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9 Best Apps for Instagram Aesthetic [With Scroll-Stopping Features]
Marsha is looking for the best apps for Instagram aesthetic because she wants to increase engagement on her profile. As a photographer, Marsha understands the importance of displaying her work as images. However, due to the recent changes in the IG algorithm where there's a huge focus on Reels. Marsha wants to find creative ways of making her photographs posts pop in the Instagram feed. Let me know if you can relate to these challenges. Your bread and butter income is in the photography nicheThe new Reels rollout is causing you to switch up your marketingVideo marketing is not as impactful as images for your businessFinding new photo editing apps is eating up your precious time If only there was a way to still do social media marketing using images that would stop the scroll In this post, you'll learn about 9 cool apps that will take your photo editing to a whole new level. Social Media Today In our increasingly digital world, social media platforms have become a staple in the lives of many. Among these platforms is the Instagram app. A photo and video content-sharing app that has taken the world by storm. While it can be great for sharing everyday moments with friends and family, Instagram can also be used for more creative purposes. One way to use Instagram more creatively is by using different apps to edit your photos and videos. This resource will explore some of the best apps for editing your Instagram aesthetic. These apps offer a variety of great features. Including basic editing tools to more advanced options like colour correction and video editing. So if you're looking to take your Instagram posts and stories to the next level, check out some of these great apps! 1. Colorcinch In addition to the standard photo editing capabilities, Colorcinch (also known as Cartoonize) has a lot to offer. Its features include text editing, layers with blend modes, effects and filters, access to stock photos, and more. Even better, Colorcinch is available without charge, though some features do call for a paid subscription. Here's a list of features. CroppingResizingExposure and colour modificationsVignettingSharpening and clarity enhancementsA full-featured text editorMaskingLayeringBlending, and many other necessary built-in tools are all included with the Colorcinch app. The free edition of the editor has a lot of capabilities, including photo editing tools. When paying annually, Colorcinch Plus costs $3.99/month, while month-to-month payments cost $5.99/month. You can use the Colorcinch app on their website, or it is available for download in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available for IOS devices at this time. 2. Your photos' online background removal solution is called It is simple to use and removes any image backdrop in 5 seconds. This is thanks to the artificial intelligence technology that powers it. This technology is taught to recognize foreground features and separate them from the background. The features that you can take advantage of with the app include a drag & drop automated background removal. Also, uploading multiple images and folders, creating transparent or coloured backgrounds, and selecting the output size of your choice. On their website, is always available without charge. They support low-quality photos (previews) with a maximum resolution of 0.25 megapixels for free background removal. A free account also comes with 50 free previews each month via API and applications plus one bonus credit to test high-resolution downloads. They have streamlined pricing where you only need to enter the quantity and size of photographs you need, and on their new pricing page, they will recommend the best plan for you. Along with various additional plans and alternatives, now offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and can acc...
24:48 09/26/2022
51 Best Places to Get Paid to Type Documents [Make $4K a Month]
Brenda is wondering if it is possible to get paid to type documents while working from home at her age. You see, Brenda's mother has been ill for a few years and now needs someone to care for her in the long-term. In her corporate role as Executive Assistant, Brenda really enjoys typing up documents for all kinds of scenarios. On a daily basis, Brenda would type up documents such as memorandum, minutes of board meetings and official company agreements. Now that her mother needs long-term care Brenda is exploring the possibility of working less hours with the ability to still do what she truly enjoys. Because Brenda is a fast typist this could be a side hustle for her or a part-time typing job. Tell me if this sounds like you: You want to make some extra money or start a new career,You want to work from home,You are a quick and accurate typist,You manage your time well,and you want to get paid to type documents from the comfort of your own home. If so, you're in luck! There are a number of websites that will pay you to do just that. In this post, you'll learn about 51 places where you can get started. So whether you're looking for the best ways to find part-time work or a full-time career, we have something for everyone. I also provide tips and tricks on how to get the most out of these opportunities, as well as resources to help you get paid higher rates. Let's jump in. The Requirements for a Career as a Typists If you ever wished you could get paid to type things all day, your dream job may be waiting for you as a typist! Typists typically need to have strong keyboarding skills and be able to type quickly and accurately. They must also be able to read and understand written instructions. The ability to create an original document is really important too. Typists may be required to work with specific software programs or formatting requirements, so it is important that you are familiar with these tools. In some cases, typists may also be responsible for proofreading and editing their work. So, if you have a passion for the written word and want to get paid to type all day long, then a career as a typist may be right for you! Key statistics for Typists in the United States If you're considering a career as a typist, here are some interesting and relevant statistics to keep in mind: According to Zippia, as of 2021: There are more than 21,754 typists currently working in the US.Women make up 88.8% of all typists, while 11.2% are men.The average starting salary for a Typist is $26,000.The average annual salary for a Typist is $31,263.The top 10% of highest-earning typists make $37,000 or more.Typists are more commonly hired by private companies as an independent contractor rather than public companies. As you can see from these key statistics only 0.00006% of the population are typists which is shocking in one sense. What this means is that there are lots of room for growth in this career. It also means that it's not overcrowded. Wondering what tools you need to become a typists? Let's look at this next. The Equipment Required to be the Best in Your Field To get paid to type documents, you may need a few things to get started. First, you must have a computer–it's the most basic need to work as a typist. A laptop is ideal for busy typists who want to be able to work anywhere. If you are exploring audio transcription, the process of converting audio recordings into written documents, then you will need a high-quality recording device and headphones. This may be obvious but connecting to a high-speed internet or broadband service is essential for this type of job. Finally, you should invest in setting up a comfortable working environment from home with equipment like a desk, and office chair. How to Improve Your Words Per Minute There's no denying that typing speed is an important skill to have as a typist.
32:16 09/12/2022
17 Exciting Ways to Get Paid for Posting Ads [No Degree Required]
Jannessa wanted to get paid for posting ads online but there was one problem. She had no idea how to get started. Being a mother of 3 under 5 years old, Jannessa wanted the flexibility to work her own hours from home. She also wanted financial independence. How on earth would she be able to get paid to post ads? Yes, she has a diploma in marketing and she just enjoys communications and public relations. A regular 9 to 5 job just would not work as she would need either a full-time nanny or expensive childcare for her kids. She was listening to Nick Loper's podcast called "The Side Hustle Show" where someone just like her was posting ads online and getting paid 6-figures. Does this sound like you? You're interested in making extra money onlineYou want to know more about getting paid to post ads onlineYou're looking for the best methods to start posting those ads If this describes you, then you've come to the right place! In this post, we will discuss 17 of the best ways to make money by posting ads online. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or dad, a college student, or just someone who wants to make some extra income, these methods are sure to help you get a head start! Why Consider Posting Ads as a Career There are plenty of benefits to posting ads for a living. For starters, there is a low barrier to entry. This means anyone who spends 30 to 60 days learning the craft can easily jump in and get started. Posting ads is also a top way to earn some extra money or replace your income altogether. And since you're doing it from home, you can work as much or as little as you want–you get to be your own boss. Plus, if you're great at it and generate enough income you can travel the world and live a nomad lifestyle and still earn great money! It gives you the financial independence to develop a lifestyle of your choosing. You'll also have the ability to look after your immediate and extended family members. Latest Statistics on Ad Spend in the Business World The online advertising industry is a rapidly growing market. In 2022, the industry was projected to spend an estimated $566 billion. This is expected to grow to $770 billion by 2025. That's a lot of money! People see between 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. And that number is only going to continue to grow. Advertisers are spending more and more money on online advertising as it becomes increasingly more effective. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for work from home jobs. There are plenty of opportunities in the online ad space for people with all types of skill sets and expertise. The online advertising industry is booming, and there's plenty of money to be made! The Best Personality and Skillset to Thrive at Posting Ads In order to thrive in the online advertising industry you'll need to be two things: empathetic and analytical. Let's talk about why... In order to create ad visuals and copy that resonate with target audiences, you'll have to be great at understanding their pain points, wants and needs to optimise conversions. You'll also have to be awesome with data and numbers so you can analyse and adjust ads to convert better over time. The ability to think creatively is also important, as you'll need to come up with new ways to stand out from the crowd. Of course, you'll need to be able to handle a fast-paced environment and juggle multiple projects at once. If you've got all of these qualities, then you're well on your way to becoming a successful ad manager! What Tools You Need to be Great at Your Craft Are you looking to be great at posting ads online? You're in luck! There are a few tools you'll need to get started. First, you'll need a computer and a great internet connection. These will be your main tool for posting ads. Second, you'll need a good client management system if you're working with clients.
49:57 08/29/2022
23 Incredibly Cute Photoshoot Ideas [Smartphone is Fine]
Janice was stressed, she needed some cute photoshoot ideas for her upcoming holiday but she had no idea where to start. Her family reunion will finally become a reality after years of planning. If you are from a decent sized family with several adults, you'll understand the difficulty of getting everyone together in a physical location at the same time. Because this is so special she wanted to get a number of special photographs taken of these memories. Yes, while hiring a photographer is a great idea, they'll never understand the family as intimately as you do. As an entrepreneur it's important to remember why you started your journey in business. For most of us, we wanted more freedom to spend time with family and loved ones. What better way to celebrate it via a family reunion. If you're looking for a fun and creative way to capture a special moment in time, a photo shoot is the perfect solution. You can have a professional photographer take your photos, or you can take them yourself with a friend. Here are some cute photoshoot ideas that will help you get the perfect picture. Try taking photos at different angles or in different locations. Use natural light whenever possible, and experiment with different props and poses. If you're looking for something extra special, try a themed photoshoot like a birthday party or family gathering. And don't forget to post your photos on social media for all to see! Read on for some more great photoshoot ideas! Taking Photos of Your Family or Friends Cooking One great way to capture a moment in time is to take photos of your family or friends cooking. This is a great way to show off some skills in the kitchen, and it's also a fun way to spend time with your loved ones. If you're taking photos of someone cooking, be sure to get a variety of shots. Remember to capture the candid moments too - like someone licking their fingers after tasting the food! A Food Photoshoot If you're a foodie, then a photoshoot focused on food is the perfect way to capture your passion. You can style the food in creative ways and take photos from different angles. Be sure to use a good light source, and experiment with different props. You can also try a themed food photoshoot like a smash cake photoshoot for a child's first birthday or a holiday-themed photoshoot. Whatever you choose, make sure the photos are appetising! In case you want to learn how to take amazing photos for your food blog then checkout out the program at Pretty Focused. Make a Life Event Timeline Photo Album Another great way to capture moments in time is to make a life event timeline photo album. This is a great way to document your life, and it's also a fun project to work on with friends or family. To make a life event timeline photo album, start by picking a date range - like from your birth until now or from your child's birth until their first birthday. Then, gather photos that represent different events during that time period. You can also add captions or journal entries to accompany the photos. Once you have all of your photos, arrange them in chronological order and put them in an album or frame. This makes for a great conversation starter, and it's a unique way to display your photos. A Photoshoot with Your Pet If you're a pet owner, then a photo shoot with your furry friend is a must. You can capture some adorable moments, and it's also a great way to bond with your pet. To get started, choose a location that's comfortable for both you and your pet. For example, if you're taking photos outside, be sure to pick a shady spot on a cool day. And if you're taking photos inside, choose a room with plenty of natural light. Once you've found the perfect location, it's time to get creative with your shots. Try different angles and distances, and don't forget to capture those cute candid moments too.
