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Are you ready to rewire your mind for success? The new season of the Rewired Mind Podcast is here, and host Allen Plunkett is sitting down with industry leaders to uncover and unlock their unique paths, ideologies and approaches that led them to where they are. You will learn how they rewired their thinking, adopted new concepts, and transformed their organizations for the better. Transform your business and life by tuning in to the new season of the Rewired Mind Podcast. Each episode is packed with valuable insights and strategies shared by industry titans and by reviewing books written by bestselling authors. Listen on the go and gain the knowledge you need to succeed. Subscribe now and start rewiring your mind for success!


Engineers Versus Recruiters Part Five! Where Does Loyalty Lie?
As we continue with part five of this fun series, Cory "the engineer" Berg and I dive into loyalty between recruiters and talent, and recruiters and the companies hiring.  First, we talk about the relationships with each, and we acknowledge where some of the shortcomings lie with some recruiters. Do they all just chase the money? How do you balance the alliance between the candidate and what's best for the company? We continue this interesting conversation and I hope you enjoy it! Allen
28:10 3/7/24
Engineers Versus Recruiters Part Four! Valuable Feedback Stings
Here we go again! In this LinkedIn Live session, Cory Berg and I go head to head and generate some really intriguing discussions revolving around hiring issues between recruiters and engineers. Is it on the recruiter to prepare an engineer for an interview? Cory says it depends on the outcome - placement or success long term, and talks about the responsibility on each party to be as prepared as possible. Cory gets into soft skill applicants and how they might prepare. We also talk about some soft skill questions. Allen asks about whether or not some of the attempts by a recruiter are considered "stepping on toes" and how common it is for an engineer to consider talking to the recruiter a waste of time. Cory also asks why an engineer only gets the feedback of "you weren't a right fit" instead of a detailed explanation. Thanks for listening! Allen
28:10 1/23/24
Engineers Versus Recruiters Part Three!
In this episode, Cory and I begin by talking about the almost unbelievable stories of a different person showing up in the interview than was supposed to! An engineer sends a different person to the interview! It's crazy to think that happens - but it's far more common than we'd like to believe. Cory also talks about the lack of transparency on the part of the recruiter in the process. It's not to say that the engineer needs to know everything about the process, but we talk about a few critical things that can be left out of a conversation that are important for the person being hired to be aware of. We also talk about another area of transparency when it comes to what a recruiter charges vs. what is being paid to the engineer. Why does it matter? Is is it important to share, and if so, when and how? We also talk about what follows that kind of transparency. Does an engineer have a clear understanding of why that amount is being charged? We dive into a deeper topic that revolves around trust and building relationships as the cornerstone of that experience. I hope you enjoy this ongoing mini "versus" within the LinkedIn Live audio series. Allen  
27:56 12/4/23
Engineers Versus Recruiters Part Two!
It's round two! Cory Berg, an esteemed colleague and trusted friend, goes head to head with me in this LinkedIn Live series we did a while back, and we had to share it with you in podcast form. Now, if you haven't heard round one, I highly suggest that you listen to it by clicking here. We have some laughs while going head to head - me, Allen Plunkett, as the recruiter, and Cory Berg as the engineer. We discuss when it's appropriate to give references, and contact references. From a recruiter's perspective, doesn't it make sense to reach out to references early so you can have a good idea of the person you're trying to selling to a company? Or as an engineer, do you worry about having a recruiter bothering your references, or worse, trying to pitch those managers with their recruiting services? We get into all of it in this fun, spirited conversation. Enjoy! Allen
21:24 11/9/23
Engineers Versus Recruiters Part One!
