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Asking the questions others are afraid to. Bunnie XO host of the Dumb Blonde podcast – the ultimate destination for comedy, trending and lifestyle. Get ready to dive into hilarious discussions about relationships, trauma, embarrassing moments, and all the realness life throws at us. Join Bunnie every week to laugh, relate, and embrace your inner healing.


Farrah Abraham: Trauma and Comedy
This week, Bunnie gets up close and personal with the iconic mother-daughter duo that refuses to be defined by rumors or the past. Farrah Abraham and Sophia sit down for an unfiltered chat about their lives navigating fame and family ties.Farrah spills the tea on all the tabloid tales, from Nicki Minaj beefs to poop sales. She also gives a sneak peek at her upcoming comedy tour, where she's taking her candid humor nationwide to break trauma bonds through laughter.Sophia reflects on her passion for music and how she learned to follow her own path while growing up under a microscope. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comFarrah Abraham: IG | Website Sophia: IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
86:07 4/17/24
Winter Blanco: Behind the Likes
This week, TV personality, author, and social media star Winter Blanco gets real about overcoming trauma and finding her voice. She talks with Bunnie about her rise to fame through the Bad Girls Club, and how that early spotlight exacerbated her existing insecurities. Winter gets candid about using substances to cope and details her path to sobriety, while learning to silence the haters that constantly question her ethnicity. Then, her 'Behind the Likes' podcast co-host and bestie Chy joins the show to shed some insight into their friendship and hilarious dynamic.Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comWinter Blanco: Behind the Likes | IG Chy: IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
71:33 4/10/24
Bam Margera Turns a Page
This week, legendary skateboarder and Jackass star Bam Margera gets candid about battling addiction and embracing sobriety. He opens up about the "Florida Shuffle" he endured in rehab, as well as the legal battles we've both seen and not seen reported in the news. Bam also reflects on life after skyrocketing to fame with Jackass in the early 2000s. Joining Bam for the raw conversation is his model fiancée Dannii Marie, to share her own perspective on their chance meeting in LA and travels across the country together that have brought them to this new chapter.Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comBam Margera: IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
87:37 4/3/24
RaMona Rizzo: Mafia Princess
The Mob Wives March continues with the beautiful and feisty RaMona Rizzo, who sets the record straight about her legendary grandfather, Lefty Guns Ruggerio. RaMona talks about discovering the truth of her grandfather's life through Joe Pistone's book and confronting the differences between reality and Hollywood's portrayal in Donnie Brasco as well. She shares her story of meeting Al Pacino on set and how she's learned to rise above other family secrets, drama, and betrayal. RaMona gets into her path to Mob Wives and her excitement for her company, Spiritual Slinger.Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comRaMona; IG | Spiritual SlingerSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
104:06 3/27/24
Tonesa Welch: First Lady of BMF
Bunnie welcomes Tonesa Welch, also known as the First Lady of BMF. Tonesa shares her journey from growing up in Detroit to her rise in the drug trade, her relationship with H, and how she got through abuse and betrayal to come out on the other side. Tonesa opens up to Bunnie about what she learned from her time in prison and her passion for prison reform advocacy and gets raw about navigating grief along the way. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comTonesa: IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
94:33 3/20/24
Karen Gravano: Calm in Chaos
The iconicness continues this week with Karen Gravano, former Mob Wives star, best-selling author and Co-Founder of The Body Depot Spa. Karen leaves nothing behind as she dishes about growing up as the daughter of infamous mobster Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, her complicated relationship with costar Drita D'Avanzo and the drama that played out on and off camera. She also reflected on how her father's high-profile crimes impacted her life and family and how she got through it with a hustling spirit and a commitment for prison reform advocacy. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comKaren: IG | The Body Depot See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
79:59 3/13/24
Renee Graziano: Family Business