33:32 08/15/2022
How Much to Charge Per Blog Post [6-Figure Steps Included]
Debby read the job requirements and wondered how much to charge per blog post. You see, Debby started as a freelance writer a few weeks ago so she's fairly new to the field. Although she had general training on how to become a freelancer the thing about her specific skillset is that every writing project is different. The freelance writing space is so broad because there are so many niches and tons of writing sub niches. How can Debby figure this out on her own without undercharging or overcharging for her work? Since you're here, then you're most likely... Interested in becoming a freelance writerUnsure of how to price your servicesLooking for guidance on how to find clientsWondering if freelance writing is a sustainable career If so, then you've come to the right place! Freelance writers are in high demand. Every small business needs a copywriter at some point and many are willing to pay freelance writers top dollar to produce consistent content for their websites and blogs. So how much should you charge per blog post? That all depends on your experience and the market rates in your area. In this post, you'll learn what factors go into determining how much to charge for freelance writing services, as well as some tips to help you get started. Why small businesses need blog writers If you're just getting started as a freelance writer, you're probably curious about how you can put your skills to use. The answer is blog post writing. Most small businesses understand that blogs are necessary to improve their visibility and reach on the internet–and many take advantage of this SEO-boosting business tool. Blogs help small businesses build trust with their audiences. The ability to share helpful, informative, and engaging content regularly shows their audience that they're an expert in their industry. And when they trust you, they’re more likely to do business with you. Blogs can also help small businesses drive traffic to their websites. Every time a new blog post is published, they get the opportunity to optimise it for search engines and share it across all social media platforms. This means more eyes on their websites–and more potential customers for their businesses. 10 Blog marketing statistics you should know Bloggers who write articles of 2,000+ words are far more likely to have strong results.Websites that also have a blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages.Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites.Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trustworthy source for gathering online information.77% of internet users read blogs.36% of readers prefer list-based headlines.The “how-to” headline—a close cousin to the listicle—is the third most popular headline preference at around 17%.Titles with 6-13 words attract the highest and most consistent amount of traffic.SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.72% of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic. (All statistics are sourced from What's involved in running a blog writing business Running a professional blog writing business requires some forethought. There's more to it than just firing up your computer and banging out a few posts for clients. As a new writer it's very important to produce good high-quality content. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's involved: 1. Establishing Your Niche When it comes to a blog writing service, the first question you need to ask yourself is: what's your niche? What are you going to write about? What do you have expertise in? Who is your target audience? This is critical because if you're going to be a professional blogger, you need to be able to provide value to your clients. Otherwise, they'll just go find someone else who can. Finding a niche that you can really sink your teeth into will help you...
24:46 08/01/2022
Get Paid to Write Stories: 51 Ways to Turn Writing into Cash
Lisa was apprehensive she needed to get paid to write stories like yesterday. As a single mom with 7 kids, Lisa needed a way to generate an income from home so that she could pay the bills and buy food. You see, Lisa has always been ambitious but her husband didn't want her to bring home the bacon. He wanted her to stay at home and look after the kids. Now that he's ran off with a new girl friend that's half his age it's up to Lisa to find a way to provide for her family. The only problem with this is that Lisa has no experience with writing for clients but she knows that she will be able to pull this off if only someone can guide her. Does this sound like you... You want to get paid for your writing skills.You're wondering how to start out as a new writer.You’re a professional writer, but unable to find steady work.You have a love for writing and want to help others. If so, then you're in luck! There are a number of different career opportunities that will allow you to use your writing skills to make money while helping others with your skill. In this post, you'll learn 51 different ways that you can get paid to write stories and useful tips, facts and components for good story writing. How can small businesses benefit from story writers? Story writers have a unique skill set that can benefit small businesses in a number of ways. For example, they can write blog posts that help to promote small businesses and attract new customers. They can also contribute articles to local literary magazines, helping to raise awareness of small businesses on the community-level. And if small business owners ever need to write a press release or create some marketing materials, story writers can help with that, too. In short, story writers can be a valuable asset for any small business with a skill that is always in demand. Storytelling Statistics Every day new writers are entering the field of storytelling, attracted by the potential to earn a good income from their words. And it's not just full-time writers who are cashing in on this trend. More and more people are turning to a freelance writing career as a way to supplement their income or even replace their day job. So what's driving this growth? In part, it's the ever-expanding online marketplace. With more businesses looking to create compelling content, there's a growing demand for writers who can produce quality work. In addition, new technology has made it easier than ever for writers to connect with clients and get paid for their work. From online platforms like Upwork to freelancing websites like Fiverr, there are a variety of ways for writers to find new gigs. If you're thinking about making money from writing, now is a great time to get started. With so many opportunities available, there's never been a better time to cash in on your skill. Here are some useful statistics to keep in mind while exploring this lucrative skill... In 2020, the freelance market accounted for $1.2 trillion in the US economy.As of 2020, 84% of companies outsource their content creation.Digital marketing, SaaS/eCommerce, and Health/Lifestyle are the top 3 most popular writing niches.The average pay rate for freelance writers in the United States is $24/hr.Blog posts make up 77% of the content written by freelance writers.The top 2 ways more freelancers score new clients are referrals and job sites. The Key Components of a Good Story If you're looking to pursue professional writing, there are a few key components you'll want to implement in your work. While there are many different elements that can make a story great, there are a few best practices that every writer should keep in mind when crafting a tale. First and foremost, a good story should be interesting. It should grab the reader's attention from the very beginning and keep them hooked until the very end. To do this,
34:59 07/18/2022
16 Secret Ways to Get Clients From Instagram [Book Calls in 30 Days]
Angela sat looking at her Instagram bio wondering how to get clients from Instagram. You see, she has been using the platform for a number of years and she knew her potential customers used it too. In fact, Angela has an Instagram business account and she doesn't consider herself one of those influential content creators. It has been a struggle for her to come up with Instagram posts 3-5 days every week of the year. What else can she publish apart from personal photos and talk about her new products and services? Are you facing the same struggles as Angela? As a freelance business owner, you know that marketing is key to your success. And while there are many different marketing channels you can use, Instagram is one of the most effective. With about one billion active users, Instagram is a goldmine for finding potential clients. But how do you go about it? In this post, you'll learn the closely guarded secrets to finding your dream clients on Instagram to exponentially grow your business. Latest Instagram Marketing Statistics The latest Instagram marketing statistics this year show that: There are now one billion active users on InstagramMore than 80% of users follow a business on Instagram200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day60% of users say they have become more interested in a product or service after seeing it on Instagram75% of people take action, such as visiting a website after looking at an Instagram post How to Know if Your Clients Are on IG The first step is to determine if your ideal clients are even on Instagram. If you're targeting consumers, the answer is most likely yes. However, it's not quite as clear-cut if you're targeting other businesses. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help determine whether your target clients are on Instagram: Do they use other social media platforms? If your target clients are active on other social media platforms, there's a good chance they're also on Instagram. What kind of business do they have? If your target clients are in a creative field or are running a lifestyle business, they're more likely to be on Instagram. Do they have the time and resources to be active on Instagram? If your target clients are small business owners or entrepreneurs, they may not have the time or resources to be active on multiple social media platforms. Once you've determined that your target clients are indeed on Instagram, it's time to start reaching out to them. And the best way to do that is through your Instagram profile. The Science Behind Hashtags When using hashtags on Instagram, it's important to use ones that are relevant to your business and industry. You also want to make sure you're using popular hashtags. The reason for this is that the more popular a hashtag is, the more likely it is to be seen by potential clients. So, how do you find popular hashtags? There are a few different ways: First, you can use a hashtag research tool like Flick or Tailwind.You can check out the "Top" section of Instagram.Finally, you can look at the hashtags used by businesses similar to yours. Once you've found some popular hashtags, it's time to start using them in your posts. Again, make sure you're using a mix of popular and relevant hashtags to attract the most clients possible. The Different Content Areas on IG (Reels, Feed, Story, IGTV, Live) There are different content areas on Instagram that you can utilise to lengthen your list of clients. These content areas include Reels, Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live. Each content area has its own unique benefits that can help you get more clients. Instagram Reels Reels is a short-form video feature on Instagram that allows you to create fun, creative videos. You can use Reels to show off your talent or highlight your work process. This is a great way to attract potential clients who may not ...