In this episode, featured initially on LinkedIn Live, Cory Berg and I begin a short series of Engineers vs. Recruiters! For those who have ever used a recruiter (whether you're in IT or not) you've no doubt come face to face with these types of behaviors. Cory Berg plays the role of the engineer, and I of course look at it from a recruiter perspective. What's the right thing to do when you get ghosted by a recruiter? How do you start the conversation about your salary if you're an engineer talking to a recruiter? How do you evaluate candidates' skills over long distance?  Cory and I started this a couple of years ago as an impromptu LinkedIn Live session, and it turned into a very interesting and recurring topic.  I hope you enjoy this episode! More Engineer vs. Recruiter episodes to follow! Allen
23:01 10/18/23
Your Job Description Matters More Now Than EVER Before!
In this episode we featured initially on LinkedIn Live, I take a deep dive into an absolutely critical topic for employers - writing a great job description. I sit down with Cory Berg and Anthony Garone, who provide valuable insight into how companies need to realize the value in a proper job description.  We talk about some of the bad techniques of creating a job description. Copy and paste from another larger company? Cory calls it "copy pasta" - nobody wants to eat it. We talk about the legal content contained in some, and the lack of understanding of what a potential hire wants to see from the company he or she is going to dedicate their professional lives to! We dive into ways a company can overcome negative reviews about themselves, how to attract the people that want to be a part of the organization, and how incredibly different the quality and quantity of applicants can be when crafting a proper description. Join us for this fun discussion! Enjoy, Allen Plunkett
29:08 9/20/23
Salary Negotiating 101: Insights from Experts
In this episode we dive into a topic that resonates with all of us: salary negotiation. I'm your host, Allen Plunkett, and joining me on this episode are three remarkable guests, Amy Ancira from HireBetter, Keld Jensen from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and Rinkan Patel, a friend and seasoned professional with expertise spanning various industries. In this episode, we explore the art of negotiation from different angles. Amy kicks off the discussion by shedding light on the importance of creating safe spaces for open conversations between employees and employers. Keld Jensen, drawing from his extensive negotiation experience, shares invaluable insights on transforming negotiation from a confrontational win-lose scenario to a collaborative venture where both parties gain asymmetric value. Rinkan Patel, in his dual role as a hiring manager and a candidate, emphasizes the significance of preparation, realistic expectations, and recognizing various levers of compensation in negotiation. The conversation also touches on the evolving landscape of remote work and the challenges it presents for both employers and employees. So, if you're looking to understand the dynamics involved before you walk into that negotiation, you won't want to miss this insightful episode. Remember, negotiation isn't a conflict; it's a collaboration where both sides can find value and achieve their goals. Thanks again for listening to Rewired Mind. Allen   Allen Plunkett website | Allen Plunkett LinkedIn Amy Ancira LinkedIn Keld Jensen website | Keld Jensen LinkedIn Rinkan Patel LinkedIn
50:58 8/30/23
Hannah Nokes and Creating Social Impact to Supercharge Profitability
I was very excited to have Hannah Nokes on one of my LinkedIn Live sessions las year. We talked about her book, Magnify Your Impact, a great book about igniting your company’s purpose into action. We talked about how she came to know Maggie Miller (her co-author) and how challenges they faced in their business led them to write the book. She also talks about her background at EZCorp, and how she fell in love with the ideals of a company that uses their resources to make an impact in the community, especially in a way that can provide a benefit to the organization. We also discuss how employees can help and how to make an impact that is real, focused, and is backed with real action. We talk about the reluctance on the part of business owners, and how we overcome it. That leads more into her experience, and how it led to the book. We talk about the 4-step process in Magnify your Impact and how it can help your business, impact pillars, and how these tools can drive profitability for your company.  Enjoy the episode! Allen Plunkett
52:11 8/16/23
Saying No to Thrive: Lessons from HubSpot's Dan Tyre
Welcome to another episode of Rewired Mind! I'm your host, Allen Plunkett, and today, we're diving deep into the art of saying no. Joining us is a true sales guru and an incredible mentor, coach, and author, Dan Tyre, who plays a pivotal role as one of the first employees at HubSpot. In this episode, we'll explore the power and significance of saying no in both personal and professional aspects of life. Dan Tyre, with his vast experience and expertise in sales management, will share valuable insights on how he mastered the skill of saying no to the right things at the right time. Drawing from his rich background, we'll learn how Dan's journey at HubSpot shaped his understanding of prioritization and focus, enabling him to excel as a mentor and coach. He'll reveal practical tips on setting boundaries, making tough decisions, and staying true to your goals while avoiding the pitfalls of overcommitment. Throughout this conversation, we'll hear fascinating anecdotes from Dan's career and how saying no not only propelled his personal growth but also helped him foster a healthy work environment for his team. Additionally, I hope you enjoy this season of Rewired Mind as we go through some of the most interesting sessions from my LinkedIn Live series over the last couple of years. I hope it helps empower you with essential skills and transforms your approach to productivity and success.    