Renee Graziano of Mob Wives fame joins Bunnie for a no-holds-barred conversation about surviving years of abuse, addiction and trauma, and her incredible journey to becoming a recovery advocate. Renee holds nothing back as she spills all the details about tumultuous time on Mob Wives, dealing with the painful loss of her father, sobriety and how she became the tough-as-nails fairy grandmother she is today. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comRenee Graziano: IG | TikTok See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
108:06 3/6/24
JWoww: Turning Trauma Into Art
Bunnie welcomes the iconic Jenni Farley, aka JWoww, who first stole our hearts on Jersey Shore and grew to be reality TV's big sister. She talks about life now, including how motherhood changed her, where the Jersey Shore cast stands with each other today, and her excitement to create the horror movie we all need. Jenni also talks about handling life in the public eye, her advocacy for autism and the importance of being your authentic self no matter what. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comJWoww: Website | IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
118:10 2/28/24
Bailee Ann: Strength and Healing
The beautiful, sassy, and highly requested Bailee Ann joins Bunnie this week to talk about everything from her Sweet 16 plans to what's really been happening behind closed doors over the recent months. Bailee Ann opens up about some darker moments and finding the strength to get through them, the importance of family, and what she's learned now that she's come out on the other side even stronger.Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comBailee Ann: IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
72:28 2/21/24
Brittany Furlan Lee: Comedy Queen
The iconic Brittany Furlan Lee is here to crack us up and get candid about exes, mental health and living life in the spotlight. She opens up about her wild ride in comedy and beyond, including skyrocketing to fame on Vine and finding zen with husband Tommy Lee. Brittany and Bunnie talk about how what you see online is not always real life, and Brittany gives a sneak peak about what's ahead for her LoveLee jewelry line and "This is the Worst" podcast. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comBrittany: IG | TikTok | LoveLee Jewelry | This is the Worst See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
71:18 2/14/24
Melanie Martin: Love and Loss with Aaron Carter
Bunnie sits down for a raw and emotional conversation with Melanie Martin, also known as Aaron Carter's ex-fiance, with whom she shares her son Prince. Melanie opens up about how she and Aaron first connected on social media back in 2019 and the whirlwind start to their romance before Aaron's mental health and addiction issues started escalating over time. Melanie recounts the events leading up to Aaron's untimely and tragic death and gets real about the addiction demons Aaron was battling both behind the scenes and on screen. Melanie also talks about her grief process and determination to honor Aaron's memory while focusing on co-parenting their son. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comMelanie Martin: IG | Love Beauty Official See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
66:34 2/7/24
Garik and Britney: Viral Love Story
Millions are head over heels for Garik Davtyan and Britney Rodriguez, the dynamic duo known as one of social media's most real and funniest power couples. They join Bunnie this week to spill the tea on their upbringings and hardships, tackling trauma, and the fated game of spin the bottle that led them to a beautiful romance, going strong for four years now. They talk about the decision to share their love and antics with the internet and share a few stories behind their most viral videos.Garik: IG Britney: IGGnB: TikTok | YouTube Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
87:10 1/31/24
Gypsy Rose: Healing From Horror
Bunnie is joined by Meme and Hailee this week for a deep dive on all this Gypsy Rose Blanchard. They discuss family secrets, the abuse and trauma Gypsy endured and the murder plot involving her mom Dee Dee. They talk about Gypsy's current life and skyrocket to social media fame, her relationship and life after prison.Gypsy Rose Blanchard: IG | TikTok Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comMeme: IGHailee: IGSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
70:23 1/24/24
Lena The Plug: For The Love of Lena
You might think you know Lena the Plug, but there's so much more to the story. This week, she joins Bunnie to spill everything—from what's really going on with Jason Luv, her unconventional relationship with Adam, what he truly thinks, and how she accidentally became one of the top adult content creators on the scene. She talks about her new reality show, For the Love of Lena, where men compete for the chance to be with this hottie. Lena: IG | Plug Talk | For the Love of Lena Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