31:13 07/04/2022
The Naked Truth About Freelance Social Media Rates [How Much to Charge]
Kiara searched for the current freelance social media rates because she wanted to become her own boss. After 10 years working for fortune 500 companies, Kiara was on a mission to change things up. She didn't like the idea of being restricted to only a few weeks of paid time off each year. In fact, what would be brilliant is if she had the ability to work from anywhere in the world. You see, she got the travel bug 3 years ago while on holiday in Malta. Since then she has been trying to see how she can create a lifestyle that suit her needs to travel. As social media becomes increasingly important for business owners, the need for freelance social media managers is on the rise. But what is a freelance social media manager, and how much should you charge for your services? If you are just getting started as a freelance social media manager or are thinking about becoming one, you're in the right place. In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about freelance social media rates. What is a Freelance Social Media Manager A freelance social media manager is someone who manages and helps grow a company's social media presence. This can include creating and managing social media accounts and various social media pages, creating social media posts, responding to comments and messages, running Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and more. Essentially, a freelance social media manager is responsible for anything and everything related to a company's social media presence. Social Media Statistics - Service in High Demand First, let's take a look at some social media statistics that show just how in-demand social media management services are: There are over 4.62 billion active social media users worldwide based on Smart Insights77% of small businesses use social media97% of marketers use social media to reach their target audiences68% of adults in the US get their news from social media As you can see, social media is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity for businesses of all sizes. And with over 4.62 billion people active on social media platforms, there are many potential customers out there for businesses to reach. But businesses can't just jump into the social media fray without a plan or strategy. That's where freelance social media managers come in. Freelance social media managers help businesses create and implement effective social media marketing campaigns. They also manage the day-to-day tasks of posting content, engaging with followers, and monitoring analytics. In other words, freelance social media managers are responsible for helping businesses grow their online presence and reach their target audiences. Why Level of Experience Matters When it comes to social media management, businesses need someone who is experienced in the platforms and tools and knows how to create content, develop strategies, and measure results. An inexperienced social media manager might be able to set up a Twitter account and post a few tweets, but that's not going to help the business achieve its objectives. On the other hand, an experienced social media manager will be able to set up and manage the account and develop strategies, create and curate content, engage with followers, and measure results. This is why it's important to consider a freelancer's experience level when considering their rates.  Past Results vs. Experience - Which is Best       When it comes to social media management, you might find that there are two types of freelancers - those with experience and those with results. While both are important, we believe results are more important than experience. This is because businesses care about results at the end of the day. They want to see a return on their investment, and the only way to do that is to see results. An experienced freelancer might have worked with many clients,
23:27 06/20/2022
31 Jobs for Highly Sensitive Persons [+7 That Are a No No]
Debra sensed that she should be looking for jobs for highly sensitive persons. She wasn't sure why she felt this way or how to express her need. You see Debra enjoys working with other people but somehow working from home alone felt more fulfilling. There was a time she relished the hustle and bustle of the office environment. The chit chat of colleagues, the casual meeting at the watercooler and the cosy discussions over a cup of tea or coffee. However, Debra noticed that she enjoys being alone more and more over the last few years and has a need for space and the great outdoors. Does this sound like you… You identify as a highly sensitive person or suspect that you could be a highly sensitive person.You feel like the business world was not made for people like you.You’re in a career that comes with an overwhelming work environment leaving you feeling exhausted and burned out.You want to finally find a job that supports your needs as an HSP. If so, then finding the right job can be absolutely essential to your well-being as an HSP. Many HSPs struggle in traditional work environments, where they are required to be around people and noise all day long. The good news is that there are many jobs out there that are perfect for HSPs! In this blog post, we will discuss the 31 best jobs for highly sensitive persons. We'll also offer tips on how to identify if a job is right for you and how to go about finding the best work opportunities for your unique needs. 7 Signs You Or Someone You Know Is a Highly Sensitive Person If you're not sure whether or not you're an HSP, there are some common signs to look for. Here are 7 of them: 1. You tend to be highly sensitive to your environment. If you find yourself highly sensitive to your surroundings, you may be an HSP. HSPs are highly sensitive people who are easily overwhelmed by noise, bright lights, and strong smells. Too many stimuli can quickly lead to overwhelm and anxiety. If you're an HSP, it's important to create a peaceful environment for yourself where you can relax and recharge. This may mean avoiding crowded places, investing in noise-cancelling headphones, or spending time in nature. Whatever works for you, make sure to give yourself the time and space you need to thrive. 2. You often feel overwhelmed in busy or chaotic situations. If you're highly sensitive, chances are you've felt overwhelmed in busy or chaotic settings. Places with too many people or too many stimuli can be a hindrance. You might prefer areas with open space and few people. As an HSP, it's important to find environments that work for you. Whether that means avoiding crowded places or taking breaks often, do what you need to do to stay sane. 3. You tend to be a deep thinker and have a rich inner life Being highly sensitive can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it allows you to be in tune with yourself and your emotions in a way that others may not be. You're able to pick up on subtleties and find meaning in things that others might miss. However, this same trait can also make it difficult to escape from your own thoughts. You may find yourself overthinking things or ruminating on bad experiences. It can be easy to get stuck in your head and feel like you're never really able to relax. But it's important to remember that there are positives to being highly sensitive. Your ability to think deeply and reflect on your experiences can be used to your advantage. If you learn to use your sensitivity as a strength, you can find yourself living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. 4. You tend to be highly empathetic and compassionate towards others If you're highly sensitive, you may find yourself feeling the emotions and energies of others very deeply. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as it allows you to feel immense compassion for others but can also be quite draining.
22:50 06/06/2022
17 Best Wholesalers for Amazon FBA [A List Of Vetted Suppliers]
Maya wondered who are the best wholesalers for Amazon FBA to help her scale her business. A few years ago Maya heard about the ability to sell products on Amazon. So, she decided to dip her toe in the water by first testing out a few items from one wholesaler. Her first month was a bit sketchy because she needed to get an FBA seller account approved. There was also the stress of ensuring that the items she wanted to send to Amazon met their packaging requirements. After sending in her items using an Amazon FBA service, Maya waited for them to be loaded into the warehouse. If you've ever sent items to Amazon for sale you know how nerve-racking this experience can be. A few days after her items went live she got her first sale. Woohoo!! Tell me if this sounds like you... You don't know where to start. With so many options available, you're finding it difficult to know where to start your search for Amazon wholesalers.You're feeling overwhelmed. There is a lot of information out there on different Amazon FBA wholesalers. You're getting overwhelmed trying to compare all of the different options.You're worried about the quality. You want to make sure that you're getting high-quality items. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of returns or unhappy customers.You're concerned about the price. Wholesale prices can vary greatly, so you're trying to compare prices before making a purchase. You want to make sure that you're getting a good deal on the products you're buying. The solution? Sourcing your Amazon FBA products from a list of vetted Amazon wholesalers with excellent customer service! If you're looking for the best wholesalers to source your products from, look no further. In this blog post, you'll learn about 17 of the best wholesale suppliers to purchase products from! Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned Amazon FBA seller, these wholesalers should be at the top of your list! But before we jump in, let's talk about... Why Amazon FBA is a great way to earn money online Amazon FBA is a business model in which Amazon sellers ship their products to Amazon's fulfilment centres, and Amazon handles the storage, shipping, and customer service for these products. This business model has several advantages for Amazon sellers. First, it allows them to focus on sourcing and marketing their products, rather than on logistics. Second, it provides access to Amazon's huge customer base. Third, it gives sellers the ability to take advantage of Amazon's economies of scale, which results in higher profit margins. And because you're dealing with a large, established company, there's less risk involved in terms of payment processing and customer service. So if you're looking for a business opportunity with low overhead and good potential for growth, Amazon FBA could be a great choice for you! How to sign up for Amazon FBA Amazon FBA is a popular program for online sellers, but it can be a little tricky to sign up for. Here's a quick step-by-step guide to getting you started. Create an Amazon seller account: You'll need to provide some basic information about yourself and your business.Set up your payment method: Amazon offers a few different options, so choose the one that best suits your needs.Create your product listings: Be sure to include clear and concise descriptions, as well as compelling photos.Submit your listings for review and choose the shipping method: Once approved, your products will be available for purchase on Amazon! Struggling to find wholesalers for your Amazon FBA business to source your products from? No worries– I've got you covered! So what are 17 of the best wholesalers for Amazon FBA? It's important to make sure you're sourcing from reputable wholesalers with good profit margins. Otherwise, you won't make much money! Amazon sellers who use wholesale suppliers typically enjoy low prices and high-profit margins.
25:49 05/23/2022
How to Start a Business with 10K [21 Incredible Ideas]
Gemma scrolled through page 3 of Google search, she was desperate to start a business with 10K because she wanted things to be different. She had enough of what she now experienced in her life so she needed a change. You see, Gemma's husband died of cancer a few years ago which took her by surprise. As a middle-aged widow with two young children, she was not ready to face life as a single mom. I mean, Greg, her husband, was so strong and healthy. So, when the consultant told her to prepare for the worst it came as a complete shock for her. Luckily, Greg had life cover and a really generous death in service benefit that covered the mortgage and day-to-day living expenses. Although Gemma didn't need to worry about the basic bills there was one thing that kept her awake at night. What can she do now with her life? Who was she now that Greg is gone? What does she want her future to look like? Let me know if you are facing these challenges. You've always wanted to be your own boss but you don't know where to startThe thought of opening a shop scares you to death, what if nobody will buy your productsOpening a local bakery or coffee shop sounds cute but it would take a lot of workWorking from home would actually suit you better but can you run a business from home?Most franchises cost more than $10,000 to join so what business can you start? If only there was a way to quickly and easily assess which type of business you can start and run successfully with $10K. In this post, you'll learn all about the type of businesses you can start for less than $10K that'll bring in $5,000 to $10,000 a month in less than 12 months. Small Business Statistics Before diving into these business ideas for $10k or less let's look at some small business statistics. Did you know that there are over 29 million small companies in the US? This statistic was kindly provided by the folks at Findstack. What's even more interesting is that 50% of small businesses start at home. It reminds me that last week I made a loaf of wicked vegan banana bread and I'm considering selling it locally (pipe dream). Let me not distract you from the core numbers, 29% of small business owners stated that they started their business to be their own boss. While 17% said that they were dissatisfied with corporate America. Are you a teeth grinder? Lol!! Just reading that statistic made me grind my teeth unconsciously (I'm not sure how to get rid of that habit). The number one statistic that I always find surprising is that 99% of businesses in the US are small businesses. Thanks to the folks at Thrive My Way for this fact. Here's the statistic that causes potential entrepreneurs to get wobbly knees. 50% of startups fail within the first year of business. Just when you think that statistic was bad, this one will send you screaming back into your safe and comfortable office cubicle. 95% of small startups fail within the first 5 years. Do you still want to be your own boss? Let's face it starting and running a business is hard work. What can you do to make it easier? Know Yourself What if I told you that one of the secrets of succeeding in business is getting to know yourself intimately? So many people walk around on this earth and they have no idea what they want in life. I know because I've been in their shoes. Let me ask you a question, have you ever created a vision board? Or have you written down your goals for the next 3-5 years in granular detail? If you believe that starting and running a business is hard then you haven't tried writing down your goals. In my opinion, it is a lot harder to define my goals and dreams in every tiny detail. Let me ask you another question, what are the things that you don't want in your business? Only recently I was asked this question and I stumbled a bit before writing down a few paragraphs.
