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That Week In SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)

Join us as we explore vintage episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it. Tangents are had. Jokes are made.


Off Week 39: The New Show Episode 2
We return to the New Show, possibly for the last time. Seemingly nothing has defeated us as much as this episode did, which mostly squanders the talents of John Candy, Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon. We do finally get to talk about Roy's Food Repair...but at what cost?
51:54 09/16/2022
Off Week 38: Vampire In Brooklyn (1995)
It's 1995. We've got Eddie Murphy right before the Nutty Professor. We've got Wes Craven right before the Scream films. We've got them coming together to make a modern vampire horror-comedy. That all doesn't matter though because John Witherspoon and Kadeem Hardison are the real stars of the show.
67:48 09/02/2022
Off Week 37: The New Show Episode 1
Before his return to SNL, Lorne Michaels made a small, rather inauspicious sketch comedy pit stop with 1984's The New Show. Lasting only a scant 9 weeks as one of the lowest rated shows of the season, the show nevertheless pointed towards the future of SNL itself, though no one knew it at the time. We dig into the first episode.            
77:57 08/19/2022
Episode 97: Kris Kristofferson/Rita Coolidge (July 31, 1976)
Jon Schneider is back again to help us knock out the *other* Summer '76 episode of SNL! This one is hosted by a clearly boozy Kris Kristofferson so we try our best to get on his level as we muse on if he tanks the episode or not and debate the satirical worth of one of the show's most damning take on the cops.             
135:36 08/05/2022
Off Week 36: Things We Did Last Summer
Back in the early days of S4, during an off week for the show, a very peculiar special aired in the SNL time slot. It was Things We Did Last Summer, a nearly feature-length mockumentary following the exploits of the SNL cast over the summer and while it was eventually released on video/DVD, large chunks were cut due to music rights and other issues. We break down the whole shebang from it's original airing.           
94:21 07/22/2022
Off Week 35: Fridays - Shelley Winters/The Plasmatics (Jan. 16, 1981)
It's time to finally return to ABC's rival sketch show, Fridays! This one is a strange beast; coming shortly after the show began to have hosts and shortly before Ronald Reagan took office, providing one last blast of old-school feminism and hippy ideals before things got truly grim.
82:30 07/08/2022
Off Week 34: I Think You Should Leave (S1)
Last year, just as the newest season of ITYSL was about to come out, we selected a handful of episodes from the first season to cover. That's right, we're talking everything from Bart Harley Jarvis and TC Tuggers to Bone Mommas and being so horny your stomach hurts! Eat this podcast's goo to gain it's sense of humor.            
70:59 06/24/2022
Off Week 33: Gilda Radner - It's Always Something (2002 TV Movie)
As a companion piece to last year's crossover episode with Telehell about the very same subject, here's our own take on the bizarre TV movie based on Gilda's autobiography. It's got laughs, love and more dwelling on cancer than anyone could ever want!
76:27 06/10/2022
Episode 96: Jackie Chan/Kid Rock (May 20, 2000)
It's the end of our fifth season and so we're closing it out with an inscrutable mess of an episode that also acts as a bit of an end of an era! But we're not gonna lie to ya here...this one was a difficult journey. A mighty difficult journey.
116:21 05/27/2022
Episode 95: Tom Hanks/Bruce Springsteen (May 9, 1992)
What better way to celebrate both Mothers Day and the LA Riots than with our old friend Tom Hanks? Yes, dark days are here again and America's Dad is here to guide us gently through these troublesome times. So strap on your Batman cowl, turn up the radio in your slightly looted Hyundai and get your Brocktoon on because this one has got Toshiba guts!
101:39 05/13/2022
Off Week 32: SCTV (Pledge Week: The CBC Edit)
The time has come. It's finally time to talk about Canada's Finest: SCTV. We're exploring the Pledge Week episode from the show's fourth season; originally run on NBC in '81 but here in a reconfigured version for the CBC. We talk about the origins of the show, revel in some Canadian commercials, discover a rare Great White North segment and more!
98:22 05/06/2022
Episode 94: Strother Martin/The Specials (April 19, 1980)
We're near the end for both the original era of the show and, unbeknownst at the time, the life of our host but that's not going to stop anyone from delivering one of the most striking and original episodes the show has done. Only one viewing and you too will be a Strother Brother.
87:57 04/22/2022
Episode 93: Anna Kendrick/Pharrell Williams (April 5, 2014)
It's time to get real Diffie with the last of our "episodes we enjoyed when we got back into the show" quadrilogy! This time around it's Anna Kendrick and the man in the hat, Pharrell Williams bringing those happy, musical vibes to the show and we are here for it, i guess. Expect a few Boom Stamp Classics, maybe a Grandma, maybe even...a Diffie?!          
86:16 04/08/2022
Episode 92: Bill Murray/Percy Sledge (March 21, 1987)
Bill Murray returns to the show for the third time (and the first time back with Lorne) and it may just be one most out of control, sexually repressed and angry episodes we've covered yet. Plus, we regale you with tales of Tammy Faye Bakker and fighting with pops!
