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Welcome to my podcast. Here we will be discussing ways to motivate you and to find your reason to get off the bench. We will cover a variety of areas of success: Life, business, success, sports and personal development, in short mindset and mindfulness so you can learn how to give yourself the permission you need to have the success you desire. And remember this, " if you can reach your goals with a step ladder, then they are probably too low" I'm out.


Ep.122 Reset your Mindset. 3.5 Ways to reset your Mindset
Mindset is that thing we do that locks us into a mental position that will either help us or hurt us.  Either way, we need to be careful about not being willing to change our mindsets when necessary. The 3.5 ways to change are  1.  Check your Ego  2.  Silence the Whispers 3.  Begin where you are  .5   Be Willing to change    Subscribe to the Off The Bench Magazine     
19:08 09/21/2022
Ep. 121 Change is Easy. But are you Willing... Keynote at BCN Confrence
Hey fam, tune in as I do a keynot on the topic of Change.  It's easy,but are you willing.  This Keynote was the Business Crossing Network annual convention in  Northern VA.  The question is are you an Impala or not?  Be sure to subcribe to the OTB magazine  follow us on IG  @OTBmagazine 
30:52 08/29/2022
Ep 120 Twisted Intimacy, not exactly what you are thinking, well sorta. Meet Monika Monk
 Meet Monika Monk of Twisted Intimacy. Monika is a muli-prenuer and a model. She shares  her view on  how intimacy with oneself can help with self confidence, self love, sensuality and communication between others.   Monika  defines intimacy  as being vulnerable with yourself and other people. Subcribe Off the Bench Magazine   
31:36 04/08/2022
Ep 119 From Baller to Computer Enginee to Author Meet Timetra White
 Listen as we talk to Author, Mother and 3 time state champion and computer engineer Timetra White. She is the author of  Finding Liv. A story about a female athlete trying to find her way and her identity beyond sports.  On a surprise note, we actually have a couple of major things in common. Find out what it is.     Order your you copy  on Amazon here  Subscribe to the Off the Bench Magazine click here 
20:26 03/30/2022
Ep 118 Educator becomes global advocate for for women's empowerment
Dr. Shellie Hypsky  graces the March 2022 cover of OTB Magazine as a Women of Power.  Listen in as she shares her heart and passion for emowering women around the world.  She has been on stages around the world speaking to fortune 500 and 100 companies as she impacts them with more than words, but rather with support and actionable steps.
15:31 03/15/2022
Ep 117 Impartation Strategist Do you have one? Do you need one?
  I have never heard of an Impartation Strategist until I met Renee Ambush.  Listen in as she explains her many roles and how she is impacting lives and changing Baltimore at the same time.   Renee, among other things, is a movie producer and currently working on a sitcom.  Renee has a lot to say, and she will be saying it in the OTB magazine.      IG @outthabox70  IG @otbmagazine     
24:13 02/11/2022
Ep116 Confidence Ambassorador has a strong message for Queens in business
Meet Erica Rowe Confidence Amabassorador, MC and all around encourager for women.  Erica joins the podcast to share her journey and some insight to help Queens on their journey.  Erica is also a contributing writer with OTB Magazine be sure to read her each month.  Subscribe below  The Evolve series. email   
34:00 02/07/2022
Ep 115 King Conversations: Meet Caz Actor and Peace Advocate
Listen in as we speak with Caz Harleaux.  Actor, motivator and Peace advocate.  We cover his journey to becoming a succesful actor and how he now uses his skills to promote peace through his articles called Peace Pieces.  Oh we also talk football, he is Steelers Fan and I am a Browns fan.  This should be good.   IG @Catch_Caz Subscribe to OTB Magazine  Invest in Rare sneakers  
76:53 02/03/2022
Ep. 114 Energy Transfer
There are two types of energy.  Potential and Kinetic.  One speaks to what you could do, and the other speaks to what you ARE doing.  But what does it take to convert Potential to Kinetic energy to produce the desired results or to achieve your goals?  Listen to how you can do exactly that and have your off the bench moment.  OTB Magazine.  IG  @OTBmagazine  If you are looking to get your message out to a new market contact us today about advertising in the OTB magazine. Check out the January issue.  OTB January Issue  
11:52 01/26/2022
Ep. 113 Meet Angela Lewis Editor in Chief of iShine Magazine
Meet Editor in Chief of the iShine Magazine,  Angela Lewis.  Listen in as she shares how she started her magazine and publishing business and how she works with people as their Visablity Coach to help you get your message out.  Click here to visit Angela's website  Follow Angela on IG @Iamangelalewis Subscribe to OTB Magaine  IG @otbmagazine    
25:21 01/17/2022