69:22 1/17/24
Shanna Moakler: Her Side of the Story
Bunnie welcomes the gorgeous Shanna Moakler to the show this week. She's not just a pop culture icon but truly embodies the essence of being unbothered. Shanna takes us on her journey – how she got into the world of pageantry, modeling and acting, and eventually found her way to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.Get ready for some real talk as Shanna opens up about everything from the lawsuit with Trump, her relationships, with Oscar De La Hoya and Travis Barker, and where things stand with her family today.Shanna: IG | OF Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
105:22 1/10/24
America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon
Welcome to Season 7! To kick things off, Bunnie welcomes America's holistic plastic surgeon himself, Dr. Anthony Youn. He's here to spill the secrets on staying hot for life without going under the knife. From growing up in a traditional Korean household to a few wild patient stories, and answering all your burning questions about everything from breast augmentations to tummy tucks—Dr. Youn's got the scoop on aging, nutrition, and stress reduction, along with with millions of fans on TikTok and a hot new book, "Younger for Life" on the shelves. Dr. Anthony Youn: Younger for Life | TikTok Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
91:47 1/3/24
2023: Recap
Bunnie reminisces on a few more highlights from 2023's episodes with guests including Christen Whitman and Whitney Wren, Hawk, Viking Barbie, Holly Madison, Taylor Austin Dye, Josh Wolf, Jason Alexander, Jeffree Star and of course Jelly. Enjoy the controversy, the crazy, and all the heartwarming moments in between. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
75:58 12/6/23
Season 6: Recap
From chats about sex and bad dates to family trauma and spiritual awakenings, murder mayhem, and Jelly's award winning moments, this season has been a wild one. Bunnie shares a few of her many favorite moments from this season. A massive shoutout to all the fantastic guests who made this season extra special, and a big thank you for listening. Stay tuned for Season 7 soon!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
59:06 11/29/23
Demps: Worst Date Stories
Demps is back in the house! This hottie returns to talk about whats going on with Cat Daddy, Dreadlock Boy, and her own radio stardom. Then, she and Bunnie read fan Patreon stories about the worst dates and share a few of their own shockingly bad ones.Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comDemps: IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
58:51 11/22/23
Jelly Roll Exclusive
Bunnie gets the hot exclusive with the man of the hour! Jelly gets raw and real about all of life's recent blessings, including two Grammy nominations, winning CMA's New Artist of the Year, going viral for dropping his award, and performing with the iconic Wynonna Judd. Before answering some fan questions on Patreon, Jelly gives some love to the country community and fans that have helped him get this far, and gives a sneak peek into what's coming in 2024. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comJelly | IG | TikTok See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
80:55 11/15/23
Group Chat : Bunnie, Meme, & Hailee
Bunnie brings in her gals, Meme and Hailee, for a Q&A session. The threesome chats about everything from implants, the pros and cons of fame, tour hookups, and what's in their purse. Bunnie talks about her UFO sighting, Meme swears she's not Bunnie's child, and Hailee spills on what makeup products she uses on Bunnie to get her camera and red carpet ready. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comMeme: IG Hailee: IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
80:47 11/8/23
Gabbi Tuft: Transition and Transformation
Bunnie welcomes the beautiful and captivating Gabbi Tuft, a former WWE Superstar, Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Coach, and a courageous advocate for the transgender community. In a candid conversation, Gabbi shares her inspiring journey of self-discovery, including her experiences with family, love, and her mission to combat the feelings of isolation that some transgender individuals face.Gabbi discusses the transformative decision she made in her 40s to fully embrace her authentic self and how her time as a WWE superstar helped her discover the tailored diet and fitness regimen to achieve her dream physique. Today, she pays it forward by empowering others through her coaching, guiding them on their own fitness journeys.Gabbi Tuft: IG | TikTok Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
128:25 11/1/23
Amie Balesky: Spirits and Afterlife
