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The Ongoing Evolution of the Human Species (teaser)
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08:08 2/28/24
On Mysticism: Ego, Suffering, & Love
On this episode of Red Menace, Alyson and Breht had some things come up such that they couldn't record their planned episode on Marx's 18th Brumaire (coming soon!), so instead they have a deep, organic and wide-ranging conversation on mysticism; together they explore humanities religious and spiritual traditions and the mystical strain within them, discuss atheism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Sufism, mystical experiences, the role of suffering, holy union and oneness, the dissolution of subject/object duality, the role of psychedelics historically and experientially, dialectics, and whether or not any of this has any relevance for political struggle.   Support Rev Left HERE   Check out all Red Menace Eps HERE   Follow us on IG HERE   All Music by Mount Eerie
121:50 2/20/24
Friends of the Congo: The Congolese Struggle for Self-Determination
Passy and Maurice from Friends of the Congo join Breht to discuss the history and the present of the Congo. Together, they discuss their organization, Passy's on-the-ground organizing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the history of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba and his legacy, European and Belgian colonialism, King Leopold II, the brutal ongoing violence and displacement occuring in the Eastern DRC, US imperialism and the Kagame Regime in Rwanda, M23, Neo-Colonialism, Colbalt and rare-earth mineral mining, modern day slavery and the industries it serves, the so-called "green capitalist transition" and its rotting underbelly, and much more. Friends of the Congo (FOTC) is a Pan African solidarity organization raising global consciousness about the challenges and potential of the Congo. Become A Friend of the Congo:   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Rev Left on Insta Support Rev Left Radio and get access to multiple bonus episodes a month
80:36 2/15/24
Dialectics Deep Dive IIX: Contradiction and Overdetermination (Pt. 1)
Matthew Furlong returns for another installment of our Dialectics Deep Dive Series. Together, they discuss Althusser, Hegel, Dialectical Materialism, Marxism, Palestine, process philosophy, and much more! Get 15% off any book in the Left Wing Books Library HERE Interview referenced in the episode: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support Rev Left Radio Follow Rev Left on IG 
137:02 2/8/24
W.E.B. Du Bois Movement School for Abolition and Reconstruction
In this fouth installment of our ongoing W.E.B. Du Bois series, Breht and PM sit down with Saudia Durrant and Geo Maher from the W.E.B. Du Bois Movement School for Abolition and Reconstruction. Together, they discuss Du Bois, their organization, abolition, the struggle for socialism and communism, the failure of reconstruction, the Palestinian liberation struggle, Cop City in Atlanta, and much more. Follow PM on Twitter or Insta Follow Rev Left on Insta ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support Rev Left Radio and get access to multiple bonus episodes a month
77:36 2/5/24
"Solaris" by Andrei Tarkovsky: A Cosmic Exploration of the Human Psyche
Breht got invited onto Left of the Projector to discuss Soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky's famous sci-fi film from 1972 "Solaris" with Evan and Amanda. Together, they discuss and analyze the film, exploring the human condition, the subconscious, modernist subjectivity, alienation, our fear of death, the Cold War, spiritual experience, the central importance of Love, Stanley Kubrick, and much more in the process.   
