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Welcome to the Marc Jeffrey Show! This isn't just another podcast or radio show. Here, we create a space for people who have a story to tell about how they've changed their lives. This show is dedicated to hearing personal accounts of transformation that inspire and empower others to take charge of their own lives. But, the Marc Jeffrey Show doesn't stop there. We also showcase music from unsigned musicians, bringing new and diverse musical styles to our listeners each episode. Our team of passionate music enthusiasts works tirelessly to find the best unsigned talent worldwide. We don't shy away from discussing controversial topics either. The show dives into up-to-date current events from all around the world, from politics to social issues and everything in between. Our focus is to create a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to share and listen to stories of transformation, discover new music, and gain insight into global news. We're more than just a show, we're a movement that wants to make a positive impact on the world. Join us and be a part of the journey. Welcome to the Marc Jeffrey Show!


The Quirky South African - Episode 228 - Blaze
Join us on this episode as we welcome the delightful Blaze, the quirky South African , to the show. The banter flows effortlessly as we delve into a myriad of topics, never struggling to find something to talk about. Our chemistry is undeniable, and this episode could have easily gone on to double its lenght. You'll love the engaging and entertaining conversation with Blaze - this episode is a must-listen!  Dont miss out on the fun and insightful discussions in store for you. If you enjoyed this episode please hook up with me on insta @marcjeffreypodcast and please consider contributing to the growth of the channel by buying me a beer   Much love Marc x
73:30 3/15/24
Do Ghosts Exist ? - Episode 227 - Chris Manuell
Welcome to our latest episode, where we dive into the intriguing world of supernatural phenomena with guest Chris Manuell, secretary of Plymouth-based group Supernatural investigations. Join us as we explore the age-old question: do ghosts exist?  Having attended approx 90% of the groups investigations since our last podcast together I sat down with Chris for a candid catch-up session to discuss the group's mission, the equipment we employ  and the techniqes we use to explore the spiritual realm in a scientific and honest manner. Tune in to gain insights into the world of supernatural investigations and unravel the mysteries that lie beyond the veil. For a catch up on the groups coming and going please follow them on instagram @si_ukplymouth  If you liked this episode feel free to drop me an email as id love to hear from you  If youd like to make a contribution to the future of the channel then please consider buying me a beer  
92:11 3/2/24
Trick Or Treat - Episode 226
A very quick episode to share with you what ive been up to on my two weeks holidays and how my mind has been successfully been tricking my mind with lots of treats !!!
15:09 2/26/24
Navigating Life's Purpose - Episode 225 - Luke Burrows
On this thought-provoking episode, we dive deep into the fundamental questions we all ask ourselves at some point: Who am I, why am I here, what is the purpose of my existence? I had the privilege of interviewing the insightful Luke Burrows, together we explore these existential questions that often lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our motivations. We traverse a wide range of topics, from uncovering personal identities to exploring the significance of our individual journeys. By asking these thought-provoking questions, we aim to inspire introspection and encourage listeners to consider their own purpose in life beyond mere self-goals. Join us for an enlightening conversation as we challenge traditional notions and delve into the depths of self-discovery. Whether you are on a quest for meaning or simply seeking inspiration, this episode offers valuable insights that resonate with each one of us.   If you enjoyed this episode and wish to make a small contribution to the running of the podcast then please consider checking out this link Or drop me an email or find me on my socials insta @marcjeffreypodcast  
66:23 2/9/24
A Podcast Feast
On this episode Marc and George take you on a culinary and conversational adventure that tickles your taste buds. Join them as they embark on a delightful escapade to their local indian curry house. As they step into the vibrant atmsosphere of the curry house, Marc and George dive into an evening of tantalizing flavours and the conversation flows, along with the beers.... Suddenly after a belly of food Marc and George find themselves struck by an idea; why not share their experience with the world. Excitedly they make their way back to The Studio On The Hill, a place of tranquility and creative inspiration. Behind the studio microphones, our hosts dive into an engaging discussion, recounting their adventures from the eventful year of 2023. That's not all you'll find out that Marc and George also reveal their aspirations and dreams for the upcoming year, 2024. From personal goals to exciting projects, they discuss their plans and ambitions, inspiring listeners to embrace their own potential and take bold steps towards their dreams.  
72:18 1/30/24
23 - 24
In this captivating episode Marc opens up about his recent absence from podcasting and reflects on his dwindling interest over the past year, if not the past two years . Join Marc as he takes a deep dive into the year 2023, a pivotal period where he went back to basic and soul - searched to determine what he truely wanted from himself and whether he wished to continue podcsating. Looking forward to 2024, Marc shares the conclusions he has drawn about his aspirations in life and his podcast. If you have a story to tellor wish to become part of an episode, Marc invites you to reach out and connect with him on instagram at marcjeffrey_or through email at Prepare to embark on a thought-provoking as Marc reclaims his passion and sets his sights on a brighter future for himself and his podcast.
