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The Ultimate Affirmation Podcast from Chisa Pennix-Brown aka Mrs. #GiveItToThePeople! Real Ass Affirmations is meant to incite calmness in a world of chaos. This is the shit you want to say to get you through your day. Be your own life coach with our guided meditation, mindfulness, mental health, self care, witty language, grown and petty perspective, paired with insightful views on conducting your confident life. We are all about Mental Wealth!


People Notice
You think that you are just working, but you don't even realize how powerful minding your business is. You need a reminder that you have the ability to create the next opportunity for yourself. Take a listen and be encouraged by #RealAssAffirmations.
05:19 2/12/24
when you are ready
This episode is for everyone who feels like they have more time than they really do. It will allow you to release yourself from the idea that change Isn't coming for you. #RealAssAffirmations
06:13 2/5/24
This episode is exactly what you need to hear right now. Reactive is an opportunity for you to realize where the stress in your life is coming from and how to channel it into something more productive for your own mental wealth. Take a listen and share with someone who needs to hear this. #RealAssAffifrmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
07:22 12/11/23
Real Ass Manifestations
Get ready to dive deep into the power of manifestation on this episode of Real Ass Affirmations Podcast! Host Chisa Pennix-Brown explores the transformative journey from #prayer #affirmations to #manifestation, emphasizing the crucial role of discipline in turning dreams into reality.#RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
05:38 11/13/23
Grown Ass Adulthood
Grown Ass Adulthood is the perfect episode for you to listen to if you have been going through and need a perspective boost. There are things that you experience as a grown ass adult that need to be respected. Listen to this episode and don't be shy about sharing it with a friend or family member. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
06:03 11/6/23
Burnt Out
Burn out happens to the best of us! You might be in denial, but, this episode is here to give you all the signs of being #burntout so you can fix it! #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
09:45 9/18/23
Great Expectatons
Great Expectatons is an episode for everyone who expects things and people to do right. We know that life doesn't always work that way. This episode teaches you four things to do to help curb your expectations and improve your quality of life. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
08:25 9/11/23
Cry Baby
This episode is for all my cry babies who might feel guilty because you actually have emotions. Listen and find out why it's scientifically ok and Chisa Approved for ya ass to get a good cry. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
08:31 9/4/23
This episode is for everyone who has been trying too hard to be at someone else's table. It's time for you to squeeze into your own space. This is the shit you need to hear, right now to affirm your mental wealth. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
08:36 8/7/23
Drink More Water
This week's episode is a cautionary tale for everyone. During this time of year, and really all year round, we need to drink more water. This lively and vivid episode will let you know why. RealAssAffirmations podcast by #ChisaPennixBrown
07:44 7/31/23
People Climbers
To all my ladies out there...if you have ever been told you are too much this is the episode that you need to listen to. People Climbers delves into that corporate ladder syndrome that others are on. They want you to help them rise while they keep you in your place. I promise this one gives all the feels and will be a release for your mental well being.#RealAssAffirmations podcast by #ChisaPennixBrown
09:12 7/24/23
Likeable MF
This episode is definitely mental wealth for all my likeable mf's out there. We just have a natural radiant energy, but there is something that we will never to be able to do. Listen to the episode and find out exactly what a #likeablemf can't do. #RealAssAffirmations Podcast by #ChisaPennixBrown
08:08 7/17/23
Scammers are running a fucking muck. Listen to this episode so that you can identify them and then avoid them at all costs. Improve your #mentalhealth with scammer recognition. #RealAssAffirmations Podcast by #ChisaPennixBrown
30:25 7/10/23
Redefine Success
What happens when you don't get what you want how you want it? This episode is for all of us that want mental wealth and that means that things won't always be what we want. Learn how to be successful even when you don't feel like it. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
07:48 7/3/23
Lay Yo Ass Down
This is my life reset solution. Learn why you should Lay Yo' Ass Down and how it can improve your life. This episode is literally what keeps me going and you should definitely listen.#RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
07:36 6/26/23
Let the Work Speak
The Mode that you need to be in when you are making moves, "let the work speak for itself". The people that are trying to hold you back are not a part of your mode. Its time to make the changes to your behavior to allow you to focus on the work. Take a listen and share with your friends that need this message. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
09:44 6/12/23
The Second
Being first has always been heralded as the key position is all aspects of life. But what if I told you second place was actually better? Would you believe me? Take a listen to this week's episode and let me truly convince you to wait on it.#Realassaffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
05:28 6/5/23
fuck some shit up
This episode is for all my people who try hard and still make mistakes. Its for everyone that is way to hard on themselves. This is the pep talk you didn't even know you needed. This is the confidence boost that needs to be heard and felt by the masses. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
08:24 5/29/23
The Art of Procrastination
This episode is an immediate call out to all my procrastinators out there! Learn what procrastination is and how you can deal with it right now. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
06:25 5/22/23
Go To Therapy
This episode is for anyone going through some things that you can't talk to anyone else about. It's for all the people who know that they need to release some of the pressure off of the mind, body, and soul. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
08:21 5/15/23
This episode discusses intentionally make decisions that will help you reach your goals and get closer to the life you want. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
09:48 5/8/23
Believe In Yourself
This episode of Real Ass Affirmations is for anyone who needs to believe in themselves. know you need more help to get to where you want to be. Listen, learn, and love yourself. RealAssAffirmations by
06:28 5/1/23
Big Age
This is a bonus episode for all our loyal listeners who need to know that your age is your age. Be grateful for where and who you are now. I left a lil bts on the end for ya. #RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrown
06:15 4/24/23
Some things are not your ministry and you need to realize that now. Volun-told is your get out of doing shit card. It will help you to manipulate the sitautaion so that you can do the things you actually enjoy.RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrownDonate & Suppor the Podcast at
10:38 4/17/23
Listen vs Fixin'
Listen Vs Fixin' is an episode that delves into your relationships and how you need to be heard. This will help you to be a better partner, friend, and confidant for others. It will also help you realize what you need at any point in time and how to tell others what you need. RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrownDonate & Suppor the Podcast at
11:00 4/10/23
Don't ever get rid of your "receipts". This episode is for all the people who need evidence that someone else is fucking up and not you. Learn how to master the art of the receipts. RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrownDonate & Support the Podcast at
08:32 4/3/23
Opt Out
Opt Out is a phrase and a mantra that more people should adopt. This episode will bring forth a new understanding about yourself, your friends, family, coworkers, and situtations in which you should choose a path of enlightenment that allows you the mental wealth the opt out. RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrownDonate & Suppor the Podcast at
17:28 3/27/23
Fuck That Bra
In honor of Women's History Month we wanted to put together an episode that allows women to feel liberated in their quest to free the breasts. Fuck That Bra is here to allow you the freedom of choice.RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrownDonate & Suppor the Podcast at
10:33 3/20/23
These Titties
Titties need respect. This episode is here to tell everyone who has or wants titties the major responsibility that comes with the acquition of good titties. RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrownDonate & Suppor the Podcast at
12:08 3/13/23
March is Women's History Month and I wanted to create my own acronym for the word WOMAN. Listen in and get this good ass vibe. RealAssAffirmations by #ChisaPennixBrownDonate & Support the Podcast at
10:29 3/6/23

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