Bunnie welcomes psychic medium and social media star Amie Balesky to the show for a mind-blowing conversation on spirits, the afterlife, and connecting with the outer realm. Amie shares how she realized her gifts, and how she overcame several illnesses and hardships that made her a more empathetic and compassionate spirit worker. Amie connects with clients all over the world for readings. She shares her tips for realizing your own psychic gifts, provides more insight into the Aaron Carter session, and discusses how she lured in her husband through street tacos and champagne. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comAmie: TikTok | Website See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
79:12 10/25/23
Bunnie & Meme: Murder and Mommy Issues
Bunnie and Meme turn the lights down low and lock the doors tightly for an extra chilling episode of the Murder Mystery Series. This week, it's all about Ed Gein aka "the Butcher of Plainfield", one of the most notorious killers and grave robbers serving as inspiration for numerous films including "The Silence of the Lambs" and "House of 1000 Corpses". They talk about the extra weird relationship Ed and his mom had, how he got his taste for blood, and why you'll never look at a pig or a shoebox the same way. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
48:39 10/18/23
Chelcie Lynn: Murder by Trauma
The hilarious Chelcie Lynn swings by to embrace her alter ego and dive headfirst into one of today's most bone-chilling murder mysteries – the enigma of Aileen Wuornos. You might remember Aileen from the movie "Monster," where Charlize Theron brought her chilling story to life. Aileen, infamously dubbed "The Damsel of Death," left a trail of multiple murders in her wake while working as a sex worker. In this episode, they explore the complex question: Was Aileen a misunderstood soul or a malevolent monster?Chelcie Lynn: Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
68:58 10/11/23
Lauren the Mortician: Black Market Body Parts
Get ready for a spine-tingling month as Bunnie unveils the thrilling four-part 'Dumb Blonde Murder Mystery Series.' She enlists the expertise of Lauren the Mortician, a mortician / social media star known for her insights on death, the afterlife, and life's riskiest behaviors. Together, they dive into the shocking case of Megan Hess, a Colorado funeral home director sentenced to two decades behind bars for alleged illegal body parts sales and counterfeit ashes.Lauren the Mortician: TikTok Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
113:08 10/4/23
Bunnie & Meme: Crumbs and Condoms
Bunnie and Manager Meme answer Patreon members questions this week, talking about everything from Bunnie's vitamin overdose to what life is really like on tour, meet and greets, what it's like to work together as a team of powerful women and how they stay healthy(ish) on tour. And yes, they talk about favorite sex positions too.Meme: IG Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
76:35 9/27/23
Morgan Presley: Sex, Love and Laxatives
The very funny Morgan Presley sits down in the hot seat this week to talk with Bunnie about her rise to social media fame and how she accomplished it by just being her goofy and totally authentic self. Morgan shares her story of overcoming parental trauma and a toxic relationship to having the confidence to post online and show up in a way that landed her millions of fans, along with a lot of buzz about her new look. Then, her man Lou joins the show and shares the story of their love and explosive Tinder date. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comMorgan: IG | TikTok See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
62:56 9/20/23
Jeffree Star: The Internet OG
Y'all might not be ready for this one. The iconic Jeffree Star drops in this week to talk his truth on everything from the state of social media, how he built an iconic brand from nothing, what really happened to the beauty influencer community, and why he fled from LA to a yak ranch in Wyoming. He talks about what's next in his world domination, from embracing the new generation of TikTok to opening a store that sells makeup and meat. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comJeffree Star: Website | TikTok | IG See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
89:53 9/13/23
Colt Ford: Country Rap’s OG
Colt Ford is a country rap pioneer, and today with Bunnie, he finally gets his flowers. Colt joins the show to discuss how his passion for music was ignited at a young age, his collaboration on the 'Hoodbillies' project with Krizz Kaliko, his journey in finding love, and the ways he conquers daily challenges while living with an autoimmune disease. Colt and Bunnie also get into the beauty of hustling and share valuable advice for aspiring individuals in the music industry.Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comColt Ford: Website | IG | TikTok See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52:43 9/6/23

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