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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Institute for Excellence in Sales co-founder Fred Diamond interviews top business-to-business sales leaders from companies such as Cisco, AT&T, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Hilton and others about their sales journey, career highlights, mentors, and lessons learned while asking them to offer tips to help emerging sales professionals and leaders to grow their careers. It's an interview-style podcast that has become even more popular as sales professionals look for solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


322: HPE Sales Leader Joe Ayers Details His Think, Plan and Execute Sales Philosophy 34:24 02/04/2021
323: Alex Chappell, Now with AWS, Shares Lessons Gleaned from Interviewing Top Sports Stars that Will Help Your Sales Career 37:18 02/09/2021
324: IBM Government and Education Sales Leader Courtney Bromley Shares How Not to Get Caught Up in the Entitlement Trap 42:32 02/10/2021
325: Sales Leaders Matt McDarby and Jason Rozenblat Explore What Elite Performers Are Doing Right Now 36:19 02/12/2021
326: Sales Expert Michelle Vazzana Defines Sales Agility and Explains Why It’s Critical to High-Performance 41:38 02/16/2021
327: Michelle Hyde Encourages Women in Sales to Get Involved with a Non-Profit, Such as Cloud Girls, to Keep You Focused 41:08 02/17/2021
328: Lisa Pope Recounts How Epicor's Sales Teams Stepped Up to Support Their Essential Business Customers 36:30 02/19/2021
329: Unstuck Author Craig Lemasters Offers a Pathway to Get Your Sales.....Unstuck! 36:49 02/23/2021
330: Red Hat SLED Sales VP Nancy Bohannan on How to Embrace Diversity and Inclusiveness on Tech Sales Teams 41:56 02/24/2021
331: Flexera Public Sector Leader Tristen Yancey Details Why It's a Powerful Market to Serve 30:30 02/25/2021
332: Chief Door Opener Caryn Kopp Explains How to Show Unparalleled Prospect Value with Three Simple Sentences 39:06 03/02/2021
333: Appgate Alliances Leader Tina Gravel on Overcoming Pandemic-Related Mental Health Challenges 41:47 03/03/2021
EPISODE 334: Federal CIOs Steve Cooper and Jamie Holcombe Tell How Sales Reps Should Work with CIOs 39:17 03/04/2021
335: Juniper's Revenue Enablement Leader Hang Black Tells How to Embrace Your Edge on IWD2021 and Beyond 40:06 03/08/2021
336: Sales Expert Kristie Jones Tells Why Accountability Should Be Your Main Focus in 2021 40:12 03/09/2021
337: JG Wentworth Sales Training Leader Gary Milwit Says You Can't Go Wrong Visualizing Your Customer Wearing This 34:21 03/12/2021
338: Selling from the Heart's Larry Levine Says These Three Questions Will Flip Your Customer Relationships Forever 39:55 03/16/2021
339: Red Hat and Akamai Women in Sales Leaders Relate How Supporting Each Other Can Make a Critical Difference 41:26 03/17/2021
340: Cvent Sales Exec Kevin Carr Details How Their Sales Team is Helping Hospitality and Association Customers Move to Hybrid Events 40:22 03/19/2021
341: Prospecting Expert Tibor Shanto Urges Sales Leaders to Step Up Their Subject Matter Expert Standing Right Now 41:58 03/23/2021
342: Building a Cache of 60-Second Sales Stories That Will Set You Apart with Author Sam Horn 42:56 03/24/2021
343: Your Market Closed So What Are You Doing to Get Customers Now with Rein Teen Tours Partner Rich Applebaum and Author Bart Berkey 37:25 03/26/2021
344: RingDNA's Howard Brown Says Sales Professionals Can Avoid the Empathy Crisis by Doing This 38:18 03/29/2021
345: Women in Sales Leaders Denise Hayman and Jennifer Ives Share Success Strategies for Moving Forward 42:52 03/31/2021
346: NVIDIA's Rima Alameddine and Microsoft's Christine Zmuda Say Elite Sales Performers Are Doing This for Customers Right Now 38:11 04/02/2021
347: The Sales Whisperer Wes Schaeffer Explains Why Breaking Down Sales Activities into 15 Minute Chunks is Game Changing 36:45 04/05/2021
Oracle Public Sector Sales Leader Tamara Greenspan Gives Advice on How to Enroll the Perfect Mentor 40:32 04/07/2021
349: Carson Heady Shares How He Became Microsoft's Top Social Seller and How You Can Become Your Company's 36:59 04/08/2021
350: Harvard's Frank Cespedes Explains Why Sales Leaders Must Be Financially Literate to Have Any Chance of Future Success 39:51 04/12/2021
351: Cvent, JK Moving Women in Sales Share the Choices that Made The Difference in Their Efforts 38:33 04/14/2021