everything you missed: not going in twisters, anti-Valentines, Jon Bovie the cow musician, and hedgehog-adjacent tater tots. Suggested talking points: Caffeine Porridge, An R2-D2 Full of Bath Bombs, Skibidi Valentines, Dolly Parton Drifting The Marsha P. Johnson Institute
61:49 2/19/24
MBMBaM 698: Don't Piss on a Shark
This might be the closest we’ve come to an actual argument, but we worked it out all for the sake of giving you our best advice. Of course, at least one brother is very wrong about peeing in the ocean, the Dune vs Avatar debate, and breaking up via pizza. Suggested talking points: Bummed Out Popcorn Bucket, Glasses on, Hair Up, Men's Riddle Activist, We All Have Our Darude Within Us, Swingey Todd The Marsha P. Johnson Institute
65:03 2/12/24
MBMBaM 697: Vamples
Can you believe the Oscar mnomnations came out recently-ish? Congrats to the narminees: Jeff Dunham's puppets, the house across the street, Charles Entertainment Cheese, and the Cream Gentleman. Good luck to all those nerminated!Suggested talking points: Retirement is Death to a Puppet, Presidential Taco Bell, Damage to His Fun Centers, Jasper T. Jowl's Howlin' Hootenanny, I Don't Want Love, I want DonutsThe Marsha P. Johnson Institute
62:53 2/5/24
MBMBaM 696: Robo Wants an Oreo
We're getting our pitch together for billionaire Cube Markan and his friend Bald Randy. We have so many good business ideas we don't even know where to start: Ask me A Brother, Robert Cop, shopping mall snacks. Once we get in with Cube we'll chuck some ducats and make some buckets! Suggested talking points: Hot Dead Famous People, Burner Brothers, Foot-Long Cookie Paddles, TravWife World Central Kitchen:
66:12 1/29/24
MBMBaM 695: Snuffling for Gubbins
GET FIRED UP this Friday . . . Monday . . . because we're going treasure-hunting! You never know where you might find an antique violin, or an AI Companion, or maybe even wings with bones. Suggested talking points: That's Not a Time, Grown Friend without Secrets, Crotch Emergency, Child's Basement Rainboots, Jeremy Lupin, Cousin Fazolis World Central Kitchen:
65:37 1/22/24
MBMBaM 694: Pre-Show Pzizz
This episode is coming to you, TravNation, hot from the high seas, where anything and everything is legal! That includes spaghetti showers, ham whittling, and your dad's LSD. We're gonna be here for a while, at least until the Merfolk invade the land. Suggested talking points: Scurvalicious, Embrace Bouyancy, Wild Hog Soul, White Beyond our Years, Don't Touch Me Until I've Had My Shower World Central Kitchen:
54:33 1/15/24
MBMBaM 693: Run, Don't Wonk
The most anticipated film is finally out in theaters and we're so excited that we're cussing up a storm. It's good there isn't a sign to stop us for this uncensored discussion about new gizmos, salty coffee, and the strongest Beatle. Suggested talking points: Farewell to a Friend for The Clapper, Don't Call Santa Be Santa, Bart Simpsons Curse-Free Zone, Arm Truss, Where Are Triceps, Sweet Meets Salty For Your Cup of Coffee World Central Kitchen:
61:37 1/8/24
MBMBaM 692: The Naming of 2024
Never before have we faced such a challenge as this: coming up with a year name that rhymes with "four". It's so unusual that it even caused a shift in the brother energy, so now there's a new Justin and we sure hope he remembers his Mavis Beacon lessons. Suggested talking points: Not Every Bridge Goes to Somewhere, Limited Totemic Energy, The MB in MBMBaM is Mavis Beacon, Painted with the Color of Paranoia World Central Kitchen:
78:14 1/1/24

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