94:16 1/31/24
[TEASER] Seeing Red: American Hypocrisy and Unfreedom
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15:13 1/26/24
"Israel" and Its Role in Latin America w/ Alexander Aviña
In this episode of Guerrilla History, we bring back the official unofficial fourth member of the hosting panel, Alexander Aviña!  Here we discuss Alex's freshly released article at Foreign Exchanges titled A Future of Walls or Liberation, which examines some of the role and relationships between "Israel" and the countries and governments in Latin America.  This is a really interesting piece of the Zioimperialist story, and one which is frankly very under-discussed.  Tune in, learn something, and share with others who you think would also benefit from hearing this history! Alexander Aviña is associate professor of Latin American history at Arizona State University and author of Specters of Revolution: Peasant Guerrillas in the Cold War Mexican Countryside. Alex's website is available at, and he can be followed on twitter @Alexander_Avina Help support the show by signing up to our patreon, where you also will get bonus content: 
92:25 1/17/24
Joy James on Du Bois, Liberation Struggles, & Revolutionary Love
Dr. Joy James joins Breht and PM for the third installment of Rev Left's ongoing Du Bois series, but this conversation goes well beyond the life and work of Du Bois to cover James' newest book, her long history of organizing, the history of black liberation struggles in the US, and much more. Together, they discuss George Jackson, James' concept of the Captive Maternal, Erica Garner, "New Bones Abolition", Marxism, black history, Ida B. Wells, and much more. Overall its a wide-ranging conversation with an incredibly wise and experienced revolutionary intellectual.  Dr. James is Ebenezer Fitch Professor of Humanities at Williams College. Her book is New Bones Abolition: Captive Maternal Agency and the (After)life of Erica Garner.  Proceeds from New Bones Abolition: Captive Maternal Agency and the (After)Life of Erica Garner go to Prison Radio. Follow PM on IG Check out Dr. Joy James on Millennials are Killing Capitalism HERE & HERE Get 15% off any book from  Outro Music: "Sorrow Tears and Blood" by Fela Kuti ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Support Rev Left Radio 
110:42 1/8/24
UNLOCKED: Revolution and Resolutions
If you enjoy these monologue-style episodes and want to support the show and get access to multiple bonus episodes like this every single month, you can do so HERE UNLOCKED: Breht opens this Patreon episode with a discussion of American politics, talks about Lenin's anaysis of what makes for a revolutionary situation, and then he reads, reflects upon, and comments on an article by Ahjamu Umi from Hood Communist titled "The Unknown Relationship between Malcolm X and Kwame Nkrumah"
108:12 1/6/24
Kwame Nkrumah: The Great Pan-African Revolutionary Leader of Ghana
Nicholas Richard-Thompson and Tunde Osazua from the Black Alliance for Peace join Breht to discuss the life and legacy of Kwame Nkrumah. Together, they discuss the Ghanaian Marxist and Pan-Africanist politician, political theorist, and revolutionary, his upbringing, his entrance into Ghanaian and African politics, his political ideology, the many assassination attempts on his life, the coup that overthrew him and who backed it (just take a guess...), his life in exile, his continuing legacy on the continent and beyond, and much more!    Learn more and support Black Alliance for Peace    Follow Nicholas on Twitter    Follow Tunde on Twitter   BAP Chicago's Twitter     IMPORTANT: As the PAIGC/A-APRP is an active member of BAP's U.S Out of Africa Network (USOAN), and As the PAIGC is facing dire political repression within Guinea Bissau due to its substantial revolutionary gains against neo-colonialism in that country,   We therefore call on BAP and the USOAN to mobilize immediate support for the PAIGC/A-APRP.   Please read the following for background information: The A-APRP Condemns the Attack on the PAIGC and the PAI Terra Ranka Coalition, 4 December 2023 By A-APRP African Party for The Independence Of Guinea and Cape Verde,  PRESS RELEASE: December 10, 2023   By National Secretariat     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Support Rev Left Radio 
120:47 12/27/23
Napoleon: The Film, The Man, The History
Everett from The Age of Napoleon and Arjun from Deep into History join Breht to discuss Napoleon Bonaparte. Together they explore and reflect on the new film by Ridley Scott, the actual history involved and what the film got wrong, Napoleon's real personality, the importance of the French Revolution in Napoleon's rise, the reaction to the French Revolution and Napoleon from the rest of Europe, Napoleon's treatment of Haiti, Napoleon's exile and death, and then they grapple with the question of how the socialist left today should view and understand Napoleon.  Outro Song: Napoleon's Hat by Bright Eyes ------------------------------------------------------- Support Rev Left Radio:
94:03 12/18/23
Understanding Apartheid: South Africa, Settler Colonialism, and Lessons for Palestine
