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A black female traveler, discussing travel, adventure, and the great outdoors and tips to help you live a more adventurous life.


Bucket List Brandy - EP. 47
Meet adventure seeker and avid traveler Brandy Alexander. Brandy talks to us about the thrill of wing walking and we learn more about what drives this inspiring woman. IG: @bucketlistbrandy Music:
36:49 03/24/2022
Bear Grylls - EP 46
A great chat with Outdoorsy Diva and Bear Grylls, survivalist expert, author, and star of hit TV show Running Wild with Bear Grylls.  Bear is the G.O.A.T when it comes to adventure travel. We chat about his latest book, his inspiration, and his new endeavors.  Subscribe and Rate the podcast.  Follow @outdoorsydiva on Instagram, FB, Twitter, and TikTok Music by
16:24 03/17/2022
Get to Know the National Park Trust with Grace Lee - EP 45
Meet the driving force behind the National Park Trust, a non-profit organization with a mission to preserve our National Parks and get kids outside to explore our parks.  Grace Lee is the executive director of NPT. Learn more about Kids to Parks Day on Join the #myparkmywhy campaign Support the show:
49:19 05/15/2021
Adventures of the Superbowl Streaker: Beyond the Mankini with Yuri Andrade - EP 44
Yuri Andrade went viral after streaking across the field during Superbowl LV. In this episode, Yuri shares firsthand more details about why he did it and we learn just how lucrative this stunt was for him. We also delve into why Yuri is one of the most adventurous people in the world, his favorite places to travel, and we talk about his love of the outdoors. Follow Yuri on Instagram: @kingyuri Support the show by joining the Patreon: Join the Adventure Coaching: Music:
21:59 02/19/2021
Planning a Baecation: Couples Travel Tips with Kim Hawk - EP 43
Couples travel can be beautiful or it can be an epic fail. In this episode, Kim Hawk from Work Hard Travel Well, shares her 9  tips for planning a first baecation.  She also shares with us why you need a travel bae application.   9 Tips for Planning A First Baecation Travel Bae/Travel Buddy Application   IG: YouTube:   Adventure Coaching:   Sound:
29:11 02/12/2021
Empowering Black Women with Self Defense With Nicole Snell - Ep 42
Meet Nicole Snell, a self-defense instruction leader and owner of Girls Fight Back.  Hear why Nicole is passionate about equipping women, especially BIack women, with self-defense skills, her love of nature and the outdoors, and the craziest and bravest misadventure story from her travels to Machu Piccu. Nicole has traveled all around the world as a solo adventure traveler and hearing her adventures will certainly trigger your wanderlust. Learn more about Girls Fight Back at Follow Nicole on Instagram: @girlsfightback and @adventuresofnik
50:47 02/05/2021
Swimming with Manatees in Florida - EP 41
Dive into a new fun adventure, swimming with wild manatees in Florida. Lauren shares manatees facts, how to prepare, what it's like firsthand, and why she supports this activity.  Check out the blog post: Everything You Need to Know About Swimming with Manatees Ad Sponsors: Visit Florida Music: Support by joining the Patreon Community
34:26 01/16/2021
Shut Up and Blog - Bonus Episode 40.1
Lauren discusses why she speaks out on race and politics as an adventure travel blogger and shares her honest thoughts on the insurrection events of January 6, 2021 through her lens as a Black woman in America. For access to the full audio and video version of this bonus episode subscribe to the Patreon at
05:59 01/09/2021
Florida Spring Tour - EP 40
Lauren takes us on a travel journey to some of her favorite Florida springs. Learn about the freshwater swimming holes with waters that rival the Caribbean Sea. -The best Florida springs to visit - The best time of year to visit a Florida spring - Fun activities you can do at a Florida spring Episode sponsor: Visit Florida    Music:
25:52 01/09/2021
Day Trip to Martin County Florida - EP 39
This episode is sponsored by Discover Martin Martin County Florida is a hidden gem on the Atlantic Coast of Florida.  I took a day trip there to go sailing and have a private tour of the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center. Learn all about my fun day on the water, the unique beaches, and the parks that make this area a great road trip destination.  Blog Post:    
26:10 12/18/2020
Black Outdoor Spotlight With Black Girls Trekkin
We are chatting with the founders of the California-based hiking group, Black Girls Trekkin.  Hear how Michelle Race and Tiffany Tharpe got started in the outdoors, their perspective on diversity in the outdoor industry, and fun stories of hiking misadventures in a national park.  IG: Website: Music:
41:48 11/23/2020