Ep 112 King Conversations meet Rodney C. Burris Speaker, Author Motivator
Listen to King Converstions as  I interview Rodney C. Burris and hear more about his speaking career and his words of encouragment.  Rodney was featured on the cover or the November Issue of OTB Magazine.   ( Click here for November issue)  Be sure  to subscribe to the OTB Magazine today!  Follow us on IG  @OTBmagzine      
40:44 12/20/2021
Ep 111 Meet Author and father Anthony McAllister
Listen in to this special edition of off the bench with author Anthony McAllister.  His book Fathers Matter is a collection of men sharing their story about being fathers in today's time and the impact of being present.  Anthony shares about a tragic loss of a daughter due to gun violence and how he and his wife have made it their mission to educate and stop gun violence in our community.   Be sure to Subcribe to the magazine at.  Follow us on youtube at Off the bench live  and on IG @ OTBmagazine     
24:30 10/27/2021
Ep.110 Health and Wellness Discussion for Business Owners
Listen in as a panel of business owners discuss their views on health, wellness and the stuggles of being a business owner.  We discuss issues and give insight on how to have a more productive and balanced life while thriving in business.   Check out Business Crossing Network  Subscribe to the magazine   
39:03 10/22/2021
Ep. 109 King Conversations topic Fathers and Daughters
Join the Kings as we discuss our relationships with our daughters.  What makes them unique and what is the toughtest part of being a girl dad.   Please be sure to subscribe to the Off the Bench Magazine  (click here) Subscribe to our youtube channel  OTB Live   
66:43 10/18/2021
Ep 108 Special edition: King Conversations
Welcome to the special edition of King Conversations.  This is were Kings get together to help other Kings become better Kings.  This episode we talk about about men's mental health, family, careers, books and motivation.  Listen in as we have 4 Black men sharing their hearts to help make others Better than yesterday.   Be sure to subscibe to this podcast and the Off the Bench Magaizne.    (click here)   
82:08 09/09/2021
Ep. 107 A Bad Doctor's report made Tiffany Parra a fitness Fanatic
Tiffany Williams Parra is a certified fitness coach and certified life coach, entrepreneur motivational speaker and Editor in Chief of Phoenix Fitness Fanatics Magazine.  After receiving some of the worst news concerning health from her doctor, Tiffany decided to fix her life.  Listen in as she talks about her journey to health and wellness has inspired women from all over the world learn to become fanatics about their fitness.   Learn more about Tiffany Williams Parra  (click here )      
24:30 07/23/2021
Ep. 106 Meet Multiprenuer Latricia Bailey from Table & Tangerines Magazine
Listen as we chat with Multiprenuer, writer, coach and Editor in Chief Latricia Bailey from LCB Consutling and Designs.  She talks today about business AWIC TV and their VBN channel and her newest venture a digital design magazine called Tables & Tangerines. She is a talented anointed CEO doing the Dam thing.   Click here to see more on her magazine   Table & Tangerines  Get your free copy of the I am I can I will motivaitonal Birthday issue by going to our website   Off the Bench Magazine   
26:57 05/28/2021
Ep 105 Meet Executive Coach And Reiki Master Chelese Perry
Chelese is a single mother with two beautiful teenage children. She navigated the end of an almost two-decade marriage while learning how to stand in her power, support her children and manifest a life in alignment with her hopes and dreams.  She is committed to continuous learning and developing programs that help people make sustainable changes and live life with intention even in the midst of disruption. Her personal experiences solidified her belief that change, though challenging, often becomes the catalyst for our greatest growth and manifestations. check out here website  Be sure to subscribe to the Off the Bench Magazine  Click here  
32:11 04/15/2021
Ep 104 Meet A Father's Plight Author, Justin Jackson
Imagine you are a father, but yet you cannot spend as much time  as you want with your children.  Instead of just accepting things as they are, you decide to fight for your rights, the hearts and the legacy of your children.  That's part of the story of Justin Jackson.  His book "A Father's Plight" let's you in on the journey, the struggles and the lessons learned as he chose to become to his children, the father he never had.  follow Justin Jackson on IG @I_am_bernardjax Read his feature in Aprils issue of Off the Bench Magazine Subscribe here  
30:15 04/09/2021
Ep 103 Meet Josephine Maignomo CEO of Jump For Health
Listen as we talk about her London Learning Disability Basketball League and the organizations goals to  teach youth in the UK a healthier lifestyle using basketball and fitness to get them Off the Bench.   Find out more about Josephine and go to her website Be sure to subscribe to the Off the Bench Magazine.   
