Show cover of Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Institute for Excellence in Sales co-founder Fred Diamond interviews top business-to-business sales leaders from companies such as Cisco, AT&T, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Hilton and others about their sales journey, career highlights, mentors, and lessons learned while asking them to offer tips to help emerging sales professionals and leaders to grow their careers. It's an interview-style podcast that has become even more popular as sales professionals look for solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


340: Cvent Sales Exec Kevin Carr Details How Their Sales Team is Helping Hospitality and Association Customers Move to Hybrid Events 40:22 03/19/2021
341: Prospecting Expert Tibor Shanto Urges Sales Leaders to Step Up Their Subject Matter Expert Standing Right Now 41:58 03/23/2021
342: Building a Cache of 60-Second Sales Stories That Will Set You Apart with Author Sam Horn 42:56 03/24/2021
343: Your Market Closed So What Are You Doing to Get Customers Now with Rein Teen Tours Partner Rich Applebaum and Author Bart Berkey 37:25 03/26/2021
344: RingDNA's Howard Brown Says Sales Professionals Can Avoid the Empathy Crisis by Doing This 38:18 03/29/2021
345: Women in Sales Leaders Denise Hayman and Jennifer Ives Share Success Strategies for Moving Forward 42:52 03/31/2021
346: NVIDIA's Rima Alameddine and Microsoft's Christine Zmuda Say Elite Sales Performers Are Doing This for Customers Right Now 38:11 04/02/2021
347: The Sales Whisperer Wes Schaeffer Explains Why Breaking Down Sales Activities into 15 Minute Chunks is Game Changing 36:45 04/05/2021
Oracle Public Sector Sales Leader Tamara Greenspan Gives Advice on How to Enroll the Perfect Mentor 40:32 04/07/2021
349: Carson Heady Shares How He Became Microsoft's Top Social Seller and How You Can Become Your Company's 36:59 04/08/2021
350: Harvard's Frank Cespedes Explains Why Sales Leaders Must Be Financially Literate to Have Any Chance of Future Success 39:51 04/12/2021
351: Cvent, JK Moving Women in Sales Share the Choices that Made The Difference in Their Efforts 38:33 04/14/2021
352: Reston Limo's Kristina Bouwieri and JK Moving's Vince Burruano Declare What Elite Sales Performers Are Doing Right Now 33:52 04/15/2021
353: Alice Kemper Lists three Surefire Ways to Out-Think, Out-Sell and Out-Perform Your Competition 37:33 04/20/2021
354: Vengreso's Viveka von Rosen Exhorts Sales Professionals to Start Using Video Before It's Too Late 53:12 04/21/2021
355: Sales Leaders Nicole Moberg and Caroline Turner Disclose Recommendations for Customer Impact Right Now 34:24 04/22/2021
356: Roderick Jefferson Explains What Sales Enablement Professionals Must Do for Impact for Right Now 37:51 04/30/2021
357: You've Got This Author Dr. Margie Warrell Posits a Unique Strategy to Significantly Grow a Stronger Network Right Now 37:28 05/04/2021
358: Sales Expert Angela Rakis Tells How to Get Unstuck by Knowing the Four Levels of Selling Confidence 41:08 05/05/2021
359: PatientPop's Kevin Dorsey Bluntly Declares Sales Reps Are Failing at This 37:36 05/07/2021
360: Ninja Social Selling Strategies from Channel Sales Guru Janet Schijns 41:55 05/11/2021
361: Intel and memoryBlue Leaders Erin Moseley and Kristen Wisdorf Highlight Decisions that Shaped Their Sales Careers 41:47 05/12/2021
362: Brian Krause and Vaneet Bhaskar Share What's Needed for AI Sales Success 37:22 05/14/2021
363: Gil Cargill On Elevating Your Performance with Process-Driven Six Sigma Selling 37:35 05/18/2021
364: Win-Win SELLING Author Doug Brown on Providing Extreme Sales Value 39:47 05/18/2021
365: Well-Known Sales Strategist Alice Heiman on How to Flourish By Avoiding Languishing Right Now 37:54 05/19/2021
366: Verizon's Public Sector Leader Jennifer Chronis Discusses Her Strategy for Richer Customer Engagement 17:57 05/20/2021
367: Federal Sales Experts Eileen Kent and CACI's Erich Wiemann Offer Ideas to Capture More Sales 35:01 06/02/2021
368: Dun and Bradstreet Public Sector Leader Tim Solms Says Sales Success Comes Down to Mission, Metrics and Action 32:05 06/07/2021
369: Cox Business Sales Leader Tiffany Markus Shares How Putting Yourself Out There is the First Step to Success 41:16 06/09/2021