Venice Beach Getaway - EP 37
Outdoorsy Diva recaps her Venice Beach, FL getaway.  Get all the details on where to stay, what to eat, and safe things to do. Also get tips on how to travel safely and smartly during the pandemic.   This episode is brought to you by Visit Florida  Local Businesses: Visit Sarasota, Escape Casey Key, Shark Frenzy, The Ringling, Pops Sunset Grill On the Water, Chaz 51 Steakhouse, Sharky's on the Pie, Big Bam E-Bikes  Music:
29:53 10/21/2020
Black Outdoor Spotlight - Mountain Mic (Part 2) - EP 36
Listen to Part 2 of the Mountain Mic interview.  This second half of the interview we hear some of Mountain Mic's hilariously crazy hiking stories, like the time he hiked Stairway to Heaven and some of his other misadventures. Also, learn about Trap Hikes. If you don't know what a trap hike is you are definitely missing out. Instagram: @mountain_mic
76:04 08/07/2020
Black Outdoor Spotlight - Mountain Mic - EP35
Mountain Mic is the Black Outdoors Spotlight guest for this week.  He's sharing how he started his outdoor and travel business and opening up on how nature has played a pivotal role in healing from trauma in his past. We had so much to talk about that this episode is in two parts.  Listen to Part 2 of the Mountain Mic interview in episode 36. Instagram: @Mountain_mic Website: Trigger Warning: sexual abuse
62:36 08/04/2020
Black Outdoor Spotlight - Brown Girl Outdoor World with Demiesha Dennis - EP 34
Meet Black Outdoors Spotlight guest Demiesha Dennis, founder of Brown Girl Outdoor World in Toronto, Canada.  Hear how Demiesha got into birding, fly fishing, and how she's inspiring other Black women to give outdoor recreation a try through her adventure company.  We also discuss the lack of representation in outdoor media and what needs to happen to change the narrative for a more diverse outdoor industry. Instagram: @browngirl_outdoorworld Facebook:
63:03 06/26/2020
Black Outdoor Spotlight - Color Outside with Nailah Blades - EP 33
Celebrating National Great Outdoors Month with Nailah Blades, founder of Color Outside where she helps women of color create unapologetic, joy-filled lives through outdoor adventure. We talk about what it's like to run an outdoor club as a black woman in Salt Lake City and some of the fun outdoor activities Nailah and her family love, like snowshoeing!  Instagram: Linktree: Check out 22 Black Outdoor Instagrammers You Should Follow
38:51 06/19/2020
Black Outdoor Spotlight - Abundant Life Adventure Club - EP 32
It's National Great Outdoors Month and I'm highlighting the great work of Abundant Life Adventure club, founded by Claude and Dr. Kim Walker.   We talk about how they fell in love with nature and what inspired them to start their club to get black people together doing outdoor activities. Social Media: Website: Instagram: @AbundantLifeAdventureClub Facebook: Abundant Life Adventure Club
54:05 06/05/2020
Mental Health Awareness 2020 - EP 31
May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  This episode I'm sharing how I'm intentional about my mental health and emotional well being by doing things on a routine basis to prevent my triggers and reduce stress.     sound:
13:16 05/29/2020
Jogging While Black: Ahmaud Arbery - EP30
This episode is dedicated to Ahmaud Arbery.  I'm discussing the implications of exploring and traveling in predominately white spaces, the inherent dangers, and the impact that tragedies like this have on black Americans, particularly as it relates to the ability to feel safe while enjoying outdoor recreation.  To learn more about the case and how you can help visit Music: David-Gwyn Jones
26:11 05/07/2020
National Parks Week - EP 29
In honor of National Parks Week, Let's discuss the reasons you should plan a visit to one of the National Park Sites, best resources for planning your visit, and why it's important for black explorers to embrace our national parks.  Links from the show: Yellowstone Itinerary Florida's National Parks Guide Email Questions or Comments:
18:53 04/24/2020
Lessons Learned from Tiger King for Content Creators - EP 28
The Tiger King docuseries on Netflix offers plenty of shock and comic relief but there are actually very real lessons to be learned, especially for content creators. You can still appreciate the lesson even if you haven't seen the series.   If you still plan on watching, there are some spoilers, but trust me enough crazy things happen that it really won't ruin your experience.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Send an email to
16:50 04/04/2020
That Time I Died at Disney World - EP 27
Lauren shares a behind the scenes never published story about the time she kinda sorta died at Disney World.   Learn what happens when you have a health crisis at Walt Disney World and how they respond. Send questions to Purchase Photography prints from Lauren's travels and outdoor adventures:
