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Tribeca Pediatrics: On Call

In the Tribeca Pediatrics: On Call podcast, Dr. Michel Cohen and Dr. TJ Gold answer calls from parents on a range of pediatric and parenting topics and share their knowledge and insight from over 40 years of collective experience. If you are interested in calling in with a question, please email us at


Talking with Your Kids about Gender: In Conversation with Jodie Patterson
In this special episode of Tribeca Pediatrics: On Call, Dr. TJ Gold speaks with author, trans-rights activist, mother of five, and Board Chair of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Jodie Patterson, who lends her experience on the joys and challenges of raising her trans-identified son, while offering guidance to parents who may be starting to navigate similar conversations with their kids.
28:38 06/08/2022
COVID 2022: Q&A with Pediatric Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Jason Perlman
Dr. TJ Gold addresses commonly asked questions to help parents adjust to COVID in 2022, with special guest and Pediatric Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Jason Perlman.
13:22 01/19/2022
Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine for Ages 5-11
Following the recent approval of the Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine for children ages 5-11, Dr. TJ Gold answers some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from parents about vaccine safety, possible side effects, and the benefits of school-age children getting vaccinated.
12:42 11/02/2021
Back-to-School During COVID: What to Expect
Dr. TJ Gold talks about what parents and families can expect this fall for the upcoming back-to-school season, amidst the ongoing pandemic.  
08:24 08/04/2021
COVID Vaccine for 12+
Dr. TJ Gold shares some insights on the COVID vaccine for children 12+.
05:31 05/11/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine
Dr. TJ Gold talks about the COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness, how it works, and what affect it will have on the virus as well as our daily lives.
10:31 01/29/2021
Mental Health During the Pandemic
Dr. TJ Gold speaks with Dr. Deborah De Santis, a pediatric psychologist, to give us insight into children's mental health during COVID-19. 
10:50 12/09/2020
Approaching the Flu Season During the Pandemic
Dr. TJ Gold speaks with our resident Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Jason Perlman about the difference and similarities between Flu, COVID, and Strep and how to approach the flu season this year. 
06:33 10/15/2020
Daycare During the Pandemic
Dr. TJ Gold speaks with a parent about sending her child back to daycare during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
07:46 07/30/2020
COVID Antibody Testing
Dr. TJ Gold speaks with our resident Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Jason Perlman about antibody testing for COVID-19 and what we need to know.
09:07 06/18/2020
Screen Time During the Pandemic
Dr. TJ Gold speaks with a parent about screen time during the COVID-19 pandemic.
10:49 05/27/2020
Playdates and the Pandemic
Dr. TJ Gold discusses playdates during the pandemic and how to keep your child engaged while keeping everyone safe and sane.  
10:09 05/13/2020
Circumcision Decision
The doctors discuss circumcision and if there are any medical benefits to the procedure.
12:53 03/11/2020
Tongue Tie Debate
The doctors share their view on diagnosing tongue and lip ties.
11:50 02/11/2020
Picky Eaters
The doctors discuss how to deal when your toddler decides to become a picky eater. A step by step on what to do with your tiny food critic.
09:29 01/08/2020
Common Colds & Persistent Cough
The doctors discuss whether medicines and gadgets help with the common cold and persistent coughs.
08:37 12/03/2019
Step by Step Potty Training
The doctors give advice on when a child might be ready for potty training and how to start the process.
08:49 11/20/2019
The Eczema Myth
The doctors dispel the myth that eczema develops because of diet and give advice on how to alleviate dry skin on babies.
15:49 11/06/2019
Sibling Rivalry: Don’t Be a Referee
The doctors talk with a mom who is concerned her oldest child is being too aggressive with her youngest.
09:53 10/10/2019
Tick Bites & Lyme
The doctors talk about identifying tick bites, lyme disease, and what to do in the event that your child gets one.
13:28 09/23/2019
Reflux Reflex
The doctors address concerns about potential reflux and discern the medical and colloquial definitions of the term. 
10:16 09/10/2019
Preparing For Your Baby & What to Expect
The doctors speak with a family before their newborn arrives and a couple of weeks into their journey.
18:47 09/03/2019