46:44 7/26/23
Should You Take that Counter Offer? Should You Offer One?
Welcome back! It's been a crazy year and while we are starting up yet another season of Rewired Mind, it's a bit different than you've come to expect. This season I'm featuring the audio version of many of my LinkedIn live sessions. I considered the time constraints I have (that most of us have, really) and decided that, while I loved doing the book reviews with colleagues, it took a significant amount of time to coordinate. But I still wanted to publish useful content. After looking at the LinkedIn Live archive that we've built up and the interesting insights I got from those friends and colleagues I spoke with over the last couple of years, I decided to release the audio only version. I hope that you'll find some source of inspiration or insight from these business leaders and professionals! I jump in with Nick Morrison founder of Potere, and Teresa Marzolph founder of Culture Engineered, on the subject of taking or making a counter offer. This was originally recorded in July of 2021, and while it pre-dated a lot of the shift we've seen in the workplace, the interesting thing is how both my guests led with predictions for the near future that we are still seeing today.  I hope that you'll enjoy all three of our perspectives. I think the fun part of this one was the unique perspectives that we have on the topic. Enjoy, and I hope that you'll join me for more of these recorded sessions. Allen
48:49 7/12/23
Winning the Job Search: Navigating Misconceptions and Finding Success
In this episode of Rewired Mind, I sit down with Anthony Garone and Ellis Fitch, founders of Edify Content and authors of the book "Winning the Job Search: The Hard Truth About Getting Hired." Joining me as co-host is Kelly Geary, bringing a tremendous amount of experience in the industry. We start with a discussion about the relevance of the book amidst the unpredictable job market, especially during and post-COVID. Anthony and Ellis share their personal experiences of getting laid off and witnessing others facing similar challenges, and highlight the need for practical guidance in the job search. This book should be included in graduation gift bags and college curriculums, according to Kelly, and I couldn't agree more! She talks about the value of preparing emotionally and investing time in job search preparation, which can significantly impact the length and difficulty of the journey. Ellis's perspective in this book also adds a fresh take on job searching, particularly for women. Anthony, a self-described introvert, explains that introversion doesn't equate to avoiding difficult conversations; it's more about losing energy in social interactions. We talk about the tension between their viewpoints, which provides readers with a broader understanding of job search strategies and the different challenges for different types of people. We also talk about the book's misconceptions and the intention behind each chapter's titles. Join me and Kelly Geary in this enlightening conversation that challenges conventional wisdom and offers practical insights into winning the job search game.  Links and other notes from the podcast Find the book on Amazon here. Edify Content Allen Plunkett -
46:38 6/13/23
Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey with author Kurt Wilkin
In this episode of the Rewired Mind podcast, hosts Allen Plunkett, Ellis Fitch, and Kelly Geary sit down with Kurt Wilkin, author of the book Who's Your Mike?: A No-Bullshit Guide to the People You'll Meet on Your Entrepreneurial Journey. They discuss the importance of having a strong support system when starting a business and navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Kurt shares insights from his own experience as a founder and CEO, and talks about the different types of people or "Mikes" that entrepreneurs need in their lives to succeed. The conversation touches on topics like networking, mentorship, and building authentic relationships. Listeners will come away with practical tips for identifying and cultivating the right connections on their own entrepreneurial journey.
