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Guests and experts talk about love, health, business, and life experiences. Created and hosted by Four-time Emmy Winner Alex J Aguiar. Don’t fall off the Pod!


Key Business Tips with David Rothenstein
In this episode, Business guru David Rothenstein tells us key business tips and more! Don't fall off the pod!  Connect with David! link:  Linkedin "Success Habits" Book on Amazon!]  Brotherhood  
32:05 11/7/23
Out Of Body Travel
In this episode, We learn if it's possible to travel out of our bodies. Don't fall off the pod!   for more on body travel check out  
30:31 11/5/23
Breaking the Hookup Cycle
In this episode,  Clinical and forensic Psychologist Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi tells us how to stop having meaningless hookups to build deeper connections. Don't fall off the Pod! Links to Dr.Gregg A. Pizzi
30:16 10/3/23
The Dish on Real Estate
In this episode, Miami's hot real estate agent Brian Carter clears up some current market confusion, tells us some naughty agent tales, and shares housing facts we all need to know. Don't fall off the Pod! For more on the Pod and how to be a guest. You can visit To contact today's guest real estate agent Brian Carter, Instagram: Brain_Carter_Realtor.
28:01 6/9/23
Wrongfully Convicted
In this episode, Our guest says he was wrongfully accused and served time in prison. Now that he is out of jail, his only wish is to reunite with his daughter. Don't fall off the pod!      
22:49 6/2/23
Too Good To Be True
In this episode, Our podcast friend returns to tell us about her unexpected breakup and why everyone who is dating needs to listen to their intuition. Don't fall off the Pod!
50:45 1/17/23
Signs You Were Never In Love
In this Quickie, love can sometimes be an illusion, but how can we tell? Listen to some of the signs that you were not in love. Don't fall off the pod! #love #illusion #signs #relationships #couples #dating
04:50 4/17/22
The Oscars Hit Reactions
In this episode, what happened right after Will Smith hit Chris Rock on national television? We hear from one of the Oscars producers and a guest who sat thirty feet away, and tensions have been high between Will and his co-stars on movie sets. So we got the scoop! Don't fall off the Pod!
13:25 4/5/22
Stuck In The Past
In this episode, For some, letting go is hard to do. Our guest is not over being bullied in high school. Will he get past it? Don't fall off the Pod! Download the pod's APP! available at your app store. For more, you can also visit  
24:58 4/2/22
Found Passion After Darkness
In this Episode, sometimes life puts us in bad situations before we can find what we are truly passionate about. Don’t fall off the Pod!
29:15 3/26/22
Let's Get To It!
In this episode, Empress is a youtube sensation; she reacts to music videos and movies. So, what does it take to be a YouTuber? What's it like to react to Madonna's entire career? You can check her out on youtube "Empress Reacts"  Don't Fall off the Pod!  
31:10 3/22/22
My Son Wears Makeup Remastered
A mother catches her son wearing makeup. What's her reaction? Listen to this inspiring remastered episode. Don't fall off the Pod!
24:03 3/16/22
Girlfriends from the 80's Remastered
A life without the internet, iPhone, Netflix, Social Media! To buy concert tickets, you had to sleep outside a record store. Girlfriends from the eighties tell us all about it! Enjoy this remastered episode of the pod! Don't Fall Off the Pod!
29:23 3/16/22
The Real Dating Experts
In this episode, who better to tell us about dating in 2022 than the people doing the dating? Everything from dating tales to dating tips. Don't fall off the Pod!
66:53 3/9/22
Don't Say Gay
In this episode, LGBTQ activist Brandon Wolff tells us about a controversial bill in Florida. Critics call it "don't say gay." If passed, any discussion on identity, sex, and sexuality will not be permitted in schools. Don't fall off the pod!
20:05 3/3/22
Optimize Yourself
In this episode, we revisit important steps you need to take to optimize yourself.  Don't fall off the Pod!
33:21 8/12/21
To The Lonely
In this quickie, The Pod wants to let you know you are not alone. Listen to this special encore quickie. Don't fall off the Pod!
05:36 8/12/21
Your Ego
In this quickie, we tell you twenty signs that you have an ego. The ego keeps you out of touch with reality, and it’s important to recognize one or more of these signs. Don’t fall off the pod!
04:42 8/12/21
Cuba SOS
In this episode, we learn why Cuba calls out for freedom as we listen to Angel tell us all he went through when he visited his family in Cuba. Get ready for this remastered Pod on "The Real Cuba" Don't fall off the Pod!
18:46 7/23/21
The Boy
In this episode, A book that has helped many was published thanks to all the free time 2020 gave us. It's an inspirational story on how "The Boy" came to life.
14:49 7/23/21
The Love Expert
In this Episode, The Love Expert tells it how it is and why single people are not finding the relationships they desire. Don't fall off the Pod!
38:27 6/26/21
Lets Get High
In this episode, The High Country Girls are breaking the stigma on Cannabis by building multimillion-dollar businesses, and they want you to join them! Also, find out all the health benefits this plant has to offer. Don’t fall off the Pod! 
19:06 5/19/21
Caught By My Son
On this episode, Chuck was married with kids and began to explore his sexuality, but little did he know that one day he would be caught by his son. Don’t fall off the pod!  
41:59 5/13/21
Combating Ageism
In this episode, fit, Fabulous, Forever! Gail Gensler breaks the stigma on age and shows us that age is only a number. Find out what her secret is and learn how to discover your “WHY.” Don’t fall off the pod!
23:24 5/6/21
The Genius Within
On this episode, did you know that you’re a Genius?  Our guest tells us all about discovering the genius within us. Don’t fall off the Pod!
20:16 4/28/21
The Truth about Mold
In this episode, discover just how harmful mold is to our health and what you can do to make sure you never have to deal with this frightening fungus. Don't fall off the Pod!
21:09 4/1/21
Are You Awake Down There?
In this Episode, You can never predict a person's behavior according to their age. After telling her, are you awake down there? Things only got worse. Don't fall off the Pod!
25:41 2/18/21
Qualities of Shy People
In this quickie, we go over the top advantages of being a shy person. Don't fall off the pod!
04:15 2/10/21
It Can Save Your Life
In this Episode, our guest shares real-life challenges, and what she discovered can save your life. Don’t fall off the Pod!
25:47 2/8/21
Judged For Staying Alive
They raised money for a friend who almost died and eight months later, they are not happy to see him go on with his life, to the point of receiving death threats. His good friend has a powerful message. Don’t fall off the Pod!
16:43 1/21/21

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