17:21 1/28/24
Podshare - Episode 222
Join us for a Pod share  episode. An Episode from The  Conversation Junkie, Lea Meakin. We delve into the fascinating world of conflicts and introspection. In this special episode, our host Lea Meakin invites a guest, who is none other than our very own Marc Jeffrey.    In episode 222, aptly titled "Conflict, Introspection, and Advice", we explore the depths of meaningful conversations, discovering valuable insights and advice along the way. Marc & Lea  share personal anecdotes, offering a unique perspective on conflict resolution and the power of introspection.    But that's not all - we enhance the listening experience with delightful music from the talented singer-songwriter Cara Hammond. Her captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics perfectly complement this Episode.   Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that balances self-reflection, practical advice, and the soothing melodies. Whether you're seeking guidance or simply looking for an engaging conversation, this episode is sure to leave you inspired and motivated.   Check out more of The Conversation Junkies episodes. Don't forget to head over to my insta account and tell me what you thought of this episode  Marc Jeffrey Podcast Show   Drop me an Email and if you really enjoyed the episode, why not buy me a AF Beer  
102:57 8/1/23
Katie Heats Up Europe - Episode 221
Join Marc in a lively off the cuff episode touching on the scorching European heatwave, functional neurological disorder, and a confession regarding Katie Hopkins.  What is going on with the weather in Europe ? We have temperatures of 46 degrees in Spain yet in the UK it won’t stop raining.  I also  Gain insight into functional neurological disorder and its impact on people's lives.  Listen as I share  a confession involving Katie Hopkins. Plus, enjoy soulful melodies from Cara Hammond, energetic vibes from CR and The Nones, and captivating tunes from Colin Whittaker. This gripping episode is packed with laughs, knowledge, and musical wonders you won't want to miss! Music for this episode supplied by Shameless Promotions  &  BEAST PR  Please feel free to drop me an email  and come find me on instagram @ Marcjeffreypodcastshow  Please consider supporting the show by buying me a 0% beer
50:52 7/22/23
Fitness Chat, Gym Techniques and Beyond - Episode 220 - Kurt Powers & Howard Blend
On this exciting episode of The Marc Jeffrey Show, we bring you a dynamic discussion on all things fitness. Join us as we welcome our special guests, Kurt Powers and show sponsor Howard Blend, who are here to share their wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the fitness at the gym. Throughout the episode, we delve into a variety of techniques used to enhance our fitness journey. From strength training to cardio workouts, Kurt and Howard offer valuable insights and practical tips to take your training to the next level. One of the most intriguing moments of the episode occurs when Kurt challenges Howard with a thought-prevoking question on the topic of performance-enhancing drugs. Howard, drawing from his vast expertise, delves into the ethical considerations, potential risks and the impact of these substances on athletic performance. Prepare for an engaging conversation that explores different perspectives on this controversial topic. To further enrich your listening experience we also have music from talented artists, sent into us from Shameless Promotions & Beast PR. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of The 3 Clubmen, Tantrum Zentrum and AARONSON as you journey through this episode. Please be sure to check out our show sponsor SMB Nutrition Drop Me an Email Insta Marcjeffreypodcastshow Check out Kurt Powers Why not contribute to the channel by a kind Donation: Buy Me A Beer 
92:08 7/13/23
From the moment we are born, till the time we die we are evolving. For some time now i've not been happy with the shows direction. Until now .... It's been a long time coming but it was time to make that change.  On this episode we talk about Titan submarine incident. Just stop oil and their protest episode at Lords cricket ground. We also have a chat to Andy Quick from Land of the giants . We have music from :  HYLL Black Market Karma  The VEDLT Special thanks to Beast PR and  Shameless Promotions for sending me in the music from their clients. Special thanks to all of you that took time out to listen to this episode i'd really love to hear from you about this episode. All feedback is welcomed to improve. Feel free to drop mean email   or head over to my insta page Marcjeffreypodcastshow_ Finally if you enjoyed this episode and would like to make a small donation to improve the show . Please consider buying me a 0% beer. Buy Me A Beer OH and head on over to the Mancave Much Love Marc x
68:58 6/30/23
Mindfulness - Episode 218 - Harmony Garcia
As many of you may be aware, those who follow me on instagram, Ive been taking part in a movement challenge. Everyday for 22 days I had to do some movement I wouldn't  normally do. I decided to get off my arse and go out in the rain and walk. Iam not going to lie some days where harder than others BUT overall I enjoyed it and its something I learnt alot from, On this episode we speak to the lady who got the shit rolling. Harmony Garcia Really loved talking to Harmony on this episode and i hope us chewing the fat may have inspired you. to be a little more mindful with your movement . Please check her out :  
90:00 4/4/23
Learn To Love Yourself - Episode 217 - Kurt Powers
On this episode we welcome  my friend from over the pond back on the show. Kurt Powers from The Powers Project Podcast. We talked about the struggles of growing up from the age of 8 knowing he was possibly Gay but having to ignore it due to family and life around him in the 60s & 70s. We talked about the problems children are having to deal with currently from the pressures of Gender identity. The pressures that could be put on them from schools and the confusions of being told that there are indeed over 70 types of Gender out there. Is this right? should our children just be left alone to be kids? find out what we had to say...
