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A podcast for major cinephiles like Michael Bolton and *hopefully* you. We talk movies but often get sidetracked.


#26 - The road so far
We talk BORAT 2, SOCIAL DILEMA, STAR WARS, the future of cinema, and reflect on the events of this year.
141:25 10/31/20
#25 - Baby Yoda Christmas
We talk MANDALORIAN, David Lynch, WATCHMEN, Disney+, IRISHMAN, and share our tv, movie, doc and christmas picks of 2019.
130:02 12/20/19
#24 - Joker, China, and moral panics
We review JOKER and analyze the moral panic that surrounded it—we also talk SCORSESE vs MARVEL—SOUTH PARK vs CHINA—and share our top Halloween picks.
127:20 10/22/19
#23 - You don't know what we did last summer
We are back from our summer break! We talk EASY RIDER, MANDALORIAN, HOBBS & SHAW, VERONICA MARS, SUPERNATURAL, D23, and the latest in Disney/Marvel news.
101:08 8/29/19
#22 - Johnzilla
We review JOHN WICK 3 and GODZILLA — crush on Jackie Chan — discuss the Hollywood abortion boycotts — and talk Stephen King and IT CHAPTER TWO.
75:23 6/3/19
#21 - Endgame
We talk all things ENDGAME and retrospect on the complete MCU saga.
63:24 5/23/19
#20 - FINALE — Game of Thrones
Mag's hiatus is over—we catch up and react to the series finale of GAME OF THRONES—our take on the finale begins at timecode 14:25.
74:04 5/23/19
#19 - The battle for Flat Earth
104:14 5/1/19
#18 - Cheese and crackers
We talk OSCARS, Rotten Tomatoes and trolls—react to POKÉMON, TWILIGHT ZONE, AFTER LIFE, IRISHMAN, WATCHMAN, and JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT—review UMBRELLA ACADEMY and HAPPY DEATH DAY 2—and Mag shares his love for Gordon Ramsey and 3D technology.
79:16 3/4/19
#17 - Hey Jud
We discuss “barf” technologies, ENDGAME, and PET SEMATARY—look forward to Nolan, Villeneuve and Tarantino’s next films—rant about the upcoming OSCARS—and review THE TED BUNDY TAPES, MURDER MOUNTAIN and VELVET BUZZSAW.
61:04 2/12/19
#16 - But there's a twist
We review GLASS, BIRD BOX, THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD, and SICARIO 2—react to FAR FROM HOME, TRIPLE FRONTIER, US, GAME OF THRONES and HELLBOY trailers—THE ORVILLE and TRUE DETECTIVE are back—GHOSTBUSTER 3 is announced and Kevin Spacey is still creepy. Our take on GLASS ends at 34:40.
91:55 1/21/19
#15 - Aquatom
We talk quantum juice, Kubrick's "WHIPLASHian" style of perfection, and pay tribute to our blessed King Thomas Cruise Mapother, fourth of his name. Our take on AQUAMAN begins roughly around 34:50.
94:53 12/20/18
#14 - REWATCH - Donnie Darko
We get caught in a time loop with a real—none imaginary friend—in this revisit of DONNIE DARKO. Not all of us make it out alive—RIP Magnus.
55:43 11/23/18
We talk BUSTER SCRUGS, challenge Mag to take THE LEFTOVERS opening scene challenge, and each name our favorite Cage. Other topics include: Dune, Starship Troopers, Widows, Den of Thieves, Creed 2, Paddington and Mandy.
58:34 11/22/18
#12 - REWATCH - Ghostbusters
Bustin' ghosts and feelin' good.
73:44 11/19/18
#11 - Excelsior!
Hanging out before the GHOSTBUSTERS episode. Topics range from the passing of Stan Lee—ugly crying during THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE—Rami Malek's horse-teeth in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY and Chris Pine hanging 'd' in the OUTLAW KING.
74:19 11/17/18
#10 - REWATCH - A Quiet Place
75:02 9/12/18
#9 - Infinity mouse
Disney is crushing it, Netflix knows our kind of garbage and SUNNY is back. Other topics include: Crazy Rich Asians, Supernatural, The Push, Cargo, Tag, Blockers, Spike Lee joints, and the time we saw The Strangers.
29:48 9/12/18
#7 - REWATCH - No Country for Old Men
This film answers the age old question of how much can be lost on a coin toss. Jump ahead to the 35:00 min mark if you want to skip the pre-show and get straight into the episode.
87:07 8/3/18
#8 - REWATCH - Spider-Man 2
Sam Raimi invents the Marvel blockbuster and brings us an epic nerd battle for the ages.
91:21 8/3/18
#5 - John Wick vs Robert McCall
Before revisiting DUMB AND DUMBER we loosen up by talking about our latest picks.
54:31 7/21/18
#6 - REWATCH - Dumb and Dumber
Do you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?
51:14 7/21/18
#4 - REWATCH - Truman Show
The film that inspired billions—of dollars spent on Reality TV.
89:02 6/26/18
#3 - Placing a hit for a McGriddle
Before revisiting THE TRUMAN SHOW we loosen up by talking about our latest picks.
37:33 6/26/18
#2 - REWATCH - The Shawshank Redemption
Stephen King and Frank Darabont make a baby—the result is a beautiful movie. No maggots were harmed in the making of this episode.
62:50 5/31/18
#1 - REWATCH - Jurassic Park
A film about a man and his bare chest—dinosaurs are in it also.
83:41 4/24/18

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