54:13 05/09/2022
How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business [And Make Your First $1,000]
Angela opened a new browser window and typed, start a virtual assistant business. The first 4 results in her search were adverts from popular platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Udemy. As she scrolled further down the page she saw results from popular sites such as Time Doctor and Business Insider. She spent some time quickly reading through each result one at a time. Angela quickly took notes as she read and digested the content. She was listening to a podcast on her way to work and she heard about someone like her who makes $5,000 a month online. This person was working as a virtual assistant (VA) and Angela never heard of this role before. Let me know if you can relate to any of these. You've always wanted to be a virtual assistant but you're not sure how to get startedThe thought of leaving your secure corporate job scares you to deathYou're not sure if you have the skills to succeed as a VAFear of failure is your number one barrier to getting started If only there was a way to safely dabble and become a virtual assistant part-time just so that you can try it out. In this post, you'll learn the pros and cons of becoming a virtual assistant and what it actually takes to get started and become successful this year. What is a Virtual Assistant In case you've never heard of a virtual assistant before let's spend some time looking at who is a VA. According to Wikipedia, a virtual assistant is also known as a virtual office assistant. They are self-employed and provide professional assistance to an organisation. Another name for them is administrative assistants for online businesses. The services they provide can be administrative, technical or creative in nature. Generally speaking, these assistants provide support while working from home. Administrative Support This kind of administrative support can include calendar management, inbox support, email management, customer support, issuing invoices and client management. People who provide this support are normally called personal assistants. Technical Support While the phrase technical support may seem obvious a VA can assist with answering technical queries, troubleshooting software, software migration and technical set-up. Creative Support For those who prefer the creative side of the business, their services can include social media management, graphic design, social media strategy, copywriting and marketing. You might be surprised because none of the services provided by a VA is new or different from ordinary jobs. What makes virtual assistants unique is the fact that they mainly provide support to digital businesses compared to the familiar brick and mortar businesses. Virtual Assistant Pros So, let's spend some time looking at the advantages of becoming a virtual assistant. Looking at the VA pros will give you the motivation you need to step out in faith. Be your own bossWork your own hoursDecide your rate of payLive anywhere in the worldChoose your clients carefully Spending some time on each of these items will help you understand the possibilities better. 1. Be Your Own Boss As you can imagine being your own boss is a lot of fun because you get to decide on the work rules. Yes, it can be scary at first to have so much responsibility but if you run a sole proprietorship this is how life goes. It does take a lot of discipline and responsibility to be the CEO of your own business. You'll have to make a number of important decisions. 2. Work Your Own Hours Just because you run a business doesn't mean you have to work the same hours as everyone else. In fact, as the CEO you get to decide what time your start and when you finish each day. When you first get started it may mean working long hours to secure your first set of clients. However, when you get booked up you get to decide how many hours and days you'll work each week.
26:47 04/25/2022
The Best Smarterqueue Review For Marketers
Elena needs an honest Smarterqueue review by someone who has used many other social media tools. You see, Elena has used several social media management tools in the past. In fact, at any given time she uses 1-3 tools to get the results that she needs for her business. However, this year she wants to get that one social media management software that can do all the things. She's just tired of jumping through all the hoops every week to track her social media channels. Let me know if you are experiencing these challenges. You would like the ability to batch 30-90 days of content in a single dayScheduling several weeks of mixed content is important for youIt's impossible to find a single scheduler that does it allOne of your biggest struggles is scheduling GIFs If only there was a social media scheduler that has the ability to handle several media types across 5-7 platforms. In this post, you'll learn how you can become unbelievably productive using just one social media software. Social Media Statistics I don't know about you but it seems like social media is here to stay. Every time Facebook or Instagram goes down for a day or a short while. I keep hoping that now the rest of us can get on with our lives. According to the latest figures from Smart Insights, there are now 4.62 billion people using social media. The average time spent on social media daily is 2 hours and 27 minutes. TikTok continues to be the fastest-growing social media platform with a growth rate of 105% in 2 years. However, Facebook and Instagram continue to be in 1st and 2nd place according to Sprout Social. Did you know that Facebook Messenger is on track to hit 3 billion users by the end of this year? When it comes to engagement Instagram get 6 times more engagement compared to Facebook. Over 44% of people shop for products on Instagram every week. Let's not forget LinkedIn whose ad revenue recently exceeded $1 billion. When compared to LinkedIn, Twitter's ad revenue rose to $1.284 billion in Q3 last year. Despite the shopping success on Instagram, shoppers on Pinterest have 85% larger shopping carts compared to any other platform. Retargeting ads are what most marketers use in their Facebook and Instagram strategies. With all these exciting social media statistics let's look at how you too can gain eyeballs on your content. Smarterqueue Review I recently found out about Smarterqueue so I decided to take it for a spin to see if it's any good. For this free trial, I connected 5 social profiles. It would help if you have an existing social media presence. Founded in 2016 by Claude Schneider, Smarterqueue can easily be considered as one of the newer kids on the block. Their website receives close to 500,000 visits every month and their rating on G2 is 4.6 out of 5. So, there must be something good that the team at Smarterqueue are doing right. In case you are still wondering, Smarterqueue is a social media management tool that caters to many social media profiles. Let's look at the features and pricing in more detail. Smarterqueue Pricing There are 4 different pricing plans available. These include Solo, Business, Agency and Custom. You'll notice that the first feature that's unique about Smarterqueue when it comes to pricing is that you can customise your own plan. This is such a huge selling point because you can design the plan to match your business. Other paid schedulers force you to fit into their plans. In some circumstances, you have to pay double the price just for one extra social media account with other software. Unfortunately, there isn't a free plan available to use. Content Curation Have you ever wanted the ability to share amazing content from other people on social media? Well, now you can with the help of Smarterqueue's content curation portal. After signing up and logging in to Smarterqueue simply c...
24:50 04/11/2022
The Definitive Business Goals Template for Exponential Growth
Kerri wanted this year to be different. She heard friends using a business goals template to scale their businesses. However, she has never used this methodology before so she wondered how to pull it off. You see, previously Kerri's approach to getting results in her business was a bit ad-hoc. She would attend a few networking events, speak at summits and even engage with potential clients on Instagram. None of her activities had any strategy behind them. Kerri decided that this year she wanted to be intentional about her business activities. No more hoping that things would work out. Let me know if you experienced any of these. You never had a strategic approach to business growthYour first set of clients were family and friendsYou're tired of all the dry spells in your business incomeYou need more clarity around income-generating activitiesYou're aware that strategic effort brings results If only there was a defined process that you can use to bring in more clients. In this post, you'll learn the secrets that successful businesses use to exponentially bring in more income every single week. Business Goals Statistics Before looking at those closely guarded secrets it's important to take into account industry standards. When you have a point of reference you'll have a better chance of doing what works. Did you know that only 5% of businesses achieve their yearly goals? What makes this even worse is that only 65% of business owners met half of their objectives, according to Small Biz Trends. In another article by Stitch and Shutter 14% of those who have goals are 10 times more successful compared to those without. The one thing I found strange is that 83% of the population don't have goals. How is that even possible? Do people start their year, month, week and day just hoping that things would fall into place? There is a glimmer of light because 77% of small businesses said that they are confident about strategy execution. According to Boardview, 36% of companies have an established standard for goal setting. Did you know that 40% of people who write down goals don't check to see if they achieved them? Thankfully 46% of companies review and revise their goals throughout the year. Those who set actionable tasks against their goals tend to achieve 40% more than those who don't. Finally, 90% of people perform better with relevant and challenging goals. Business Vision Even though Kerri is a small business owner it doesn't mean that she shouldn't have a vision for her business. Creating a vision for a business can be hard work mentally because you'll need to take a 10,000-foot view of the business. A few years ago I went through the exercise of developing a vision and mission statement for my business. I also took the time to develop a brand promise. Before setting any goals for a business it's important to have an established vision. For example, the vision for Starbucks is as follows. “To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.”Starbucks Vision Before we look at how this relates to business goals let's look at their mission statement too. "to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time."Starbucks Mission Now that you know both their vision and mission statements it will help you better understand how they set business goals. In order for Starbucks to offer the finest coffee and grow what are the things that they need to do with their team members? Well, here's a shortlist. They need to source the best, sustainable, conflict free coffeeThey'll need to open new branches to show growthProvide the best coffee service using uncompromising principles What about you? Have you thought about your business vision and how it relates to your business goals?
33:47 03/28/2022
7 Incredible Secrets to Successful Launch Management
Lisa needs some liquid cash injections in her business but it's not going to be possible without launch management. You see Lisa left her corporate job 5 years ago with the dream of running her own business. For the first 3 years, Lisa managed things as a solopreneur by wearing many hats. She handled the bookkeeping, billing, client onboarding, marketing and everything else. In year 4, Lisa hired her first virtual assistant to do general admin work which saved her loads of time. Lisa knows that she will need help for her upcoming course launch to avoid burnout. Let me know if you too are aware of these. The secret to scaling your business is offering group programsRunning a services business has its limitsLaunching comfortably is a team effortScaling to 6 and 7 figures requires multiple launches If only there was a way to launch as seamlessly as possible with less stress. In this post, you'll learn closely guarded secrets to launching successfully multiple times a year. You'll also find how to stay in your zone of genius even with 6 or 7 figure launches. Launch Statistics Before diving into launch secrets let's spend some time looking at a few key statistics when it comes to launching. According to G2 and Harvard Business School over 30,000 new consumer products are launched each year but the failure rate is 95%! Nine out of every 10 customers believe that brand innovation should impact society. 56% of people surveyed said that their friends and family are the sources of new product awareness. The most hilarious statistic is this; the biggest problem faced by most launchers is a lack of preparedness. It takes about 28 weeks for a new product to achieve 75% of reach distribution. According to Saasworthy, when it comes to early adoption the percentage of people buying at launch is 21%. Another 63% will finally buy when the product has been on the market for some time. Did you know that on average brands spend around $15 million to launch a new product? Around 65% of men are early adopters of newly launched products. While 59% of women tend to wait until the product has been on the market for some time before making a purchase. 7 Secrets to Successful Launch Management Now that you have a general idea of what most brands are experiencing when it comes to launching. Let's look at what should be included in standard launch projects. Clarified ICABudgetTeamPlanningCentral RepositoryAll the TechHype EventCommunity I know I said 7 but the reality is that if you want your launch to be successful you need a pre-built community too. So, let's look at each one of these items one by one. 1. Clarified Ideal Client Avatar - ICA As a launch manager, I'm constantly surprised by this one thing. Many small business owners continue to run their business year after year without mapping out their ICA. In other words, they have a vague idea of who their ideal client is but not in-depth knowledge. For example, here's a list of questions you need to be able to answer regarding your ICA. AgeGenderWhere do they live? (country, city)Do they live in a house or an apartment?Their neighbourhood, what does it look like?What are their daily, weekly, monthly or annual challenges?Outline their biggest needs?The kind of problems they are trying to solve personally, financiallyTheir deepest desires and dreams for them and their family, what are they?In terms of their biggest fears, what are they? (not spiders, emotional ones?)Do you get their short-term and long-term goals?Any idea of their good and bad habits?What gets them excited?The stuff that annoys them, what are they?Their passion projects, what are they?Where do they spend the most time online?List the kind of items they spend their money on when they get paid?What type of podcasts do they listen to?Which software and/or apps do they use? Bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive but highlig...
