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The Training For Trekking Podcast is created to help hikers, trekkers and mountaineers prepare for their bucket list adventures. Rowan shares with you the simple training strategies to get you fit, strong and resilient to tackle anything the trail will throw at you. He also dives deep into subjects such as how to prevent altitude sickness, nutrition while hiking, injury prevention and much, much more. So you can have the very best chance of a safe, enjoyable and successful adventure!


TFT227: Easing Yourself Into Overnight Hiking 11:20 10/13/2021
TFT226: Training For Hiking Checklist 12:56 10/07/2021
TFT225: Are You Training Like A Bodybuilder? 14:04 10/06/2021
TFT224: The Right Training, Support And Guidance 08:58 10/05/2021
TFT222: It Doesn't Matter How Much You Weigh 11:47 10/03/2021
TFT221: The Holy Grail Of Endurance Training 11:11 09/29/2021
TFT220: Improving With Intent 08:57 09/27/2021
TFT219: Running As Training For Hiking And Backpacking 13:05 09/22/2021
TFT218: 2 Essentials In Every Hiker's Training Program 10:10 09/20/2021
TFT217: How Long Is Your Warmup? 06:42 09/15/2021
TFT216: Is Swimming Good Training For Hiking 11:19 09/08/2021
TFT215: Deb's Training Journey With Summit Strength 26:54 09/06/2021
TFT214: Nutrition Tips For Early Morning Hikers 08:26 08/31/2021
TFT213: A Creative Way To Strengthen Your Quads 09:01 08/29/2021
TFT212: The Mountain Strong Ankle Challenge 05:51 08/25/2021
TFT211: Which Hikers Need To Strengthen Their Ankles? 11:15 08/23/2021
TFT210: How Fitness Affects Your Ankles 10:31 08/18/2021
TFT209: Preventing Ankle Sprains While Hiking 08:32 08/16/2021
TFT208: Training For Hiking With Summit Strength - Interview With Jodie 22:45 08/11/2021
TFT207: Mindset Strategies When Recovering From Injury 15:58 08/09/2021
TFT206: Overcoming Plantar Pain For Hiking - Interview With Stephen 44:43 08/04/2021
TFT205: 5 Minute Strength Finisher For Hikers 05:21 07/28/2021
TFT204: If you are worried about your pack weight 07:57 07/26/2021
TFT203: I Need Your Help 06:07 07/21/2021
TFT202: Rest During Interval Training (For Hikers) 09:38 07/19/2021
TFT201: The Best Gym Machine Exercises For Hikers 14:30 07/14/2021
TFT200: Stretching For Hikers 14:00 07/08/2021
TFT199: My Journey As A Coach 17:20 07/07/2021
TFT198: Summit Strength FAQ 07:54 07/06/2021
TFT 197: How To Get Fit For A Thru-Hike 51:53 07/05/2021