33:11 04/05/2021
Ep. 102 I Affirm Today meet Nicole Decandas Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Affirmations are not effective unless combined with a mindset shift and a action plan.  Meet Nicole Decandas Author, Speaker educator who has written her first book.  "I Affirm Today"  This book will walk you through setting up great affirmations and how to use her system to get to success.   Listen in as we discuss what inspired her to create this book and to teach others to embrace the statement I Affirm Today.  You can get her Book here  Get your Copy HERE Subscribe to Off the Bench Magazine  Today  Lis
30:47 03/23/2021
EP 101 I've been diagnosed, Now what? Meet Author Katrece Nolen
Imagine playing with your kids one day, to being told by a doctor's office that they can't see you about your pain the next. Then in a pivotal moment you take a stand and demand to be seen. After all that, you are told  you have rare form of cancer.  In her new book "I have been diagnosed now what?" by Author Katrece Nolen, she  shares her journey, her fight and now her mission to be an advocate for others in the battle against cancer  listen to her inspiring story.  Get Katrece's Book here.  Buy Now  Subscribe to OTB Magazine today  Subscribe here   
25:30 03/17/2021
EP 100 Skincare and Wellness entrepreneur says Tea is life
We all have had a nice hot cup of tea. But have you ever used tea as a main ingredient in your bath and body body products?  Me either, Until I met Tanishia Jones. She is the creator of Sweet Tea for your 7th Day.  The benefits of adding their Tea infused products to your self-care routine will provide you a healthier glowing youthful skin.  Rethink the way you consume tea, not from the inside out, but from the outside in!   check out their products here   For your 7th day  See  For your 7th day  as featured in the March Issue of Off the Bench Magazine    
23:47 03/10/2021
Ep 99 Power and Change
People often talk about change.  They want it, they see it, they know they need it.  But what is lacking most times is the power to execute and sustain said changes.  Listen in  as I discuss why you need both in order to have the success you desire.  Please like subscribe and share this podcast.  Be  sure to subscribe to the Off the Bench Magazine  so you don't miss a month of motivation and information     Subscribe NOW  Click here to see the Feb issue 
12:53 02/23/2021
Ep. 98 Meet Missionary, entrepreneur, publisher Natasha T. Brown
They say that one single moment can change your whole life and it purpose.  Natasha T. Brown had one of those moments when she was called to a missions trip to Tanzania, East Africa.  Listen to her story of how she almost had to come back to the states.  Learning to live without excess became real. How real? She wrote a book about.  Be sure to like and subscribe to this podcast and like OTBlive on IG Check out the Off the Bench Digital magazine  Click here  
33:04 12/07/2020
Ep 97 5 Things you need to survive. Meet Charley Holley
During the early parts of the Pandemic, Off the Bench Live did a series with speakers on how to deal in this new normal.  Charley Holley, international speaker, award winning Toastmaster, coach and all around good dude who had deep jumper and crazy hops.  Charley was my teammate at the Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville back in the day. Listen in as he once again, breaks down the "defense".  be sure to follow him on his site click here  Click here Charley Holley Check out Ep 88:  Meet Larissa Clark 
36:22 09/07/2020
Ep. 96 Grambling State Univ. Vs. COVID, Meet Exec. VP Martin Lemelle Jr.
Listen in as we discuss the future of HBCU's as they pivot out of Covid 19. What does this mean for Black Colleges their students and their sports programs. With a potential emerging trend of highly recruited basketball and football players choosing HBCU's over traditional "blue blood" athletic programs, what could this do for the Black College landscape and are they ready. #kappaalphapsi #gramblingtigers #gramblingstateuniv watch the video on our Youtube Channel OTBlive           
28:15 09/03/2020
Ep 95 You vs. Forex and Change ( see how I did that)
Learning a skill takes time and work. Often times you have to battle not just new hurdles but overcome old hurdles. Old hurdles often take the most work because they have been there the longest. Listen in as I share my journey to learn this new skill and give you 3.5 ways to overcome your hurdles and make change (did it again) Please Like Subscribe and share this podcast.
22:11 08/03/2020
Ep 94 News anchor say's wait I got a joke, I'm out
Meet Eunice Elliot.  Stand up comedian, turns news anchor, changes up and goes back to her roots and expands.  With a children's book series about her two dogs, Bella and Sugar called "So much Love to give."  Hear how she made the move and what plans she has next.  Every day Eunice Elliott is off the bench following her passion     
27:50 07/23/2020
Ep 93 OTB Live Home Edition Mialissa Tompkins Realtor in the DC area
OTB Live home Edition speaks with Mialissa Tompkins. She is speaking about how to prepare to take advantage of the Real Estate market during and post COVID-19. Great information and insight and actionable steps to get ready.  To Learn more about Mialissa Click Here 
29:28 06/22/2020