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A uniquely produced syndicated radio show by Dr. Kenya Oscar Radoli, the Technology Social Entrepreneur, that airs on Mawalking Radio (, Pittsburgh's WRCT 88.3 FM (, and Toronto's Asher Radio Prime ( on Saturday at 8-10 pm EST. The show intentionally contributes to Pittsburgh's diversity programming and features Afro House, Soulful House, Reggae, Dancehall and a splash of Rhumba. Enjoy, subscribe, and support the growth of the show One Love! Dr. Kenya Oscar Radoli.


@TemboSounds #529 - New Deep - Soulful - Amapiano House
We had some fun on this show. We played some dope 2023 jams that never made it to mainstream playlists. Checkout the playlist
58:37 2/19/24
@TemboSounds #528 - Steel City Reggae Nights #55
Our first reggae set of 2024 reminds our listeners that we have a lot great sets planned for this year. Checkout the tracks played
59:41 2/12/24
@TemboSounds #527 - New Deep - Soulful - Amapiano House
Another show of new 2024 releases for our listeners. Enjoy and subscribe.
60:00 2/5/24
@TemboSounds #526 - Soulful House & Amapiano
We kicked off the year in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with this excellent house set you should play on your rotation. Thanks, Dave Chali and Andy from Havana Castle Cigars. The Cuban Cigars were amazing.
60:09 1/28/24
@TemboSounds #525 - Afrobeat - RnB & Soul Legends
Our first show of 2024 picked up from where we left off last year. Enjoy this one.
59:31 1/22/24
@TemboSounds #525 - Afrobeat - RnB & Soul Legends
Show #525 is our first 2024 show of the year, and we continued where we left off last year. Enjoy this one.
59:31 1/22/24
@TemboSounds #524 - Smooth Uninterrupted Soulful House - Afro House & Amapiano
We are back from the December Holidays and feel refreshed for year 14. Thanks for riding with me. Checkout the playlist:
76:33 1/7/24
@TemboSounds #523 - Fresh Amapiano & Soulful House
Another excellent show filled with brand-spanking new joints for the December holiday parties. Enjoy this episode, and if you are visiting East Africa, Kenya, sample this 254 Sand Trap craft beer and thank us later. Here is the playlist
64:51 12/17/23
@TemboSounds #522 - New Afro House - Amapiano - Soulful House.
Pure gems played on this extended show. Enjoy this one.
95:25 12/10/23
@TemboSounds #521 - New Afro House & Amapiano Releases
We got to feature new Amapiano and Afro House joints that got the phone lines buzzing. Enjoy this extended set. Checkout the playlist
82:41 12/3/23
@TemboSounds #520 - New Deep & Soulful House
Another episode of Deep and Soulful House, where we mixed new 2023 Fall releases with a splash of Amapiano. Check it out and enjoy this one.
76:51 11/26/23
@TemboSounds #519 - Steel City Rhumba - Anatomy of The Ear
You're listening to Anatomy of the Ear's Rhumba set, an annual event where we play our favorite genres for you. We played a Rhumba set because we could. Enjoy this one.
59:44 11/18/23
@TemboSounds #518 - Soulful Legends - 90s House & Rhumba
Another show for the ages. Selected some soulful legends that put us in the right frame of mind. Enjoy this one.
59:54 11/12/23
@TemboSounds # 517 - Afro & Soulful House Mix
Show 517 was another excellent curated set. Enjoy this one.
51:33 11/4/23
@TemboSounds #516 - A Tembo Sounds Mixed Genre Party
On this show we got to play smooth world music in its purest form. Enjoy this one. Checkout the play list
58:09 10/28/23
@TemboSounds #515 - Steel City Smooth Reggae Nights #54
This show had us feature Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's The Freedom Band's reggae album "Higher," and gave love to listeners from Bowie, Texas. Checkout the tracklist
57:02 10/21/23
@TemboSounds #514 - Fresh Soulful House & Amapiano
It was another great show that had us turn up in the radio station. Here is the playlist for what we cooked.
58:17 10/14/23
@TemboSounds #513 - Soulful Legends - RIP Bobby Caldwell
Greetings and salutations. On this show, we ventured into the Soul Music Culture, which got some of our wise heads reminiscing on music that got them moving. Enjoy this one.
59:49 10/6/23
@TemboSounds #512 - Steel City Reggae Nights #52
The Steel City had another excellent reggae night. Enjoy this one from the Tembo Sounds studios. Check out the play list
59:32 9/29/23
@TemboSounds #511 - Afro & Soulful House
It was another exciting show with some songs that lit up our Summer outdoor events. Here is the playlist: Enjoy this one.
62:41 9/22/23
@TemboSounds #510 - Steel City Reggae Nights #51
Another reggae medley with new and old gems, providing an excellent mix on another Pittsburgh Reggae Nights edition. I also gave a tribute to the late Sean Cardovillis. What a top shelf guy. Check out the playlist.
57:13 9/15/23
@TemboSounds #508 - In The Mix
Welcome to this mix medley of different genres of music that keep our dance floors moving. Check out the playlist for your reference.
60:14 9/8/23
@TemboSounds #507 - Deep House - Soulful House - Amapiano
Welcome to the weekend. Another exciting radio show with new 2023 end-of-summer jams. Check out the playlist in this mix.
60:24 9/1/23
@TemboSounds #506 - Pittsburgh Afro-Caribbean Night #49
We executed an Afro-Caribbean set, creating the best of both musical cultures. Enjoy this one.
59:28 8/25/23
@TemboSounds #505 - Alkebulan Music - Afro House - Amapiano
The term "Alkebulan" is said to be the first reference to the continent of Africa. This show is filled with some recognizable smooth Afro tunes for our audience.
60:36 8/17/23
@TemboSounds #504 - Pittsburgh Reggae Nights #48
This radio show had the crew bringing back some reggae after a month'S break. Enjoy this set.
61:03 8/11/23
@TemboSounds #503 pt 2 - Nyali Afro House & Amapiano
Part 2 of this set was filled with new Summer joints that will provide revelers an opportunity to dance the night away.
58:54 7/28/23
@Tembosounds #502 pt 1 - Nyali Afro House & Amapianio
Another excellent live House Music set from Nyali, Mombasa, Kenya. Enjoy the part 1 of this session.
57:44 7/20/23
@TemboSounds #501 - Smooth Amapiano and Afro House
Another set with some of the latest house bangers.
58:55 7/13/23
@TemboSounds - Show #500 Pt 1 - Heavy Summer Amapiano & Afro House Joints
Some heavy joints on tap uninterrupted.
58:09 7/7/23

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