103:10 03/25/2022
Episode 91: Dwayne Johnson/George Ezra (March 28, 2015)
We're finally getting around to reviewing one of the episodes hosted by everyone's favorite big ol' lummox, Dwayne Johnson and it turns out that this episode means a little something to us and the history of the show! Sound interesting, right? Well, it probably isn't but hey, at least we had fun talking about it.
83:14 03/11/2022
Episode 90: Live From Mardi Gras (Feb. 20, 1977)
What happens when you take a chaotic live sketch show and decide to plop it in the middle of Mardi Gras just for the hell of it? You guessed it. More chaos than you can handle. And potentially more Randy Newman than you can handle.
90:31 02/25/2022
Episode 89: Brendan Fraser/Busta Rhymes (Feb. 13, 1999)
You know, it's like they always say: just shut up and enjoy the Fraser. Brendan Fraser, that is. We explore the second (and to this day, last) hosting gig of this incredibly charming fellow and all the intensely 1999 baggage it carries!
100:18 02/11/2022
Episode 88: Don Rickles/Billy Idol (Jan. 28, 1984)
Join us for the most chaotic, slap-happy, improv-filled episode the show has ever had! It's the kind of pure, unfiltered and unscripted joy you so rarely see on television anymore and we bask in every insane moment.
114:17 01/28/2022
Episode 87: John Madden/Jennifer Holliday (Jan. 30, 1982)
Everyone's favorite coach/commentator/screamy-man John Madden takes to the SNL stages for another typically atypical Ebersol era episode! Moments of intrigue include what is quite possibly the weirdest Andy Kaufman appearance on the show, a chill train trip with John and one of the best musical performances on the show ever.
115:54 01/14/2022
Off Week 31: Red Heat (1988)
Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Russian Cop. Jim Belushi as a slovenly Chicago detective. Walter Hill directing. It's the 80's, it's action. What could go wrong? Turns out, so much more than we ever could have bargained for.
64:34 01/07/2022
Episode 86: Al Gore/Phish (Dec. 14, 2002)
Two years after it all went down, Al Gore arrives on the SNL stage to exorcise the demons of the 2000 election. The mighty Ian Abramson returns to help us uncover the many mysteries of this strange Holiday episode!
86:13 12/17/2021
Episode 85: George Foreman/Hole (Dec. 17, 1994)
We're finally tackling the last of the Five Infamous Episodes of S20: the Christmas show with ol' George Foreman! Get ready for a very normal conversation about a very normal episode of SNL!
75:35 12/10/2021
Episode 84: Bernadette Peters/The Go-Go's & Billy Joel (Nov. 14, 1981)
This week, Arthur Meyer drops by the show once again to help us untangle the glorious derangement that is THIS episode. It's simultaneously the most Mr. Mike of the Ebersol era, the most musical of any era and the most unsettling sketch comedy has possibly ever been. God, it's beautiful.
97:51 11/26/2021
Episode 83: Brian Williams/Feist (Nov. 3, 2007)
Our ol' pal Jon Schneider of the SNL Network returns to break down an entry from his favorite era of the show. It's the last episode before the 2007 writer's strike went down, the last episode for Maya Rudolph in the cast and it's even got a famous cameo from Barack Obama...and Horatio Sanz. And that's not even getting into Brian.
96:10 11/12/2021
Episode 82: Dabney Coleman/The Cars (Oct. 31, 1987)
It's spooky Halloween times again with another one of those rare episodes that actually ran ON Halloween night! We've got a few stamp classics, a somewhat troubling theme of "those darn women" and a cameo by Cassandra Peterson as Elvira!
74:40 10/29/2021
Off Week 30: Welcome To The Fun Zone (June 2, 1984)
What could be better than a weirdo variety/sketch show presented by Dr. Demento and featuring such fine folks as Weird Al Yankovic, Howie Mandel, Marc Weiner, Bozo the Clown, John Paragon and others? Turns out, a lot of things. Join us as we dig into the lost wonders of the Doctor's failed SNL summertime replacement series!
80:47 10/22/2021
Episode 81: Steve Martin/Kinky Friedman (Oct. 23, 1976)
It's Steve Martin's first outing with the show and Chevy's second-to-last episode as a cast member. We're not in studio 8H, we're somewhere in Brooklyn. It's a joyfully chaotic episode so it would only make sense that our recording (with special guest William Ham) would be just as chaotic!
134:47 10/15/2021
Episode 80: Madonna/Simple Minds (Nov. 9, 1985)
It's been five long years since Lorne left the show. Now the prodigal son returns to take back what was once his, with a premiere for a new era that defies expectations and sometimes, explanation. Ian Abramson joins us once again to explore the madness.          
113:08 10/01/2021
Pre-Season 47 Shenanigans
We're back again with our usual preseason chatter and babble but this time, we've got Ian Abramson in tow! Weddings, Norm, Andy Kaufman, questions from the audience! It's guaranteed to take up an hour of your life!
70:45 09/24/2021
Off Week 29: Brain Smasher...A Love Story (1993)
We return to our podcasting roots by talking some Albert Pyun directed B-movie schlock starring Andrew Dice Clay, Teri Hatcher and featuring Charlie Rocket. We expected trash. What we actually got was much different.      
83:54 09/10/2021