40:00 4/25/23
JeVon McCormick and the Modern Leader
I could not wait to talk again with JeVon McCormick. On our new season, I am joined by Ellis Fitch and Anthony Garone. We dive into JeVon's second book, Modern Leader, including a chat about the foreword written by the one and only David Goggins. JeVon talks about how that came about. We dive into a substantial moment in JeVon's life, and part of the motivation for his latest book. Making the decision to go by JeVon instead of J.T. (which you'll hear him referred to in our season 1 interview here), he talks about "the broken playbook" that we all play by, and how he made the decision to own his full name, and what he hopes to see by doing that. Allen talks about a story in the book about a drive JeVon took with his dad through an area of River Oaks, and how some of those moments motivated him to write this latest book as well. JeVon talks about who he specifically wanted to reach with this message. Allen mentions a phenomenon that JeVon brought up in the book about shaming people for asking questions. JeVon talks about the responsibility of people to teach rather than to take the position that it "isn't my responsibility to teach them".  Ellis and JeVon dive into DEI initiatives (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), particularly within publicly traded companies, and JeVon talks about how some of the intentions are misguided. JeVon talks about some interesting examples about changing the playbook, and cites the example of the change of leadership and pattern of succession at TIAA-CREF, and how now Thasunda Brown Duckett is the current CEO. Anthony asks about what practical top-down solutions  companies can put in practice to affect real change to the broken playbook. Thanks for listening to this episode. Here are some links below from the show and more information about the hosts. JeVon's LinkedIn page website Scribe Media website The hosts of the show: Allen Plunkett, owner of Phoenix Staff Ellis Fitch, Content Strategist and co-founder of Edify Content Anthony Garone, Ghostwriter and co-founder of Edify Content
55:00 3/14/23
ReWired Mind Season 2 is Coming Soon!
The new season of the Rewired Mind Podcast, hosted by self-made entrepreneur Allen Plunkett returns Tuesday, March 14th. This season you’ll hear more amazing conversations with industry leaders who have transformed their organizations and their lives - by rewiring their thinking and adopting new concepts.  Allen, alongside trusted friends and colleagues, will interview authors who've overcome obstacles and rewired the way they approach life, work, and family. We'll also have videos of many of these episodes as well!  Join us as we sit down with these authors, then discuss our thoughts after the interview! Don't miss the first episode of season 2, coming Tuesday, March 14th!
02:44 3/7/23
Gelie Akhenblit - Getting out of Your Comfort Zone and Challenging Yourself Every Day
Gelie Akhenblit is probably best known as the founder of largest Networking Community in Phoenix, After starting with nothing, Gelie has built this network to close to 43,000 members. A fighter in every sense of the word, Gelie is someone who is always intent on rewiring her own mind while helping others in rewiring theirs as well. Through the massive network of professionals and the close relationships that she has built with people over the years, Gelie is interested serving. She has learned that one of the ways she can help is by offering connectedness and a sense of community to those who may otherwise struggle to find these things. Her road has not been a simple one. From quitting her job and launching her own business to almost losing that business after a divorce - Gelie is the epitome of a fighter and someone who knows how to battle to achieve success. With every step, she displays confidence and perseverance that she will reach her goals no matter the obstacle. You can listen to her TedX talk here and visit her website here. Gelie makes a reference to her blog post here. Find her LinkedIn page here.
