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Mario Porreca is obsessed with conversation. He is fascinated by people, innately curious, and has a gift for connecting with others at a deep level and helping them articulate their powerful wisdom in a very short amount of time. Over the past 10 years, Mario has been blessed with the opportunity to have conversations with and in front of more than 50,000,000 people—which has earned him the distinction of being commonly referred to as “The Conversation Guy.” The most effective conversations share one thing in common: they drive an emotional connection that changes lives. Whether you’re an entrepreneur building your venture, a teacher trying to break through to your students, a doctor diagnosing patients, a lawyer crafting cases, or a parent raising children—the #1 critical success factor is learning how to drive Conversations That Convert.


Ep 975: Christy Metcalf: Why a Side Hustle Isn’t Serving You 20:00 07/27/2021
Ep 974: Christy Metcalf: Pivoting to Entrepreneurship after Corporate 15:34 07/26/2021
Ep 973: Wylie Robinson: Being Prepared to Solve Problems 16:31 07/23/2021
Ep 972: Wylie Robinson: Staying Innovative and Passionate within your Organization 14:11 07/23/2021
Ep 971: Maya Hu-Chan: Humility as an Asset 18:30 07/19/2021
Ep 970: Maya Hu-Chan: Creating Trust and Dignity in Your Organization 18:39 07/16/2021
Ep 969: Errol Leandre: How Purpose Can Heal the Past 20:46 07/12/2021
Ep 968: Errol Leandre: Overcoming Fear to Reach New Levels of Success 18:17 07/09/2021
Ep 967: Alex Kuhn: Why the Hustle Mentality Doesn’t Work 20:05 07/08/2021
Ep 966: Alex Kuhn: Daily Goals that Ensure Success 16:13 07/07/2021
Ep 965: Dr. Darin Detwiler: Creating Systems to Make an Impact 15:12 07/06/2021
Ep 964: Dr. Darin Detwiler: Finding Your Purpose through Adversity 14:30 07/05/2021
Ep 962: Gabrielle Bosche: The Difference Between Purpose and Goals 15:21 06/29/2021
Ep 961: Jeremy Hass: Raising Funds for Your Startup 17:41 06/28/2021
Ep 960: Jeremy Hass: Creating New Solutions with Peer-to-Peer Services 15:51 06/25/2021
Ep 959: Bill Flynn: Mastering Simplified Servanthood 18:10 06/24/2021
Ep 958: Bill Flynn: Managing Risk in Business through Mindset 16:47 06/23/2021
Ep 957: Keyen Lage: NFL Results in Everyday Life 20:25 06/07/2021
Ep 956: Keyen Lage: From Near Paralysis to High Performance Expert 16:46 06/04/2021
Ep 955: Sarry Ibrahim: How MMA Training Improves Your Business Skills 16:02 06/03/2021
Ep 954: Sarry Ibrahim: Banking on Yourself 14:42 06/02/2021
Ep 953: Jason Black: Celebrating Everyday Miracles 25:24 06/01/2021
Ep 952: Jason Black: Finding Purpose in Your Own Story 22:59 05/31/2021
Ep 951: Ken Tomita: Forecasting Problems in Business 17:37 04/27/2021
Ep 950: Ken Tomita: Solving Problems with Intention 17:58 04/26/2021
Ep 949: Amy Rasdal: The Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship 15:30 04/23/2021
Ep 948: Amy Rasdal: Debunking the Time for Money Myth 14:29 04/22/2021
Ep 947: Diane Halfman: Defining Success for Yourself 18:03 04/21/2021
Ep 946: Diane Halfman: Living a Fulfilling Life Behind the Scenes 15:18 04/20/2021
Ep 945: Scott Reib: Creating Systems and Processes for Your Business 18:22 04/07/2021