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Rewired Mind is about helping you realize that everyone has a different path to success and a very different way to operate in business. Allen Plunkett, host of Rewired Mind Podcast sits down with real industry leaders to talk about how they rewired their thinking and adopted their different way - and how they built (or rebuilt) their organizations around those concepts and beliefs.


Gelie Akhenblit - Getting out of Your Comfort Zone and Challenging Yourself Every Day 45:47 07/05/2021
Gary Robinson: From Prison to Believing in Your Genius 50:04 06/21/2021
Kirk Nurmi: From Public Scrutiny and Cancer to Happiness 43:13 06/07/2021
Candice Liozu - Foster360 and Making Decisions for Herself 50:30 05/24/2021
Luke Kayyem 45:47 05/10/2021
Jessie Shedden: From Cult Escapee to Powerful Woman 38:21 04/27/2021
Antra Boyd: Cancer and Both Sides of the Healthcare System 40:06 04/12/2021
Cory Berg: Self Talk and Active Listening 49:01 03/30/2021
Jeremy Roadruck and Kung Fu 45:06 03/15/2021
An Incredible Journey with Kip Brooks 45:29 03/01/2021
Interview with Kara Goldin CEO of Hint, Inc. 64:00 02/16/2021
Karen DiMarco - Patient advocate, healthcare visionary 44:46 02/01/2021
Justin Otto: From Heroin to Giving Back 34:57 01/18/2021
Rubina Cohen: Growing Up Fast and Neuroscience 36:22 01/04/2021
Justin Rambo: Download Days and Turning Down the Noise in a Loud World 37:56 12/22/2020
Laurie Herbers: From Innocent Bystander to Empowerment 32:54 12/08/2020
Gillian Tietz - Being Sober in a Drinking World 30:10 11/23/2020
Allison Dillard - Motivation through Math and Cancer 34:33 11/10/2020
Dave Kotter: Going from Greed to Profound Faith 35:01 10/19/2020
Interview with Author Dr. Benjamin Hardy 47:22 09/28/2020
Finding Adventure in Life with Stacey Newman Weldon 34:01 09/14/2020
Stephen Andert - From 300 Pounds to Ironman 29:08 08/31/2020
An Inspiring Interview with Raoul Encinas 39:55 07/22/2020
Erika Feinberg and Having a Positive Perspective During Times Like These 32:49 07/06/2020
A Conversation About Life In Prison with Lester Young 47:23 06/22/2020
Managing Anxiety In These Times with Merle Riepe 42:32 06/08/2020
Episode 008: The Incredible Story of J.T. McCormick - CEO of Scribe Media 76:38 05/14/2020
Episode 007: Troy Wilkinson and Cybersecurity during COVID-19 31:02 04/29/2020
Episode 006: Amy Tyre 35:02 04/16/2020
Episode 005: "Jenn-Ga" Jenn Kaye 42:42 01/09/2020