25:58 03/14/2022
Calendly vs Acuity Scheduling [Easy Online Bookings]
Betty wants to automate client appointment bookings so she wants to see a Calendly vs Acuity comparison. You see Betty is confused about which one of these online appointment scheduling platforms is better for her business. She is a business coach helping business owners to become unstuck. Many small businesses become stagnant when they get to a certain revenue level. Betty offers a 3-6 month program where she offers business consultations. She spends way too much time playing "email ping-pong" to get a meeting booked. Let me know if this sounds relatable. Your focus is to do more income-generating activities dailyYou spend 20-50% of your day setting up meetingsThere are way too many manual touchpoints in your new client acquisition process If only there was a way to have a seamless workflow that takes your clients from booking a meeting through to onboarding then off-boarding. In this post, you'll understand the differences between Acuity and Calendly. You'll also learn how to automate the online booking process. 5 Reasons to Automate Your Online Booking Process For many small businesses, having an automated system is a dream. The reason why they crave automation is that manual processes take time. If you are the only person in your business you'll reach a limit quickly. Even if you have a small team they can only accomplish a small number of tasks each day. This is why it's important to consider streamlining your business workflow. Here are 5 reasons to do so. You would get more done in less timeYour buyers have a better user experienceYou'll get more referralsHuman error is greatly reducedYou'll easily spot the bottlenecks Notice how much better things will be for your business and revenue bottom line. While all these reasons are great the challenge you'll face is figuring out the best system to implement. Every business is different even though they may share the same business model. Calendly - Acuity Alternative As of January 2021, Calendly was worth $3 billion but it wasn't due to overnight success. It was founded by Tope Awotona when he got an idea for an online appointment system. He had 3 failed startups before finally striking gold with an appointment booking app. He decided to use his savings and fund the project himself and his plan worked. In 2014, he raised seed money to the tune of $550k from Atlanta Ventures. As a result, Calendly has been profitable since 2016. Calendly Pricing There are 5 options available with Calendly prices. These include Basic, Essentials, Professional, Teams and Enterprise. The good news is that there is a free version available if you'd like to try it out or if your budget is restricted. Calendly Features Free Verison In case you are wondering about the restrictions with the free or basic version, here's what you get as standard. The ability to connect Google, Office365, Outlook and iCloud calendarsYou can create only one event typeUnlimited 1 to 1 event bookingsBooking link customizationAutomated event notificationsAccess to the mobile appAdd branding to your booking pageEmbed Calendly on your websiteIntegrate with Intercom, Slack and ZoomHelp centre I'm sure you'll agree with me that having all those features in the free version is mind-blowing! How are they even making money? Additional Features Pro Version So, if the free version comes with all those bells and whistles why bother to upgrade to pro? Here are those additional features. Connect up to 6 calendars on the platformCreate unlimited eventsOffer a collective of one-off meetingsCreate group eventsSend email reminders and follow-upsCustomize email notificationsUpdate your cancellation policyAdd links to your confirmation pageCreate automated workflowsRedirect invitees to another resourceManage events across your team (especially if there's an emergency)Remove Calendly brandingEmbed to your websit...
28:16 02/28/2022
The Ultimate Yearly Habit Tracker Printable to Skyrocket Your Success
Sarah's new year got off to a slow start because she needed a yearly habit tracker printable. You see Sarah knew that the key reason that she failed at achieving her goals is that she couldn't track them visibly. Like many entrepreneurs, Sarah had big plans for her life. She wanted to develop a successful business that would support the dream lifestyle that she mapped out on her vision board. Sarah started to doubt if vision boards, yearly plans and long term goals would really work for her. Let me know if these sound familiar. Like Sarah, you're an entrepreneur with big dreams for your life too. However, it feels as if you are part of that famous statistic that states 90% of startups fail in the first 3 years. You believe that you've tried everything to become successful. SMART goal planning is a technique that you've used in the pastYou've started journaling as a way to track your doubts and fearsInspirational quotes keep you going each and every dayDeveloping new habits is hard and you're prepared to try them for 3 months If only there was a way to finally make the progress and see the results that you are hoping for in your life and business this year. In this post, you'll learn the best-kept secrets of why some entrepreneurs seem to speed past everyone else in the pack. You'll also be able to get your hands on the best and simplest free printable habit trackers for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur + StartUp Statistics In case you're wondering why it is important to track or develop habits as an entrepreneur let's look at a few statistics. According to Small Biz Genius, 46% of small business entrepreneurs are between the ages of 41 and 56. On the flip side of that 20% of businesses fail in their first year. Their research also showed that middle-aged men start the most successful businesses (come on ladies we can do this too). The folks at FindStack said that 69% of US entrepreneurs started their businesses at home. Did you know that only 50% of businesses will survive until their 5th year in business? According to Statista, the main challenge faced by startups is generating new business. This may surprise you but the number one reason why startups fail is that they misread market demand. The 2nd largest reason why they fail is that they run out of funding and personal money. Therefore it would make sense to develop and track habits that help you read market demand, generate new business and bring in more income. Habit Statistics + Tips How does one develop a new habit anyway? Let's spend some time looking at the reality of forming a new habit. In his article about forming new habits, James Clear says that it takes an average of 66 days to develop a new habit. Did you know that about 92% of people fail to keep their new year's resolutions? This is according to the folks at Nik. Also, 45% of our daily behaviours are automatic because our brain is constantly finding ways to conserve energy. James Clear also talks about the ultimate productivity hack which is saying no. Why? Because when you say no to a few things it means that you're ultimately saying yes to other important options. He also goes on to outline 3 simple questions to improve your productivity each day. What am I optimizing for?What's the best small thing I can do right now?Did I do my best? If you keep these questions top of mind during the day forming a new habit becomes a breeze. Gary Keller in his book, The One Thing, outlines a clever energy plan for anyone who wants to be highly productive. Mediate or pray for spiritual energyEat right, exercise, sleep sufficientlySet goals, plan and put things in the calendar for mental energyTime block your 'One Thing' Let's face it you need a plan to execute those new daily habits. N.B. You can use this to form new good habits and to get rid of bad habits too. Setting Up a Habit Tracker
26:29 02/14/2022
The Ultimate Google Spreadsheet Calendar Template [2022-2026]
Betty needed a flexible way to keep on top of her marketing content. So, she wondered if there was a Google spreadsheet calendar template that was versatile enough. You see, like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, Betty had a lot on her plate. She also knew that grabbing a regular freebie calendar that she found online may require too much customisation. What she needed is a calendar developed for marketers by a marketer who understood the importance of editorial calendars. Let me know if you find these points relatable. You've used dozens of tools to map out your promotion calendar without successYou're a planner who likes to map things out weeks or months in advanceIf you get an idea for content 12-24 months in advance you'd like to put it on the calendarYou've searched high and low for the perfect editorial calendar but none was perfect If only there was a Google sheets calendar template that'll help you develop content ideas for the next 3-5 years successfully. In the post, you'll learn how to customise your very own editorial calendar template. You'll also get the opportunity to grab the best Google spreadsheet calendar template on the market. Disclosure: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission for sharing the link at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success. What is an Editorial Calendar In case you've never heard the term before, let me first explain what is an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is also known as a publishing schedule or content calendar. Normally it is a 12-month calendar that has important dates, public holidays and calendar events. It is normally used by bloggers, teams, small businesses as well as an editorial team to manage and control the publication of content. This content is published across various platforms like a blog, magazine, newsletter, social media, etc. One reason why people use an editorial calendar is that they have a team of people producing the content. For example, they'll have graphic designers, video producers, copywriters, photographers and editors. Other team members include social media managers and at least one marketing strategist. The bigger the team the higher the need for a single source of truth or a central repository. Essentially, an editorial calendar is a project management tool used to manage entire marketing campaigns. It means that a content calendar template is a powerful tool for marketing campaigns. If everything is not in one location then it gets difficult to manage the content effectively. Content Marketing Statistics At the end of the day, the main reason for creating an editorial calendar is for content marketing. So, before investing time and energy in developing one it's important to look at the content marketing statistics. According to Ahrefs, 82% of marketers are investing in content marketing. 51% of businesses that invest in content marketing publish content daily. Interestingly, 60% of marketers report that content marketing generates leads for their business. Blog research conducted by Hubspot said that 48% of companies who leverage content marketing use blogging. Also, 60% of marketers say that they measure content marketing success through sales. When it comes to content formats the number one content type on the list is video. The content marketing institute conducted research that showed that many marketers are planning to increase their spending on video this year. What's even more interesting is that 80% of the marketers surveyed said they used content marketing to build awareness and credibility. After video content, the area with increased spending for marketers is events (in-person, hybrid and virtual). The Customer Journey
20:42 01/31/2022
How to Make a 60-second Tik Tok Video with Music