79:28 3/19/23
Are We Under Attack ? - Episode 216 - Lea Meakin
Have you noticed over the last few years, things have become very strange. Covid, Brexit, Black Lives Matter, Sexism, Racism. The list goes on and on and on. Mental health is rife  and we are injest lies and fears apon us from the politicians and media on a daily basis. Men are feeling like they simply dont matter or have a say anymore and the woke brigade simply look like they are taking over. What if this is simply a new form of warfare aimed towards the west to cause our society to implode ? We discuss this with my friend Lea Meakin on this episode . Feel free to have your say in the comments below.
78:07 3/12/23
Chat GPT - Episode 215 - Blaze Eigenmann
On this episode I chew the fat with a big favourite of yours, Blaze the Quirky South African, Its been nearly a year since Blaze came on the show and back by popular demand he continued to blow my mind away talking about shit I simply have no clue about..... ( Not hard ) Anyway after the foreplay we had a good chat about Artificial Intelligence and went into greater depth with Chat GPT. Yeh yeh yeh you have no clue right? In that case take a listen and tell us what you thought in the comments...
98:25 3/5/23
Episode 214 - Happy New Year.... Here's To 2023
Wasson you party.......... Hope you had a frickin fantastic Christmas and an even better New year.  Its been a long bloody time and frankly I cant be arsed to tell you whats been going on right here, right now. So I recorded a podcast to fill you in, wish you a happy new year and all the gubbins. Oh and please listen to it as it took me five attempts to record it  Much Love  Marc x
28:31 1/6/23
Episode 213 - Cornish Coastal Walk Part 2
On this episode me and George do another leg of the Cornish Coastal Path. On the Second night we Bivi camp down on a nice piece of grass next to a secluded beach and record a podcast on my new tascam DR-40. It was a test run for future mobile episodes that i have planned. Apologies for not the best audio but we all have to start somewhere. Tell what what you think email me
61:36 8/4/22
Episode 212 - Lisa Bailey - Brown & Michael Bailey - Brown
On this episode Iam honoured to have Mother and Son come in to talk podcasting and mental health. Lisa has her own podcast called  Love Always Lisa  She is passionate about people and helping them to engage and tell their story. We also have her son, Michael Bailey-Brown. He produces a podcast called  Tangled Minds Podcast Tangled Mind Podcast is a show where he talks about  mental health and  day to day life challenges. They both suffer from mental health issues and both have not let that get in their way. Life isnt easy at times and on this episode we talk about problems they both have to deal with and things that upset them about mental health support in the UK.
79:37 7/1/22
Episode 211 - Craig Harrison
On this episode I was honoured to talk to former Corporal Of Horse Craig Harrison. Craig held the record for longest confirmed sniper kill in combat from 2009 - 2017. We talk about his journey as a lad growing up, his time in the British Army right upto the challenges he suffers on a daily basis with PTSD. Iam also currently in talks with Craig about taking  part in his new survival school, where he teaches lots of bushcraft & survival techniques over a weekend. Please check out his web page for more details
91:11 6/24/22
Episode 210 - George Vincent
Happy Birthday Dear George ..... And as a special treat I invited him in the studeo for a 0% Beer and a lump of Cheese and some lovely coversation..... Enjoy 
77:54 6/13/22
Episode 209 - Jonas Roach
What is a Bonsai ? For years I thought it was a Japanese Tree, well yes I was kinda right but it can actually be any tree you like as long as its situated in a pot...... I found this out from chatting to jonas Roach. Jonas has his very own you tube channel called Bonsai Cornwall. We dont just chat Bonsai but we also explore the woodlands and ocean and discuss why you may see me walking round Bare footed soon
67:00 6/6/22
Episode 208 - Louise Qualters
On this episode we have a lovely chat with Lousie Qualters. Louise  ( in her own words ) Brings Peace & Happyness Back Into Your Life. Louise is a Holistic Coach who uses Phychotherapy & EFT Tapping. Her focus is to help individuals heal, energize and become aware of their inner strenghts. To find out more about louise please check her out on Instagram and please check here web page Also ... Big shout out to Nat at UNLD who provided me with a beautiful 0% lager that i drank on this episode. please head over and also check these out...... UNLTD
78:45 6/1/22
Episode 207 - Chay Snowdon
On this episode we chat to a star in the making. Devons finest musician, Barber and Youtuber. What hasnt this young guy done!!! Ladies and Gents I introduce to you Chay Snowdon
68:54 5/21/22
Episode 206 - Blaze Eigenmann
On this episode I chew the fat with Blaze, My next door Neighbour but you may know him as The Quirky South African. Its been a long while since we have had a good chat together, let alone in my studio !! We enjoyed a great catch up with lots of interesting topics.  