24:08 03/22/2020
Finding Joy and Fun While Practicing Social Distancing - EP 26
The cv19 pandemic has turned 2020 on its head and we are now in uncharted territory.  With travel plans canceled, sports on pause, theme parks closed, and schools closed for the next few weeks, many are wondering what can they do now? This episode is a ray of hope to give you ideas of things you can still do with reasonable safety while still practicing "social distancing".   Be encouraged adventurers. Ad Info: Purchase original photography from Lauren R Gay Photography at  Music: Emails and Questions :  
15:03 03/14/2020
Asheville Group Trip Adventure: Behind the Scenes - EP 25
Outdoorsy Diva hosted the first curated group trip called Mountains and Mimosas in Asheville, North Carolina. This episode is sure to give you FOMO as Lauren recounts the fun adventures like waterfall chasing, hiking in the snow, and a close call with a bear!!!  Trip Recap Video: Hear about some really cool and fun things to do in Asheville, where to go, and where to stay.     Join the Adventure Is a Lifestyle Facebook group to be in the know for the next group trip offering.  Detailed shown notes on
47:55 03/07/2020
What Travelers Need to Know About Coronavirus Threat - EP 24
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made headlines as it spreads in China and now to other parts of the world.  As a traveler, it's important to know how to protect yourself from Coronavirus and how to protect yourself from illness when you travel in general. Award-winning travel blogger by day and physician by night, Dr. Nadeen White of The Sophisticated Life is on the podcast to share what travelers need to know about Coronavirus COVID-19.  Nadeen shares background on the origins of the virus, statistics for where the impacts are and how many people have been affected, and practical advice for keeping yourself safe from the Coronavirus and other illnesses like the flu. View the detailed show notes with links mentioned in this episode.     
41:34 02/20/2020
Hiking Advice For Newbies and Hiking Fails - EP 23
Lauren shares hiking advice and tips for beginner hikers.  She shares firsthand stories about her favorite hikes when traveling and some of the mistakes she has made in the past. Get the detailed show notes with links to recommendations mentioned in the podcast:  Send questions and comments to Please subscribe to the show so you don't miss a new episode.
43:43 02/14/2020
Cowgirls of Color Interview - EP 22
Cowgirls of Color is a rodeo team comprised of 5 beautiful bold black women.  On this episode, we talk to team members, KB and Leslie, about how they got started in horseback riding and rodeo, we'll learn about some of the other members of the group. we talk about their style, and they share what it's like being black women in the equestrian world. These ladies were so much fun to talk to and learn from.  If you have questions for Leslie or KB send an email to Visit the Cowgirls of Color website to learn more and follow the team on Instagram: @CowgirlsofColor
56:32 02/06/2020
Interview with Mia Ransom Parnell - EP 21
Mia Ransom Parnell is an avid traveler, a runner, and creator of the Mia Adventura travel blog. Mia shares how she has used her experience as a breast cancer survivor to create the life she wanted to live through travel.   We also talk about why it's so important for black women to advocate for their health and how running and being outdoors has been a way to heal. Be inspired and learn more about Mia and her travels at Mia Adventura. Send questions about this episode to  
55:53 10/25/2019
Interview with Bisa of Myles to Travel - EP20
Meet Bisa Myles. Bisa started the travel blog Myles to Travel to share about her adventures traveling the world and to share her perspective on what it’s like to travel as a breast cancer survivor. After completing her treatment for breast cancer and being declared cancer free, Bisa wasted no time setting out to see the world on her terms. Just 3 years after completing chemotherapy, she found herself climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. In her survivorship travels she has spent time in New Zealand, Australia, India, and as of the publishing of this episode she’s currently exploring Iceland! Our guest is Bisa Myles - Instagram:   Music:
80:37 10/19/2019
Yellowstone National Park Adventure - EP19
Episode 19 - Behind the adventure: My first visit to Yellowstone National Park was epic.  Find out about my newbie mistakes and the scary wildlife encounter that almost turned me into dinner. Get ready to plan your visit after reading my 2 day Yellowstone itinerary. If you have questions send Lauren and email at Music:
40:18 10/11/2019