Nancy wanted to grow her audience quickly but she had one question... How to make a 60-second Tik Tok video with music. Like many other entrepreneurs, Nancy has been hearing that you can build your audience quickly using Tik Tok. However, Nancy considers herself a technophobe so she finds it difficult to adopt new technology. Even though Tik Tok might be easier to use compared to other platforms. Nancy still had her reservations. Let me know if you can relate to these. You are an introvert or camera shyLike Nancy, you too have been hearing about Tik Tok a lotThe thought of publishing 2-4 times a day puts you offYou haven't a clue what software to use to edit videos If only there was a way to get started on Tik Tok quickly and easily. In this post, you'll learn how to get started on Tik Tok in a matter of minutes as well as what tools are available to help with your success. Disclosure: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission for sharing the link at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success. The History of Tik Tok As a platform, Tik Tok started only a few short years ago in September 2016 and since then it has grown from strength to strength. It's a social media platform specifically designed for short videos also known as short-form videos or short clips. Video lengths range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes and users have the ability to add filters, music, effects and much more. According to Wikipedia, It is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance. As of October 2020, Tik Tok has surpassed 3 billion downloads worldwide. In China, Tik Tok is known as Douyin, it has similar features but they are not exactly the same. Tik Tok was launched outside of China in 2017, however, it was only after it merged with that it became available worldwide. There are 3 video formats available on Tik Tok including the following aspect ratios. 1280x720720x1280640x640 The minimum video length is 5 seconds. Tik Tok Statistics For many entrepreneurs like you, it's important to know that a social media platform will give you a return on investment before using it. This is why I'd like to spend some time looking at the statistics as they stand. According to 2022 statistics from Backlinko, Tik Tok has 1 billion monthly active users. Of those 1 billion users, between 73 to 100 million of them are in the US. Tik Tok has 50 million daily active users in the US alone. US users spend an average of 33 minutes a day on Tik Tok. Annual revenues in 2019 were $17 billion. Tik Tok is the 7th most used social media site globally. 41% of Tik Tok's active users have an age range between 30 and 49 which is quite surprising. Many people assume that Tik Tok is for teens but that doesn't appear to be the case. How to Make a Content Plan for Your Tik Tok Videos When it comes to video, it is more difficult to produce compared to still images. This can be true for Tik Tok as well depending on the type of videos you want to create. For example, do you want your videos to be more formal, funny, talking head or environmental clips? The first step in developing consistency around your Tik Tok videos is to develop a strategy. You can easily develop a strategy by focusing on 5 content pillars. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Using a social media planner like Plann will give you prompts to formulate a strategy. In the screenshot, you'll see content pillars like behind the scenes (BTS), client testimonials, featuring another business and much more. Feel free to take Plann for a test run here. How to Make 60-Second Videos Fast Uploading video content can be pretty easy when you have the content already created. So,
20:44 01/17/2022
The Ultimate Daily Goals Template [Use It To Make $1,000 Online]
Lisa wanted this year to be the year that she achieved a major goal. However, Lisa had one problem, she needed a daily goals template that'll help her to break her big goals into manageable tasks. You see, it has been 10 years since Lisa has been trying to leave her 9-5 job. Every time she started a project or program that would change her life she got distracted or lost hope along the way. Let me know if you too can relate to any of these points. You know that you need to become an entrepreneurYou've achieved the coaching certification needed to start practising your skillThe one thing holding you back is getting your first client or 10thImposter syndrome is your biggest obstacle right now If only there was a way to finally get your business off the ground or earn 5-figures in your business so that you can quit your job. In this post, you'll learn the tricks and tips needed to become a full-time entrepreneur as well as how to map out the goals daily. What Nobody Is Telling You About Goals If you are like me you've probably set goals or written down your dreams in the past. However, those goals never became a reality. What you need to know is that writing down your goals is not enough. To achieve goals you need to put some action behind them. If you find yourself like Lisa where you feel stuck in a rut. Maybe you've invested in a coaching program, hired a VA or even started a blog. After taking some action you became depressed after 6 months or even 2 years because the results were inadequate. Here's what you need to know about goals. In order to achieve resounding success, you need to keep taking action even though the results are disappointing. Of course, if you've been taking consistent action for 10 years without results then you are doing something wrong. Have you been taking consistent action for 10 years without results?? If yes, it's possible that you need a helping hand to get you success so feel free to book a call with me here. If you're experiencing mindset blocks then these journaling tips and refillable journals will help you big time. Let's spend some time looking at goal setting so you can get an idea of how to do it right. Goal Setting When it comes to setting goals, there's a right way to do it and a wrong way. Let's look at the right way to set goals. Hint: it involves setting specific goals with an action plan for each one. You've probably already heard of the acronym SMART before. S - specificM - measurableA - achievableR - realisticT - time-bound Specific Using the SMART methodology, your goal needs to be specific. For example, you want to generate a liveable income in your business in 30 days. Measurable Taking the previous example, let's make it measurable so that it can be managed. Generate $1,000 in your business in the next 30 days by offering social media management to potential clients. Achievable So, is that goal achievable? If yes, how will you achieve it? Generate $1,000 in your business in the next 30 days by offering social media management (SMM) to potential clients. It means that you'll need to have a social media management package of $300/month that you can offer. You'll also need to do 1 discovery call every 1-2 days and have a close rate of 20-30% Realistic At this point, you need to consider if this goal is realistic and relevant compared to all your bigger goals. If your bigger goal is to leave your 9-5 job or get your coaching business to generate a full-time income then you need a realistic plan with smaller tasks. Generating $1,000 in your business in the next 30 days by onboarding 4 clients at $300/month for social media management by doing a discovery call every 1-2 days ensuring a minimum close rate of 20% is realistic because many small business owners need this service urgently to promote their services. Time-Bound Like many things in life,
23:54 01/03/2022
7 Best Refillable Journals [That’ll Help You Get to 6-Figures]
Susie has been running an online business for about 3 years and she's looking for the best refillable journal. While watching a show on entrepreneurship, Susie learned about the power of journaling. Finding the perfect journal that will suit her daily routine is important to developing a new habit. Let me know if you can relate to these points. You've always heard that journaling is a great habit to developUnderstanding why journaling is important will help you pick up this habitYou are not quite sure if you're a paper journal person or if digital is betterKnowing what to write has been a huge obstacle for you If only there was a way to get your head around the importance of journaling as well as when to do it. In this post, you'll learn how journaling can help you achieve your revenue and life goals quickly and easily. You'll also learn about over 10 different journaling techniques and when to apply them. Disclosure: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission for sharing the link at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success. Why Journal If you're like me you've probably been thinking of journaling for a few years. However, you've never got into it because it didn't seem to be a necessity until now. Did you know that there is scientific evidence that shows the health benefits of journaling? According to PsychCentral, here are 5 health benefits of journaling. Solve problems more efficientlyKnow yourself betterReduce stressResolve disagreement with othersClarify your thoughts and feelings The two that jump out at me from this list are problem-solving and clarifying my thoughts and feelings. If there isn't anything on that list from PsychCentral that you find motivating, here are 6 more benefits of journaling from Kaiser Permanente. Gain self-confidenceFind inspirationAchieve goalsStrengthen memoryTrack progress and growthImprove writing and communication. You have to admit that these 11 benefits of journaling are mind-blowing. A lack of goal achievement is something that you might have encountered at different stages in your life. It is also something that you hear friends and family experience regularly. Looking back, do you think that you might have experienced more successes if you were journaling? Types of Journaling Techniques Did you know that there are several different types of journaling? Depending on the technique you would like to use will dictate the best refillable journal that will suit your needs. Let's spend some time looking at a list of journaling techniques. Art journalDream journalingReflection journalMorning pagesGratitudeUnsent letterFree writingListsWorst case scenarioOne line a dayPlan your dayReading journalBullet journaling At this point, you're probably surprised by the big list of journaling techniques available for you. In order to understand the best one to use for your needs, let's take a closer look. Art Journal As the name suggests, having an art journal will allow you to express yourself better using visual pieces. These pieces can include sketches, collages, scrapbooking, doodles, experiments and inspiration. So, if you're more inclined to express yourself visually then art would be a great option for you. Dream journaling This would be one that will rarely ever work for me because I forget my dreams all the time. Actually, it is advised that with dream journaling you write down whatever you can remember and over time your memory will improve. The challenge I find with this journaling technique is that my dreams are too weird and I prefer not to remember them. Lol!! The best refillable journal for this technique would be the one with many pages. Reflection Journaling As you can imagine,
27:55 12/20/2021
100+ Small Business Ideas for Women [Make Your First $10K Online]
Marianne was bored at work so she quickly went to Google to look up small business ideas for women. You see Marianne knew fully well that she was made for so much more than a corporate job. Ever since she was in Elementary school Marianne dreamt of running her own business. The biggest problem that she faced is not knowing what kind of business to start. Over 50 years ago there were not many options when it came to starting a low-cost business. However, with the invention of the Internet, there are so many options available in a variety of categories. If you are like Marianne let me know if any of these sound familiar. You are constantly bombarded with amazing ideas every weekIt would be nice if you had a business partner to get started with youA business coach to show you the way is one thing you craveThe inability to take action is the one thing holding you backYou have $10,000 or less available to start a business If only there was a way to find a resource that acts as a bridge to help you on your business journey. In this post, you'll find an amazing list of business ideas that you can use to get started right away. You'll also learn what you need to do to find your first paying customer or client. Do You Need a Business Plan? For many years I was led to believe that my attempts at starting and running a business failed because I didn't have a business plan. The folks at Dragon's Den, Shark Tank and The Profit will cringe when they read my next sentence. You actually don't need a business plan to start a business. There, I said it. Haha! This is especially true if you are not quite sure what exactly you want to do. It is also true if you are not looking for outside investors or a loan to get started. The truth is that you can start working with clients right away if you have a system in place. If you are offering software as a service like Todoist or ClickUp then you would need a business plan. So, depending on your business model and the funding required to get the business off the ground you may need a business plan. Maybe you just want to be super organised and put everything down in writing. I have a blog business plan resource that you can use to do just that. How to Fund Your Business Depending on where you live in the world, there are several ways to get funding for your business idea. Funding for your business also depends on the type of business you want to start. Here are some questions you'll need to consider. What's your business model?How do you plan to get your first 5 customers?Who will you be selling to? (B2B, B2C)What equipment is needed to run your business?Where will you conduct your business? (online or offline)How will you process transactions?What does the customer experience look like? A person running an e-commerce shop will need a different set of business tools compared to a coach or consultant. Spend some time carefully considering the type of business you want to run in order to figure out the funding. If you have no idea what you need to get started then there may be ways that I can help. This 5-day start your business challenge may be just the thing you need. Your business can be funded by family, friends, a bank loan, a business grant or using an overdraft or credit card. N.B. I'm not a qualified financial consultant so it's important for you to get the right financial advice on how to fund your business responsibly. Who is Your Customer? A few years ago when I got started in business I had no idea how important this is for entrepreneurs. Don't worry if you have no idea who your ideal client avatar is right now. The most important thing is realising that you'll need to get clear on this person in order to scale. Promoting your business is vital to getting clients to sign up with you. However, if your message is not clear then your potential customers will not take action...
