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That Week In SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)

Join us as we explore vintage episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it. Tangents are had. Jokes are made.


Episode 128: Sarah Michelle Gellar/Backstreet Boys (May 15, 1999)
Here we are! We're closing out the seventh season of That Week with the season finale of S24 and we've once again brought Jon Schneider along for the ride. Join us we cover one of the horniest episodes of sketch comedy ever produced and battle over the musical legitimacy of the Backstreet Boys!
126:24 5/17/24
Episode 127: Barry Bostwick/Spinal Tap (May 5, 1984)
It's another classic Ebersol era Weird One as we wind down one era of the show and build up the next (and beyond) with a record five people showing up in this one before they became cast members. You got Fernando on Update. You've got a mini-epic with the Turkey Lady. Spinal Tap! Soupy Sales! Lets go!
113:54 5/3/24
Off Week 53: Fridays - Tab Hunter/KISS (Jan. 15, 1982)
It's time for Fridays once again and this time, we've got William in tow! To get the full scope of this one, we needed two separate versions of the episode but it's all worth it just to see that magical moment when Rich Hall bombs harder than anyone has ever bombed in sketch comedy history. Elsewhere, we really run the gamut with this one: some classics and some outright duds (some possibly never seen since they originally aired). It's Fridays and we wouldn't have it any other way. 
130:11 4/19/24
Episode 125: Nancy Kerrigan/Aretha Franklin (March 12, 1994)
It's time for another infamous episode and thus we'll need the combined forces of both Arthur Meyer AND Jon Schneider to help us get through this one. Despite being a huge ratings boost for the show at the time, this one has long been since viewed as one of the  worst episodes of SNL...but is it ALL bad? Join us as we see if there's anything to salvage from this notorious bomb.
123:20 3/22/24
Episode 124: Willie Nelson (Feb. 21, 1987)
For the first time in a long time, we're jumping to the next episode in chronological order from our last one and why not? It's Willie Nelson doing double-duty with some backup from special guest Danny DeVito! Join us as we untangle this mellow, laid back entry into the annals of sketch comedy history. 
106:13 3/8/24
Episode 123: Bronson Pinchot/Paul Young (Feb. 14, 1987)
It's Valentine's Day over at the ol' SNL factory and that means we gotta break out the big guns. Not only do we get a host way out of his depth with Bronson Pinchot and the middling musical stylings of a one Paul Young but we've also got model Paulina Porizkova in tow and of course, because it's S12, a little smattering of Buster Poindexter as well. It don't add to much at all so thankfully, we've got a live copy from Hawaii to give us a little bit of something to dive into. 
132:23 2/23/24
Episode 122: Jon Hamm/Michael Buble (Jan. 30, 2010)
What's this? William Ham and Eddie Ham appearing on the show to discuss an episode hosted by Jon Hamm?! That certainly sounds whimsical indeed! Join us as we struggle to sort the present from the past with an episode that is good but is also kinda bad and misses a few key moments and we rant and rave. It's fun! 
150:31 2/9/24
Episode 121: Sam Rockwell/Halsey (Jan. 13, 2018)
We're back for the first episode of 2024 and finally getting around to one that we've had on the back burner for awhile now. Yes, we did slightly cover this one all the way back at the birth of the show on an early Off Week but now we're digging full bore into one of our favorite modern SNL outings! Get ready for fun, adventure and bracing Tim Cicali monologues!
116:07 1/26/24
Off Week 52: Z-Axis & Wild, Wild South
It's time to go deeper, weirder and more esoteric than we've ever gone before: we're going local. Charlotte, NC to be specific. Join us as we uncover the sweaty, disturbing mysteries of public access perennial, Z-Axis and Wild Wild South, the birthplace of Charlotte's own disgraced local legend, Unknown Hinson. 
94:40 1/12/24
Episode 120: Martin Short/Paul McCartney (Dec. 15, 2012)
As the wise Beach Boys once said, "Christmas comes this time each year" and following those sage words, we've decided this would be the best time to drop our Christmas episode! Jon Schneider is back aboard the ship to discuss Martin Short's cameo packed S38 outing as we hack it up about canonical vs. non-canonical moments, tearing ass, fateful bus trips and much more! 