In this Rev Left Family Annual Collab (Rev Left+Red Menace+Guerrilla History), Alyson, Henry, Adnan, and Breht sit down for a deep dive on South African Apartheid. Together they discuss its euro-colonialist origins, explain the significance of the Boer Wars, define and explicate the origins of apartheid, explore the political economy of apartheid and how brutal racism shaped it, examine the multi-faceted indigenous resistance to apartheid, analyze the end of formal apartheid as well as its ongoing legacy in post-apartheid South Africa, and try to extract important lessons from this history to apply to the ongoing struggle in Palestine. ------------------------------------------------------- Support Rev Left Radio: or make a one time donation:  
161:42 12/13/23
Black Scare/Red Scare: Theorizing Capitalist Racism in the United States
This episode is from our sister podcast Guerrilla History, subscribe to it on your preferred podcast app!   In this absolutely fabulous episode of Guerrilla History, we bring back on the one and only Dr. CBS, Charisse Burden-Stelly!  Here, we discuss her outstanding new book Black Scare/Red Scare: Theorizing Capitalist Racism in the United States.  This work focuses on how anti-radical repression (especially anti-communist repression) is infused and inseparable with anti-Black racial oppression, and vice versa.  This is a critical work by one of the most critical voices in our times, and we think that this conversation is a truly important one for everyone to hear!   Charisse Burden-Stelly is associate professor of African American studies at Wayne State University. She is the coauthor (alongside Gerald Horne) of W.E.B. Du Bois: A Life in American History and the coeditor (alongside Jodi Dean) of Organize, Fight, Win: Black Communist Women’s Political Writing.  Join the Black Alliance for Peace or BAP Solidarity Network, keep up with Dr. CBS's work by checking out her website, and follow her on twitter @blackleftaf.   Help support the show by signing up to our patreon, where you also will get bonus content:
93:05 11/29/23
Les Misérables: Victor Hugo, Revolution, and French History
Corey Mohler from Existential Comics returns to the show to discuss the famous novel (and its many adaptations) by Victor Hugo "Les Misérables". Together they discuss the novel, its various adaptations, its political and social themes, 19th Century France, the "Giants of '93", read some passages from the book, and discuss its ongoing legacy and relevance for us today!   Check out Existential Comics HERE  Check our all our previous episodes with Corey on a wide range of topics HERE   ------------------------------------------------------- Support Rev Left Radio: or make a one time donation:  
63:10 11/21/23
South African Apartheid: An Introduction
In this crossover episode that we have done in collaboration with our sister podcast Guerrilla History, we bring on Ashley Fataar to provide a primer into Apartheid in the South African context, and where we also begin to explore some of the parallels to the apartheid that the settler-colonial state of Israel is enforcing in occupied Palestine today.  This is a good introduction to the topic, and we plan on getting everyone in the RevLeft family (Breht, Henry, Adnan, & Alyson) together in the coming weeks to do a deep dive into apartheid in South Africa and where we can further explore these connections to what we are seeing today!  Be sure to listen to this conversation to prepare for that coming conversation, and be sure to subscribe to Guerrilla History, RevLeft, and Red Menace wherever you get your pods. Ashley Fataar is a long time socialist activist and writer based in South Africa.  If you would like to get in touch with Ashley, you can reach him via email at   Help support the show by signing up to our patreon, where you also will get bonus content:
67:54 11/20/23
The Political Right and Equality: Turning Back the Tide of Egalitarian Modernity
Professor Matthew McManus returns to the show to discuss his newest book "The Political Right and Equality: Turning Back the Tide of Egalitarian Modernity" Together they explore over 2,000 years of conservative, anti-egalitarian, and reactionary political thought to get a better understanding of what the political right believes, and where those beliefs come from. They discuss aristotle, the Englightenment, the French Revolution and the reaction it generated, Hegel, Dostoevsky, liberalism and socialism, Heigegger, and how conservative thought evolved throughout the 20th Century.    Check out more of Matt's work HERE Check out our previous episode on the politics of Nietzsche HERE Check out our episode with Corey from Existential Comics on the life and work of Dostoevsky HERE   Outro Song: Rebel Music by Bob Marley and Krayzie Bone ------------------------------------------------------- Support Rev Left Radio: or make a one time donation:  
131:59 11/8/23
Decolonizing Palestine: Toward National Liberation in the Levant