42:38 12/06/2021
How to Create an Ebook in Canva [4 Places to Find Templates]
Elsie had a bright idea, she'll create an ebook in Canva as her premium lead magnet. The only problem is that she does not know how to get it done. As a business coach, it's important for Elsie to have a lead magnet in order to grow her list of potential clients. Are you a business coach full of bright ideas but you don't know how to implement them? If yes, then I have great news for you... You are not the only one facing this challenge. Getting things done in your business can prove to be overwhelming and stressful. So, tell me, which one of these two categories do you fall into? Some small business owners have been running their digital businesses for 3-7 years so they have funds set aside to hire help. While there are some entrepreneurs who started their business in the last 1-3 years but they don't have a rosy budget to outsource tasks like creating lead magnets. If you are in the 2nd category then I totally understand your limitations. This is the reason why I'm creating this resource to help you create your ebook quickly and easily. In this post, you'll learn the most efficient way to create your ebook as well as what to do with it when it's ready. Disclosure: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission for sharing the link at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success. The Benefits of Creating Ebooks If you've never created an ebook before and you are brand new to the world of ebooks then here are a few things to consider. Ebooks can be useful for a number of reasons with the most common denominator being client acquisition. Here are 5 ways to develop an ebook in your business this year. Lead magnetAs a workbook accompanying an online course or email courseCase studyInstruction, manual or guideA course Did any of those 5 ideas give you aha moments? So many business coaches underestimate the power of ebooks and how they can use them to grow their business. Yes, you're probably wondering how to actually create all of these ebooks as part of your marketing plan. If you hang tight I'll be offering a step by step guide for one of these ebook types soon. The Buyer Journey Before diving into creating ebooks it's important to know when to use these different types of digital collateral or marketing material. If you are one of my regular readers you probably either heard or read about the buyer's journey. Gaining an understanding of your target audience will help you visualize the buyer's journey. However, in case you've never come across it before here's a brief overview of it again. They include awareness or brand awareness, interest, consideration, conversion and retention. As you can see there are 5 stages of this journey and if you look carefully you'll notice the absence of some of those ebooks. For example, the lead magnet, guide, workbook and course are missing from the diagram. Allow me to explain the reason to you. The lead magnet is actually in the interest phase of the journey and you'll normally find them while reading blogs. It's given to a potential client in exchange for their email address. They are also available as a freebie during a podcast or after watching a video on YouTube. When it comes to the guide and course these are normally part of a paid product, while the workbook can be found included in a Masterclass or webinar. The bottom line is to know what to develop as part of your marketing plan and when to make them available during the buyer's journey. The Most Important Step Before heading over to Canva there is an important step that you need to complete. This step will save you hours of overwhelm and frustration. I've used this hack for a number of years in order to get ebooks, lead magnets,
27:57 11/22/2021
The Best Way to Repurpose Your Podcast Without the Stress
Are you a podcaster who is hoping to repurpose your podcast by turning your podcast episodes into videos? I have some really exciting news for you. You see, I've been wanting to do more to promote my content and business using creative formats. However, finding a platform that is easy to use and makes promoting your business fun can be challenging. Let me know if this sounds familiar. You have been recording podcast episodes for 1-4 years and although you have created show notes and cute images. Taking your precious episodes and spreading them even further has been quite a challenge. If you have used other platforms to create video clips of your podcast. You'll know that the user experience of those platforms has been quite blah. Lol!! In fact, what will really light your fire is a platform that would put the merry back into marketing. In this post, you will learn how to repurpose your podcast episodes into several different sizes. So that you can easily promote them to wherever you like with less stress and overwhelm. The Latest Podcast Statistics Well, in case you haven't thought about it just yet, you are probably thinking why should you bother to repurpose your podcast. Did you know that 75% of Americans are aware of the term podcasting but only 50% are podcast fans? A surprising 51% of podcast listeners are male while only 27% of listeners have a college degree. Strangely 49% of podcast listening is done from home. The most popular genre in podcasting is comedy followed by education and news (looks like I need to change my genre, lol). Here's the statistic that surprised me the most. A whopping 69% of listeners said that podcast ads made them aware of a product or service. Just when I thought that people would find out about new products or services via Google, TV or social media posts. It looks like podcast episodes are raising the brand awareness of businesses. Over 80% of podcast listeners spend more than 7 hours a week listening to podcasts. Why Repurpose Your Podcasts Now that you know more about the latest podcast statistics let's look at 5 reasons to repurpose your podcasts. 1. Increase your audience reach You will realise that clicking the publish button and promoting once on Instagram and Twitter is not sufficient. Promoting it for weeks in an Instagram Story to reach more people on these platforms will help to remind your audience that you exist. 2. Grow podcast awareness Getting more people to listen to every episode will also increase the number of downloads month after month. It's a great way to reach new audiences. 3. Reach people on different platforms Have you ever thought about promoting your podcast episodes on other platforms using a different format? Getting creative by converting your audio file into videos, GIFs, memes and other text formats means you have a chance of reaching more people and new listeners. There's even the option to convert it into a blog post or long-form video content. 4. Attract potential collaborators If one of your goals is podcast sponsorship then it would make sense to get in front of potential sponsors. After all, the small businesses who are looking to advertise with you can be found on so many platforms. 5. Easily create social media content One of the quickest ways to create social media content is by repurposing existing content like live streams, breaking a podcast interview into clips and turning an audio track into different formats. You are probably thinking that converting your podcasts to video is too difficult and too time-consuming but hold on to that thought. Promote Your Podcast Using Audiograms One of the best ways to promote your podcast episodes is by breaking them down into smaller bite-sized chunks. Depending on the platforms you use these smaller chunks are called snippets or audiograms.
27:33 11/08/2021
How to Add a Facebook Admin
Teresa needs to add a Facebook admin to her business account so that they'll be able to assist her with social media management. However, this is not something that she did before so she feels a bit stuck. You see, Facebook does not make it easy for entrepreneurs or small business owners. Running a business takes a lot of time and planning in advance. Especially when it comes to promoting your business using social media. If you have a Facebook group you'll know that it takes a lot of time to manage it. Let me know if any of this sounds familiar. Your business has reached that point financially to be able to outsource a number of daily and weekly tasks. However, you feel apprehensive about giving total strangers access to your accounts. Getting the help you need is important to keep you sane and to continue generating leads for your business. If only there was a way to safely share or give access to your social media accounts without worrying too much In this post, you'll learn how to add a Facebook admin to your business account plus a few other tips and tricks. Social Media Management Social media marketing is one of the key ways to continue growing awareness for your business. It is also great to build the know, like and trust factor with potential clients. Hiring a social media manager to help you achieve this ongoing task is a great idea. In case you don't understand the logistics involved in social media management here's a list of what's needed. Create an overall marketing planDevelop branded social media templatesRefine key messages and conversion goalsMap out a 12-month planDesign a quarterly editorial calendarCreate the contentSchedule out 13 weeks of content at a timeEvaluate the analyticsRinse and repeat Based on all the tasks involved in social media management you can see why having admin access to Facebook is pretty important. Of course, there are other social media platforms besides Facebook and these include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tik Tok. Pinterest is also there in the background but most social media experts will tell you that it is a visual search engine. Facebook Business Suite In order to give anyone admin access to your Facebook account, there are two things you need to have. These include a personal profile on Facebook as well as a Facebook business page. Once you have these set up it will be pretty easy to also access the Facebook Business Suite (FBS). If you never heard of Facebook Business Suite before then let me explain. Facebook Business Suite or FBS is the comprehensive platform built by Facebook for business use only. Using this platform allows you to access your Facebook business page as well as your Instagram business account. You'll be able to create and schedule posts months in advance including IG Stories. The "insights" feature inside FBS gives you the ability to see and analyze the performance of your social media campaigns. In order to get results faster, you can use Facebook Ads to generate more leads and sales. How to Add a Facebook Admin By now, you should have your Facebook business page set up and ready to go. Here's what you need to do to add a Facebook admin to your account. Step 1 Head over to and log into Facebook Business Suite using your personal Facebook profile logins. When you get there you'll see a menu on the left-hand side or left column that looks similar to the one below. Be sure to choose the correct brand page or Facebook page name before moving to the next step. Step 2 Click the "settings" option or settings icon on the menu. After clicking it you'll be brought to a page that looks like the one below. Notice that you have options to connect your Instagram account, adjust page settings, update your business settings and Ad account settings. Step 3
13:00 10/25/2021
21 Productivity Quotes for Entrepreneurs Who Feel Stuck
While Marsha sat reading a couple of productivity quotes she heard someone call her name audibly. The sound of her own name made Marsha jump! You see Marsha lived in a cottage near a little forest with lots of trees and bunnies. There wasn't supposed to be anyone else around because she lived alone. So, when she heard someone calling her name it startled her. Marsha got up from her seat and looked out the dusty windows and through the glass doors. It was still bright outside because it was a little after 2 pm in the afternoon. She didn't see anyone which did not surprise her because the voice that she heard sounded like someone inside her head. Has this ever happened to you? Whenever your brain drifts off thinking about life in general when you're supposed to be creating your next project or other tasks. It's almost as if your brain decides to wake you out of a daydream. As an entrepreneur, you can sometimes feel stuck when it is time to do a number of important tasks. This is why using productivity quotes from other well-known people can help to push you forward. In this post, you'll learn about 20+ motivational quotes that will keep you focused and help you to become more productive quickly. 1. Stephen King One of the most prolific writers of all time is Stephen King. He was born in 1947 and he is a well-known author of crime, horror, supernatural, science fiction and fantasy novels. If you know anything about writing, you'll know that it takes a certain level of discipline to write great books every year to earn a living. One of Stephen's famous productivity quotes can be found below. “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”Stephen King 2. Bruce Lee If there's someone who will get you to your feet it must be Bruce Lee. Somehow I never realised that Bruce Lee died back in 1973 at the tender age of 32 from a swollen brain. He was known for his martial arts performances as an actor. As you can imagine it takes a certain level of discipline to be good at martial arts in any form. Here's one of Bruce's famous quotes to inspire you. "If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done"Bruce Lee 3. Henry David Thoreau Now is a great time to take a step back to the 1800s where we can catch up with Henry David Thoreau. He was an American Naturalist, poet, philosopher and essayist. Born around 1817 in Concord, Massachusetts. All his works, books, articles and journals amount to 20 volumes of works. Without further ado, here's one of his inspirational quotes. "It's the beauty within us that makes it possible for us to recognise the beauty around us. The question is not what you look at but what you see."Henry David Thoreau 4. Benjamin Franklin More than 100 years before Henry was born Benjamin Franklin came on the scene. Benjamin was a polymath, inventor, politician, scientist, printer, statesman, diplomat, writer and political philosopher. In case you are wondering who or what is a polymath, it is a person with wide knowledge and learning. They are a jack or jill of all trades. There are some suggestions that Sophia Stewart is a modern-day polymath. Sophia wrote the Matrix and The Terminator. Before we head down that rabbit hole let's look at this quote from Benjamin. "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"Benjamin Franklin 5. Peter Drucker Believe it or not, we have yet another writer. Peter Ferdinand Drucker was an Austrian-American management consultant, educator and author. What I find fascinating about Peter is that he was born in 1909 and he lived until the age of 95! He was only 8 days away from his 96th birthday on November 11th when he died. Peter was the inventor of the concept management by objectives. You'll probably be familiar with this famous productivity quote from Peter.