110:08 12/22/23
Episode 119: The Smothers Brothers/Laura Branigan (Dec. 4, 1982)
It's the Smother Brothers! Hosting SNL during the Ebersol era! Now that's some cozy, down-home holiday fun if I do say so myself. William Ham joins us as we break down the history of the mighty Brothers and how it runs up against a cancelled SNL special, live commercials tell the tale of the pre-crash video game market, more Airplane 2 discussion than you'd expect and more!  
140:39 12/8/23
Episode 118: Pee-Wee Herman/Queen Ida & the Bon Temps Zydeco Band (Nov. 23, 1985)
We've got a true oddity on our hands this time around: one of the few episodes to hosted by someone completely in character. We're talking dominant hands, audience cameos, fluctuating ages, Swartzwelder, Father Guido Sarducci AGAIN, and more!
95:21 11/24/23
Episode 117: Brittany Murphy/Nelly (Nov. 16, 2002)
We don't visit season 28 of the show much, mostly for good reason, but this one has so much going on that we just had to do it. You've got Brittany arguably at the height of her popularity post-8 Mile, cameos from beloved alum like Adam Sandler and Garrett Morris (also, Rob Schneider shows up), and your usual smattering of SNL sketch offerings, mostly re-occuring. And along the way, Andy learns some things!
92:48 11/10/23
Episode 116: Frank Zappa (Oct. 21, 1978)
What a match made in heaven this should have been. You've got one of rock's greatest satirists hosting America's premiere late night sketch show (a show that he's already been on and crushed it, mind you) for the HALLOWEEN episode and yet, nearly the whole damn thing is just rotten. Frank tries to torpedo already questionable material, no one seems to want to be on stage with anyone else. It's just bad vibes all around. William Ham joins us to slog through one of the show's saddest misfires.
108:55 10/27/23
Episode 115: John C. Reilly/My Chemical Romance (Oct. 21, 2006)
Ah, now here's a real oddity. You've got technical difficulties, feverish non-endings to sketches, a brutal runner about family strife, and a host giving scenes more honest realism than may have even been on the page. It's just our kind of show. Let's dig in (digging in may not be recommended if you're a My Chemical Romance fan)!
113:56 10/13/23
Episode 114: Lily Tomlin/James Taylor (Sept. 18, 1976)
Hot damn, we're BACK, baby! It's the premiere of the seventh season of That Week and this time we're hitting up the first episode of the second season of SNL for what turns out to be an important episode in a number of fashions. You get the final Land of Gorch sketch, a greasy Dan Aykroyd, the origins of the Antler Dance, three, count 'em, THREE James Taylor performances and hell, even Taylor Mead too. The gangs all here, man. Let's go!
104:44 9/29/23
Off Week 51: Ken Shapiro and The Groove Tube (Part 2)
We rejoin our podcast already in progress as we break down the last half of The Groove Tube, discuss the final part of Ken's Hollywood career and how it intersects with SNL and William lays down an explanation for one of the strangest moments in the show's first season. 
77:57 9/22/23
Off Week 50: Ken Shapiro and The Groove Tube (Part 1)
Join us for part one of two scholarly deep dives into the man that was Ken Shapiro and what he meant to the early 70s underground sketch comedy movement. Here we discuss Ken's earliest showbiz days, the Channel One Theater and the first half of the film it was all leading up to: 1974's The Groove Tube. 
93:20 9/15/23
Off Week 49: SCTV (Janitor's Strike/CBC - Syndicated Edit)
When you've got something as strange as two syndicated episodes of SCTV that aired in Pittsburgh, PA that pull together two-thirds of the S5 premiere from NBC, you know you gotta call in the big guns. That's why William Ham is back again to explore this wild night of sketch comedy, which includes some of SCTV's finest work and also some of the most harrowing local commercials we've ever seen. 