45:47 7/5/21
Gary Robinson: From Prison to Believing in Your Genius
Gary Robinson is an author and speaker whose search for purpose after being arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Ultimately he made changes that led him to inspire others to believe in themselves and the genius that they have inside. Gary talked about being arrested at age 20 for armed robbery and his “rewired moment” when he was sitting in his jail cell and realized that he needed to change. The way he'd handled things up until that point didn’t work. He prayed not to leave jail as the same type of person he was when he came in. He spoke about his childhood - watching his mom get arrested and being raised by his great-grandmother. He was surprised to find himself put in a Bible study group in prison by a relative he knew from his youth; reuniting with his cousin and how that experience helped him get out of the fixed mindset he was in. During that time he also met Lester Young. Among a few others, Lester was a tremendous influence. If you haven't heard my interview with Lester, you should. The inspiration and wisdom shared between these two gentlemen is incredible, and the fact that Lester's intervention in Gary's life was so profound will come as no surprise. Hitting rock bottom and recognizing that you need help can be a treacherous journey, and Gary's experiences are truly the epitome of that. He recounts Robin Sharma's quote, “Delete the energy vampires from your life, clean out all complexity, build a team around you that frees you to fly, remove anything toxic, and cherish simplicity, because that’s where genius lives.” His approach to life now is simple - figure out your purpose and be great at it. You can buy a copy of his book Mining the Diamond in You: A Journey of Reinvention and Transformation here.
50:04 6/21/21
Kirk Nurmi: From Public Scrutiny and Cancer to Happiness
When people go to describe this guest on Rewired Mind, they may want to say attorney, speaker, author etc. but Kirk Nurmi would just like to simply be known as a human being. The quote “no one wants to die with music still left inside them” by Dr. Wayne Dyer has been an inspiration for Kirk. He famously was the defense attorney in the Jodi Arias trial, which lasted from January 2013- April 2015. During this 2 ½ year period, he faced threats and public scrutiny, leading him to step away from law and even getting diagnosed with cancer as a result of the pressure from the trial. As a result of the cancer, Kirk changed his focus to make his happiness a priority, something he had not done in the years prior to the diagnosis. The biggest question that he had to answer was “Am I Happy?” This forced him to examine areas of his life and make decisions based on how he answered that question. A book he would recommend is I Can See Clearly Now by Wayne Dyer. You can buy his book Defend Your Greatness here.
43:13 6/7/21
Candice Liozu - Foster360 and Making Decisions for Herself
Candice Liozu is the Director of an amazing non-profit called Foster360. This organization focuses on assisting young adults who are aging out of the foster care system. Candice shares her journey of working at the highest levels in the corporate world to now being the Director of a non-profit. She worked for what she envisioned as being akin to the “American Dream” when working for SAP after moving here from Europe and had her in the mindset of being a “shark” in an industry that is full of highly motivated, competitive people and leaders. Her rewired moment: came one evening at dinner. She heard a voice that led her to believe, finally, that she should be making decisions for herself rather than others to do so on her behalf. She’d been allowing others to make decisions for her for years. This experience led her to work with Mesa United Way and the creation of Foster360. You can learn more and donate to Foster 360 by going to Some things that Candice mentioned were helpful to her were the books Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, Willpower Doesn’t Work by Ben Hardy and the music of Ottmar Liebert.
50:30 5/24/21
Luke Kayyem
“Whatever pain you experience can be power to create the life you want”. This quote fits the story of Luke Kayyem, a performance life coach, corporate leadership consultant and keynote speaker. He shifted his focus to specific things after having a fixed mindset for most of his life. He got into reading and starting to widen his mindset in 2017 and was influenced by author David Deida, after going to an event where he was a guest speaker. We chat about his childhood and how being raised by a single mom impacted him. He was on a path of self-destruction when he started drinking and partying. Luke has worked hard to change his mindset from fixed to one focused on searching and seeking. Recognizing that he was throwing so much away due to his addiction, he now aims to help other men on their own journey of life. Through his program called Fathers of the Future, Luke helps men live their legacy despite their own set of bad circumstances. You can learn more about it here.  You can get in touch with Luke by going to Books that Luke recommends: The Way of the Superior Man, David Deida and Mindset, Carol Dweck
45:47 5/10/21
Jessie Shedden: From Cult Escapee to Powerful Woman
Jessie Shedden is an author and a mindset/confidence coach. She grew up as a member of what is considered by many to be a cult, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. The church rejects all claims that they are a cult and describes themselves as a “mainstream Christian Church”, but as we speak to Jessie, you can make your own determination as to their structure. As a 4th generation member Jessie shares some of the things that occurred while a part of the church and how she helped her dad with some the businesses he looked to launch as a member as well as what her life was like up to the point she decided to leave. Jessie recently lost her mother and the relationships that she once had with other family members, including her father are now tumultuous or non-existent. Her focus has shifted to seeing herself as a powerful, strong, blessed and wealthy woman, coming from a situation where everything was run by men and women were viewed as subservient, meek and quiet. Books she would recommend are Take the Risk by Ben Carson and The 6 Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden. You can buy her books about her own experiences, Tomorrow’s Not Promised: Mistress of her own Destiny here and Those Boots are Made for Walking: One Woman’s Quest for Freedom here.