23:44 10/11/2021
How to Organise Google Drive for Business
The story is told of a working mom of 3 who wanted to organise Google Drive for business use but she felt a bit stuck. You see Susan had 8 clients and she needed to find a way to manage their data effectively. While Susan used ClickUp to manage her daily and weekly client projects. Each project resulted in content that she created for her clients. As a result, she needed to store that content somewhere to keep it safe. If you ever used ClickUp or any project management software you'll know that it is easy to attach files. It is possible to use the Doc and Table view inside ClickUp to create content. However, if you are creating a lot of content daily, ClickUp can become cluttered quickly making it difficult to easily find and retrieve data. In this post, you'll learn how to organise your Google Drive for business making it simple to manage many clients. Google Workspace vs Google One Before looking at how you can organise Google Drive for business use, the first challenge you'll encounter is a need for more storage. So, let's look at the storage plans available on Google Drive. The free version of Google Drive comes with 15GB of storage. I still remember when, many years ago, 15GB was a lot of storage space. It's interesting how small businesses now have a need to store more data virtually. Google One In case you weren't aware of it Google One is the paid version of Google Drive for personal use. The price of Google One ranges from $19.99 a year (100GB) all the way up to $99.99 a year (2TB). The Google One price plan gives you the ability to add family members as well. Another added benefit is that you'll get access to Google experts on any of the paid plans. Google Workspace Small business owners with a team of assistants may prefer Google Workspace formerly G Suite. This is because it is the paid version of Google Drive designed for business use. Prices for these plans range from $6.00 (30GB) per user per month up to $20.00 (5TB) per user per month. The business benefits include video meetings and recordings, security and management control, custom and secure business email. At the end of the day, it really depends on your business needs to choose between Google One or Google Workspace. Mapping Out Your Drive Hierarchy If you plan to hire a team or build out an agency, it is super important to map out the structure of your folders. Let's look at three different examples of service businesses using Google Drive. The 3 service businesses I'm going to feature are: Web Design AgencySocial Media ManagementLaunch Management Agency Let's look at each one in turn so that you'll understand how to organise Google Drive for business. Web Design Agency Any web design agency will tell you that they have a specific process for onboarding their clients. When a client signs up with a web design agency they'll need to sign a contract and complete an intake form. The client would also need to supply a branding guide as well as images that they want to include on the website. There'll also be a need for other content like copywriting unless the agency will be providing it as part of the package. Finally, when the web designer does a mockup of the site using a wireframe these need to be stored somewhere as well. So far, here are the folders needed client work. ContractIntake formBranding ElementsPhotographyCopyWireframesOff boarding Let's look at a different example in order to help you with your structure. Social Media Management Before looking at the files and folders needed for a social media manager it is important to understand what that person does. A social media manager designs the overall social strategy for a business. This means deciding what to post on social media, how often, hashtag research, key messaging, business goals and the overall esthetics of social profile.
14:57 10/04/2021
How to Make a Line Graph in Google Sheets [In 5 Minutes]
If you dislike financial reports and you are wondering how to make a line graph in Google Sheets. I've got just the right step-by-step solution for you using one of the easiest online line graph makers. Taking a bunch of data and turning it into a graph can be very helpful for your business. However, if you have a history of falling asleep during financial management presentations. Or your eyes glaze over whenever you see a complex spreadsheet. Then I can totally relate to your allergy to data analysis. For example, a number of years ago, I was doing a postgraduate course in business and IT. The class was big and it took place two evenings a week. I went into the class with the sole intention of staying awake. No matter how hard I tried I always ended up falling asleep during the class. If only there was a way to create line graphs in Google sheets on the fly. In this post, you'll learn how to create line graphs in Google Sheets and the best ways to use them to become more successful. Best Uses of Line Graphs Before I dive into showing you how to create your precious line graph. Let's spend some time looking at when to use them. Line graphs are best used to show information that changes over time. So, a few good use cases include a change in: TemperatureIncome or RevenueDepreciation valuesEnergy use (Electricity + Heating)ExpenditureBusiness growth As you can see there are many instances where creating a line graph will benefit you and your business. It'll help you track your performance over time. One key aspect of creating line graphs is that it'll also help you with budgeting. A cool aspect of line graphs is that it comes in different types. Let's spend some time looking at line graph types so you'll know which one to use when. Types of Line Graphs Did you know that there are 3 different types of line graphs? Of course, there are different types of graphs apart from line graphs. These 3 types include: Simple line graphMultiple line graphCompound line graph To help you understand the differences among these 3 line graphs let's look at each one in turn. Simple Line Graph As the name suggests a simple line graph is the type of graph that can be plotted using a single line. It shows the relationship between two variables. For example, time vs temperature or time vs money. Multiple Line Graph What makes a multiple line graph different is that this graph type is plotted with two or more lines. It is often used to display two or more variables over a specific period of time. For example, income + expenditure over the same time period. Compound Line Graph Just when you thought a multiple line graph was complex the compound line graph trumps them all. Well, a compound line graph breaks the data down into different types. This one isn't as easy to explain without showing you a visual example. So, I'll show you one later in this resource. Components of a Line Graph Now that you know about the different types of line graphs. Let's spend some time looking at the different components that make up a line graph. X-axisY-axisTitleScaleLabelsLine Do you remember those days in school where you could never remember which axis was the "x" and which was the "y"? Annoying right? X-axis The x-axis is the horizontal scale of the graph where you determine the time increments. Is your time going to be in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months? Enter the data for your x-axis in the first column. Y-axis When it comes to the y-axis, it is the vertical scale where you determine the data that you are measuring against time. This data could be energy, revenue, expenditure, depreciation or even savings. Title This may seem obvious but having a title for your graph is super important. The reason is that it tells anyone what the graph is about. Labels
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Freelancer vs Independent Contractor – What’s the Difference [6 Places Hiring Now]
Are you trying to understand the difference between a Freelancer vs Independent Contractor? You know what? The answer might surprise you in this gig economy. The world as we know it is finally changing and with it comes the complexity of new working conditions. Many of us were born into a world where it was normal to go to school for 12-15 years (all of our young lives). This was necessary to obtain a piece of paper that would give us the confidence to say that we are qualified to do a job. Never mind the fact that the very piece of paper is sitting in a box somewhere growing old. It's even possible that you don't even know where that piece of parchment paper with the fancy writing is. Together with signatures of people you never met or will never meet. Did I mention the fact that the piece of parchment paper is worth thousands of dollars? Lol!! Anyway, let's not talk about the joy of going to college for 6-10 years so that we can avoid the tears altogether. In the post, you'll learn all about the terms freelancer vs contractor and why you need to understand the difference. Freelancer Definition So, in order to keep this as objective as possible, I'm going to use a well-known source. According to Wikipedia, a Freelancer is someone who is self-employed and not tied to any particular employer over the long term. In some cases, freelancers work with agencies that represent clients. These agencies resell freelancers labour to these end clients for a profit. So, from the look of this definition, Freelancers can choose who they would like to work with to a certain extent. You're probably thinking that this sounds a little bit like heaven on one hand. However, it feels like it is lacking some level of security. Later on in this resource, I'll spend some time looking at the pros and cons. Up next, let's look at the contractor. Contractor Definition Now that you have a rough idea of who a Freelancer is and what they do. Let's look at the definition of a Contractor. Again Wikipedia states that a Contractor is a person or company that performs work on a contract basis. While it is not as exciting as you thought it would be at least it gives you some insight into contract work. You are probably thinking that the definition of a Freelancer sounds a lot more exciting. There's also the question of how this compares to a regular employee. In one sense a contractor is a temporary employee without employee benefits. In a short while, I'll go into the pros and cons of being a contractor. For now, let's spend some time looking at the Freelancer in more detail. Types of Freelance Jobs In the modern world, freelance jobs are mainly digital and virtual. What I mean by this is that in most cases there is no need for you to be physically present at your client's place of business. So, here are 10 examples of freelance jobs. Executive AssistantDigital MarketerBookkeeperAccountantSocial Media ManagerFacebook Ads SpecialistWeb DesignerGraphic DesignerWeb DeveloperCustomer Service Representative Do you notice something that is common among these 10 job roles? I'll give you a hint, they can all be done virtually. You can meet your clients online and discuss the terms of the role. They'll discuss in detail what's involved with the project each week or each month. The actual work can be carried out on your computer. In some cases, clients require their freelancer to come into a physical location a few days a week. Types of Contractor Roles After checking out that list of Freelancer roles you're probably wondering what about Contractor roles. Let's spend some time looking at a number of Contractor roles. Technical Program ManagerSenior Test EngineerTax AccountantSenior Systems AnalystRecruitment CoordinatorOnline Marketing ManagerOffice AdministratorSenior Software DeveloperLaw Enforcement AnalystIT Program Manag...
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How to Edit Your LinkedIn Profile
The world has finally woken up to the reality that work, as we know it, is shifting and you are wondering how to edit your LinkedIn profile. It's amazing to be alive at a time when the standard 9-5 jobs are being questioned. When employees are demanding more flexibility from their employers. The dream of a cushy corner office is a thing of the past. Employers and business owners are finally realising that everything that employees have been demanding for years is truly possible. So, as an employee, contractor, freelancer or small business owner you want to make the most of your LinkedIn profile. You are wondering what you should write now. How to improve your LinkedIn profile to attract to right employers or clients. What needs to happen to stand out from the crowd. Is it possible to list a side hustle as well as your current job title? In this post, you'll learn the different sections of LinkedIn and how to edit them to attract the right leads to your profile. About LinkedIn If you are one of my regular readers or listeners you'll understand the importance of looking at the history or background of social media platforms. Did you know that LinkedIn is a professional networking site that launched as a company back in 2003? It feels like it was always there as a company but it is only older than Facebook by 1 year. There are around 750 million registered users of the LinkedIn platform across 200 countries. What's even more interesting is that the key revenue generator of LinkedIn is selling information about its LinkedIn members. Earlier this year I also created a resource about Facebook and its revenue generation. You can take a look at how Facebook generates 28.5 billion dollars here. The sad truth is that LinkedIn became a subsidiary of Microsoft back in 2016. In case you are wondering how much revenue LinkedIn generates it is 10 billion dollars a year. There are over 20,000 people working at LinkedIn and their IPO occurred back in January 2011. LinkedIn Sections So, let's spend some time looking at the various sections in your personal profile on LinkedIn. There are several sections that make up your profile page. Top Section At the very top of your profile, you'll have the following details. NameTitle/roleCurrent companyCountryTotal ConnectionsBannerLinkedIn Profile picture As you can see in the above image all of these items are essential in order to paint a picture or tell a story about yourself. About The about section or LinkedIn summary gives your potential employer or client some more information about you. It is also a great place to talk about what you can bring to the table and the results you achieved for your clients. Remember that this is only a summary of your skills. Work Experience The next section is about your actual projects at each company or client where you executed tasks in order to achieve goals. You can think of it as the sections of a real resume or curriculum vitae listed in reverse chronological order. Featured If you are a blogger you'll understand the idea behind the featured section. It basically allows you to highlight important aspects of your professional career. I like to use the featured section to share blog posts, articles, testimonials, etc. Recent Activity There's even a section that showcases all of your recent activity which is great if someone wants to see if you are active on LinkedIn. Recent activity includes anything that you published, commented on or shared across LinkedIn. Licenses and Certifications Another area that you may find useful is displaying a list of your licenses and certifications. This is especially great if they are relevant and will help you get the next job or acquire a new client. Education Of course, having a list of your educational achievements can also be useful because some prospective em...
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