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The Message Marketing Pod

Join professional and award-winning content copywriter, Christopher Melotti, from Melotti Media, as he discusses fresh and interesting topics about marketing, content creation, copywriting and business practise in general. (This podcast was formally known as "The Copywriting Pod" - but we have evolved the content to be much more than Copywriting! Hence the name change!). You're guaranteed to find interesting information and valuable insights to help your business grow - and it's all free!


Are you doing social media marketing wrong? 56:58 06/17/2021
7 Challenges Businesses Face When Using Email Marketing 08:55 05/31/2021
5 Ways To Help Your Business Succeed With SEO 10:20 05/20/2021
How polished and personalised branding can boost your business 09:06 05/11/2021
How to break into the Content Marketing Industry 55:18 04/29/2021
How to get successful results with copywriting. 13:43 04/27/2021
How to create content that cuts through the clutter 09:03 04/20/2021
Content Marketing: How to ensure Quality over Quantity 11:55 04/09/2021
Who needs a copywriter? 07:41 03/31/2021
Content Marketing: Quality over Quantity 09:36 03/26/2021
Is your content disappointing your audience? 08:54 03/25/2021
Is a copywriter who you need? 07:12 03/17/2021
Why it’s important for your marketing to be genuine today 11:37 03/10/2021
7 Reasons Why Quality Copywriting Will Improve Your Brand 07:35 03/01/2021
Why Content Experience Is Just As Important As Content Topic 06:33 02/19/2021
The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews In Your Marketing 07:55 02/08/2021
What Impact Does Google's Algorithm Changes Have On Your Content? 10:24 01/27/2021
9 Things To Include In Your Content Marketing Strategy 08:35 01/18/2021
How Poor Content Flow Is Costing You Readers 07:57 01/11/2021
5 Ways Message Marketing Gets You Way Ahead Of Competitors 08:49 12/15/2020
7 Content Marketing Tips For Success in 2021 08:22 12/15/2020
How Storytelling In Marketing Has Changed 09:20 12/14/2020
7 Common Situations When To Use A Freelance Copywriter 07:52 12/04/2020
Marketing in 2021: 8 Marketing Trends To Consider In The New Year 87:15 11/30/2020
5 Signs Your Business’ Website May Need Rewriting 08:56 11/26/2020
How marketing is evolving together with real estate 52:31 11/16/2020
How Content Marketing Works 09:38 11/16/2020
Why content marketing is important for every business 29:07 11/11/2020
Does blogging get results? 13:11 11/10/2020
Bite-Sized Branding: How Copywriting Is Crucial 48:52 11/02/2020