38:21 4/27/21
Antra Boyd: Cancer and Both Sides of the Healthcare System
A Navy veteran and registered nurse, Antra Boyd is a patient advocate and owner of Connected Care Patient Advocacy. Her entire life focused on helping people and doing for others. We talk about the battle she won against cancer and how her experience of being a patient led her to starting her own company. Such a great conversation with a very transparent and genuinely nice person. Books that she would recommend are Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood, The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande and The Three Principles by Sydney Banks.
40:06 4/12/21
Cory Berg: Self Talk and Active Listening
A very close friend of mine – it was great to interview him on Rewired Mind to dig a little deeper into this incredibly kind and talented guy. He can describe himself as a “software guy” oftentimes (and is a very good one at that!). He’s also a writer and is very focused on helping other people improve in the workplace. A recent quote from the mind of our buddy Gary Vaynerchuk “Don’t create; document” has influenced some of Cory’s writing. We spoke on the importance of self-talk and how he believes that having an analytical mind can lead to catastrophic thinking. He shared the idea that, for him, filling the “cup” of others can help to fill your own. He also talked about how active listening – a critical thing for any software development person - is an important skill for all people to hone. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and visit his website: His book Software++: Must Have Skills for Software Engineers is available on Amazon. A book that Cory would recommend is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
49:01 3/30/21
Jeremy Roadruck and Kung Fu
A Kung Fu Master and Hypnotherapist, Jeremy Roadruck is also the author of Your Best Child Ever: Is This Game Worth Winning? In this interview we talk about his childhood and how he was determined to live a life of happiness, health, safety and solid communication. As importantly though, he has focused on sharing the strategies that he has learned with others. Through his book, his schools and platforms like this, that is exactly the mission he is now fulfilling. One of his basic beliefs is that “we can learn from anyone regardless of age”. He discusses the importance of self-talk and shared a moment where he was caught by one of his Kung Fu Masters saying that he hated himself and how that interaction helped him become more aware of how he was talking to himself and how he worked to correct it. If you want to connect with him, the easiest way to reach him is Facebook, You can buy his book here.
45:06 3/15/21
An Incredible Journey with Kip Brooks
Kip Brooks is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and breakthrough coach. For much of his youth, Kip was convinced that he wasn’t wanted. He struggled with forgiving people and trust had been an issue for sure. When he was 8 years old, Kip would pray that he wouldn’t wake up. He figured that if God was real, the prayer would be answered as all he wanted was out. Struggling with drugs and alcohol and also landing in jail led him toward getting clean and changing his life. You can get in touch with Kip by going to and follow him here: On Facebook at TheRealKipBrooks Instagram @TheRealKipBrooks LinkedIn at TheRealKipBrooks For instant access to one of Kip’s courses – follow this link Books that he would recommend are: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Laws of Thinking by Bernard Jordan and the The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.
45:29 3/1/21
Interview with Kara Goldin CEO of Hint, Inc.
Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc. – makers of Hint Water, the leading unsweetened flavored water. She is also the bestselling author of Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, which was released October 2020. Kara’s career has seen her in magazine circulation for Time Magazine, Sales for CNN, and as a VP for AOL before founding Hint. Her accolades include being named one of InStyle’s Badass 50, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, Fortune's Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink, and EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Northern California. The Huffington Post listed her as one of six disruptors in business, alongside Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. We spoke about her book, the fact that it was released during the pandemic, how the passing of her editor at the same time, all while having 5 kids, and running her business has impacted her. Kara told us how being curious from an early age helped her with problem-solving and really helps her not only stand on good footing with her employees, but also helps motivate her every day to continue to learn and grow. Kara spent much of her childhood in Arizona, graduated from Arizona State University, and currently lives in the bay area. She shares her knowledge and experience through public speaking, mentoring, and hosting her own podcast, The Kara Goldin Show. Books that she recommends are Superman’s Not Coming by Erin Brockovich, Originals by Adam Grant, and Can’t Even by Anne Helen Peterson. You can buy her book Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters here.
64:00 2/16/21
Karen DiMarco - Patient advocate, healthcare visionary
Karen DiMarco has been a nurse for over 22 years, she is a patient advocate and is definitely a healthcare visionary. In one of our favorite conversations we talked about her childhood, how she dealt with loneliness, and her feeling as though she needed to check certain boxes with people in order to be liked. She held onto a “red alert” sort of mindset for many years and became very self-conscious about how others viewed her. An amazing human with great stories of being herself and raising her kiddos to be confident people as well, Karen is an exceptional writer (adding tons of humor to everything she writes) and such a delight to listen to and learn from. Please read more about her at and feel free to contact her at A book she would recommend is Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani.
44:46 2/1/21
Justin Otto: From Heroin to Giving Back
Justin Otto is a former heroin addict who started his own podcast, DharmaJunkie, to help those who struggle with addiction as well to help him move on from his past. We talk about his addiction, his journey to becoming clean for the past 18 months and how his Buddhist mindset helped him with not only his recovery but also going forward. So many great insights and thoughts from someone who is a very deep thinker and looking to help others. Please listen to Justin’s podcast and feel free to contact him at
34:57 1/18/21
Rubina Cohen: Growing Up Fast and Neuroscience
You know how you can tell when someone is smiling when you are talking to them? That is Rubina Cohen – all the time. Someone who had to help teach and basically be mom to her younger siblings at a very young age, Rubina quickly grabbed that mantle and got to work. She became obsessed with productivity and would create spreadsheets as a very young adult showing her where she spent her time. She had a love of learning and that is what led her to become interested in neuroscience and the work of Joe Dispenza. Like many other guests, she was also influenced by Oprah and Deepak Chopra and became interested our emotional intelligence and meditation. One of the many books that both of us would recommend is Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
36:22 1/4/21
Justin Rambo: Download Days and Turning Down the Noise in a Loud World
Justin Rambo struggled as a student. When he was in first grade, he believed that he was not as smart as the other students in his classes. He adopted a mindset that he was stupid, but later discovered that he just had a different style of learning. In 2014, he went to a talk about personal development, during this talk, he realized that there was more that he could do with his analytical style of learning and always questioning things. He feels that he understands people due to having introverted tendencies. Justin took an assessment that helped him understand his learning style and on what he calls his Download Day, how everything changed in how he approached personal interactions to how he focuses his time to make the most of it.  We also talk about how he is able to live without certain distractions that seem impossible to be without in today’s connected world. You can buy his book Turn Down the Noise here and listen to his podcast, Versatile Success here.
37:56 12/22/20
Laurie Herbers: From Innocent Bystander to Empowerment
Growing up, Laurie Herbers saw herself as an innocent bystander. We talk about her relationship that she had with her father and how the negativity left her with a mindset of never being able to measure up. Laurie talks about her rewired moment during a rainstorm after her father had passed away and how this led her to find God and completely change how she looked at life and heal from what she had gone through. Now Laurie says her goal is empowerment. Her daily habits are looking at the verse of the day in her Bible app, journaling and having gratitude for the things that she has in her life. She is the author of Second Chances: How I Turned Hate into Love and Found My Purpose and would also recommend reading the Bible, When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric Ludy and So Long Insecurities by Beth Moore. To learn more about or contact Laurie, please visit
32:54 12/8/20