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The Cell Culture Dish (CCD) podcast covers areas important to the research, discovery, development, and manufacture of disease and biologic therapeutics. Key industry coverage areas include: drug discovery and development, stem cell research, cell and gene therapy, recombinant antibodies, vaccines, and emerging therapeutic modalities.


Using End-to-End Integrated Solutions to meet the High Demand for Viral Vector GMP Manufacturing 06:11 06/14/2022
Implementing Quality by Design for AAV Products 23:06 05/12/2022
Streamline the ADC Path to the Clinic with One-stop Drug Development and Critical Technology Advancements 10:15 12/20/2021
The benefits of using a single-source for discovery, development and GMP manufacture of antibody drug conjugates and other novel bioconjugates 12:58 12/15/2021
Increasing speed and efficiency of biotherapeutic drug development with stable pools 18:28 12/01/2021
Addressing the increasing demand for single-use technologies and supply chain shortages with future proof systems 16:08 11/19/2021
Implementing Adherent Cell Culture Technology for Cell Therapy Bioprocess 28:29 09/23/2021
Evolving Beyond the Status Quo with Next Generation Buffer Prep Solutions 14:02 09/08/2021
Integrated Freezing Solutions to Minimize Risk and Preserve Product Quality 10:12 04/27/2021
Enabling process development for continuous bioprocessing: Answering the call for small scale tools that are fit for purpose 32:38 04/06/2021
The CHO Cell Line – From Reliable Workhorse to State-of-the-art Protein Powerhouse 29:31 03/09/2021
The Secret Ingredient in Your Gene Therapy Success Recipe 19:54 02/11/2021
3D cell culture bioreactor system for growing and maintaining spheroids and organoids with the structure and function of in vivo cells 22:23 02/03/2021
Applications and Impact of CRISPR/CAS9 in Bioprocessing 20:23 12/29/2020
Optimizing Protein Expression and Purification using Mass Spectrometry Analysis 31:24 12/17/2020
New Lab Set Up – Best Practices for a Successful Start 26:07 11/18/2020
Demystifying the FBS Selection Process – A guide for evaluating product quality, origination and cost consideration 18:32 10/13/2020
Reducing Fill Risk in Drug Product Manufacture Utilizing New State-of-the-Art Systems and Platforms 17:49 09/16/2020
The Challenge of Staying Current with Regulatory Changes – How one company is providing a solution 10:35 09/10/2020
Computer Aided Biology Platform Helps Companies Meet the Challenges of 21st Century Biomanufacturing 26:17 09/08/2020
Balancing Risk, Cost and Speed During Clinical Development While Still Maintaining Quality 11:27 07/27/2020
Solving the challenges of standardizing cell counting to ensure reproducibility in experiments, assays and manufacturing processes 17:05 07/07/2020
A Look Towards the Future of 3D Cell Culture – A panel discussion 20:12 07/01/2020
Multistem – A Stable, Off-the Shelf Regenerative Medicine Has Demonstrated Promise in Treating Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome or ARDS 32:41 06/04/2020
Bi-Specific Antibodies – The development, manufacture and promise of these cutting-edge therapeutics 32:47 05/27/2020
Rapid At-line Media Analyzer Speeds Process Development by Eliminating Analytics Bottleneck 16:48 05/14/2020
Non-Animal Origin cell culture supplements and manufacturing aids for biologics manufacturing 22:10 05/11/2020
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture – Challenges and solutions for isolation, expansion and maintenance 18:57 03/25/2020
CryoVault Freeze and Thaw Platform Provides a Scalable, Robust and Single-Use End-to-End Solution for Bulk Drug Substance 26:37 02/11/2020
Generating actionable data and analysis in complex models using live-cell analysis 14:37 12/12/2019