Alyson and Breht discuss the ongoing national liberation struggle in Palestine. Together, they discuss the incredible shift in public opinion on Israel and Palestine, the internal and external contradictions culminating in unison for Israel, the discussion about whether or not what Israel is doing is technically a genocide (it absolutely is), international law, Frantz Fanon on the psychology of national liberation, the prospects of a broader regional war, the possibilities of Turkish or Iranian engagement, the history and core elements of Zionism, the analytical importance of the settler colonial and decolonization frameworks, the disgusting role that Biden and the Democratic Party are playing in manufacturing consent for Israel's civilian mass murder campaign, the "lesser of two genocider" arguments being trotted out by liberals, how Hamas is basically an orphan army of men who have had their families killed by Israel in previous assaults, why we should reject the "terrorist" framing of the western ruling elites, what the palestinian resistance has managed to accomplish, and what might emerge from the Ruins of Gaza when all is said and done...   (recorded Oct. 30th 2023)   Support Rev Left Radio :  
101:44 11/2/23
Uprisings in the Sahel: AFRICOM, Neo-Colonial Imperialism, and Pan-African Liberation
Nicholas Richard-Thompson and Tunde Osazua from the Black Alliance for Peace join Breht to discuss AFRICOM, or The United States Africa Command - responsible for U.S. military operations and imperialism on the continent. Together they discuss the ongoing conflict in Palestine, the connections between black liberation movements and palestinian liberation, BAP's Month of Action against AFRICOM, recent coups in West Africa, developments in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger, the recent history of Libya, the role of French neo-colonialism on the continent, the revolutionary contributions of Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah, and much more!      Learn more and support Black Alliance for Peace    Follow Nicholas on Twitter    Follow Tunde on Twitter   BAP Chicago's Twitter Check out Rev Left's episode on Thomas Sankara Revolution in Sahel?   Get 15% off any book from    outro music 'Terrorist?'  by Lowkey Support Rev Left Radio  or make a one time donation:
83:32 10/30/23
Confronting Zionism: Exposing the Moral Bankruptcy of Liberal Intellectuals
Breht listens and responds to a conversation between liberal Zionist Sam Harris and pseudo-intellectual charlatan Eric Weinstein on Israel, Palestine, Islam, and more. In the process he deconstructs common Zionist talking points, highlights the colonialist framework that liberals and Zionists take for granted, shows how regular working people can intellectually confront ivy league PhDs, and offers up lines of argumentation that you, dear listener, can bring to conversations on these topics in your own life. Listen to the full episode here
58:06 10/25/23
What Is To Be Done? Understanding Communist Strategy
UPSTREAM INTERVIEW W/ BREHT AND ALYSON:  What Is To Be Done? This is the question so profoundly posed by the Russian Revolutionary and Bolshevik leader, Vladimir Lenin, in his landmark text of the same name. Although it was written well over a century ago, this text, the questions it asked, and the paths forward that it provided, are just as relevant today as they were a hundred years ago. And just as urgent. What roles do spontaneity and disciplined organization have in leftist movements? Can we focus simply on economic reform, or do our actions need a larger political framework to structure, guide, and propel them?  Why does it feel like even though so many of us are motivated to work towards structural change, that things continue to get worse? Why does it seem like potential revolutionary struggles in the West always seem to stall and fail to move from a singular moment to a protracted movement?  These are old and familiar questions — a lot of ink has been spilled and speeches made exploring them — and in this Conversation, we’ve brought on two guests who've not only thought about these questions in depth, but who have some pretty compelling answers that draw from revolutionary theory and practice in both their personal lives and from the deep well of wisdom bequeathed by theorists Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Mao.  Breht O’Shea is the host of the podcast Revolutionary Left Radio and a co-host of Guerrilla History. He’s been on the show multiple times so you may already be familiar with his voice. Alyson Escalate, who has also been on the show, is the co-host, along with Breht, of Red Menace, a podcast that explains and analyzes revolutionary theory and then applies its lessons to our contemporary conditions.  Further Resources: Red Menace – What Is To Be Done? - V.I. Lenin  Revolutionary Left Radio – Politics in Command: Analyzing the Error of Economism  Red Menace – The Wretched of the Earth - Frantz Fanon: On Violence and Spontaneity Red Menace – Understanding Settler Colonialism in Israel and the United States Revolutionary Left Radio on Instagram Upstream – Buddhism and Marxism with Breht O'Shea (In Conversation) Upstream – Trans Liberation and Solidarity with Alyson Escalante (In Conversation) Upstream – Revolutionary Leftism with Breht O'Shea (In Conversation) This episode of Upstream was made possible with support from listeners like you. Upstream is a labor of love — we couldn't keep this project going without the generosity of our listeners and fans. Please consider chipping in a one-time or recurring donation at If your organization wants to sponsor one of our upcoming documentaries, we have a number of sponsorship packages available. Find out more at For more from Upstream, visit and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Bluesky.