79:51 5/15/22
Episode 205 - Harmony Garcia
On this episode I talked to Harmony Garcia about what shes been getting upto in her busy life. We had a good old chin wag and also I introduce to you Marc Jeffrey Presents Click on the above link , like and Subscribe and interact with my next guest. for more of Harmonys work please check out her webpage
99:22 5/6/22
Episode 204 - Kurt Powers
On this episode I had an amazing chat with Kurt Powers. He is from Orlando, Florida and is the Producer of a wonerful podcast called Powers ProjectPodcast. please check him out on insta @kurtpowers and here is a link to more of his work
90:21 3/31/22
Episode 203 - Karen Singleton
Today as I launch this episode it is the 8th March 2022, International Womens Day and this episode is my tribute to someone I admire, for what she is currently achieving as a Youtuber. Her name is Karen Singleton and like me she is a wild camper and a Content creator over on Youtube.  Please head on over to her amazing channel and  check her out over on insta.  Insta - ksgonewild Youtube - Karens gonewild
78:01 3/8/22
The Magical Pixie Dust girl - Jacquie Bird
On this epiosde we talk to Jacquie Bird who describes herselfas a Sound Healer, Guided Meditation Maven, mindfulness Guide and a Magical Pixie Dust Girl .... We had a great conversation talking about the benifits of meditation and towards the end even experienced a tap on the shoulder ? who was it from ? Please drop Jacquie an email : look her up on her webbpage : And sje also has an Instagram page : @jacquibirdspiritualwellness
85:11 2/11/22
Conscious Parenting - Episode 201 - Featuring Dr Robert Saul
This episode we chat to DR Robert Saul. Bob has been guiding parents and their childrens, Phyical, behavioral and mental care for over 40 years.Developing the Perental Awareness Threshold, a simple framework that guides parents and guardians to actively parent with self-awareness, empathy and compasion. Parent who use this framework create a healthy environment where children learn to build safe, stable and nurturing relationships as well as exhibit love and respect others in their community. To find more of Bobs work please check out his web page
70:56 1/27/22
The Mindset Answer Man - Episode 200 - Featuring Cliff Ravenscraft
Bonjour one and all !!! Its been a very productive week this week. Firstly I  managed to listen to Will Smiths amazing book " Will " over on Audible. Then I have managed to get very deep into Meditation and on top of all this I've managed to smash out this episode, which is my frickin 200th episode ! Who else better to have on this episode, Cliff Ravenscraft the Mindset Answer Man. We all need bit of direction in our lives and what better time  to listen to it as we move into 2022. please check out cliffs work over at Lastly id like to thank you for being with me on my journey in 2021 and i hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I wish you all a Safe 2022.  
70:31 12/23/21
Am I Dyslexic ? - Episode 199 - Featuring Natalie Brooks
For years I've suffered with spelling and reading issues, suffered with literacy difficulties, been crap at maths and generally thought I wasn't good enough. As a child, told by the teacher I was a day dreamer and needed to concentrate. I wouldn't amount to anything in life .... These things stick in your mind and scar you as an adult. What if it wasn't lazyness or stupidity. What if my learning difficulties and lack of focus was actually down to something else? What if I actually had Dyslexia? what if I could get a Dyslexia assessment as an adult ? Take a Dyslexia test as an adult, as easy as taking a test online ? On this episode I talk to founder of instagrams founder of Dyslexia in adults. We talk about all of the above and my personal experiences of growing up as a child . Am I Dyslexic ? draw your own conclusion from this episode and drop me an email tell me if you think I should take things further . please check out Natalie over on insta @dyslexia_in_adults  
71:59 12/15/21