117:40 9/1/23
A Conversation With Jason Klamm, author of We're Not Worthy
Today we're chatting with Jason Klamm, author of the new upcoming book (Sept. 12th to be exact) all about sketch comedy in the 90s, We're Not Worthy! We discuss the hardships of putting the book together, various bombshells dropped during the making of it and more!
51:17 8/25/23
Off Week 48: The New Show Episode 3
We're kicking off our Summer Off Week episodes with what we thought would be a mellow, easy way to get into the swing of things. But then the New Show decided we were idiots for not understanding their bizarre cast lineup and delivered us some of the most insipid sketch material we've seen and it was then that we doesn't get any easier, kids. (Originally published Jun. 3, 2022)
70:40 8/18/23
Off Week 47: The Kids In The Hall pilot (Oct. 16, 1988)
In celebration of the grand return of the Kids In The Hall to sketch comedy, we're going back to their pilot episode for HBO to see just how the whole empire got off the ground. We discuss our own history with the show and then proceed to dig into one of the best pilot episodes in television history. 
85:24 8/4/23
Off Week 46: In Living Color Season 1 (Part 2)
We wrap up our journey through the first season of In Living Color with the fifth episode and the season finale, touching on such classics as Homey D. Clown, Black World, Benita Butrell...and the Buttmans. 
68:26 7/21/23
Off Week 45: In Living Color Season 1 (Part 1)
It's time. It's finally time to talk about In Living Color! In this first (of two) part, we discuss our own personal history with the show, how it to came to be and break down the very first episode...and also talk about an aborted journey to see The Batman! 
84:01 7/7/23
Off Week 44: You Can't Do That On Television: The Early Years
As one of the most defining shows of the early years of Nickelodeon, You Can't Do That On Television has a fascinating history behind it and so, we're exploring some episodes from the first two pre-Nick (kinda) seasons and find ourselves in an Ottawan nightmare landscape of insanity, pie, slime and the dastardly Jim Johnson.
90:46 6/23/23
Off Week 43: Cheeseball Presents (1984)
Unbeknownst to most people, there was once a raunchy Showtime Groundlings special featuring the talents of such comedy legends as Phil Hartman, Tress MacNeille, Elvira, Pee-Wee Herman and more! How could such a jam-packed comedy extravaganza be so lost to time? We find out. Oh, we find out.  
86:27 6/9/23
Episode 113: Fred Armisen/Courtney Barnett (May 21, 2016)
We're wrapping up the main portion of season six of the show with an episode with some fond memories attached to it...and some new, not-so-fond memories as well. It's your classic end of season cameo clusterfuck with Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg all stopping by for some shenanigans but ya know what? It doesn't really matter because it's all pretty darn fun!
112:40 5/26/23
Episode 112: Shelley Duvall/Joan Armatrading (May 14, 1977)
It's been awhile since we've hit up the second season of the show and so, we've got this odd little outing of the show to shift through. It's got some doozies in it, both good and bad, including two of the more confounding sketches we've ever tried (and failed) to parse out but there's a mysterious charm to this one. Plus, we get to hear about William's run-ins with the Moonies! 
144:15 5/12/23
Episode 111: Sofia Vergara/One Direction (April 7, 2012)
We're again joined by our friend Jon "Schmitty" Schneider to unravel the mysteries of a subtly game changing episode of SNL. Oh sure, we've got some Hunger Games references to comb through, some duds, some boom stamps and some truly insane bombshells from Schmitty...but the REAL focus of the evening is the arrival of Kate McKinnon and a new era of the show silently setting itself up. 
113:02 4/28/23
Episode 110: Milton Berle/Ornette Coleman (April 14, 1979)
You know you've got a special one on your hands when even Lorne Michaels himself considers it to be one of the absolute worst the show has ever done. Unseen for multiple decades after it's initial airing, ol' Uncle Milty comes in to crash the party in so many unique and harrowing ways that there certainly can't be any redeeming qualities to massive bomb, right? And yet...
137:55 4/14/23

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