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Rev Left is a podcast that explores political philosophy, history, science, religion, culture, art, and struggle through a socialist lens. Advancing an analysis and vision for the world rooted in egalitarianism, solidarity, compassion, and human freedom.


The Spectre Still Haunts: Breaking the Imperialist Chain w/ Hakim 106:29 09/21/2021
Guerrilla History: Joma Maria Sison & Communism in the Philippines 15:37 09/17/2021
Restorative Agriculture: Gardening, Homesteading, & Permaculture 91:20 09/14/2021
After Geoengineering: Carbon Removal and Social Transformation 60:18 09/13/2021
On Patriotism... 81:28 09/11/2021
U.S. Labor History: Militant Unions, Red Scares, and Class Struggle 109:41 09/09/2021
"Code Red" for Humanity: The IPCC Report 2021 50:05 09/08/2021
Understanding the South w/ Dixieland of the Proletariat 123:23 09/08/2021
Turn Leftist Collab: On Democratic Socialism 140:54 09/02/2021
A People's Green New Deal: Colonialism, Cochabamba, and Climate Change 81:19 08/31/2021
Dialectics Deep Dive (pt. 3a): Spinoza On the Origin and Nature of Minds and Bodies 105:04 08/26/2021
Dialectics Deep Dive (pt. 3b): Marshall McLuhan & the Medium-as-Message 105:04 08/26/2021
John Berger and Marxist Art Criticism 69:18 08/20/2021
Awakening from the Dream of Separateness 86:38 08/15/2021
The Philosophy of Stoicism w/ Massimo Pigliucci 81:59 08/07/2021
White Noise: Postmodern Lit, Consumer Culture, & Thanatophobia 91:37 08/06/2021
Understanding Marx's Capital w/ Liberation School 69:27 07/31/2021
Mental Health, Eco-Despair, & Revolutionary Optimism 100:47 07/22/2021
Maoism, Black Nationalism, The US Left, and Our Scorching Future 75:03 07/16/2021
Red Hot Take: Our Simmering Present and Our Boiling Future 48:03 07/11/2021
Patriots, Traitors, and Empires: The Korean War and Korea's Struggle for Freedom 99:38 07/04/2021
UFO's, The Pentagon, Space-Time, and Extraterrestrial Intelligence 86:22 07/03/2021
The Life and Legacy of Alexandra Kollontai 84:32 06/18/2021
The Imperialist Chain, Decolonization, and The Mass Line 88:45 06/16/2021
Look for the Helpers: A Collaboration with Srsly Wrong and Mexie 127:46 06/13/2021
Dialectics Deep Dive II: The Philosophy of Spinoza & God-as-Nature 131:40 06/12/2021
Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction 99:14 05/28/2021
Our History Is the Future: The Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance 83:29 05/20/2021
Epidemic Empire: Colonialism, Contagion, and Terror 72:52 05/18/2021
Guerrilla History Teaser: The One State Solution 20:00 05/17/2021