114:41 10/23/23
Free Palestine: The National Liberation Struggle against Zionism, Colonialism, and Apartheid
In this critical episode of Guerrilla History, we bring on Max Ajl and Patrick Higgins to discuss some recent history and the ongoing situation regarding Palestinian resistance to the Zionist project and the ongoing bombardment on Gaza.  Max and Patrick provide some absolutely crucial information here, so be sure to tune in, and forward the episode along to anyone you think would benefit from it. Our guests recommend you to donate to the Middle East Children's Alliance, read the work of Electronic Intifada and Mondoweiss, as well as follow their respective social media pages @intifada and @Mondoweiss, and keep up to date with the Palestinian Youth Movement and Within Our Lifetime. Max Ajl is a postdoctoral researcher at the Ghent University, and is author of the fantastic A People's Green New Deal.  Read Max's other written work on his Researchgate page.  Max also has a twitter page, but you must find it yourself! Patrick Higgins is a researcher at the University of Houston's Center for Arab Studies.  You can find Patrick's writings on the internet by searching for his name and his affiliation, or with the keyword Palestine. Help support the show by signing up to our patreon, where you also will get bonus content: 
115:48 10/21/23
[UNLOCKED] Palestine on Fire II
Breht returns with another monologue episode on the ever-evolving war in Palestine, this time with a focus on the history of the Nakba, the weakness of a two state solution, the widening global implications of the conflict, and where things might be headed...
63:11 10/18/23
Toward Liberation: Palestine on Fire
Breht discusses the current situation in Palestine, helps listeners navigate and dismantle common Zionist talking points, and (hopefully) brings some much needed moral clarity and intellectual honesty to a topic that, especially in the West, often lacks both...
51:14 10/11/23
[BEST OF] Colonial War, Mental Illness, and Psychoanalysis: The Wretched of the Earth - Frantz Fanon
Originally Aired on Dec 22, 2019 In our third and final installment of "The Wretched of the Earth" Alyson and Breht summarize, examine, and apply the lessons of the final chapter and conclusion of Frantz Fanon's masterpiece work, then they reflect on the text as a whole.
102:33 10/9/23
[BEST OF] On National Consciousness and National Culture: The Wretched of the Earth - Frantz Fanon
Originally aired on Nov 23, 2019 In our second installment of "The Wretched of the Earth" Alyson and Breht summarize, examine, and apply the lessons of the third and fourth chapters of Frantz Fanon's masterpiece work. 
89:12 10/9/23
[BEST OF] The Wretched of the Earth - Frantz Fanon: On Violence and Spontaneity
 Originally Aired on Oct 22, 2019 In our first installment of "The Wretched of the Earth" Alyson and Breht summarize, examine, and apply the lessons of the first two chapters of Frantz Fanon's masterpiece work.
95:51 10/9/23
[BEST OF] A Brief History of Jewish Anti-Zionism
Originally aired on Jun 3, 2021 In this classic mini-episode, Alyson Escalante summarizes and analyzes the history of Jewish Anti-Zionism. 
29:37 10/8/23
[BEST OF] Understanding Settler Colonialism in Israel and the United States
Originally aired on May 30, 2021 In this classic episode, Alyson and Breht use texts from Fanon, Cesaire, Mao, and Lenin to help make sense of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the history of zionism, the role of the United States in the conflict, and more. They define settler colonialism and imperialism, show how they are operative in the conflict, and then have a wide ranging conversation on the recent attack on Gaza, ongoing Isreali settlements, the principle contradiction of the conflict, why we should advocate for a one state solution instead of a two state solution, the importance of BDS, and more!  --------------------------   Support Rev Left Radio on Patreon or make a one time donation
125:50 10/8/23
[BEST OF] From the River to the Sea: The Palestinian Liberation Struggle
[Originally released Jun 2020] Nu'man joins Breht to discuss the Palestinian Struggle, the Intifadas, the historical solidarity between black revolutionaries in the US and Palestinian revolutionaries, settler colonialism, Frantz Fanon, and SO much more. This was a really engaging interview, and we are positive that our listeners will love it! Follow Nu'man on Twitter Check out Students For Justice in Palestine (website made by Nu'man!) Films mentioned in the Episode:  The Wanted 18 1948: Creation and Catastrophe   Book Recommendations: The Hundred Years War on Palestine by Rashid Khalidi The Palestine Communist Party by Musa Budeiri Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis The Right to Maim by Jasbir Puar   Articles to Check Out: Discursive and Political Deployments by/of the 2002 Palestinian Women Suicide Jerusalem Quarterly and the Institute for Palestine Studies both have over 70 years of journals all pertaining to Palestine . How does the push to "modernize" Palestine by bringing it further into the global capitalist market impact the anti-occupation struggle?: A case study of Rawabi by Nu'man   Organizations: Al Quas, BDS, JVP, SJP (all have varied information about the struggle and are doing good work in Palestine and the united states/canada) Outro Music: 'Al Kufiyee 3arabeyyeh' Shadia Mansour ft. M1 (Dead Prez) Support Rev Left Radio:
104:48 10/7/23

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